Random clicks during the conversation: how to eliminate?

The first and main function of the smartphone remains the implementation of calls. Unfortunately, users sometimes face such a seemingly insignificant but extremely unpleasant problem: during the conversation, the screen of the smartphone does not go out, which certainly leads to random presses on the screen. These clicks, as a rule, do everything to spoil comfort when talking: switch the call to the speakerphone, turn off the microphone, as a result of which the interlocutor stops hearing you, gain random phone numbers on the keyboard or simply dropping a call.

Often this problem makes users contact the service centers, demand the replacement of devices, or completely leads to the purchase of a smartphone of another brand with a firm solution to never purchase the devices of the “problem” manufacturer again.

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In fact, as statistics shows, in the vast majority this problem has a software solution, and only a few seconds will have to be spent on elimination.

xiaomi, working, phone, hole

If you are faced with a similar inconvenience on your Xiaomi, then you need to fulfill only a few presses:

  • Open the built.in telephone application and the call tab in which the number is set for calling.
  • In the lower left corner of the keyboard, click the button in the form of 3 stripes that opens an additional menu.
  • Find in the list the item “incoming calls”.
  • In the line “approaching sensor”, translate the switch into an active state.

That’s all. No more annoying presses during conversation. As a rule, this function can be disabled after updating the smartphone software, and sometimes it is deactivated by default “out of the box”.

If the approaching sensor is already activated and this method does not help, then, most likely, there is a software failure in the device. It is uncritical, but you can eliminate it yourself. To do this, you will have to reset the smartphone to the factory installations. Please note that with this procedure, all information from your device will be deleted (photo, video, correspondence, contacts, applications. absolutely everything), so we recommend that you first create a backup copy of all the necessary data. You will also need to recall/find logins and passwords from your Mi and Google accounts. it will be impossible to start the device without them.

  • Open the smartphone settings.
  • Select “On the phone” and open the “Reservation and Reset” section.
  • Stick on the very bottom. there is the necessary item “Delete all the data (reset to factory settings)”.
  • Click the “Reset Settings” button, which is located at the bottom of the screen, and agree with all warning messages.
  • We wait for the device to reset and carry out its initial setting, which will need to enter information from your MI and Google accounts.

This method will almost certainly eliminate the problem of an inactive approximation sensor during conversation.

cheats in the use of Xiaomi Miui

If, when buying Xiaomi, he comes to you in another language and the problem should be solved by this second, this is elementary! We go to “Settings” “Additional Settings” “Language and Entering”. Now choose your own.

All users can receive non.whale calls/SMS from unnecessary subscribers. Miui involves the use of filters that allow you to add all these unwanted subscriber numbers to the black list. To activate the option, block the number during the call or do it manually in the settings.

Recording conversations returns to Xiaomi smartphones and redmi

Google has been working on the call recording function for some time in its telephone application. We first saw some evidence back in January, and then several shots of the screen and video with this function in action. It seems that the company is preparing to present it to the general public, since authoritative sources from India claim that they already have access to it (for the first time, developers from the XDA resource reported).

In a message at one of the Nokia forums, the owner of the Nokia 7 Plus shared screenshots of the recording buttons that appears during the conversation, as well as an integration in the section of recent calls to the application. Some people initially suspected that the change occurred due to the fact that a person used VPN in the United States, but other participants intervened to confirm that they gained access to conversations without using a virtual network. Because of the “change SIM card” button, built into phones with two SIM cards, the recording button moves to the second page during the conversation, therefore, perhaps this function is already implemented for some users who have not yet noticed. In a long.term perspective, it should become available on all Google Pixel phones, Android One phones and on Android devices in those countries where the recording of conversations is allowed.

At present, there is no way to force the device to display the button for recording conversations in the application, so you just need to wait until they themselves appear on your phone. The accessibility of the function can bring the use of the last beta version of the application, so be sure to check for updates in Google Play. In the upcoming exit of the updated “phone” application, it can appear even by more devices than mentioned above. This will give even more people the opportunity to record their calls.

The wider deployment of the function of recording telephone conversations is probably not so far away, since Google added a support page with a detailed description of how it works. It indicates that you need to have Android 9 or higher and use the Google Phone application “on the supported device and in the country or region” without indicating which ones are supported. It is safe to assume that among them there are Pixel and Android One phones, and in the same way India should become a region that received a function.

In addition to what we already know thanks to the screenshots above, the page explains that you can start recording a conversation only after the other side responds to the call, since the interlocutor must hear the pre.recorded message that informs him that the call is recorded (Google automatically plays it after an answer). You also cannot start recording when you are in standby and without sound, as well as during a conference.

How to make an incoming call for the entire screen Xiaomi Redmi 9?

Tap the silhouette of a person and select “take a photo” to take a picture at the moment, or “choose from a gallery” to establish an existing picture stored on the device.

How to configure an incoming call?

  • Open the application phone.
  • Click on the icon more settings.
  • Open the Sounds and Vibration section. To choose one of the available ringtones, click Rington. So that the phone vibrates with an incoming call, click the vibration signal when calling. So that the phone makes sounds when typing, select the sound when typing number.

How to put wallpaper on a call?

  • To do this, go to the menu of your device and enter the gallery.
  • Go to the album where the desired image is located and select it.
  • Slide the “Operation” button, which is located in the lower right corner, to select the “Install image as” item.
  • In the next window, select “Photography of the Contact”.

How to watch the call magazine on Android?

  • Open the application phone.
  • Click on the icon.
  • Next to each call in the list you will see one or more icons: missed calls (red) accepted calls (blue) outgoing challenges (green)

How to accept a call on Android?

To respond to the call, drag the white circle up when the screen is blocked, or press the answer. To reject the call, drag the white circle down when the screen is blocked, or click reject. If you reject the call, the caller can leave you a message.

How to answer Xiaomi call?

Although it will not be possible to answer the incoming call to Mi Band 3, nothing will prevent the user from dropping him if you can answer. To carry out this action, you only need to squeeze the touch button for two to three seconds, after which a special voice message will be sent to the calling subscriber.

What to do if the screen does not light up when calling?

  • Go to the settings menu. Melodies and volume (sounds and notifications) and select the notification tab.
  • Check the notification point on the lock screen and, if necessary, turn it on.
  • Next, go to the applications notice settings and find the phone application.

Why, with an incoming call, the name is not displayed?

1) the first possible reason why, with an incoming call, does not show the name of contact from the Android phone book, although the number is saved with the name. Look at the phone book in contacts if the same number is saved under different names. Or look if the same number with the name and without a name is saved.

Why is a black screen when calling?

If this happens when the answer is on the call or with the outgoing call, then most often the culprit of the approximation sensor. When the phone approaches the ear, the sensor detects your head, and the screen turns off so as not to discharge the battery and to prevent accidental separation of the conversation.

Disconnection of notifications about use

Since the green icons of the camera and microphone Miui 13 are only notifications, you can disable informing about actions in system settings.

How to disable notifications of use:

  • Open the settings. Go to the Protective Protecting section.
  • Slide confidentiality. Disconnect the slider notify the actions.

This method has a disadvantage. you will also turn off notifications about the use of geolocation. over, some users do not have such the possibility of shutdown at all (apparently depends on the region of the firmware Miui 13).

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To be guaranteed to get rid of the green icons of the camera and microphone MIUI13, use the option with ADB.

xiaomi, working, phone, hole

What to disable and optimize

Xiaomi owners can disable or optimize the work of some applications. The smaller the programs will be launched when the smartphone is turned on, the more economically the battery charge is consumed.

Background connections

Each Xiaomi user has the opportunity to choose applications that will work in the background. By default, most of the programs installed on the smartphone are turned off. Activating the application is very simple. you just need to configure the autostart and give permission to work in the background.

It is recommended to limit the activity of the selected program by selecting a standard level (soft restriction) from the proposed options). Each smartphone user can control applications that have access to the background Internet. Connection activity can also be limited.

After loading the OS, mail customers, cloud services, instant messengers usually appear. The less applications are activated, the faster the smartphone will start (after rebooting). It is desirable that only the most necessary programs work in the background. The activity of each application affects the battery charge.

Disconnecting animation

Settings are built into the Xiaomi smartphone, which make it possible to control animation (disconnect, change, adjust smoothness). To save energy, it is better to turn off this option. To disconnect the function, you need to go to “Settings”, then to the “For Developers” section. Then deactivate the “animation of the windows”, “animation of transitions”, “duration of animation”.

Optimization of system memory

In the smartphone settings there is a section “For developers”. It contains subsection “Optimization of system memory”. The default is “medium”. To reduce energy consumption, it is recommended to disable optimization and restart the system. Turning off this function will not entail changes in the device settings.

Turning off extra sensors

By default on the Xiaomi smartphone, several sensors operate additionally consuming the battery energy. Some of them can be disabled without harm to the device. For example, a sensor responding to the illumination of the screen. By default, the sensor is in the “Auto” mode “. If the sensor is deactivated, the brightness will not change depending on the illumination of the screen. Additionally, you can set the standard display contrast mode and turn off the accelerometer (auto.capage).

Optimization of permits for applications

To reduce energy consumption, it is advisable to optimize permits for applications. Initially, it is recommended to activate the auto.launch coincide with the mode of operation of the smartphone, only for the most important programs. Then you need to see what permissions selected applications use, and leave only the necessary from the whole list.

Energy saving mode

It is advisable for your Xiaomi device to activate the economical energy consumption regime. You can do this in several ways. For example, configure daily automatic shutdown of a smartphone at night. There is an option that allows you to turn off the device with 0.00 nights up to 8.00 in the morning. You can use the function “flight mode”, which deactivate the connection of the smartphone with the outside world at night. This option is recommended to include before bedtime for a more economical consumption of battery energy.

You can save batteries charge by turning off the most voracious application. The option “Energy consumption” option allows you to calculate the most energy.intensive program. Applications consuming a lot of charge can be turned off, removed or limited to activity (by setting the work timer).

It is advisable to include on your Xiaomi smartphone mode “Energy saving”. Thanks to the activation of this function, the device will control background processes and disable synchronization with low battery charge.

Removing or disconnecting unnecessary voracious applications

Third.party programs consuming a lot of energy are better to delete from a smartphone. The rest of the applications loaded to the device is recommended to set the work timer. You can activate the mode so that open applications themselves disconnect after 1.5,10.30 minutes. Having previously set the timer, you will not need to control the number of advanced programs and close them manually. Applications will automatically unload from memory after the set time.

Typically programmed the closure of the energy.intensive browser, YouTube, communication with the bank. Important applications (messengers, mail) for the period of use by a smartphone are best left on.

Xiaomi smartphones users are recommended to set the minimum time to block the screen. If the gadget is not used for some time, then you can disable unnecessary services that spend traffic or battery charge. For example, the Internet. It is better to turn it off immediately after blocking the screen. To do this, set the time to turn off the Internet (after 5, 10, 30 minutes or never). The smartphone in this case will turn into a regular phone that can accept only incoming calls. Messages to messengers will not be able to come. When unlocking the screen, the Internet will recover again.

xiaomi, working, phone, hole

We remove the constant search for Wi-Fi networks

Before starting work, you need to choose the type of network. Xiaomi provides the following options: 4G, 3G and 2G. The fastest type of communication is four. But 4G quickly consumes a battery charge. You can choose a more economical, but slow type of communication, that is, 2g. Use the deuce is constantly uncomfortable. Subscribers can set 4G, but on the occasion to switch to 2G, when it becomes necessary to extend the work of the smartphone.

Xiaomi users insist on the return of the proprietary ningelast Miui

The Google official application for phone calls is one of the advanced applications for recruiting a number when it comes to a list of intellectual functions. It offers built.in protection against spam, identifying the calling subscriber, calling calls, automatic emergency support and much more.

Nevertheless, these functions are not used by everyone, and many users in different countries of the world prefer third.party applications such as TrueCaller if they are going to use most of the above functions. But there are also functions that Google does not offer, at least they are not available to everyone who uses this application. We are talking about the function of recording conversations, the use of which in some regions is apparently a violation of the law.

Someone also does not perceive Google Phone due to the fact that the design of the “calpine” is not too pleasant in appearance. Of course, fans of minimalism are ready to applaud Google for its choice of design, but most believe that the company’s designers thought too little about the aesthetics of this application.

All this gave many reasons for to put it mildly, the cool attitude of users to Google Phone. And since more and more OEM manufacturers switch to the Google Phone and Messages applications, abandoning their “home” analogues, it will be logical to assume that the disappointment of users is growing.

OnePlus recently abandoned her telephone applications Oxygenos in favor of Google. which made many users demand their return. After that, the company eventually surrendered and, as reported, is now working on the return of its OXYGENOS applications.

Some time ago, Xiaomi also took a similar step, abandoning applications for recruiting a number and MIUI messages, and since then has continued to cause a lot of criticism. However, unlike OnePlus, the company explained that in the near future it would not return to MIUI applications. But Xiaomi tried to compensate users with the inconvenience, adding the function of recording calls to the Google Phone application on some of its devices.

However, according to a recent survey on Miui forums, it is quite clear that users still do not have this function.

As can be seen from the foregoing, almost every user wants to return the Miui Dialer application at all costs, and only 10 percent of users disagree with the rest.

Now Xiaomi has a rather pure reputation when it comes to receiving user reviews, and they have repeatedly demonstrated this in the past. Therefore, the execution of this user request will also not hurt her.

Elimination of the defect through the firmware

If none of the above actions helped, then manipulations with firmware and the use of ROOT-laws are required. Before starting manipulations, you should definitely make a backup copy of the data due to the probability of removal. To change the system, you need a special program, for example, “ES conductor”. The microphone tuning on Xiaomi is carried out using the example of the Redmi Note 2 model. Different causes of breakdown are possible.

  • Find the Audio_Device file.XML, located in the folder/system/etc/.
  • Open using the ES conductor utility and leaf to the lines that begin on KCTL NAME Listarticles
  • In this file, we find the Persist line.Audio.Fluence.voiceCall = true.
  • Change the word true to false.
  • We save everything, we carry out a reboot.

Xiaomi microphone setting through engineering menu

Using editing in the “Engineering menu”, you can adjust the level of sound sound. Root-right will be required.

  • Enter ### in the input field of input.
  • At the “Hardware Testing” item, go to “Audio”.
  • In “Normal Mode” to find “Type”. “Mic”, in it the section “LEVEL”.
  • Select “Level 10”, manually enter the value 200.
  • Perform a reboot.

This technique is applicable, in the case when the owner of the gadget wants to adjust the volume, setting a comfortable value.

Other important nuances in different phones “Xiaomi

Nizhny MK on Xiaomi in a simple conversation mode works as a device that suppresses noise coming from outside. In some cases, this function should be turned off, in others. use.

Do not try to increase the strengthening if there is a quiet sound. This will not help. Parasitic noises will increase, and the interlocutor will hear them, not the user’s voice.

We ask users to share their methods (if any) adjusting the sound and repair of Xiaomi phones. We will be glad to any response.

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