Mi Band 4 instead of the password to log into Windows 10: how to configure

That is, logging into the Windows operating system simply from the Mi Band 4, without having to enter the user account password every time.

how to enter Windows using Mi Band 4 (unlock Windows laptop)

So, in addition to the bracelet itself, you will also need a smartphone (to which it is already connected) and a Xiaomi laptop (to which it will be connected). Next in order:

  • First, we open the smartphone and update the Mi Fit app to version 4.0.15 (or any of the following versions);
  • After completing the update procedure, go to the Mi Fit app, tap Device Profile Mi Band 4 Fitness Bracelet Lab (at the bottom of the bracelet settings screen) and activate the Unlock MiBook option;
  • on the computer download and install from the official Windows Store application Mi Unlock Tool (the progah is free, but only works with Windows 10);
  • disconnect Mi Band 4 from your smartphone for a while (either in the Bluetooth settings, or you can simply turn off the Bluetooth-module of your smartphone);
  • start Mi Unlock Tool, in the main menu go to the Scan Band tab (the menu is simple and there are only two tabs: Scan Band for searching and connecting new bracelets, and in Bound band the already connected devices are displayed) simultaneously the application works with only one connected Mi Band bracelet:
  • the process of searching (scanning) the bracelet is not instant and can take 1-2 minutes;
  • when the bracelet is detected, press the Bind button in the Mi Unlock Tool app in the laptop, then the touch button on the bracelet and complete the procedure of pairing your (or not your) Mi Band 4 with the MiBook or Redmibook;
  • After that, the app will ask for login and password of Windows account, enter it and click OK.

That’s all there is to it. Now Mi Unlock Tool on the laptop on the fact of locking the system will automatically run a search for the wristband. And when you walk up to the PC with the Mi Band 4 on your hand, Windows will open itself. Of course, as long as the computer is turned on and the Bluetooth pairing with the bracelet is active.

WEARFAQ: How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Learning how to reset or reset the fitness tracker

There are problems with the Mi Band 4 fitness tracker? It’s a good time to reset your Xiaomi smart bracelet! Let’s tell you how to do it properly, next.

Although Xiaomi Mi Band 4. is a reliable fitness tracker, but it does not get rid of malfunctions completely and sometimes you may need to reset.

Fortunately, unlike some of its competitors, the Xiaomi Smart Bracelet allows you to do either a reset (software reset) or a return to factory settings (hardware reset).Here’s how to reset or restart the Mi Band from the tracker itself or through the Mi app.

How to reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4

If for some reason the Mi Band 4 doesn’t respond, doesn’t track steps, or suffers from another problem, you may have to reset it completely and start over. This can be done both from the tracker and from your phone.

Resetting Xiaomi Mi Band 4 from the tracker 1. From the Xiaomi Mi Band, swipe to the Advanced menu;

In the Advanced menu, scroll down and find Settings;

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In Settings, scroll down and find Factory settings;

Confirm that you want to perform a full reset by clicking on the tick icon;

The tracker will start to vibrate, and prompt you to pair again.

How To Unlock Phone By Using Mi Band 4 with Mi Fit Apps Smart Band Watch

Resetting Xiaomi Mi Band 4 from app 1. Go to the Mi Fit app;

Tap on the profile, then on the paired Xiaomi Mi Band 4;

Scroll down and tap Unlink, then confirm it again;

The tracker will start to vibrate, and will offer to reconnect it.

Software reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4

If the Mi Band has a software failure, you should first reboot the fitness tracker. If that did not help, it makes sense to restore the factory settings.

From the Xiaomi Mi Band, swipe to the menu;

In the Advanced menu, scroll down and find Settings;

In Settings, scroll down and find Restart;

How to turn on and configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet

Perhaps the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 proved to be the manufacturer’s most successful fitness bracelet. The fourth generation offers many useful features for both active lifestyle enthusiasts and users who need an auxiliary device to link up with a smartphone.

Today we will look at how to turn on and configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet, as well as answer users’ questions about the operation of the gadget.

xiaomi, band, unlock

How to reset the Mi Band 3 smart bracelet

The need to perform a reset of the Mi Band 3 fitness tracker to factory settings may be due to unstable operation of the device. Or the requirement of the program “Mi Fit”, offering to perform a Hard Reset after a period of inactivity.

If your bracelet was previously paired with the “Mi Fit” program on your smartphone, it is recommended to disconnect it from the program and then perform a reset.

  • Run the application ” Mi Fit “;
  • Tap the profile tab;
  • Find your Mi Band 3;
  • Scroll the screen several times from bottom to top
  • Tap the Unpair button;

After disconnecting the bracelet from the program perform a reset.

To do Hard Reset on the Mi Band 3 tracker, please refer to the following steps:

After performing a reset, the Chinese version of Mi Band may switch to Chinese, as a result of which you will see hieroglyphs on the screen. To return to Cyrillic, we recommend pairing the bracelet with the Mi Fit on your phone. As a result, the bracelet will receive the necessary data and will switch to the Russian-speaking interface.

Sometimes it is impossible to solve the problem, so you need to reset the Mi Band 4 to the factory settings. Here are the main reasons to do it:

  • the device stopped responding to commands;
  • impossible to connect to the smartphone;
  • Some functions do not work correctly (it is recommended to update the software first, as bugs are often fixed this way)
  • The presence of various errors in the work of the main station;
  • The firmware is installed incorrectly, making it impossible to use certain functions or turn on the Mi 4 gadget.

These are the most common reasons for rebooting and performing a rollback to “zero” data. With their help it is possible to get rid of the error that led to the failure of the gadget. But in cases of inability to solve problems with the Mi 4 in this way, it is recommended to contact the service center.

Setting the screen lock for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker

The screen lock in the Mi Band performs an important function. it turns off the touch screen display at a preset time. Thus it saves an important resource of the fitness tracker, its battery. But often a few seconds are not enough to fully use the bracelet. It often turns off, preventing us from selecting a particular menu item on the watch.

Let’s fix that and set a little more time before the automatic lock:

    Touch the Xiaomi touch screen again to find the menu item “Advanced”;

The maximum time before locking on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is 10 seconds. This should be enough to decide on the settings or sections.

Another important setting is the additional screen lock. This feature in the device acts as a lock and prevents the menu items from opening when we accidentally touch the display. Or if we accidentally touch the temperature to which it reacts, for example, warm water in the shower.

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To activate such a lock on the Xiaomi fitness bracelet, again go to ” Advanced “, ” Settings “. And before the item that we selected in the previous instruction, click on ” Screen lock “. Check the checkbox to activate it. To test the feature, wait for the screen to automatically turn off after 10 seconds. After that, touch it, as you did before. A small hint will appear on the screen that you need to swipe from top to bottom to unlock it.

Reset function is provided on the tracker itself. This is easy to do:

  • Activate the bracelet screen.
  • Find Extras.
  • Scroll down the menu and find the Settings item.
  • Here is where the reset function is located, click on it.
  • A system message will appear saying that you will need to reconnect your Mi Band 4 to Mi FIt after resetting. Confirm the action by clicking on the checkbox at the top of the screen.

Reset the settings on the bracelet screen will display Pair first, as when first used. It will now be possible to connect it to a new smartphone.

How to reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4 through the phone

To reset the fitness bracelet to the factory settings, you can reflash it through your smartphone using Gadget Bridge or Mi Band Master programs. But this procedure can only be performed by people who have already performed this operation. Or are not afraid to damage the bracelet forever as a result of the operation.

Reset iOS settings

For users with iOS phones you can use this way:

An error message will appear on the smartphone screen. Immediately after that the system will offer to perform a reset to factory settings. Confirm the action and wait for the operation to complete.

Reset the settings through the menu of Mi Band 4

To reset Mi Band 4 bracelet through the menu of the device, do the following:

  • In the menu of the bracelet find the function “Advanced”.
  • Move up through the display and go to “Settings”.
  • Select the item “Reset to factory settings”.
  • Press Ок.

Reboot the phone by yourself. Then connect the Mi Band 4 to the phone. If you select “Reset” in “Settings” and then confirm the action by tapping the check mark above the menu item, some analogue of a reset will happen. Once launched, all digits will be replaced with zeros. The same way you can unlock the tracker.

This way will not solve the problem in case of incompatible firmware or freezes. But it will help to quickly reset the information about physical activity, so it can be useful. But if the Mi Band is blocked or frozen, it will not be possible to work with the display.

If the user bought not an original bracelet but a fake one, then no reset methods will help to bind it to the smartphone and make it work. So you need to search for the device responsibly. It is advisable to buy it only from verified sellers, and when buying in a real store, it is better to immediately install the app on your smartphone, and immediately connect it.

If the user has installed incompatible firmware, you will have to manually reload the files with the extension fw and res, and after that bind the bracelet to your smartphone via the application.

All ways to reset the Mi Band 4 bracelet

Performing a full system reset on the first Mi Band models was considered impossible. And by the time the “three” got its own hard reset tool and new menu item, curious but questionable alternatives to the software solution flashed on the forums.

On the Mi Band 4, returning the system to its original settings is provided by the developer: through the fitness tracker itself or the control app. Freezing and short-circuiting contacts remain an avid do-it-yourselfer.

Reset from the Mi Fit app

A common and proven way is to unlink the fitness bracelet from your smartphone in the Mi Fit app. You need to do the following:

The smartphone will “forget” the fitness bracelet, and the latter’s settings will be reset to factory settings and the message “Pair first” will appear on the screen. To delete the collected historical activity readings, you will need to clear the app’s cache: Settings App Mi Fit clear cache.

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However, if the tracker is far away from your phone (not within Bluetooth range) when detached, it will continue to work partially autonomously: count steps, measure heart rate, display time, but no notifications from messengers. In the subsequent synchronization with a smartphone, all the counted data will be reset, but before that you will have to use Hard Reset in the menu of the bracelet.

Mi Band 4 menu

A hard reset is also provided on the fitness tracker itself directly from the screen, without using the control program. The instructions are simple:

  • activate the bracelet screen;
  • Swipe down to open the menu and find the “Advanced” section;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • Select “Reset Settings”, read the warning that after the reset you will need to re-pair with the smartphone, and confirm the action.

The set parameters and collected information are reset, and the Xiaomi device awaits a new connection to the app.

Reset from the tracker settings

In the settings of the same additional menu there is another option, which will cope with minor software failures and reset the statistics for the last day. Instead of resetting, select “Reset” and click the checkbox to confirm the operation.

Using a third-party app

The amateur diagnostician app was advised to use in the days of the Mi Band 2 and 3, when the zeroing option was not provided by the manufacturer. The application offers not only diagnostics of all systems of the fitness bracelet, but also change its MAC-address, after which the device will be perceived by the native Mi Fit as a new one.

  • Run the program and wait for the fitness bracelet to be detected.
  • Select Xiaomi Mi Band 4 from the processed list.
  • Click on the “Restore factory settings” option.
  • Confirm the action on the tracker.

In the official Play Market app store, “Diagnostician” is not to be found. To install it, you will need an APK file, help you. 4PDA forum or any trusted resource for downloading games and apps.

Connecting to iPhone

An interesting experience was shared by the owners of the past model of smartwatches and smartphones on iOS. To perform a hardware reset, you’ll need to install the Mi Fit app on your iPhone and try to tether the tracker. The smartphone will display a connection error message and the recommendation “Reset the wristband. It remains to confirm the operation, wait for its completion and reconfigure the Mi Band 4, if necessary.


Be warned: shock freezing the device is a very unconventional, risky step and is mentioned here more for a “fresh” tick and informative content. Owners of earlier Mi Band models confirmed that the method does work. The fitness tracker was placed in the freezer for several hours, more to the point of ice than light cooling. After defrosting, all data was erased and the gadget was functioning properly.


The following popular method on the web suggests doing a reset of the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet through a charge reduction to zero. It does not always work, and the process of discharging is not quick, so if you try this method, only after reliable and safe solutions from the first paragraphs of the article.

To speed up the process, use your gadget to the maximum: turn on notifications from all installed applications, increase the screen backlighting time, switch music. Leave the discharged tracker for a few hours or even a day or two, then put it on charge and check if the Mi Band 4 has been rolled back to factory settings.

Close the contacts

The last of the dubious ways, which will ensure if not a reset, then melted contacts of the smartwatch or its complete incapacitation. You need a piezo element from a disassembled lighter. Bring the wire to the right contact on the end of the bracelet. Subsequent shorting will delete all data from memory, and Mi Band 4 will reboot if successful.

It will be better not to risk and go to the service center. You should only take such drastic measures if you have a craving for experiments and extra devices.