Reset via recovery mode

This method is only relevant for models based on Qualcomm processors with an unlocked bootloader. So, to carry out on Xiaomi Redmi 3 hard reset (the same method is suitable for other smartphones of the company), you need to make a few simple steps.

  • You need to turn off your device.
  • To keep the personal data safe, it’s better to remove the SIM and SD card.
  • Next press the power key until the smartphone vibrates. After that press and hold down the volume button for 10 seconds.
  • The “Mi” logo appears informing us that it is time to release the power button by holding down the volume up button.
  • The language selection appears in front of us. Selecting English. Confirm your choice with “power” button.
  • Then we get the MAINMENU, where you have to choose “Wipe and Reset” with the help of the power and volume keys.
  • Now select “Wipe User Data”, which will completely delete the user data.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, select “Yes”.
  • Wait until the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Hard reset is complete.
  • That’s all. Now we have only one step left. restart.

Hard Reset of this type is relevant for almost all devices of Mi and Redmi models, including Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro and Xiaomi Mi4, only provided that they all run on Qualcomm processors.

Hard Reset Xiaomi via recovery mode

Factory Reset via Recovery. a more serious method which you can use only if you have an unlocked boot loader.

How to reset Xiaomi via Recovery:

  • Switching off the smartphone.
  • Press Power and volume up button.
  • After the phone vibrates, release the power button and keep the volume up.
  • Choose the language and press the power button to confirm the choice
  • Then choose “Wipe and Reset” option. Navigation is done using the volume up/down buttons.
  • Press “Yes”.
  • Wait for Hard reset to complete and reboot your smartphone.

Performing a reset to factory settings in this way will be optimal if the smartphone is switched on or lags strongly (lags). Of course, if you can get to the reset through the standard menu, it is better to use the

contacting our service center

If software tools did not help to cure the phone hangs on reboot, it is likely that the problem is hardware and has to do with the memory chip. Repair of such a smartphone by yourself is impossible. You will need to contact the official service center.

To visit the service center you will need the documents from your phone Xiaomi and you may be asked to confirm your identity with your passport.

It is better to refrain from going to unofficial repair shops. It is not guaranteed that there will be a good specialist. Many unofficial agencies hire non-professionals, and such “master” can only make things worse. Especially if you need to replace the memory chip (the work is subtle and complicated).

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Bootloop. this is a very unpleasant problem in which the phone constantly turns on and off. In most cases, the constant reboot of Xiaomi can be corrected by software methods at home. But it is important to perform all the actions strictly according to the instructions. Otherwise you can kill your phone.

You can format your phone both via boot menu and using third party applications.

Using settings menu

This way is used with the preserved operability of the gadget, the absence of significant failures. On the screen of the smartphone find the settings menu shortcut. In the opened window select the Advanced tab, go to Reset.

Check the box next to data clearing, confirm the action. Sometimes the system asks for the password from Mi account. After entering the code Xiaomi Redmi returns to the factory settings.

TWRP recovers or stock recovers

Zeroing the settings through the stock recovery is a long and complicated procedure. It is used when smartphone freezes, no reaction of screen on touch screen.

To reboot do the following

xiaomi, redmi, reset, factory, settings
  • Release the slots from SIM cards and drives. Pressing the power button turns off the phone, waiting for the screen to fade.
  • Hold the power and volume up keys until it says Xiaomi. Opens a menu in which you select the English language.
  • Select the section Wipe Data Factory. It is responsible for clearing the memory of the device. The menu contains several tabs marked with the word Vype. Do not click on icons chaotically. Selecting All data will delete all data from the built-in memory. SD Card erases the information from the individual drive. Cache is used to clear cache. Item is used when OS performance is low.
  • Select the desired option, confirm the action. The resetting process begins, taking no more than 15 minutes. Do not perform any actions at this time. Smartphone reboots, recovery screen opens. You just need to exit the menu and start setting up the device.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Hard Reset |Easy way|

It’s easier to format device via TWRP-requery. Third-party applications have enhanced functionality.

  • Disconnect the smartphone. Power and volume up keys are blocked. Black background with icons appears.
  • Select Wipe. Some recovers offer 2 options to reboot: clearing cache or all internal memory. After selecting the action press the Yes button. Wait until the formatting procedure is completed. If the device does not reboot automatically, press Reboot system.
xiaomi, redmi, reset, factory, settings

Reflash with MiFrash software

Reflashing phone takes more time than resetting it via recovery.

Updating will require software and hardware components such as:

  • MiFlash application, through which all the actions will be performed (the program can be downloaded from the official website);
  • Laptop, USB-cable (it is recommended to use factory wire);
  • Instructions for updating the firmware, with screenshots;
  • Active Bootloader;
  • file with new firmware (choose the appropriate version for the smartphone model on the official website).

To clean and install the new flash file you have to

  • Prepare the smartphone. Disconnect the device, go to the bootloader mode. Press Power and Volume Down keys.
  • Synchronize the smartphone with the computer using the cable. Launch MiFlash application. Press selection button, set path to the firmware file.
  • Choose a way of clearing. All data can be deleted or partially formatted. Do not choose Save user data in recovery mode. All user information will be saved, zeroing will not be performed.
  • Press Flash, wait for the update to complete. After that disconnect the smartphone from the computer.
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Mi PC Suite

  • Creating new backups, managing existing files;
  • displaying the phone screen on the computer;
  • viewing videos, documents, photos (which allows you to avoid loading auxiliary file managers);
  • Downloading new firmware versions (this feature is used to restore the factory settings).

If there is a second version of the software, the cleaning function has a separate icon on the screen. User has to confirm the action. When using the third option, the phone is put into reflash mode. the bottom line of the menu contains the option Delete data. After pressing it, the device is rebooted.

Google Find My Device

The method is used when the gadget is lost or stolen. It helps to protect the personal data from criminal attacks. Remote access allows you to reset the settings remotely, erase the information. To do this, go to the service Find device from Google. Enter your Mi-account username and password.

On the page you will see a map with the supposed location of the device. In the side menu, there are items Lock smartphone and Delete data. Click on the second section, resetting Xiaomi Redmi settings.

Mi Cloud

The method is used when the phone is not tied to a Google account.

MiCloud cloud storage, used to save important data, perform some system actions.

To reset the settings, open the program on your computer, log in. On the main screen, find the Find device, select the Clear Memory section. All information from device memory will be deleted.

Resetting Xiaomi via Hard Reset

Next, the method described should be used in situations where the cell phone is constantly hung up or does not turn on at all. To reset the settings through Hard Reset, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the recovery menu. To do this, turn on the phone the standard way, and then press (and hold) the power and volume buttons simultaneously.
  • Choose the options “Wipe Data” and “Wipe All Data” and then confirm your intention by pressing “Confirm”.
  • Wait for the end of the reset (confirmation is the appearance of the inscription “Data Wiped Successfully”) and press “Reboot” to reboot the device.

The recovery menu is controlled with the side buttons on the phone. The power key is used to confirm the action, and the volume keys are used to toggle between menu items.

Important: On some phones, the names of the recovery menu items may be different, but the principle is the same.

The variant is the most acceptable. In the menu of the Chinese routers there is no Russian language and it is not easy to understand where you should press. To return the technique to the basic state, you need:

With a sharp object (toothpick, pen) press the “Reset” button recessed in the case until the red indicator flashes (after about 10-15 seconds).

After manipulation, the device will reboot and all the settings, including passwords, will be deleted.

IMPORTANT! Depending on the model you may have to wait longer for the blinking light. Do not release the button until the process starts.

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After the procedure it is recommended to unplug the device from the outlet for a few minutes and then plug it back in.

How to reset the settings on Xiaomi?

To date, no one will be surprised by the new model Xiaomi. This manufacturer has been supplying its smartphones to markets around the world since 2014. Top models on its characteristics are not inferior to the flagship models of Samsung and Huawei. So the popularity of Xioami is quite justified.

With the increasing number of gadgets, the number of questions and nuances of their use is increasing, especially for the elderly. In this publication we answer one of the most popular questions: how to do a general reset of Xiaomi settings, t.е. Reset to factory settings?

If after prolonged use, your Android system is slow and hangs up Wrong graphic or numeric password, or you simply forgot it Preparing your phone for sale

Photos, accounts, downloaded apps, music, videos and other information will be completely deleted

For all Xiaomi range (Mi 4 / 4x /4a. Redmi note 3 / 4 / 5 and so on) there are several basic reset methods.

Preparing to reset Xiaomi to factory settings

Before you reset your Xiaomi smartphone, you need to back up your data, because the smartphone will not only roll back the firmware to the factory, but also reset all the information.

There are several ways to save your data and files. The easiest one is the built-in data backup via system settings.

Data backup path using Redmi Note 5 as an example. Screenshots by the author

For MIUI 11 you need to go to “Settings” “About phone” “Backup & Reset” “Xiaomi Cloud Backup” / “Google Backup”. Here you can set up auto backup or make a copy of files for later transfer.

In MIUI 12 the way: “Settings” “Device” “Backup”.

It may differ for some models, including Android One smartphones, but in general in all versions of the OS the path is similar.

You can also use Mi PC Suite. This is a proprietary utility from Xiaomi, a file manager for sorting different types of documents into thematic folders. This program is installed on your PC, and it’s easy to back up your data through it, too:

  • Log in to your Mi Account
  • Connect your Xiaomi/Redmi smartphone via USB cable
  • Turn on the “USB Debugging” (for this action to be available, first click 5 times on the MIUI version in the phone’s details)
  • Select in the program what you want to save
  • Make a backup

Mi PC Suite app used to be called Mi Phone Assistant. Screenshot of the author

Reset via TWRP

In the modified recovery, a factory reset on Redmi 4a and 4x is done as follows:

  • Execute steps and 2 from the previous method.
  • Press Wipe or Cleanup in the main menu.
  • At the bottom of the new screen, drag your finger over the Swipe to factory reset slider.
  • Wait for the procedure to complete.
  • Reboot Xiaomi with the Reboot and System buttons. They are on the TWRP main screen.