What will happen if you use the phone on the charge

Increasing the power of mobile devices leads to an inevitable increase in energy consumption and a decrease in operation from one battery charging. This causes the need to often charge the device, and sometimes you have to use it during charging.

Some are wondering how safe it is, whether to reduce the service life of the battery. Let’s try to look at this problem from several points of view and answer the question whether it is possible to use the phone during charging.

What happens when using games during charging

The use of a mobile device during charging is perhaps one of the most controversial parts of the interaction of a person and a gadget. It is possible or impossible. this is what a question torments many users. To answer it, you need to first note that you can use the phone during charging in different ways. If we are talking about games, then such use belongs to the category of energy.consuming. The processor and battery experience a large load, which causes increased heating of the phone.

The increased temperature of the elements of the smartphone, in turn, can lead to such consequences as:

  • increasing the battery charge time;
  • a shorter battery charge cycle;
  • decrease in maximum charge capacity;
  • deterioration of the battery, displending the device;
  • explosion.

It is worth noting that the latter, according to the materials of the TJ publishing house, is fair only in the case of using adapters of third.party manufacturers.

What are the consequences of battery overheating

Exceeding the temperature leads to undesirable chemical reactions inside the battery, which accelerates the aging and wear of the battery. As a result, the battery capacity is reduced, which leads to a reduction in autonomous time. The resource of the power source is also reduced, due to which the replacement may be needed ahead of schedule.

The article describes in detail whether the iPhone can be used during charging. In compliance with the optimal temperatures of the battery, it is not prohibited to use the smartphone on charging. It must be remembered that charging helps to increase temperature, which is summarized with the temperature that arose with the intensive use of the phone. As a result, high temperature reduces the service life and maximum battery capacity. Therefore, when using the iPhone on charging, if such a need arises, exclude games and other heavy scenarios, which lead to additional heating of the battery.

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Is it possible to use iPhone during charging? We discuss!

Hello! Let’s decide right away. the author of these lines is not an electrician, dielectric, an electrician (emphasize the necessary), received an economic education (and not electrical) and in general, your amperes and watts have the most mediated attitude.

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Therefore, this article will not have any wild experiments, incredible experiments, smart words and other electrical terms.

over, I will not even disassemble the iPhone for spare parts, inspect its battery, calculate the remaining container and engage in all kinds of measurements.

You ask: “Why then to breed all this writings at all?””.

  • First, I will share my personal experience.
  • Secondly, I really hope that you will not stand aside-you can (and you need!) express in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.
  • Thirdly, you need to get to the bottom of the truth.
  • Fourthly it seems to be everything. Its time to begin!

So, what is the most important danger when using iPhone during charging? Right in temperature!

The thing is that any lithium-ion battery does not like extreme temperatures.

What is actually the company itself is warned by Apple.

phone, charged
  • Ideal operation temperature-16-22 degrees.
  • It is especially risky to use the device at a temperature of more than 35 degrees.
  • Even more destructive is charging in conditions of high temperatures.

Now imagine that our iPhone is on charging and we decided to play some toy (and even via mobile Internet).

I don’t know how you are, and my iPhone is very warmed up in such conditions-it is sometimes unpleasant to hold it in my hands. Hot!

phone, charged

What is happening at this time with the battery?

That’s right, nothing good. The battery is destroyed and loses its maximum capacity.

It is clear that irreversible consequences will not occur immediately. And even if you do it constantly (within a few days), then nothing is terrible to happen-after all, the battery resource is designed for a fairly long use.

But, as you know, “water sharpens the stone”. In the case of such excessive loads (and, accordingly, heating) during charging, the battery will “wear” a little faster than if this ugliness was not.

Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?

And now what i can do? Do not use the iPhone at the time when it is charged?

In reality. try to limit yourself a little and fulfill a couple of simple tips:

  • During charging, do not launch heavy applications that strongly load the system and cause excessive iPhone heating (games, videos through a mobile network, streams, instagrams, etc.D.).
  • If the “nuisance” has happened (you need to simultaneously load the phone from the nose and win enemies), then do not do this every day, remove the cover (this will help the heat to dissipate) and do not do this operation under the scorching sun.

Believe me, the battery will say thank you.

So, how are the author of these lines there?

I will be happy to share personal experience. Here are the indications of the status of my iPhone battery.

  • Throughout the entire period of use, I charge the phone very often (after all, this is my working tool)-a couple of times a day (at least).
  • But, at the same time, I practically do not use the iPhone during charging-only if there is some extreme need (to see vidosychiki and play inasticians-this is not an extreme necessity :))

In my opinion, a completely normal result.

Well, there is already some kind of iPhone 14 will come out-it will be possible to update 🙂

However, my experience is my experience. You can have it completely different! Therefore, I really look forward to your Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Be sure to write if you:

  • Fully agree with the author and think that it is actively using the iPhone during charging. this is harmful.
  • Do not agree with the author and think that nothing will be the battery.
  • You do not care at all 🙂
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In general. write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your personal experience, tell your stories. Let’s get to the bottom of the truth together!

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Fourth myth: you can never turn off the phone

In fact: even high.tech devices need to rest from time to time. Apple Genius experts sometimes advise to turn off the smartphone at night or at a different time. To extend the life of the battery, this should be done at least once a week.

phone, charged

In fact: it is better to constantly recharge your smartphone than to do only “deep charging” when the phone completely sits down. The latter is recommended only the first several times after buying a new device.

The lithium-ion batteries, which in their smartphones use Apple and Samsung, feel much better in a rich state, so their complete devastation should only be allowed from time to time.

Modern man is highly dependent on the smartphone. With its help, people communicate, make meetings, study, work, and t.D. Therefore, it is important that the gadget is charged all the time and not “sat down” at the most inopportune moment. We’ll figure out how the process of “charging” affects the battery and what rules exist.

Is it possible to use a phone or tablet during charging?

First of all, we should consider the issue of security in order to exclude the likelihood of a shock and even death. In the case of charging devices for mobile gadgets, this is not just a warning for the Promise, but a very real threat from which the use of the original (complete) adapter saves.

However, not everything is so simple, because many are not happy with, for example, a 5 watt charger, which is placed in a box with iPhone. For a more efficient charging apple gadget, you can purchase a device with a greater current force from Apple or other trusted manufacturers. In this case, using a smartphone during charging will still be safe, but will be reduced (for very small value) the shelf life of the battery.

List and for power adapters and USB cables for accelerated and fast charging iPhone

The most dangerous option is to buy a cheap charger from a nameless manufacturer. Such an adapter can really kill a person and such incidents have already taken place. over, in several cases it was found that the user simply talked on the phone during charging, and did not play heavy games or launched energy.intensive applications.


Another problem is slow charging and heating the battery while using the gadget on charging. Having launched a game or even a film on a smartphone, which is connected to a power source, you will notice an increase in the temperature of the case, and this is not at all useful for the battery of the device. If such loads are regularly given to the battery, this is reflected at its service life, and in the worst situation it is possible to even fire the battery. Naturally, the owners of smartphones from a cheap segment are primarily susceptible to such a risk, however, the memories of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions are still fresh in memory, as well as a recent story with Apple MacBook.

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You can use a charging smartphone if you are sure of the manufacturer of the gadget and charger itself, however, the battery will experience additional loads and heat up. If you have in your hands, for example, the Apple iPhone, the flagships of Samsung and other top smartphones with a complete adapter-there is nothing to fear (when heating the device will simply be automatically turned off), while a non-decorated Nonym-decker with the same nameless adapter can make troubles.

When you can use the phone on the charge

The phone of the phone should occur through high.quality, and even better than the original adapters for a certain model. In this case, the danger of harm to a person is reduced to almost zero. If the phone requires a strong charger, and cheap from an unknown manufacturer is used, then you can expect different consequences.

There are cases when the use of a phone on charging led to human death. This cannot be if the adapter manufacturer is a well.known company. At the time of overheating, it automatically turns off. But the load on the phone will remain increased due to its hard operation. Cheap fakes of adapters do not have a protective function and can bring trouble.

Knowing how phones are used, manufacturers try to produce gadgets with batteries in advance, which will last 2 or 3 years without interruption, and then the charge quality will decrease.

General recommendations

Modern smartphones are very functional and noticeably different from mobile devices that were in everyday life a couple of years ago. So that the mobile phone serves longer, you should adhere to certain recommendations.

  • Modern smartphones do not need the so.called training, when you need to discharge the smartphone completely several times, and then charge. New models use lithium batteries that immediately allow you to achieve the maximum effect.
  • Complete discharge. If the smartphone is not discharged below than 30-40%, then the battery service indicator will be tripled. By the way, the modern battery is designed for about 500 charging cycles.
  • You can charge the phone both on and turned off. But in the latter case, it will be charged faster.

And the last. it is not recommended to put a smartphone for charging at night. This is not related to overheating or reloading.

The fact is that the phone will completely turn off, but after time it will connect to the network again. That is, it will be charged for a couple of hours, and the rest of the time just turn off and connect. Due to this, the service life of a smartphone is reduced.