How to properly connect Bluetooth headphones to Xiaomi

Let’s get down to practice. First you need to make sure that your smartphone has Bluetooth. Most modern models have this module, but older phones may not have it.

It is also advisable to choose headphones with the Bluetooth version that suits your device. After all, if the fifth-generation wireless technology is built into the headset, and on the fourth-generation device, the headphones will function on Bluetooth 4.0 (they will work, but the sound quality and the distance between devices will noticeably decrease).

What to do if Xiaomi does not see the headphones

Most often, the error lies in the software. For example, after system updates, this is quite common. Then you should roll back to the previous version or reset to factory settings.

If there are problems with the wiring, then it is worth checking and thoroughly cleaning the connectors. And also pay attention to the serviceability of the wire and the contacts themselves.

In most cases, the headphones will not connect if the setting is incorrectly made by the user. So please read each point of the manual carefully before contacting the service center.

Connecting wireless headphones

The principle of connecting different models is almost the same.

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Smartphone sync instructions:

  • Mi Collar Headset. It’s easy to connect wireless earbuds to your Xiaomi phone. The headset should be inserted into the ear, the lower part should be directed towards the mouth. To sync your device with your smartphone, hold down the button located at the top of the device. When the bottom light blinks, it will indicate the readiness of the device for work. Next, you should activate Bluetooth in the phone, in the list that appears, select the necessary gadget.
  • Millet Sports. First you need to turn on Bluetooth by holding the only button on the device until a blue indicator appears. If the smartphone has not found Millet Sports, then you need to click “Refresh”. Click on the added hardware, wait for the connection. When the light on the capsule lights up, the equipment is ready for operation.
  • Mi Sport Headset. You need to activate Bluetooth on your phone, hold down the power key. When the smartphone finds the equipment, you need to click on it from the list.
  • Mi Collar Headset Youth. This model has the ability to connect to several devices at once. On the left side of the arc, there are buttons to control the Mi Collar Headset Youth. With their help, you can answer and make calls and synchronize with your smartphone using the above method.
  • Mi Monitor. Start the device (key on the speaker cup). To pair with a smartphone, you need to go to the settings, turn on Bluetooth, select the required device from the list.
  • Mi Sport Mini. Turn on Bluetooth on the device. Find the button located on the remote. Select Mi Sport Mini from the list of available devices in the phone.

As for pairing Redmi AirDots, there is a separate instruction article about this.

What you need to know about connection

Let’s pay attention to some nuances that are useful to know and take into account when it becomes necessary to connect Redmi AirDots.

Connection and control features:

  • Remember the colors of the indicator: red means there is no battery charge at the moment, white means ready for use, full charge.
  • The sound volume is controlled only by the rocker on the smartphone itself.
  • Connection methods are similar on Android and iOS.
  • Recharging the battery takes about 45 minutes.
  • Battery life: about 3-4 hours.
  • To use only the right or only the left earbud, remove one device from the case, and leave the second there, wait until the frequent flashes change to slow ones and connect in the usual way.
  • The headset is connected to the computer in the same way.

The first connection of Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones to the phone

Before proceeding with the connection instructions, pay attention to such a point as checking the Bluetooth version on your phone. Why is it important? The fact is that you can connect Redmi AirDots to a smartphone only via Bluetooth version 4.2 and higher. Headphones cannot be connected via BT 4.0.

To avoid problems, open the “Settings” application on your Android phone. We scroll the list of options to the end. We need an item “About phone” (or “Help” “Hardware information”). This is where the version number of the Bluetooth wireless module is indicated.

The second important point before connecting concerns the headphones themselves. They should be charged, if not fully, then at least 50%. After all the above recommendations have been completed, you can proceed to following the instructions.

  • Take the Xiaomi earbuds out of the charging case.

While the “plugs” are in the case, it is impossible to pair with the phone.

Every time you take the earbuds out of the charging case, they turn on automatically. For pairing to be successful, you need to turn off the headset.

To do this, on each of the Redmi AirDots headphones, press and hold the physical button for about 3-5 seconds (this can be a touch panel if you have, for example, Xiaomi AirDots Pro or Mi AirDots). The status lights on the headphones flash red when disconnected.

  • Sync the right and left headphones

After turning off, you need to turn on both Air Dots again so that one earphone is paired with the other. To do this, press and hold the physical buttons (or touch zones) on both dots at the same time for about 30 seconds. You will see how the indicators flash alternately red and white. This means that the sync mode is running.

Now put the earbuds back in the charging case for 5 seconds, then take them out to connect them to the phone. Pay attention to the status indicator on the right earphone. if it is blinking, both dots have successfully synchronized with each other. It is important to remember that the right earphone is the main thing in the pair.

  • Connect AirDots to your phone

Now pick up your phone and do the following:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tapom open the “Bluetooth” menu.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth module by sliding the slider to the “On” position.
  • After switching on the module, the scanning process will start automatically: the smartphone will try to detect other Bluetooth devices nearby. In our case, “Redmi AirDots_R” or “Redmi AirDots_L” should appear on the phone screen. The recording will match the Xiaomi headphone model you intend to use.
  • Click on “Redmi AirDots_R”. In the window that appears on the phone asking for permission to connect, click “OK”. If the system asks for a pairing code, enter 0000.

Sometimes you can’t connect to your mobile device right away. Then you will have to repeat the whole procedure again, having previously deleted everything related to AirDots from the list of devices detected via Bluetooth.

First setup after purchase

  • We take a smartphone and activate Bluetooth. To do this, visit the “Settings”. We go to the section “Wireless networks”. “Bluetooth”. Move the slider to the “On” mode.
  • Now we set up the headphones. The instructions should describe in detail how to properly turn the headset on and off. Usually the power button is located on the side. Click on it and wait for the beep.
  • On the smartphone, go to “Available Devices”. We are looking for a model of our headphones there. Click on them and agree to pairing.

Sometimes a password is required, which is also indicated in the instructions for the gadget. That’s it, we connected Bluetooth headphones for the first time.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Xiaomi phone. instructions

For a modern person, a telephone headset has become an integral part of everyday life. Going about your business, you can simultaneously communicate with friends, listen to audiobooks, music and news. Therefore, many users are wondering how to connect wireless headphones to a Xiaomi phone. Today we will answer this question.


The gadget will not be able to work if it is not charged, so place it in a case to fill the battery before using it. If the indicator is red, Redmi AirDots are charging, if white. they are ready for use.

Take the headset out of the case and wait a couple of seconds. the earbuds should sync with each other. When the left catches the signal from the right, sync is complete, as indicated by an indicator that will flash white.

What’s in the box with the headphones

Manufacturers are ready to offer models with different characteristics. The standard set for wireless headphones includes a list of necessary devices and documentation required for stable operation of the device. But the original and most requested models are not designed for Android.

Important. It is required to use only original chargers and additional accessories for the headphones. Unsuitable products can damage the product.

How are they charged

Wireless earbuds have rechargeable batteries that need to be recharged periodically.

Attention. When charging, follow the manufacturer’s advice. It is required to ensure the required level of charge and not allow a complete discharge, so as not to damage the product.

The principle of charging is similar for all models, but there are certain features. To maintain the device’s performance, you should connect the headphones with a cable to the power supply. Charging is carried out using a 220 V power supply or low-current systems from a USB connector. Most models should be charged for no more than 3 hours. Many manufacturers use indicator lights to indicate the charge level. Instructions from manufacturers will help to decipher the signals.

To keep your battery in good working order, you need to properly charge it. Complete discharge must be avoided. This can lead to a loss of battery capacity, and therefore a decrease in battery life. The lack of a full charge can provoke the failure of the charge controller. Depending on the type of battery, a complete discharge is possible to start the product in working mode. It may take several cycles. This information is indicated by the manufacturer in the documentation.

What are wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are a device based on various technologies for receiving sound from source. Depending on the operating conditions, the most suitable models are selected.

Reference. It has been proven that data transmission technology does not harm the body. Devices meet safety requirements.

  • Full-size products are more often used for home use. Thanks to the design, good isolation from extraneous noise is created. Universal headphones allow you to broadcast high-quality sound without distorting musical compositions. The emitter is located on the outer surface, therefore, there is no harm to hearing with proper use from such devices.
  • The on-ear headset snaps into place on the outside of your ear. Models are more often equipped with a folding mechanism for convenience. The main difference from full-size products is that the device does not completely cover the user’s ear. The emitters are powerful. Thanks to this, you can get high-quality sound.
  • Plug-in models can be used on the road or when playing sports. Compact devices allow you to get smooth operation and high-quality sound transmission. A neckband connected to the main unit can be used to receive the signal.

To get good sound, pay attention to frequency range, sound quality and impedance.

Important. To ensure long-term performance, it is necessary to properly care for the equipment. It is important to store products in a special case or case. The surface should be cleaned regularly.

For wireless headphones, the operating time without recharging, the type of battery and the presence of control buttons are also important. Modern models can switch tracks, adjust volume and manage calls on the phone.

How wireless headphones work

The principle of operation of a headset is to receive a signal from source using several wireless technologies. Depending on this, the models are connected to different devices.

  • Radio communication is a stable connection. The range of such models can be over 10 m. The channel is used to transmit sound with a frequency of up to 2.4 GHz. The products are not portable, as for operation, you need to install the transmitter. This design is inconvenient to carry with you.
  • Bluetooth is a versatile data transmission technology. The frequency is usually 2.5 GHz. Headphones can connect via this protocol to any gadget that has this module. Such devices are stable, do not lose connection. It is convenient to take products with you on the road. Special encoding protects data from interception.
  • Infrared products work on the principle of high frequency pulsation signal transmission. The product has a built-in receiver that is capable of amplifying the received sound signal. The models are not suitable for mobile listening to music, because data transmission module requires 220 V connection.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones connect very easily to gadgets. For this, the signal LED on the product must be on. It means ready for pairing. Next, on the portable device, you should search for available connections. To keep the connection stable, headphones are added to trusted devices. After that, the sound will be broadcast to the headset, and not to external speakers.

How wireless headphones work

Wireless headphones are a convenient solution for listening to music. There is a wide range of products. Each model differs in the way of data exchange and characteristics. You should study the principle of operation and features in more detail.

What gadgets are compatible with

Bluetooth headphones are compatible with almost any gadget. Many portable devices have built-in Bluetooth that transmits data to the headset. If necessary, you can install an external device.

Popular gadgets:

4 Things I Hate About The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro // Mi True Wireless Headphones

  • Mobile devices are most often used in conjunction with portable headphones. The operating system Android and iOS are suitable for connection. Some models support older mobile systems. To connect, just create a pairing in the menu. The connection will be made automatically.
  • The tablet PC also supports wireless headset connection. Connection is similar to setting up smartphones and mobile devices.
  • A stationary computer or laptop is connected using a built-in module. For the device to work stably, you may need to install specialized software. The device is turned on using standard operating system tools.
  • The TV can also be equipped with a Bluetooth module. Headphones are searched through the menu. Wireless devices are used for watching movies, TV shows and listening to music.
  • Players and various audio systems that can transmit sound wirelessly. Different headphones are selected depending on the models of the audio system.

To connect to gadgets, it is more convenient to use products precisely on the basis of the wireless principle of signal transmission. In this case, the likelihood of damage to the wiring and connector is reduced. Wireless headphones have proven to be a convenient accessory for various portable devices.

Why do wireless headphones work one at a time

Headphones are a must when buying a mobile device or player. Modern manufacturers offer their customers a wide range, among which the most popular is the Bluetooth headset. In the process of use, users face the problem when it works after connection and why only one speaker plays. There are several ways to fix this problem.

How to properly connect wireless headphones so that two speakers play together

When buying Bluetooth headphones, check in advance if your device supports wireless options. On many models of devices of the previous release, this function is absent, which excludes the possibility of connecting a headset. On modern devices, the presence of a Bluetooth module is mandatory.

In order to make a connection, you must turn on both components: headphones and a telephone (player). On your mobile device, enable wireless data transfer. After activation, a window pops up on the screen with a list of devices available for connection. In this list, you need to find the model of the wireless headset, connect it. After that the connection is established.

When you first try to connect, the gadget may ask for a special pin code. The numerical value can be found in the instructions supplied with the wireless headphones. After entering the code, pairing will be established.

Addition: with subsequent use, re-synchronization is not required, since the connection will be carried out automatically. This is due to the fact that the phone or player saves the device in the list of connected devices.

In some situations, you may need to use headphones on your TV, computer or laptop. Most household appliances lack a built-in module. In order to make the connection, you need a special adapter. It plugs into the USB connector. Further connection is established by the above method.

Help: When purchasing a wireless device, the plug is included in the basic package. If it is absent, you can purchase this item additionally.

During use, you may encounter a situation where one earphone stops working after connecting. First of all, it is recommended to test the headset with the cord (if available). If both speakers are working properly after plugging in, there are several steps to take. In most cases, the mobile device does not recognize one of the headphones. To fix the problem, it is recommended to remove the device from the list of possible connections. After deleting, re-pair.

Basic rules of use

There are a few guidelines to follow when using a wireless headset. They will help to significantly increase the lifespan and maintain high sound quality.

  • To implement the correct connection, you must adhere to all the rules and recommendations. They are indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for use.
  • The lack of a wired connection is the main advantage of this headset. In order to avoid interruptions, absence of sounds or extraneous noises during use, it is recommended to keep both devices at a close distance to each other. On the street, it can be about 50 meters. When in a closed room. no more than 20 meters.
  • The inner surface of the earphone must be regularly cleaned from accumulated dirt. Lint or debris accumulated on the retina will significantly reduce the quality of the incoming sound. In addition, dirt can get inside the device, which will lead to rapid failure. Use a soft brush or cotton swab to remove dirt.
  • After use, the headset should be stored in a special case that comes with the kit. These cases are equipped with a built-in battery that recharges the headphones. Storing in a case will also protect against the sudden loss of one of your devices.

Can one earphone work

The disadvantage of wireless devices is the lack of a signal in one of the headphones after connection. Sometimes this problem appears after prolonged use of the headset. In some cases, a malfunction occurs immediately after purchase, when you first connect to a gadget. Such situations do not always indicate the failure of the headphones themselves or its internal components. In some cases, the reason for refusal to work may be an incorrect connection or the lack of setting the appropriate settings in the mobile device.

Pros and cons

Like any device, wireless headphones have positive and negative qualities. When choosing an additional headset, each user needs to carefully study both lists, take into account all the nuances and subtleties of use.

The absence of wires is the main feature on the list of key features. When using older generation headphones, the internal components of the wire most often fail. This leads to degraded sound and poor performance. In the process, the wire itself can catch on furniture or a door, causing discomfort. With wireless headphones, this is impossible.

There is no need to move the device with the headphones. For example, after connecting, you can do cleaning or other household chores, leaving your phone or player in another room.

Many models have their own battery and charger. Long-term listening to music or books does not affect the charging and energy of the mobile device.

Note: Most modern products have more than just a personal battery. They also have their own memory department and personal player.

Highlight the aesthetics of such a headset. Most users find that wireless Bluetooth headphones look more attractive than a device with a dedicated cable. Despite the wide list of features, such products have some list of negative qualities.

The high cost is one of the main disadvantages. It is due to the more complex structure and functionality of the headset. When comparing the pricing policy, many buyers prefer conventional wired devices, as they differ in a more attractive cost.

Some models have a large size, which is not always practical. Such a headset cannot be hidden in a or compartment of a bag (backpack).

During use, you may encounter a sudden shutdown of the device. This problem is due to the lack of charge on the headset. When listening to audio files, you must carefully monitor the amount of charging.

Note: Airpods from Apple have a special case that contains a battery. It allows you to charge your device within minutes.

Small headphones are easily lost. The absence of a wire makes the search process much more difficult. If one of the components is lost, a new acquisition becomes necessary, which leads to additional financial costs.

Many varieties are characterized by poor sound quality, the presence of extraneous wheezing or noise. This is due to the lack of a wire that ensures a good connection. When you are in a closed room, the quality of the incoming sound drops significantly.

it is worth noting the possible incompatibility of the headset with a mobile phone or player. Many mobile or mp3 devices are not equipped with a Bluetooth function, which makes it impossible to use. To make the connection, you need a special adapter. The purchase will lead to high financial expenses.

Important: the disadvantages also include the fast battery consumption on the phone, if the headphones do not have their own charger.

Headphones are a must-have for every music lover. Recently, wireless devices that work after connecting to Bluetooth have begun to gain wide popularity. When buying, you need to study all the pros and cons, as well as know about the measures taken if one speaker is possible.

Wireless headset problems

Users who first bought wireless earbuds often find it difficult to sync the devices with each other right away. Therefore, some will consider that the problem is in the attribute, or Bluetooth does not work correctly on the smartphone.

In practice, when activating the headset, you need to go to the “Search for Bluetooth devices” item in the phone, and then click on the desired device to pair. Thus, it is not enough to simply enable the protocol for the whole procedure.

Software problem

According to many users, their smartphone stopped working with headphones after upgrading to the eighth version of MIUI, so there are two ways to fix the problem:

  • Return to the previous software modification;
  • Download MIUI 8 with full formatting.

If you want to continue to use the current version of the software and do not want to return the old one, then recommends that you simply delete the system information and reinstall the new one, since many were useful.

Dust in the connector (headset mode does not turn off)

Some users may not take this factor seriously, but it still needs to be considered. If you rarely plug in headphones, it is possible that dust or dirt may have entered the audio jack. In this case, the main contact of the plug may poorly connect to the corresponding area of ​​the socket, therefore, the smartphone cannot see the connected equipment or after turning it off, the sound is not output to the main speaker, since the headphone mode is on.

In this case, you can try cleaning the connector with a needle or small screwdriver. During the procedure, the smartphone must be turned off to prevent a possible short circuit. The method was tested on a representative of the Redmi line.

The phone sees the headphones only for the first 3-5 seconds

If, after connecting the headset, the smartphone displays the corresponding sign only for the first few seconds, and then the connection is disconnected, then you can try to act differently, as suggested by one of the advanced users:

  • Do not insert the plug completely;
  • The headset connection indicator will light up;
  • After waiting up to 10 seconds, insert the device completely.

Despite the strangeness of the method, these actions are in practice for almost all users who cannot correctly connect headphones.

Why the headphones don’t work with Xiaomi?

Today there are a huge number of accessories for smartphones, among which mobile headsets are in the greatest demand. However, what if the Xiaomi phone does not see the headphones? There are cases when the plug is inserted into the corresponding connector, but the gadget does not recognize it.

At the same time, many users report poor and choppy sound, while others do not have a second earpiece. We will list the most popular causes of this problem, as well as recommendations for solving the problem.

Incompatible pinout

In total, two standards for wiring the plug in headsets are used: OMTP and CTIA. Both types are equipped with three main contacts, with a control panel. four. In most cases, problems show up with the latter option. Since in the old pinout format, the contact is common. OMTP went directly from the wire, after which the microphone, right earphone and left channel.

At the same time, in the wiring of the new type, the ground and the microphone have changed positions. Accordingly, when using an old headset with a new smartphone, the devices will not be able to pair. For example, new models of Xiaomi smartphones do not detect OMTP headphones, as they are only compatible with new generation headphones.

Following the above, there are several factors that prevent the headset from working properly. Therefore, the situation should not be taken too seriously. You can diagnose and fix the problem yourself. Try using the headphones with a different smartphone, as they may be the problem.

10 Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset

Good Xiaomi bluetooth earphones for sports. comfortable Xiaomi bluetooth headset

Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset (30). Xiaomi in-ear Bluetooth headset for sports. Due to its lightness and earhooks, the earbuds are unlikely to fall out during exercise. Except, perhaps, the most active. The sound is quite good for a soundtrack for jogging or exercising in the hall. Suitable for rhythmic electronic music. But the elaboration of the HF is frustrating: there are sibilants, peaks (those same “sawing” notes).

These Xiaomi wireless earbuds come with 2 versions of voice acting for actions and events: Chinese and English. The first one comes across more often.

    Comfortable fit. Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset are good Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones for sports. As befits sports models, the headphones “sit” comfortably and securely. Autonomy. Enough for training. On average, 5-6 hours at a volume above average. Compound. Reliable signal within a radius of 10 meters. In the gym, you can put your phone somewhere and work out calmly.

Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset Kit

    Dimensions. The enclosures are quite large. It is uncomfortable under the hat, and just noticeably protrude on the sides. Sound. HF skew can be annoying to many. It is worth considering this moment.

  • Device type: headphone with microphone
  • Type: plug-in (plugs)
  • Type: dynamic
  • Charging: Micro USB
  • Resistance: 32 ohm
  • Music playing time: 7 hours
  • Standby time: 280 h
  • Battery: 100mAh
  • Bluetooth version: V4.1
  • Bluetooth working distance: about 10m

Which Xiaomi headphones are better to choose. wireless or wired?

There is no frank slag among the Xiaomi headphones, and even the most budget models in the ranking play quite tolerably. But how to choose the best Xiaomi headphones for yourself?

Answer the main question. Wired or wireless headphones you are looking for?

    Sports. models for jogging and gym. Concurrently, they do a good job with music under normal conditions. But it is better to buy for the intended purpose, since they have the appropriate functionality for which you pay extra. Neckband. wireless headphones with good sound quality and good autonomy around 10 hours. Fully wireless (true wireless). wireless headphones with good sound quality but little autonomy (there is a charging case).
    Everything is simple here. Choose any, depending on the price and form factor (in-ear, in-ear, full-size, overhead). Xiaomi has all the options. The ranking lists only the best headsets for their price. The higher the price, the higher the sound level.

P.S. if you take Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2 you will not go wrong, but there are still interesting options in the TOP 10 =).

I would also like to say a few words separately about Xiaomi Redmi headphones. In the segment of “headphone construction”, Xiaomi’s Redmi prefix means. the most budgetary options. Such headphone models have appeared relatively recently, but have already “knocked down” the average price bar for Xiaomi wireless headphones from 50 to 20. Of course, they have fewer functions and have limitations compared to the older and more expensive options without Redmi. But these features are not needed by most brand lovers.

TOP 10: Best Xiaomi Headphones (2021)

Wireless and wired:

No. Model Description Price
one. Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2 Hybrid vacuum headphones from Xiaomi, the best in terms of price and quality; 25
2. Xiaomi Redmi AirDots S Fully Wireless Vacuum Earbuds, Top 20 Best from Xiaomi; twenty
3. Xiaomi Mi Collar Bluetooth Headset Xiaomi Wireless Neckband Headphones; fifty
4. Xiaomi Millet Sports Bluetooth Wireless sports headset, lightweight and comfortable; 23
five. Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro Xiaomi Fully Wireless Noise Canceling Vacuum Headphones; 120
6. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 A relatively budgetary fully wireless Bluetooth headset from Xiaomi; 80
7. Xiaomi Mi Headphones Light Edition The best full-size headphones from Xiaomi with an interesting design; 35
eight. Xiaomi Mi Piston Headphones Basic Cheap Xiaomi vacuum headphones with good sound for your money; eight
nine. Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones Headphones headset with active noise cancellation and connection via Type-C from Xiaomi; thirty
10. Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset Xiaomi in-ear Bluetooth headphones for sports. thirty

TOP 10: Best Xiaomi Headphones

TOP 10: Best Xiaomi Headphones (2021). These are proven inexpensive headsets (wireless and wired) with the best value for money. All headphones from Xiaomi usually have a low price. And even True Wireless headphones from Xiaomi, which were included in our rating, do not cost more than 80.

Useful articles :

The rating includes almost all the fresh models of the 2020-2021 year and all the most standing ones in previous years. There are both wired and wireless (Bluetooth) Xiaomi headphones at from 8 ridiculous.

9 Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones

Xiaomi active noise canceling headphones for phone. Xiaomi headphones headset with Type-C connection

Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones (30). in-ear headphones with active noise canceling for phones from Xiaomi. Headphones are connected via USB Type-C. There are more and more models with this type of connection. After all, there are no 3.5 mm connectors in many new smartphones. The sound of this model is pretty average. For 30, in principle, you can find headphones that will sound better. But that with active noise cancellation and Type-C. it is unlikely. “Shumodav” does its job, although it is far from the leaders of the segment.

The USB Type-C connection is also good because in this case, noise cancellation is powered directly from the phone, without its own battery. However, there are still problems with compatibility with different smartphones: not every phone with Type-C these headphones will fit a headset from Xiaomi without problems.

    Set. There is a fairly large selection of ear pads, additional locks, a solid base for winding the headphones (many use it) and a soft carrying case. Active noise cancellation. It is not ideal, it removes mainly the mids. The low-frequency hum remains. But the metro is quite comfortable. Design and build. Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones are Xiaomi headset earbuds that look good (Piston style) and the materials and workmanship are of high quality. Only the cable is in doubt.

Xiaomi Mi ANC Type-C In-Ear Earphones with Noise Canceling

    Compatibility. On some smartphones, the headphones may not be detected correctly, noise canceling may not work, or the sound may simply be very quiet. Cable. Looks rather flimsy: thin, prone to tangling.

  • Device type: headphone with microphone
  • Type: plug-in (plugs)
  • Type: dynamic
  • Frequency Response Range: 20. 40,000 Hz
  • Resistance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 113dB
  • Active noise cancellation system
  • Headphone jack: USB Type-C
  • Headphone Jack Shape: Straight
  • Cable length: 1.25m
  • Features: fabric braided cable
  • Headphones
  • 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads
  • 2 pairs of extra ear rests
  • Solid base for winding up the headphones
  • Cloth cover
  • Documentation

8 Xiaomi Mi Piston Headphones Basic

Xiaomi vacuum headphones with microphone. cheap with metal housings

Xiaomi Mi Piston Headphones Basic (8). cheap in-ear headphones with a Xiaomi microphone. These are the most basic Pistons. Metal capsules, flat cable and only 3 pairs of ear pads included. For your money. better than many analogues. In terms of sound, everything is also “basic”. This is an excellent replacement for the bundled earphones for your phone. For those who listen to music only in the background or prefer audio books and podcasts. These Xiaomi headphones are wired and can act as a headset, there is a microphone. True, there is only one button.

Xiaomi Mi Earphones Basic (10) are inexpensive vacuum headphones from Xiaomi. This model differs from Piston Headphones Basic in several nuances. There is not a flat, but an ordinary “round” cable (also without braiding), a slightly different shape of the remote control, an L-shaped jack and there is a version in red. Apparently, this is why these headphones are a little more expensive. The difference in sound, if any, is not worth the time searching.

What to do if headphones do not work with Xiaomi phone, or work poorly

Problems with headphones on Xiaomi arise for the following reasons:

  • Broken headphones
  • Poor contact inside the cable
  • Bad contact in the socket
  • Software glitch

I will begin the description of breakdowns with a simple case and move on to complex ones.

Lost contact inside the cable

When using wired headphones paired with a Xiaomi phone, the most stressful and breakable place is the wire coming out of the jack. In this place, the cable is constantly bending and therefore the contact inside is broken faster than anything else due to breaking the contacts and therefore the sound disappears.

If you lose sound in one of the headphones when connected to Xiaomi, or if there is a hissing or crackling sound, this is the first sign of a broken contact inside the cable. And it is highly likely that it happened on the fold near the jack.

A similar breakdown will occur after a strong jerk, if you caught the wire on something and did not notice it. Inside the case, the cable is specially fixed so that the jerk does not lead to a violation of the soldering of the contacts to the driver, so breakage inside the headphones is unlikely.

Solution: replace the headphones, or re-solder the cable.

One of the headphones does not work when connected to a Xiaomi smartphone

If the sound comes from only one earphone, first of all check if they will fully function when connected to any other sound source, it can be a computer, phone, TV, player or something else.

If, when connected to another sound source, there is also no sound, then the breakdown has occurred inside.

This can be caused by water ingress, if they are not protected from sweat and splash, strong physical impact or extreme high or low temperatures.

Xiaomi leaves the circle of suspects if the headphones continue to work poorly when connected to another source.

How To Pair And Troubleshoot The Xiaomi Redmi Mi AirDots

Solution: replacement of headphones, or repair at a service center.

No access to sound effects in Xiaomi settings

Xiaomi phones have a special section with sound settings that are unlocked when wired headsets are connected. If the wire is not connected to the socket of the smartphone, this section is blocked.

Sound effects are not available when connected wirelessly.

If you connected the headset via a wire, the phone detected it and showed the corresponding icon in the status bar, but access to sound effects remained blocked, try restarting the phone. If possible, check on other headphones to rule out the possibility of incompatibility.

If the restart does not help, unplug the cable, carefully blow out the phone jack, dust or a grain of sand has probably gotten inside, which interferes with normal contact.

Do not pour alcohol or other liquids inside. If the contamination is heavy, take a dry cotton swab and gently swirl around the socket.

If, after cleaning, you still cannot access the sound settings on the Xiaomi, there is a possibility of a serious software glitch. Provided that the headphones are working properly, the sound goes to both channels, without interruption and without distortion, and with a remote control, all buttons function properly.

If, after a reset, access to sound effects is not possible, you will have to send the phone to a repair shop for diagnostics.

Wireless headphones do not work with a Xiaomi smartphone

Before connecting wireless headphones to Xiaomi, you need to make sure that they support the following profiles:

  • A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). with its help the phone transmits stereo sound to the receiving device.
  • HSP (Handset Profile). it implements the ability to talk on the phone.

There are many other profiles of wireless headsets, but these two are the primary and most important, it is with their help that you can talk on the phone and listen to music.

Find out about profile support from the instructions for the headphones or on the packaging.

A prerequisite for the first connection is the pairing procedure.

Pairing is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Turn them off, then press the power button and hold it for 8 seconds or until the LED starts flashing in different colors
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings, find there the “Available devices” item, in which the model of the connected headset will appear. Click on it, after which the name will go to the “Paired devices” section.

The status will be indicated next to the name when the active work is “Connected”. In this case, the corresponding icon will appear in the status bar.

If everything went smoothly, the wireless headphones should be working and producing sound. If it doesn’t, make sure the Xiaomi volume control is set to the middle position or higher.

If all else fails: try connecting another headset to prevent damage to the Xiaomi wireless module. If another headset also turns out to be inoperative, take your smartphone for repair, somewhere a Bluetooth error has crept in.

Not all buttons on the remote work

The remote control on the cable does not always work at full strength, this is due to the existence of two types of contact soldering standards: general and invented by Apple.

Headphones designed to work with Apple gadgets will play music when connected to Android smartphones, but the remote will not work at all, or partially.

This cannot be fixed, inside the cable the contacts are soldered in a different way, this cannot be bypassed by the software method.

Be careful when buying headsets if there is a label on the packaging: Made For iPod, iPhone, iPad. you should know that the remote will not work with Android.

Included with some models, if they have a detachable cable, there are 2 cables, one for connecting to Xiaomi, the other for iPhone. But that rarely happens.