In Xiaomi gallery does not delete photos, how to delete?

Infrequently, but bugs occur in the system applications Xiaomi, for example the inability to delete photos from Gallery.

Mistake is rare, but I can imagine the confusion of the user who does not destroy photos from the gallery on Xiaomi (Redmi), provided that this is the main application for working with photos. This is a real irony from the developers of the Celestial country.

Today I’m not in the mood to describe a long introduction, immediately proceed to try to cure the gallery to erase the photo is possible.


On cell phones that run on the Android system, you can recover lost images using third-party apps. However, Xiaomi gadgets are an exception. Redmi, Mi and other models have the same shopping cart as personal computers. Not all users know where it is.

MIUI Gallery Recycle Bin

The function of saving copies of deleted images involves synchronizing data with the cloud in Mi Cloud. Thus, it is a recycle garbage can, which is located on the cloud drive. It should be noted that its size will depend on exactly how much free space has been allocated to the user’s account.

  • Go to the gallery of photos;
  • Click on the “Albums” tab;
  • Above, click on the three dots, from which the context menu with the desired mode comes out.

If there is not enough space in the cart, the developers offer their users to buy additional memory.

Google Photos Cart

If the smartphone owner uses the Google Photos app, all copies of deleted photos will be there. To find them, you need to click on the three bars on the left edge to open a hidden menu, and then select the desired item.

As in the first case, all photos are synchronized with the cloud. However, the advantage of this garbage can is that the pictures can be managed from a PC or other device. Another plus. more space.

Yandex Disk basket

In order not to lose your data from the device, you can install the Yandex Disk app on it. It has a function such as photo autoloading.

When the owner of the smartphone takes a picture, the file is automatically sent to Yandex Cloud. However, for this, the flagship must necessarily be connected to Wi-Fi.

Restore via computer

This method is suitable for an experienced PC user. There are several special programs to help restore photos from Mi Cloud.

Via Adb Driver

This software tool is characterized by an extended set of functions. The list of features includes restoring photos after deletion. ADB driver is included in the platform-tools package. You can download these utilities from the official website of Android developers. Install BusyBox on the smartphone, allow editing system files, click Install. The method does not give a 100% guarantee. After completing the procedure, it is recommended to connect the backup function.

There is no need to connect the phone to your computer. Enough to set the automatic pairing with Mi account in the settings, or use cloud storage, which will be placed copies of photos, videos, contacts, documents.

Hetman Partition Recovery program

This is a professional software tool to quickly and easily restore any images. The extended version has greater functionality, but its installation requires a cash payment. Restored images are in their original format. Scanning takes a long time, but you do it this way:

  • Download the program. Deactivate the antivirus program before running it.
  • Connect the smartphone to the computer. USB cable is used for this. Once launched, Hetman Partition Recovery displays a list of hard drives and connected external drives.
  • Press phone icon, start full analysis. The scanning procedure is started, during which the files to be restored are displayed. Once the process is completed, select the necessary images and click Restore.
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Asoftech Data Recovery Software

The application has a complicated interface. Run the download using the official site. The trial version is enough to steal recently deleted pictures from the cloud storage. Before working with the application you need to remove the memory card. Using a USB cable, connect your Xiaomi Redmi 4, 4X or Mi5 phone to your computer. After that go to the Drive section, click the name of the device.

After performing each step, use the Next button. After completing the scan restore images with the Recover button, confirm the action.

What could the problem be caused by?

Main reason of the problem is a lack of space on the phone. And it concerns not only the internal storage, but also the RAM The system cannot analyze the created photos, so the phone writes that there is an error in the gallery application. It especially concerns large video files shot with a quality camera. Sometimes such records can occupy several gigabytes of memory.

There are also a number of other causes, such as:

  • Memory card or internal storage failure. Here the problem can only be solved in a service center, or by replacing the SD-card yourself.
  • Malfunction in the operating system. The main factors are errors in various programs and services.
  • applications. It is not only about the software in question, but about all the programs available on the device.

As it became clear, it is possible to fix the error in several ways, detailed instructions for which are presented below.

In general, the causes of such malfunctions and mobile device can be divided into two categories. these are hardware problems and program problems. Software problems include any damage to the cache in the standard Gallery software, the action of viruses and other malicious programs, violations related to the memory card or internal memory. Hardware problems include technical damage to the card or internal memory.

In such a case the first action of the user is to make sure the photos are there. It is enough to connect your mobile gadget to the CP and run the file transfer mode.

In the case where the computer recognizes photos, it is likely that the user has encountered a problem of software type. If even the computer does not see the photos or, moreover, offers the user to simply format the drive, then it is a hardware problem.

How to restore photos on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphones try to make the owner happy even at moments when no one expects this, for example, you can restore deleted photos on Xiaomi, while on many other competitor phones it is impossible to do this.

If you use a computer, you know that they have a recycle garbage can, this is where all deleted files and folders are placed and then stored for a certain amount of time, so that you can recover data deleted by mistake if necessary.

The Android operating system, on which Xiaomi phones work, does not have a Recycle Bin, it does not have such an option.

Therefore, the engineers of Xiaomi had to create the possibility to restore the photos on their own with their own cloud service.

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Xiaomi gallery settings are set by default so that each photo you delete is sent to the Mi cloud, where it is stored for 30 days, after which it is automatically deleted. Thanks to this it is possible to restore them if necessary.

The same procedure can be set up for other documents, but we’ll talk about that another time, now I suggest reviewing the algorithm of actions with deleted photos.

How to return icons to your phone’s home screen

All methods to recover missing icons will be simple for anyone, even the most inexperienced smartphone user. Read the information on each method carefully so you don’t miss anything important.

Transferring an application to internal memory

Before we move on to the instructions note that this method is not suitable for all phones. So if your device does not support the transfer of programs to the SD-card, go to the following method. And for everyone else, a detailed guide has been compiled:

  • Let’s go to settings.
  • Go to Applications tab.
  • Open the page with the program which icon is lost.
  • Click on Storage and click on Change.

Return to the desktop and check the application icon.

searching for an icon in the general menu

On some phones there is a common menu with all installed applications. To enter it, usually use the button in the form of a circle with eight dots. Note that there is no such section on Xiaomi smartphones and many other devices, so do not waste your time and go to the next method. As usual you can read the instruction below:

  • Carefully analyze each of the pages for missing icons. For convenience, you can use the search bar, if available.
  • Once the icon is found hold it down and move it to the home screen.

Do not forget to make sure that the icon is fixed on the desktop.

how to fix Xiaomi gallery not showing all pictures

finding the icon in folders

Some users create thematic folders on the home screen of the phone, in which they place applications according to certain criteria. It is possible that the missing icon was accidentally put there. This instruction will help to check it:

  • Open the folder by clicking on it.
  • View the icons placed in it.
  • When you find the lost icon hold it and move it to the home screen.

Restart the phone

If the disappearance of the icon is caused by a system failure, in most cases the problem is solved after rebooting the device. Hold down the power button and then select Reset from the choices offered.

Wait for your smartphone to turn on and verify that the.

Recover deleted photos on iOS

If you have accidentally deleted photos from your iPhone or iPad, there is no need to worry, especially if you did it recently. There are several ways to fix the situation at once. The first is to use the option, which requires almost no effort.

Missing photos from the iPhone gallery? Check the “Recently Deleted” album

Photos you’ve deleted from an iOS device are stored for an additional 30 days. To check if something is there, just go to the “Photos” section and select the “Albums” tab. You’ll then need to go to the “Recently Deleted” album, click “Select” and check all the photos you want to recover.

Are there any other solutions? Is it worth using them?

There are other, not less effective, but more complicated solutions. If you have more than one device in your iCloud account, you can find deleted photos on your iPad or iPod, as well as macOS devices. You can try to get your photos back using Google Photos if you have ever used it.

You can also restore pictures with the help of backup copy. However, in this case, the content of your smartphone will be replaced by older files, so before proceeding, make a fresh backup copy just in case. This method should be used only if the deleted files were very important.

Shopping cart in Xiaomi gallery

I will talk about two methods, one of which is hidden in the standard app “Gallery”. But a little background: until recently, deleted Xiaomi photos could only be recovered from the Mi Cloud, of course, provided the photo had time to synchronize with it and it was done via the “Trash” section in the browser. Developers saw that this feature is popular, so they moved the functionality inside the “Gallery” app.

Launch the application, and then click on the “Three Dots” icon in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menu select “Settings”. Next, scroll to the end of the list, where you will see the “Shopping Cart” section. Once you enter it, you will see a list of all the deleted photos from the last 30 days, select the one you want to restore. It will open in full view, and at the bottom of the screen you will see a special icon, clicking on which the accidentally deleted photo on Xiaomi will instantly recover and move to its corresponding album.