Redmi phone turned off and won’t turn on. Xiaomi Repair

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Xiaomi turns on and off on charging. Solution


Attention! We are not responsible for all your manipulations with the phone, performed according to our instructions. A qualified technician should carry out repairs. Contact the repair service offered by us.


When the quality of the pixels is determined, and among them it was possible to find “burnt out”, you can start looking for applications that will correct the situation:

  • JScreenFix is ​​easy to use, you need to use the Fix Stuck Pixels button to get started. The developer promises 30 minutes to complete this operation, but the service center masters recommend leaving the devices. Not less than 10-12 hours for a more complete check;
  • Pixel Fixer: Another program similar to JScreenFix. To restore pixels, you also need to click on the green button;
  • Dead Pixel Treatment: The platform does more than test a mobile phone for dead pixels. And then “heals” them, but at the same time reveals other defects in the display.

When using applications, it is recommended that during the “treatment” the device does not disconnect it from the chargers. The smartphone is always on during pixel processing, so the charging may not be enough.

Microcracks of the screen are fraught with a break in the power circuit. If this happens, then you will have to change the screen. Fortunately, in China, they are several times cheaper.

How To Fix A Redmi Note 9 Stuck On A Black Screen Of Death

It happens, and the malfunction lies in the incorrect installation of the SIM card or flash drive. Try to take them out and check what will happen.

A map with problems can be repaired by restoring broken clusters using a PC.

If shaken, a poorly positioned plug from the display may fall out. What will entail the disconnection of the image transmission module, or partial disconnection.

Remove the cover of the device, and plug the ribbon cable into the socket. If it is inserted, take it out and insert it. In this case, do not forget to disconnect the power cable from the battery.

Xiaomi turns on and off. Xiaomi Repair



Why Xiaomi smartphone won’t turn on

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Today we will tell you what to do if your Xiaomi phone won’t turn on. This problem can arise for several reasons. You can deal with some of them yourself, to eliminate others it is better to contact the service center and get qualified help from specialists.

Equipment “Xiaomi” is considered one of the most reliable among Chinese manufacturers. But even with a brand new Xiaomi Redmi Note, problems may arise due to mechanical damage and the installation of uncertified software.

Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on: reasons

Xiaomi smartphone does not boot in such cases:

It is completely discharged and won’t charge due to a faulty cord, charger, or charging connector in the phone. Try using a different cord and charger to pinpoint the cause of the problem. If the charging process has started, leave the “Xiaomi” for 15-30 minutes and only then try to turn it on. If the device does not start charging, you need to contact the service center for qualified technicians to replace the charging connector.

Battery malfunction. The battery of a smartphone has its own service life, which is reduced after each full charge cycle. New models of Xiaomi smartphones are equipped with powerful batteries with an extended battery life, so they will not face such a problem for the first couple of years. However, it should be borne in mind that operating conditions can reduce the capacity of the battery. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and any contact with water and moisture.

The system freezes while the screen was inactive. You are trying to unlock your smartphone, but it does not respond to actions. In this case, you can try hard reset. This is a deeper (hard) reboot, in which the signal goes to the hardware of the smartphone. To initiate a hard reboot, hold down the power button for 20 seconds. When Mi Logo appears on the screen, release the button. If nothing happens, try holding the button for 25-30 seconds.

If the previous point did not work, you can try to enter fastboot mode. To do this, simultaneously hold down the power and volume down buttons. The corresponding splash screen will appear on the screen. If you then press and hold the power button, the normal boot of the operating system will be performed.

System crash due to the installation of non-certified applications or modified twrp recovery. In this case, you must completely reinstall the operating system. All user data will be lost. It is better not to take risks and not install questionable programs and applications, as well as regularly update the official firmware.

What to do if your Xiaomi smartphone won’t turn on

If your Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on and the problem is not related to complete discharge, as well as a malfunction of the charging or cord, contact the service center. Experienced technicians will quickly and accurately fix the problem without losing personal data (if possible). SC IPROFIX offers prompt and high-quality repair of Xiaomi in Kiev. The Xiaomi smartphone may not boot due to mechanical damage (the power button or charging connector does not work), contact with liquid, software failures. Our specialists will establish the cause of the malfunction after diagnostics and return the gadget to work.

3 ways to solve the problem

If Xiaomi does not turn on after the update, then you can alternately try 3 options for launching a mobile phone.

Error Xiaomi Mi 9T Black Screen

Method three: flashing

The most difficult option from the existing ones, but if you act step by step, everything should work out.

It happens that, due to errors or a weak charge, the phone cannot update correctly. In this case, rebooting does not help. You need to do the following:

  • Log in from your PC to the official Xiaomi website and find there the latest firmware suitable for your phone.
  • Fully charge your mobile.
  • Connect your computer and smartphone, select “File Transfer”. The menu item may have a slightly different name.
  • Transfer the installer file to the system folder.
  • Install the firmware.

All Xiaomi appliances have good software support. That is, from time to time the owner of the smartphone sees on the screen of his gadget that it’s time to update the software.

But it also happens like this: the smartphone started updating, turned off and no longer turns on. What needs to be done in such cases will be discussed in the article.

Method one: reboot

It happens that the described problem is solved by simply rebooting the smartphone. To force it, you need to press and hold the on / off button of the mobile phone for 7-10 seconds. If everything is done correctly, the gadget will respond with a short vibration signal and the reboot process will begin.

This method should be tried first. He often helps to cope with the problem. In this case, the algorithm of actions is very simple.

How To Fix A Redmi 9T That Won’t Turn On

Method two: reboot from Service Recovery

complex option. To enter the service menu, you need to simultaneously hold down the volume up button and turn off / on the smartphone. The service menu will appear on the screen, from which you need to reboot. turn off the gadget. After that, the mobile can be turned on immediately, if, of course, it works out.

So that there are no problems

In many cases, it is possible to “revive” the Xiaomi smartphone, which has stopped turning on. But it is better to try to prevent the problem from arising than to fix it later. And for this it is recommended:

  • Do not update your smartphone if you can see that the battery level is low.
  • Do not use “pirated” firmware. only original software from the official manufacturer.