How to turn on the visibility of all numbers from the phone memory and SIM card in the Xiaomi settings

On this page you will find information on what to do if Xiaomi does not display all the contacts in the phone book. You bought a smartphone, inserted a SIM card, but the numbers from the SIM card are not visible in the phone?

Many users of Android devices face such a problem, including Xiaomi users, it happens that the contacts saved in the phone memory are visible, but the contacts on the SIM card are not visible, or vice versa, or the numbers from the phone memory and from one SIM card are visible, and the numbers from the second SIM cards are not visible. In this article, we will tell and show with screenshots where on Xiaomi Redmi 4 in the settings change to display all contacts, including contacts in the phone’s memory, from a SIM card if 2 SIM cards are supported, then from both SIM cards, as well as contacts in applications. On most Android devices, to enable the display of all contacts, you need to open contacts and select a filter in the settings and select “all contacts” there, but on Xiaomi smartphones, for some reason, this process was slightly complicated and an ordinary user can not always reach this point on his own.

Now let’s see how to set up so that all numbers on Xiaomi Redmi 4 and similar smartphones and tablets on Android are visible. Open “Contacts” by clicking on the corresponding icon in the applications or click on the “Phone” icon and then select “Contacts” at the top of the screen, in both cases we get into contacts.

In the Khiaomi contacts, we need to call the contacts settings menu, for this we need to press and hold a little touch button in the form of three horizontal stripes located under the screen on the left side. Next, in the contacts menu that opens, select the item “Display” or “Display settings”. Look at the picture below.

In the menu of display settings that appears, select “Contact filter”. Now you get into the contact filter on Khiaomi where you can choose which numbers you want to be displayed in contacts and which should not be visible there.

You can configure the phone book to contain both numbers from the phone memory and from SIM cards and applications. If you want all contacts to be visible, then select the “All contacts” item, which usually happens at the very beginning of the list of possible actions, if you need only from a SIM card or saved in the phone’s memory, then select these items.

Reviews not showing all contacts on Xiaomi

UPDATE REVIEW PAGE Author: Alexander Kryukov 27-04-2021 16 hours 45 min Message: Thank you! MI8. Everything works Author: Irina 13-02-2020 15 hours 22 min Message: Thank you, you helped a lot, everything is clear and understandable, I quickly restored it. I have Redmi5A. Author: Rustam 28-12-2019 07 hours 31 min Message: Useless instruction, there are no horizontal dots on Xiaomi Note 8 Author: Igor 01-08-2019 16 hours 40 min Message: MiMax2. everything worked out Author: Elena 19-03-2019 16 hours 12 min Message: It didn’t work, writes that there are no contacts on the SIM card Author: Vladimir 18-03-2019 20 hours 32 min Message: Thank you Author: Evgeny Mikhailovich 02/20/2019 17 hours 38 mins Message: I have a 4x Hiomi. Thanks for the tip, everything worked out. Author: Tatiana 13-09-2018 12 hours 49 min Message: Thank you! I have Xiaomi Redmi 5 a, I did everything as stated in the article and everything is now displayed. Author: Vadim 25-08-2018 18 hours 04 min Message: On Xiaomi Redmi s2, there is no phone or device in the contact filter at all. Author: Igor K. 31-07-2018 10 hours 03 min Message: Good afternoon! I have Redmi Note 4. Recently, some contacts are displayed 3 times. When you delete one, all are deleted. Please tell me what to do? In the settings, in the filters, “By default” “Only device-660 contacts” is selected, and when you enter the notebook, they are displayed. 1032 connections. Author: Eugene 25-07-2018 14 hours 23 min Message: I have all contacts in my settings, but still not all are displayed, and contacts from my phone periodically disappear Author: Alexandra L. 09-07-2018 17 hours 49 minutes Message: Thank you very much! They practically saved me from a heart attack. Everything began to be displayed. Author: Olga 07-07-2018 22 hours 51 minutes Message: Didn’t help. Writes that there are no contacts on the SIM card Author: Oksana 11-06-2018 11 hours 33 minutes Message: Everything is well written and accessible. I fit on Xiomi 5 Author: Alice 27-05-2018 21 hours 26 min Message: Thank you! Info for Redmi 5a came up Author: Emil 09-05-2018 03 hours 34 min Message: Thank you for your help

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Transfer contacts on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

To transfer contacts to your Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro phone, follow the same path: Settings, System applications, Contacts. Click Send contacts and select the method of transferring contacts: via Mi Drop, sending via Bluetooth, by mail, etc.

Transferring Contacts to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Smartphone Using Mi Mover App

Install the Mi Mover application on your old smartphone if it is missing.

On the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone, go to Settings, System and device, Advanced settings, Mi Mover.

On the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro phone in Mi Mover, click “I am the recipient”, after which a QR code will be displayed on the screen.

Scan the QR code with your old phone.

Click Contacts. Contacts transfer will be done automatically.

Synchronizing contacts using Mi cloud

To add an account to a new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone, open Smartphone Settings, select Synchronization and click Add account.

To sync contacts, open Smartphone Settings, select Accounts & sync.

Tap on Contacts and make sure that contact sync is active.

In this case, the synchronization of contacts using the Mi account will be performed automatically.

How to Transfer Contacts to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Phone

How to Transfer Contacts to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro using SIM Card

On your Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone, go to Settings, System apps, Contacts

Copy contacts to SIM by clicking Export to SIM. Move the SIM card to your new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone, go to the same section of the menu and click Import from SIM card.

Transfer between devices

Do not be intimidated by the tricky title and do not skip the article section. The fact is that on old firmware this word was in the settings and was used when transferring data, including contacts, between Xiaomi.

Bluetooth turned on and the exchange process was completed in a matter of seconds. Subsequently, the developers removed this feature, which led to a frantic search for all possible applications from Google, working on a similar principle. Those who wrote reviews about all the methods of distilling data between phones hastened to “legitimize” the method, but Xiaomi has confused all the cards.

Numbers are transferred from phone to phone in more than one dozen (!) Ways. So why do we need to additionally install any applications? The latest versions of Xiaomi firmware have made the choice of data transfer methods as diverse as possible. Let’s consider some of them.

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To select, you need to go along the already familiar path: “Settings”. “System Applications”. “Contacts”. “Import and Export”. “Send contacts”.

  • Free transfer. The name itself suggests the transfer “for free”. Positioned on the Internet as a new feature from Xiaomi. Mi Drop. When the option is activated, Bluetooth is turned on by itself, and another smartphone from Xiaomi is searched for nearby. Wi-Fi is not used. As soon as there is source for the transfer, a connection will take place and your contacts will get to the right place. If you like the method, mark the selection with a tick in the “default” box. In the future, all your transfers will be carried out according to this algorithm.
  • Bluetooth. The method is as old as the world, but it works. For it, you need to independently turn on Bluetooth (unlike the previous one) and select from the found devices the one to which you want to send.
  • Mail. Sending will take place to your mail, followed by distillation to another phone The method is not very convenient, moreover, it will require the presence of the Internet in the smartphone.
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Viber. Mentioned because of their popularity with the younger generation. They do not differ in anything special, they do not give any advantages in comparison with the methods already described. Forwarding is achieved by creating a standard contacts file named 00001.vcf or something like.

This is where we can finish, since I tried to use the manufacturer’s capabilities, all sorts of MiShare and others, but instead of transferring, the phone froze. This is primarily due to the firmware, on the global there is no such specific connection with the homeland, so I recommend using more familiar export methods. Do not forget about import: it is proposed to “upload” contacts from Google or Mi accounts.

New technologies. using QR code

I specially highlighted this method, it is a kind of know-how and gives the transmission an ultra-modern sound. To activate, you need to go along the specified path: “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Mi Mover”.

The application is located in the settings, which means that they trust him. To pair two smartphones from Xiaomi, a QR code is sent, after which it is given the opportunity to transfer anything, including copying contacts. All you need to do is select the one you want and add to the shipment, which could be easier. The only inconvenience. mandatory presence of Wi-Fi in the sender’s and recipient’s phone.

Cloud technology help

The advantages of this method are obvious, but nevertheless it is rarely used. People are less likely to trust everything about the internet for fear of identity theft. First, you need to copy all contacts to or Google, then upload them to the cloud, from where they can be easily downloaded to a new device. The cloud can be linked to multiple devices, allowing you to use your contacts on your tablet, smartphone or computer. If from Xiaomi the transfer of contacts goes to iOS, then nothing will work in the case of use. The platform must be compatible with a specific cloud. Other services are also suitable. Yandex Disk, DropBox and others, the above procedure is applicable to them as well.

QR code application

If you download a special application to your smartphone, you can generate a QR code. This method is not easy, so it is not used very often. After the device scans the encrypted code, it starts downloading contacts. You can complete the procedure using the QR Droid Code Scanner program available on Google Play. Not only on Xiaomi, the import of contacts can be carried out in this way, any smartphone based on Android is at your service. To prepare a QR code containing contacts, go to the “Import and Export” item to access the “Send” function. Encryption into code is performed after clicking on “Send contact as”. Everything, it’s done, nothing complicated.

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how to transfer contacts to Xiaomi using qr code

How to Transfer Contacts in XIAOMI Redmi Note 8. Copy Contacts

Using a CSV file to transfer contacts

It is very easy to transfer contacts using a CSV file. An application from Google Play will help to generate such a file. We can recommend the My Contacts Backup program. It can be installed on devices with Android and iOS, thanks to which the saved numbers can be easily transferred, for example, from iPhone to Xiaomi. The created file is sent to the mail, from where it is downloaded to a new device, where contacts are saved.

You cannot do without the procedure for transferring contacts if you do not want to re-enter all the data into a new device. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the rules described today. Guided by them, you can significantly save yourself time.

Please note that at first contacts are not displayed, not only on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, but on all smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer. Also, it doesn’t depend on the MIUI version. You can meet this kind of problem in MIUI 6, MIUI 7 or MIUI 8.

Here’s what you need to do if contacts are not showing on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Configuring the display of contacts in MIUI 12 on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Some users, after updating their Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone to the new MIUI 12 shell, are faced with the fact that some of the phonebook contacts are not displayed as before.

The first thing I recommend to do is to restart the phone, if this does not help, then you need to go to the settings of the “Contacts” application and set the filter you need to display them.

Launch the “Phone” application or immediately “Contacts”. In the upper right corner, click on the “Three dots” button and in the drop-down menu “Settings”. Next, we are interested in the item “Contact filter”. Going into it, you will see all the applications that store subscriber numbers and from which Xiaomi can extract and display them. Most often, problems begin when half of the contacts are written to the memory of the SIM card, and some to the memory of the smartphone. It also sometimes happens that the numbers recorded in the Google and Mi account, or in Google and SIM cards are not shown.

In this case, you should transfer all phone numbers to your Google account, and set the filter to display only them.

For information on how it is possible to transfer contacts, read the article on our website. True, there are instructions for an earlier version of MIUI, but nothing has changed functionally, I think all the information is still relevant.

If, when upgrading to MIUI 12, some of the subscribers disappeared without a trace, you probably need to do a recovery from the cloud, read about how to restore a backup of contacts in this article.

By the way, what if your Xiaomi has a dialer from Google and not from Xiaomi? Then the procedure described above will look different. If you want to return the contacts app from Xiaomi, there are instructions on how to do it.

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