Smart TV doesn‘t work on TV: Solutions for all problems

It’s hard for TV to compete with the Internet on a variety of video content, it’s a known fact. But the situation is balanced by the Smart TV service. in fact, it allows you to use your TV for Internet surfing. The process of connecting it is not difficult, you just need an Internet connection and minimum effort for setup. But sometimes there is a problem. the Smart TV does not work, which can be caused by several factors.

Connecting your TV to the Internet with a network cable (LAN)

A few days ago, was published a guide on how to connect the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi, you can read it https://f1comp.See ru/televizory-Smart-TV/kak-podklyuchit-televizor-so-Smart-TV-k-internetu-po-wi-fi-na-primere-LG-32ln575u/. Today I want to prepare an article and tell you how to connect your TV to the network with a network cable.

Cable connection can be useful in two cases: when your TV has no built-in (or external) Wi-Fi module, and when you do not have a Wi-Fi router (or simply no way to connect to a wireless network).

  • Connection directly, using the LAN cable that you probably have at home (the cable installed by your provider).
  • And connection via router.

I’ll show you using the LG 32LN575U TV as an example.

Why doesn‘t the Internet work on your TV using a network cable (without a router)??

After buying a modern TV with Smart TV, you probably want to connect it to the Internet. It’s understandable, Smart TV without Internet connection is practically useless feature, it’s not even worth overpaying for. In this article, I will write about possible problems that are likely to occur when you connect your TV to the Internet via a network cable, not through a router, but directly. When the network cable from your ISP, we immediately connect to the TV.

There are a few nuances, because of which the Internet may not work on your TV. Practically, it all depends on your provider.

Let’s follow the steps in order. If you have a Wi-Fi router at home, which successfully distributes the Internet, and your TV has Wi-Fi (built-in, or external adapter). You can connect to the internet wirelessly. If there is no possibility to connect via Wi-Fi, then connect to the router via network cable (LAN). If the TV has a Smart TV, then there must be a network connector.

What to do if you don’t have a router? If the Internet is directly connected to the computer, for example, or just a cable from the provider is laid into the house? It’s simple, we can take the network cable that our ISP laid us and connect it to the TV. It can be done in any case, but whether the Internet will work with such a connection is a separate question, which we now try to figure out.

Possible problems and solutions

Built-in Wi-Fi module malfunction

The built-in Wi-Fi module in the TV must work properly. However, if the hardware module fails, the connection may be lost. On your LG TV, you can check if the Wi-Fi module is working properly as follows:

  • Check whether the TV is connected to other wireless networks. To do this, press the Settings button on the remote and go to the “Support” section (question mark).
  • Then select “Product/Service Information” in the menu that opens. In the line with the MAC-addresses you should pay attention to these characters. If the address consists of zeros, dashes or other monotonous values, it means that the module is defective.

It is impossible to independently fix this malfunction, since this requires the use of special equipment. Therefore, it is better for the owner of the TV to contact the service center to fix the problem.

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Weak signal, interference with the wrong location of the router

Improper location of the router can also cause interference to the Wi-Fi module of the TV set. In order for the TV to connect to the router, you must remove all obstacles that can weaken the signal: large houseplants, furniture, appliances.

If the TV and the router are in different rooms, it is advisable to move them into one room. Since walls can prevent radio waves from penetrating.

To improve the signal quality you can place the router on an elevated position (eg, a cabinet) or connect an additional antenna which will increase the signal transmission power.

Incorrect router settings

Improperly set router settings can prevent it from connecting to the TV via Wi-Fi connection. This problem is fixed in the following order:

  • Open any available program for browsing the web (for example, Opera or Google Chrome) and in the address bar insert one of the combinations “” or “” (without the quotes).
  • A page with the name of the router connected to the router will appear in the browser. In the middle of the page there is a window, where you need to put your username (admin) and password (admin). Then press the “Login” button.
  • To change the TP-Link router settings, go to the DHCP section in the left menu and select the “DHCP settings” tab. In the window, select the “Enable” option for the DHCP server.
  • Then go to the “Security” section and disable client filtering by MAC-address, if this function has been enabled by default. To do this, go to the “Local Management” tab and select the “All computers on the local network are allowed to access the router’s Web-based utility” option.
  • After completing all the operations, you need to restart the computer and router for a successful connection to the TV.

Unfortunately, situations when the TV does not see Wi-Fi are not uncommon. The problem occurs both at the stage of device synchronization at first connection, and in the process of operation. Problems arise from a variety of causes:

  • Incorrect settings of your Wi-Fi router or receiver. The error often occurs when using routers not recommended by the provider, which refuse to work. Complex cases may require professional help.
  • Insufficient Wi-Fi signal strength, interference. Radiation level can be checked with a special program on your smartphone.
  • Provider problems. If the signal is not coming through the Internet cable, you need to call Support to find out the reason.
  • Outdated versions of the Smart TV operating system. TVs with older operating systems may not connect to the router wirelessly. It is necessary to keep the software up to date.
  • Software failure. Occurs for no apparent external reasons, can be treated by rebooting the device.

There are many more reasons why the TV does not catch Wi-Fi. But here are some typical problems that users can fix on their own.

Problems with Wi-Fi on LG Smart TV: does not see Wi-Fi network, does not connect, Internet does not work, network error 106, 105

To the article, in which I showed how to connect LG Smart TV to Wi-Fi network, it is already left more than eight hundred Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Mainly these questions are related to a variety of problems that arise when connecting LG TVs to Wi-Fi network. The most popular problem is that the TV set can not see Wi-Fi network or can not connect to the wireless network. And, of course, after connecting to Wi-Fi, the Internet often simply does not work. In the settings the connection scheme is displayed, and there is a connection between the TV and router (gateway), but there is no connection to DNS and therefore to the Internet.

In LG Smart TV settings, the error “No Wi-Fi Internet connection” appears. The internet doesn‘t work in the browser or apps on the TV. Can’t watch video on YouTube app. Network connection (-105) error. Cannot find requested address. Check network connection”, or error 106: “Network not connected. Check the network connection status”. I often have trouble connecting to a wireless network at 5 GHz frequency. Even when your TV has support for the 5 GHz band (standard 802.11ac). Many TV sets don’t have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver at all. They cannot connect to wireless networks, or only after plugging in a proprietary USB receiver (Wi-Fi hardware dongle).

In this article we will talk about solving the problems with Wi-Fi connection on LG TVs with Smart TV system webOS. Which has long been installed on all new TVs of this manufacturer. Personally, I think this is the most convenient, beautiful, fast and functional platform of all that are now on the market. I think that solutions from this article can be applied to LG TV sets that run on the old Smart TV system.

Samsung TV does not see Wi-Fi networks on the 5 GHz band

Newer models of Samsung TVs may have built-in wireless modules that support the new 802 Wi-Fi standard.11ac. These televisions can be connected to a wireless network on the 5 GHz band. The speed at this frequency is higher, and to watch online video in good quality is important. There are two nuances here:

  • The TV must have support for the 802 wireless standard.11ac. You can look at the specifications, or find out the model, call Samsung support and ask.
  • You have to have a dual-band router and it has to distribute the network at 5 GHz.

How to Fix All Wi Fi Problem for Android Smart TV (Not Connected, No Internet, Authentication)

If both items are done, but the TV does not find the network that operates on a frequency of 5 GHz, then most likely the problem is in the channel on which your network operates in this range. In the router settings, for a network in the 5 GHz band you need to set one of four channels: 36, 40, 44, or 48.

Update: there is support for Wi-Fi 5 GHz, but does not find the network

Thanks to the information from the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we were able to find out that there are situations when a particular model of Samsung TV supports Wi-Fi 5 GHz (Wi-Fi 5, 802.11ac). It is written about it in the specifications on the official site, but the TV still does not see Wi-Fi networks in the 5 GHz range and changing the channel in the router settings does not help.

The reason is that support for this band can be locked in the TV itself. Due to the fact that this particular TV was shipped to countries where it is forbidden to use the 5 GHz band.

There is a solution. You can try to unblock the support of the range in the service menu of the TV. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев Valeriy shared his experience and pictures, what a great thanks to him.

To enter the service menu of your TV set use one of the three options:

  • Press the button “Mute” and then successively press “1”. “1”. “9”. “OK”. “1”. “2”. “3”. “4”. “OK”.
  • Press the “Info” buttons quickly and consecutively. “Menu”. “Mute”. “Power”.
  • Quickly and sequentially press the “Menu” buttons. “1”. “8”. “2”. “Power”.
  • Under the Option in the Local Set item set the parameter CIS_RUSSIA.
  • Go to MRT Option. And change the following parameters: Lenguage Set. CIS, Region. PANEURO, PnP Lenguge. ENG (or RU).

After that, you need to switch off the TV, switch it on, go to the settings (General. Network) and see if our network is in the 5 GHz band in the list of available networks. If there is. select it and connect.

Using the cable connection

If TV set has stopped connecting to WI-FI, this can mean that the radio module in TV set is faulty. This failure is considered to be quite serious. The previous tips on troubleshooting the network will not help with this failure.

If you have tried all the tips and all the ways to fix problems in the connection and nothing helped, then this means a malfunction in the TV hardware. In this case you needn’t try to take it out and repair it yourself, you have to give the TV to an official store with a warranty card. If it hasn’t already expired, you’ll get a free replacement.

If there is no possibility to take your TV to the repair to replace the module, you can try to connect it to a wired network, that is, to the Internet cable. To do this, you must take the network cable and insert one end into the router, namely the LAN port, and the other end into the TV, at the same port.

The causes of the problem

Why won’t your TV connect to your WI-FI router:

  • Incorrect settings of the network equipment or the TV itself;
  • errors in the Smart TV operating system;
  • Problems on the ISP side (technical maintenance);
  • weak signal.

Samsung appliances connect to the Internet in the same way as devices from other manufacturers. The only difference is the interface and the menu names.

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Connecting Samsung to the Internet.