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Xiaomi Mi 9 won’t turn on

The Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone is a good Chinese-made flagship, which is considered one of the most hassle-free devices. Let it be so, but it is also peculiar to him, although not at all often, does not turn on for some reason, hang slightly, which greatly upsets its owner. Do not panic, keep STIHL, quality repairs will be decided in the official Byte Service Center using the latest technology! Send to our workshop for repair with free delivery by New mail and the specialist will organize a quick repair of the Xiaomi smartphone.

How To Fix Xiaomi CC9 Won’t Turn On | Motherboard Repair Ideas & Repair Case (4K Video)

You can also try to solve the problem with the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone yourself. What do we have to do? Read on!

Let’s consider a few common cases that people turn to in BYTE SC:

  • Xiaomi Mi 9 charged all night, but the battery was left empty. Sometimes it happens. Tied your Mi 9 to the power cord and it still won’t turn on? Is the battery empty? There are several explanations for this: the charger has already worked out its time, the cord is damaged in some place, or the connector in the smartphone itself is loosened. It would be nice to make sure that these three problems are absent, and only then decide what to do next. Any of the above can lead to a complete depletion of the battery, and even so that the phone will not be able to turn on for a long time even after the cause is eliminated. We advise you to connect your mobile phone to a new adapter, replace the unit, cord, then hold it on the charge for about half an hour and then draw conclusions. Smartphone is exhausted by old accessories and it takes time to adapt.
  • On Xiaomi Mi 9, the red sensor is flashing. See the flashing light and the smartphone won’t turn on? Yes, already sadness, but this sadness can be solved, though not independently, but in the SC “Byte”! This problem may indicate an inoperative on / off button, or a card loop falling out after a fall, for example. The power controller may also be damaged. You are unlikely to be able to solve the above on your own, so you will have to carry Kiev and all of Ukraine for urgent repair of a smartphone.
  • System crash. In the event of a software failure, the phone also does not respond to the actions of its owner. Then you can pull out the battery, but the new models are endowed with a non-removable one, so you have to tinker. Try to hold down the “On” button for more than ten seconds. If the software is in order, then the device will vibrate, then the system will start.

Xiaomi Mi9 Not Charging

Our advice to you: in any incomprehensible situation, contact the repair of the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone inexpensively, so that your own inept actions do not harm it even more.

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Xiaomi Redmi 9 Charges Slowly. What to Do

We repair


Redmi Charges Slowly. Xiaomi Redmi Repair

Freeze device

This includes various kinds of glitches after flashing or a sudden shutdown. If you are sure that the device has enough power to start, but pressing the Power key does nothing, try starting the device in Recovery mode. To do this, simultaneously press the volume up key and Power, holding them for a while.

If an image appears on the screen, consider half the job done. You can try removing your fingers from the buttons. If the smartphone boots up, most likely it was a banal glitch. If not and the screensaver is constantly hanging, restart it (press Power and hold until reboot), then do the same, but as soon as the picture appears, remove your finger from the power button, but hold the volume up key. This will launch Recovery Mode.

Then. Power Off to turn off the device. Alternatively, you can select Reboot to reboot.

In any case, after that the smartphone should boot up. If this does not happen, while the recovery menu is loaded, you can try to reset the data. Yes, all information on the device, alas, will be deleted, but there is a chance to revive the smartphone. To do this, after selecting English, click Wipe Reset.

How To Fix A Redmi Note 9 That Won’t Turn On

Confirm the deletion of all data by selecting Yes.

Wait for the system to be restored to its original state and select Reboot.

You can try to recover, for which use the instructions from the w3bsit3-dns.com forum specifically for your Xiaomi smartphone.

Why Xiaomi does not turn on and what to do?

One day the Xiaomi smartphone may stop turning on. If you believe the users, this happens under various circumstances: after updating, after discharging, after charging, sometimes the device simply turns off for no apparent reason and does not turn on, hangs on the screen saver Also, the device often signals a problem with a white or red indicator. What is the reason, what to do in such cases? Let’s figure it out.

Power button does not work

Yes, it also happens: the smartphone has turned off, but you cannot turn it on, because the Power key does not work. But in fact, Android has something provided for such cases. Take the charger, connect your smartphone to it, hold down the volume up key, plug the charger into an outlet. If the screen turns on, fine, after that the recovery menu will be loaded. In it, select English, and then. Reboot.

The smartphone will be restarted in normal mode.

Complete discharge of the device

Sometimes the smartphone is completely discharged, which can be indicated by a red light. When you press the power key, of course, nothing happens, since the device simply does not have enough energy to start. There is only one way out. put the smartphone on charge and charge for a while, along the way trying to turn it on.

There is one point: if the charger or USB cable is damaged, the smartphone will not charge. Therefore, it is advisable to be exactly confident in their performance.

Another nuance: hold the power button for about 20-30 seconds, this also sometimes allows you to revive the device.

Mechanical problems, moisture ingress into the device

In such cases, we can recommend contacting the service center for help. Few can solve such problems on their own.