Xiaomi 4a turned off and does not turn on Fix the problem

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All phones have chemical batteries, which have an effective lifespan. Every battery manufacturer indicates the date of manufacture because they have a shelf life. Therefore, the situation when Xiaomi 4a turned off immediately after turning on or after some time of operation, quite a few. The main problem in such devices is the battery. At once the original, which worked more than 4 years, and then a low-quality analog. If the cause is in the battery, then you can try to fix the defect by following a few simple steps:

  • Perform a long battery charging cycle for 5-6 hours.
  • Fully discharge and charge the battery.
  • Forced charge from a separate, current regulated charging source.
  • If the problem is not the battery, there may be another reason.

Hardware problems

Given the release date of this model of smartphone, we can conclude that during this time a lot could have happened. The most common cause is a damaged power connector. Its replacement may solve the problem and restore the normal charging cycle. Also the rapid discharge of the battery and the subsequent disconnection of the smartphone can be connected with a short circuit on the board due to wetting the phone. If it has ever been exposed to moisture, the risk is high. It is necessary to open the phone and revise it for this fact. The sticker on the battery is an indicator of getting wet. If it is red, then the device has been in water and corrosion is guaranteed. Make an appointment for phone repair Redmi 9, fast replacement parts, there are discounts!

If you have noticed that your phone reboots on its own, then this can indicate a malfunction in the system. If you’ve recently dropped your phone or hit it, then the motherboard of your smartphone may have been damaged. And, it can no longer boot from it. A deep discharge can also precede a malfunction. It can occur in the cold or during prolonged use. In this case, the built-in charge controller does not allow the phone to boot up. As it tries to protect the battery from dying.

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Deep battery discharge occurs usually when you are outside for a long time in winter. If you hit your phone and it suddenly stops turning on, there’s nothing unusual about this either. After all, most of all smartphones do not have shock protection, so that internal components can be damaged.

Xiaomi does not turn on after rebooting How to fix the problem

Xiaomi phone malfunction can lead to the fact that when you try to reboot it, it stops turning on. There are several reasons why it can happen, and they are related to system or hardware failures. However, this is not a verdict, as there are a number of ways to fix the status quo.

Xiaomi doesn’t boot beyond the logo and shuts down Solution

Why Xiaomi does not boot beyond the logo? Possible causes of this condition and how to prevent it.

  • Yesterday my Xiaomi got into trouble. It stopped booting. The process stops at the logo. Can you fix this condition?
  • Hello all, dear fans of Chinese phones. Can anyone tell me why Hiaomi may not load beyond the logo?
  • Xiaomi phone has stopped booting. Does anyone know what the problem could be?? Just yesterday the smartphone was working fine.

All ways to reboot Xiaomi

If you have a question, how to reboot the smartphone Xiaomi, it means it is either glitchy, or completely frozen. Such a problem affects users of Xiaomi devices very rarely. All elements, particularly the processor and graphics gas pedal, which just might cause hardware failures, are purchased only from the world’s leading manufacturers.

The phone does not turn on Xiaomi reasons and what to do about it

Often there is an unpleasant situation where the phone simply stops turning on, and responds to startup. The reasons for this can be different, and this article will specify the most common of them on the example of Xiaomi, as well as ways to solve the problem.

So, the first reason for the lack of response of the smartphone is the most trivial. the battery level. Make sure that your phone is charged, try to connect it to the charger and monitor the reaction. If there are no changes then the problem has to be solved more deeply.

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Often the phone refuses to turn on after a fall from a height. If this happens the red light on the top side panel will blink. To try to resuscitate the device press both volume buttons simultaneously and once the phone vibrates slightly press the power button.

If after such manipulation nothing changes, then the problem is most likely in the cable or another damaged element inside the device. In this case it is strongly recommended to apply to the service center for diagnostics.

If you are not very knowledgeable about mobile devices, it is not recommended to disassemble the device yourself, as such actions can even aggravate the problem. And if the smartphone is still under warranty, unauthorized disassembly will automatically void the warranty and you will have to reimburse the full cost of repair.

If the LED does not flicker, and the device has not fallen from any height, but stops responding to turn on, it is worth trying to reset it. This is usually done by holding down the power button for a few seconds (sometimes the volume down button may do this).

If it responds, you will be taken to the mode known as Fast Boot. There, press the Power button to perform a reset. If there is no response to the reboot request, it is most likely a corrupted system file.

If your smartphone does not respond in any way to your attempts to turn it on or reboot, it is best to contact a certified service center. They will be able to diagnose and determine if the problem is with the firmware or if the device itself is damaged.

In order to minimize any difficulties with the device, it is recommended to carry it in a sturdy case with protective glass, not to drop the device in water, not to discharge the battery to a minimum, and to install only licensed software on it.

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Full discharge of the device

Sometimes the smartphone runs out of power completely, which can be indicated by a red light. When I press the power button, of course, nothing happens, because the device simply does not have enough energy to start. There is only one way out, put your smartphone on the charger and charge it for some time, trying to switch it on at the same time.

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There is one thing: if the charger or the USB cable is damaged, the smartphone will not charge. So it is desirable to be sure that they are working properly.

Another nuance: keep the power button for about 20-30 seconds, it also sometimes allows you to revive the device.

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Does not turn on after recharging

There can not be two opinions, “died” the battery. At the beginning of the article I mentioned the methods of testing the charging process and if everything complies with the norms, the only thing left to say is that you need a replacement. An indirect indicator of this conclusion will be a red light on top of the phone, if it does not change color at least to yellow, it means that the battery level is not increasing.

I must warn you that there can not be an unlimited number of charging cycles of the battery. You should be guided by the number 500. In practice it can be less. It all depends on how and when you charge the battery. But you should not allow the charge level to drop below 15%, it will accelerate the wear and tear process and shorten the life of the battery.

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