How to activate SIM card on Xiaomi


The problem of activating SIM card on Xiaomi smartphones is quite common. Often, it arises as a result of the fact that users register the Mi account through the mail and do not indicate the phone number or enter it incorrectly.

In this article we will consider several ways to resolve this issue.

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How to install a default SIM card

On the default panel for calls, we install the SIM card that will be constantly used for calls. This is or

If you mark the 3rd cell, then with each call of the subscriber, Redmi will ask you which SIM card you want to use to call in each individual case-with which SIM card do you want to call now.

Methods of activation of SIM cards

In the case of smartphones in which the global version is installed, the error that arises can be eliminated by activation of SIM. It is necessary that Mi Account begin to recognize the phone number. You can achieve in the following ways:

  • Enter the number manually in the format in which the Mi Account system will be able to determine it;
  • Activate the phone on the Xiaomi website;
  • call the operator to allow him to send messages abroad.

These methods will help to eliminate the problem that has arisen. Each of them should be said separately.


If the probable reason lies in the fact that the phone number on Xiaomi was introduced incorrectly, then in this case a very simple way can help. It is necessary to click on the notification “SIM card is not activated”. Pressing involves sending a request to the Xiaomi database to confirm the registration of the number. Since it is indicated incorrectly, a mistake will be displayed that the message could not be sent. Here you will need to press the repetition key. This action will have to repeat about 4-5 times so that Mi Account suggests changing the SIM card number to another. After that, it remains only to enter your number in a different way (remove the code “7” or, conversely, add it).

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Activation on the site

The method is very common among users. It implies the entry of numbers not through a mobile device, but by using the computer version of the MI account. It contains more capabilities by default, the most common among users and, in this regard, is served much more stable and does not cause failures. In order to enter the computer version of the account, you need to follow the link: https: // Account.Xiaomi.COM/Static/Res/C9e52D8/Account-STatic/HTML/LOGIN/DIST/V2/SGP/Login-ROU_.HTML. When the page opens, it will become necessary to enter data for the entrance. After that, the window will open, in which you need to select the “Safety” item, then open the “Phone for Restoration” subsection and enter the phone number in it.

Upon completion of the described actions, an SMS with code will be received on a mobile phone. When it is introduced in the corresponding window, the account is activated and the message will disappear.

Note: The procedure should end with a reboot of the smartphone, otherwise the message will continue to hang in the notification line.

Through the SIM card operator

Removing the lock can be made by calling the telecom operator that provides telephony services. Here the problem is solved by the fact that the operator removes the restriction on sending messages to foreign numbers. Indeed, with such a ban, the SIM card cannot send an SMS with confirmation of activation in the Mi Account system. After lifting the ban, SIM automatically directs confirmation to the Mi Account program, then the number is successfully entered into the database, the user is identified, and the error disappears from the notification panel. However, restart the device still does not hurt.

If the problem has appeared after updating on

If the SIM card stopped working immediately after you updated the smartphone to the new version of the OS, probably the problem is precisely in the firmware. This is especially true if the developers have only recently released a software update (as a rule, within the first 7–9 days after the announcement of the new version, the developers correct bugs). It is also possible that as a result of the update there was any error, and the new in terms were incorrectly established.

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To return the performance of Simka, you need to reset the phone to factory settings.

note! If the phone works on a third-party firmware version, then it may contain any error or harm the work of the gadget.

Systemic problems

So, all mechanical reasons are excluded, and you are sure that the matter is not about them. Then it is worth checking if there is a root of the problem in the system.

  • Activated “flight mode”.
  • Simka does not work in a particular territory due to the “preferred network type” or blocked by the operator.
  • The device communication module is faulty.
  • The failure arose after the update to the new version of Miui.
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In these cases, it makes sense to just reload the phone, and in the case of a failure after updating. roll back to the old version.

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Read below specific instructions to eliminate the problem.

Redmi Sim Card Not Detected Problem Solved

They did not press too much?

Some network settings could “fly up” or a curious child played with a telephone.

We open “Mobile Networks”:

Click on the desired SIM card:

On some versions there is a “turn on the SIM card”, if any, turn it on. If not, go to the next step.

We find the “Choice of the Network”:

We activate “choose automatically”:

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Reloading the device

The first thing to do in many situations is to reboot the smartphone. Press the Power key, holding it.

How To Fix SIM Card Not Activated In Xiaomi Redmi | 100% working

After that a small menu will appear. In it, select “Reloading”.

What is it for? If there is a software failure, the reloading of the device will help to cope with it.

By the way, sometimes another option helps without rebooting. turning on the flight mode. To do this, make a swipe from the upper part of the display to the bottom so that the notification panel appears. Click “Flight”.

The icon has changed the color, and at the top of the window you will see the airplane icon. the mode is turned on.

Disconnect the mode by clicking on the button again, check the performance of the SIM card-in the status of the bar there is an appropriate icon.

Why the phone may not recognize the SIM card?

The reasons why the Xiaomi phone does not see a SIM card can be a lot-these are system failures and mechanical damage. Therefore, it is problematic to determine the source of the problem. You need to carefully familiarize yourself with the list of possible reasons, and only then perform specific actions.

Mechanical causes

Most often, the Xiaomi smartphone does not see the SIM card due to mechanical exposure, namely:

  • Sim-trap was damaged (improper use or factory marriage).
  • SIM was established by the wrong side.
  • The user mixed up Nano and Micro formats, or cut the card on his own and the size did not fit.
  • Water or small foreign particles got into the body.
  • Important details were damaged in the phone after falling on a hard surface.
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The first four reasons are adjusted at home. Sometimes it helps just replace the holder or SIM card with the maintenance of the number. If the damage is serious, you will need to contact the service center.

System causes

If everything is fine in a mechanical plan with a mobile device, pay attention to possible system problems:

  • The “flight mode” is enabled.
  • The SIM card has ceased to be serviced in a particular area or the operator blocked it due to violations.
  • A communication module does not work incorrectly on a smartphone.
  • Problems arose after updating miui.
  • In the settings, a preferred type of network is chosen, which is not supported in your area.

If the SIM card does not work due to hardware failure, there are many ways to eliminate the problem. The usual rebooting of the phone often helps, but complete flashing may be required.

Delivery from China

The reason is common among lovers of buying smartphones from abroad. Each country has its own GSM frequency set, with which the devices should be compatible. Chinese specimens do not receive certification from Russian cellular operators because they do not support the necessary communication standards.

The solution is quite simple, but radical and not all users can do it. flashing to the global ROM. It will have another driver for the GSM-livaries module, which can work with a large frequency range and operators.

After you reflash, be sure to reset the phone to the factory settings. This is done like this:

  • Hold the power button before turning off.
  • Then we clamp it combined with the volume increase button by a few seconds.
  • After the company’s logo appears on the screen, they can be released.
  • In the menu you need to select the language. English using physical volume control buttons.
  • Then. the paragraph Wipereset, Wipe All Data and to confirm all the actions you need to use the power key.

After the end of the process, conduct a check of performance. If everything is fine, then such manipulations helped. With a different outcome, you will have to return the phone to the seller.