Xiaomi Redmi 7A fresh update = brick. Hangs on 23.99%

Xiaomi Redmi 7A owners should not update much. The recent (less than a week ago) update once again turns the device into a brick. Unbricking will result in loss of data. at best, if you have unlocked the bootloader. If you have not unlocked it. they can only flash it at official service where Xiaomi supplies unlock keys.

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Someone says that after an hour or two of sitting in such a state the phone will be updated. This is highly unlikely.

The likely cause of the bug: The Chinese are unable before running an irreversible procedure to check the availability of space for its execution. In addition to the downloaded archive you also need the space to unpack it. No space #x2192; the pipe hangs.

So, if you have decided to accept the update: 1) Unlock the bootloader! When Xiaomi will brick your phone with its updates (including forgetting to ask you) it is only a matter of time. Unlocking old devices through My Account now does not require waiting, unlocked immediately on request.2) Make a full backup of your data.3) Clear the space. At least 2.8 gigabytes. The space on the memory card is not good, you need the internal memory for the update.

Most likely other Xiaomi devices are also affected by the bug, but for Redmi the chance of catching it is significantly higher as there is less space on the devices.

If it does crash. FURTHER PERSONALLY NOT TESTED, this is Reddit’s translation: https://www.reddit.com/r/Xiaomi/ Owners Комментарии и мнения владельцев and opinions/mxzle8/sudden_updat.

1) Turn off by holding down the volume_down buttons, wait for the power to turn off.2) Get into Fastboot by holding down the volume_down power buttons, wait for vibration. Probably will not come at first attempt.3) Get the Fastboot screen. a green bunny in an earflaps.4) You will get a message that the update file is corrupted.5) Go back to main menu and reboot. The phone will start up fully.When I check it, I will write in my Комментарии и мнения владельцев how it ended. While the child sleeps, I will not touch the device. Just not having met in Russian-language space of successful cases of unlocking, I decided to translate one from Reddit, so that users can google it here.

Why the phone has stopped switching on?

Xiaomi makes quality products, but it is not immune to various malfunctions. After all, any technique is not perfect. Owners of Xiaomi Redmi 4, for example, sometimes complain that it does not turn on for unknown reasons.

But other models, such as Xiaomi Redmi Pro and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, can also upset the user.

When such a mishap occurs with your device, you first need to find out whether warranty service is still available. In the presence of warranty you can easily resolve the issue with a specialist at the official service center. If the device does not turn on on the same day that you bought it, it could be a sign of a defect. In this case, be sure to demand a replacement smartphone for a working smartphone.

Xiaomi Won’t Turn On or Black Screen! Here’s How You Fix It

Xiaomi does not turn on

However, our citizens like to save a lot of money, the good news is that today it is possible. It can be a purchase gadget in the Chinese online stores, from resellers or used phone from hand. Despite the obvious advantages in the form of low prices, this method is quite risky, because the goods are not covered by warranty.

Also you can just pass the warranty on the smartphone, bought from an official representative. In this case, count on free repair if Xiaomi does not turn on, do not. So you will have to dig into your device yourself to find out the cause of the problem to fix it. But it will not be easy for non-specialists to do, but you can analyze it for the problems that occur most often. The following list of problems and ways to fix them is relevant for all Xiaomi models, because in software terms they are identical:

  • Phone is discharged to the point of shutting down. It is often the case that the smartphone Xiaomi blinks red light and does not turn on by itself. This may indicate a complete discharge of the battery. For this reason the device may not have enough power left to start the system and this makes pressing the power key pointless. The problem is often solved by charging the phone for about 1 hour, after which you can start it again by pressing the power button for 10 seconds. If the device is charged, but does not want to turn on, take a closer look at the cable. It may be damaged, try a different cord. Or, for the sake of interest, connect the old cable to another smartphone, in order to understand what the problem is. It happens that the device fails in the USB-connector, so there is no power.
  • System freezes. The second problem on the list is a software failure, which causes the mobile device to shut down, it can also prevent it from turning on. If you have an older Xiaomi model with a removable back cover, you need to remove the battery, then install it again. In this way a deep reboot of the smartphone is carried out. In gadgets in which the battery can not be taken out, such as Xiaomi Redmi 5, to do this you need to press the power button for 10 seconds. Following these steps, you can hope that the phone will still start.
  • Button failure and other hardware problems. Sometimes the cause may be mechanical damage from dropping the device or possible defects in manufacturing. Your own forces are unlikely to help here, you will have to contact the service center. If Xiaomi turns off and does not turn on, the problem may lie in a faulty power controller, so that the gadget can not gain power to turn on, to recognize the problem in this area can be by connecting a charged battery to the device.
  • Firmware crash. Sometimes users are faced with such a problem as incomplete loading of the smartphone. That is, the phone turns on, which is confirmed by the lit screen, but it does not go further. In such a case, there is a high probability of problems with the firmware. Most likely you will have to reinstall the software for the phone. This can be done using the Mi Flash application, which is suitable for all the company’s gadgets, including the Xiaomi Redmi line.

However, it is not certain that your device will have one of the above problems. The inability to turn on may also be caused by other reasons:

When the root of the problem is known, it will be immediately clear whether you need to repair the device yourself or go to the service center. In this case, you can’t do without a technician in case of serious defects, such as mechanical damage after the fall and water that has penetrated into the cell phone. There may also be short-term glitches as a result of incorrect operation of some applications. All software defects can be treated by two common ways, they will be described below.

Constant restart, stopping at MIUI logo

It should be considered first, because the causes of this type of occurrence are more serious. It may appear in such cases:

  • The Android operating system was updated automatically or manually. No one is safe from an update release with new problems, even if the old ones have been fixed.
  • The device was flashed with the new firmware by computer or TWRP.
  • New firmware was installed just before the last shutdown.
  • In a rarer case, it can be a low battery (less than 2%) or a battery malfunction.
  • Well and the classic cases should not be forgotten. the phone wanted to fly from the table on the floor, swim in a bowl of soup or in the sink, or has become an adored toy of your active pet, even for 2-3 minutes.

What to do?

  • The first thing to consider is whether the phone is still under warranty. If it is valid. go straight to the specialized service, where the specialists will find the cause and fix it.
  • If the warranty of the smartphone is over and you want to try to fix it yourself. it is very good if somewhere remained a backup copy of a previous version of the system. It can be done with TWRP or other specialized programs. In that case it’s enough to enter the extended recovery (with the phone turned off, press the power button and both volume keys and hold for a couple more seconds after the screen turns on). In the Wipe Menu select all items except the memory card (or other location where the backup is stored), then in Restore select the desired copy of the system and flick the slider to restore. Be careful not to update again! It is better to wait for the next version of the update, it will be released in 2-3 days, if the problem is observed in many users. The same incident happened once with Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro and may well be repeated with any other device Redmi or Mi models.
  • If you have no copy, remove the memory card, upload all the important data from it to your PC using the adapter and flash the phone with the latest version of MIUI firmware from the official site of the developers. You can read the instructions for flashing here.
  • Connect the phone to a charger. it might be simply flat and after a while it will boot up normally.
  • If none of the above helps. go to the service center.

The main causes and their solutions

I have been working with Xiaomi for a long time and I want to note that the products of this company are of high quality. At least no worse than their competitors there are successful models, there are not so successful. For example, many owners complain that Xiaomi Redmi 4x sometimes shuts down by itself and the reason for these shutdowns is not clear. So again, none of the models is immune to engineering errors and technical defects. If the device is still under warranty, you can hope for a free repair or even a replacement gadget. If you encounter that your Xiaomi phone does not turn on after a few days after purchase, you can try to return it to the seller. And if you took it by hand, in this case you will have to repair it at your own expense.

Let’s look at the most common cases when Xiaomi Redmi has turned off and does not turn on. You have not sunk it or dropped it before. What to do? Starting with the battery.

Deep Battery Discharge

Modern smartphones use lithium batteries with a built-in charging controller, which closes the line of electric power to the battery when fully discharged. This is done to protect the battery from the reduction of capacity below the allowable value, after which it simply will not work. That is why the phone does not turn on immediately when you connect the charger.

It is worth paying attention to the fact whether the red charge indicator on the phone blinks at this time (on some models it may be white). It is worth to wait for at least 30-40 minutes and only then try to press the power button. In some cases you have to wait several hours to get the device out of a deep discharge.

Faulty cable or charger

For many owners the charging cable lasts for about six months, after that it begins to make a miracle. In addition the cable is not always long enough and is connected in a tight way. With time there are damages, a few times I’ve even seen cases where the plug comes off and hangs on thin wires, like on the

Chargers Xiaomi sufficiently high quality and are used for at least a year, but still sooner or later break down. In this case externally on it you will not find any traces simply shut down and that’s it. Again, the person will think that the phone is charging, but in fact it is not. As a result, when you try to turn it on, he will find that his Xiaomi Redmi does not turn on and does not respond to pressing the Power button. So the advice here is simple: if you have problems with turning on your smartphone, try another charger and cable. Believe me 80% of the time the problem is solved at this stage!

The SIM card is glitchy

Yes-yes, imagine, the usual SIM-card can become source of phone problems. So I would advise to remove it and try to turn on your Xiaomi without SIM card. If your smartphone works check the SIM card in another device. She may have oxidized contacts and this leads to a short circuit. If the dirt, plaque or oxidation is visible to the naked eye, you can clean the contacts with an ordinary eraser or a cotton swab moistened with alcohol. If the phone does not turn on and without a SIM card then it is worth checking the slot. True, to do this the device will have to be disassembled. In my memory there was a case when debris accidentally bent the pins in the slot and they short-circuited.

Problems with the firmware

The reason for the problems with turning on Xiaomi phones may be a software failure: failed reflashing, failure during booting the operating system, TWRP installation, the result of malware. However, in most cases there could be some messages or icons on the screen. Then you should try to enter the engineering menu of the device, holding the power button and volume up button for over 10 seconds. If you managed to do this, you can try doing a reset Xiaomi settings through a so-called Hard Reset.

First of all, it is worth finding out if the device shows any signs of life at all. If your phone can’t turn on (it doesn’t respond at all when you press the power button) and the screen doesn’t light up for a second, it’s probably about the battery. In simple words, the device has no charge, that is, the battery is “planted to zero”. If there is no problem with the screen, then it would light up for a few seconds when trying to start up and you could see an indicator that there is almost no charge. Also, all this is almost 100% of the time accompanied by vibration. Again, if there is no problem with the screen and the motor that creates the vibration, then the problem is with the battery. You can try charging the device for a long period of time. Or change the battery itself.

If the device vibrates when you try to start, but there is nothing on the screen. Most likely there is a problem with the display. There are cases where the smartphone falls (even on a hard rough surface), but there is not a scratch on the screen. But the display stops working. Here you can try to disassemble the device and check the module (it is possible that just blew out the cable, but the module itself is fine) or it is better to give the master for repair.

What to do if the Xiaomi does not turn on

Smartphones manufactured by Xiaomi are considered the most unproblematic of Chinese-made devices. Still, even they sometimes. very rarely, but still demonstrate a stubborn desire not to turn on, hang up and upset their owner. Be as calm as a lotus flower, even in the case if Xiaomi does not turn on for an unknown reason! Most of the cases described below, will solve the problem without going to the service center.

Software error

In rare cases, there are software errors at the stage of booting Xiaomi even without installing new, or rollback to previous firmware.

Try to turn off Xiaomi, then press the “Volume” and “Power” button, hold them for 15 seconds, then you should boot into Recovery mode. If you succeeded, select “Reboot” and try rebooting the device normally. If everything freezes on the logo again, enter Recovery again, but this time click on “Wipe Data”. This way you reset Xiaomi to the factory state, deleting all the data from the memory, but if the procedure is successful, you will get a working phone.

If the tips described above did not help and the Xiaomi logo on the phone does not disappear for a long time when booting up, the only thing left is to take it to repair, at home it is unlikely to be able to restore its functionality.

It can be useful:

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USB connector damage

Careless handling of the USB connector on Redmi 7 soon allows loss of reliable contact, which stops charging.

This can be expressed also by the fact that charging goes on and off, goes on and off.

Or if you have noticed that in order to charge reliably you need to repeatedly plug and unplug the cable, or connect it and hold it at a certain angle. these are symptoms of damaged USB.

Solution: replacement at an authorized service center.

What to do if your Xiaomi phone constantly reboots and does not turn on: a description of the causes and solutions

The Android system is vulnerable to various kinds of threats. Therefore, the situation when the phone Xiaomi constantly restarts and can not start, appears in every fifth user. Such problems can occur with users on a regular basis, making it problematic to use Xiaomi. If the phone constantly reboots itself, then do not give up on it, because this problem can be solved.