How to include flash flash at Xiaomi with an incoming call, message and other notifications

Flash notice function allows you to configure on Xiaomi flash flash with incoming calls, SMS property and new notifications. For example, if the phone is reduced on the phone or there is a lot of noise around, then you will see a flash of the incoming call. In our example, we will show how to set up on Xiaomi Redmi 4x, perhaps the information is suitable for other smartphones and tablets.

And so to turn on flash flash when a call on Xiaomi, you need to open the “phone” icon after which we get to where we usually dial a call number. Next, click on the touch menu button in the form of three horizontal strips. (On some Android devices, after opening the “phone” of the menu, you can also open with a touch button in the form of three strips, but already located under the screen, usually on the left side. This button needs to be pressed and a little hold the menu comes out.) Look below at attached pictures, where the necessary icons and buttons are highlighted.

Next, in the menu window on the Xiaomi menu, select the “incoming calls” item (additional settings for the behavior of the device with incoming challenges). And we get into the settings incoming calls where you can turn on or off various functions.

In the settings, incoming calls on Hiaomi, we find the “Flash notice” item (blinking the camera with an incoming call) and activate it if you have previously turned this function and you need to turn off the flash with an incoming call to Xiaomi, then turn it off. Ready, now that you will call you will see how the outbreak flashes on the phone, which will additionally provide information from an incoming call. Below see the pictures where the necessary points are highlighted.

I hope you were able to enable or disable the notification with a flash on your smartphone. Do not forget to leave the review and indicate the model of your device, to which this information has approached or not. If on your smartphone or tablet this function is activated differently, then please share the info below in the reviews, perhaps your review will be the most useful. Thanks for the responsiveness and useful tips!

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Flash when receiving an incoming call to Xiaomi

In order for your device to lightly light up when receiving an incoming call, perform a few simple actions:

After these manipulations, the phone will flash like a siren, as soon as an incoming call enters. It is logical that in weak light or at night you will not be able to skip an important call.

How to disable

Perhaps light notification is no longer required. To turn it off, just take the same steps:

  • Go to “Settings” and go to the “System Applications” section.
  • Find the program “Phone” (or “Calls”).
  • Select “incoming calls”.
  • Find the line “flash when calling” and translate the switch into an inactive position.

After that, the smartphone will no longer bother you with bright illumination.

Unfortunately, the capabilities of the standard option are quite limited: the “flashlight” is used only to notify the incoming calls, and it cannot be configured.

To take advantage of additional capabilities, download a program:

  • Go to the Play Market and indicate in the search bar the request “Flash for the call”.
  • A lot of the same applications will appear in front of you.
  • Check out the description and reviews and set the most suitable utility.

Such programs allow you to put a light signal not only on calls, but also on SMS, as well as notifications from various applications.

Flashing can be configured: select the duration, number of repetitions, reminders of missing notifications. You can even set a “quiet” mode (for example, from 10 p.m. to 8 in the morning), when the option does not work.

Try different settings, combine light signals with vibration or quiet sound notifications, use the light indicator on the front of the smartphone (if any). All this will help create optimal notification scenarios for events for different situations and requirements for sound/vibration/light.

Flash inclusion in the pictures

Photography is a rather complicated art, but the Xiaomi camera solves many problems. Of course, the quality of the photo depends on the model of the smartphone and its cost, only even an excellent camera is sometimes poorly photographed in a weakly lit room, not to mention the night darkness. There is a way out. turn on additional light on a smartphone.

How to Enable Flash Notifications on Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S

Let’s look at the advantages of shots taken with a flash:

  • Clear outlines and good visibility at night. It is very relevant for travelers who love to capture beautiful nature and architecture;
  • Lack of falling shadows and “noise” in the photo;
  • If we are talking about a selfie, then soft and smooth facial features, which adds greater attractiveness in appearance;
  • There is no need to use flashlights that are quickly discharged or require batteries for work.

It will not be required “settings”, as in the above situation, but the camera in real time. Open the application of the same name, move into the “photo” mode and in the upper left corner we find an icon with an image of energy.

Several modes are opening, from which you need to choose one that is most suitable for you:

How to turn on a flash on Xiaomi

A flash is a fairly old technology, thanks to which you can create high.quality personnel even with insufficient lighting. Using it on smartphones is really easy. Let’s find out how.

  • “Auto”. the smartphone itself will decide when to turn on the flash, which is not always convenient;
  • “Turned on”. the flash will be activated with each photo;
  • “Flashlight”. the outbreak will work in a flashlight mode, t.e. Even before you lower the shutter of the camera.

That’s all. Choose a convenient option for you:

How to use flash to notify about Incoming calls | Flash when Ringing In Redmi Designed by Xiaomi

Useful articles

Smartphone manufacturers often add extra applications to the software list. That is, such programs that most users do not need, and only take place and spend the battery charge. There are unnecessary applications in.

Most smartphones, including Xiaomi Mi and Redmi models, have a sensor responding to the level of light. It is located in the upper part of the phone, in the colloquial speaker, and is designed to adjust the brightness of the backlight. To avoid problems in.

Xiaomi smartphones are cheaper than most of the phones similar in characteristics. The reason for this is the availability of advertising built into the membrane of Miui. In this way, the manufacturer increases its profit. however, users have annoying.

How to turn off a flashlight when calling android

Outbreak during an incoming call is an interesting and useful function. But often she quickly bothers users, because of which people tend to turn it off as soon as possible. Of course, manufacturers of mobile devices do not limit people in choosing. Through the settings of the smartphone, both inclusion and deactivation of the option is allowed.

You just need to perform the algorithm presented earlier in the material for each manufacturers. That is, it is required to open the settings and find there a item with a flash flash. To disconnect the feature, it remains only to move the slider to the left, after which the flashlight will cease to light up when making a call.

A little more difficult the situation is with individual applications. Due to the wide spectra settings, finding the desired menu it is not so simple. But he still is in the same place where the activating icon is located. And if you turn off the “flasher” and it didn’t work out, just delete the utility.

How to enable a flash on the Xiaomi smartphone. a detailed guide to various modes of outbreak

A flash on a smartphone helps to create high.quality photos in conditions of insufficient light or complete darkness, to illuminate the road as a flashlight. This article will give detailed instructions on how to turn on the flash on Xiaomi devices, as well as use it as an additional notification when calling.

To turn on, shutdown or change the operating mode of the LEDs, you need to start the standard “Camera” application. In the upper left corner there is a icon in the form of a lightning, after pressing the following options will be displayed:

  • Off. the outbreak is completely disconnected.
  • Auto. smartphone independently determines the conditions in which the use of additional lighting is necessary.
  • VCL. LEDs work constantly, regardless of external conditions.

Automatic mode does not always work correctly. Therefore, if the light is not enough, and additional lighting does not work, it is necessary to set the option to the “VCL” or “von” position. The latter, due to continuous glow, significantly reduces the battery charge level. Activation of the von mode is also available when recording videos.

Flash notice when calling

It is sometimes difficult to hear a call of an incoming call, especially in a noisy atmosphere of entertainment institutions or when activating the “without sound” mode. The solution to the problem in such situations may be a notification of the flash signal. We will figure out more in detail how to activate this function:

  • First of all, it is necessary to open the settings of the mobile device and find the line “System applications”.
  • After clicking, a list will be displayed where the “Calls” section should be found.
  • In the opened parameters, you need to choose a line with the name “incoming calls”.

After activating this mode, all incoming phone calls will be accompanied by flashing LEDs on the rear panel of the device. Of course, in this case, the smartphone must be placed down, otherwise the light indication will be practically not visible.

Disadvantage: Automobile of brightness in Redmi Note 8 Pro works poorly

Who would argue, automatic brightness correction is useful, helps save both eyes and a charge of the smartphone battery. A light sensor is responsible for her work. If you see that when auto.building, the brightness decreases too much, then the sensor works incorrectly.

How to treat

Of course, you can simply turn off the auto.building and adjust it yourself. And you can install an application for adjusting the brightness of the display, for example, Velis Auto Brightness.

Answers to popular questions

Yes, but in the “flashlight” mode. It all depends on the number and types of objects in the frame. If your device is not shockproof, then the camera was damaged precisely as a result of the fall. Unfortunately, homework is unlikely to eliminate this problem. Contact the service center.

As you can see, the flash is the best assistant in many situations.

The standard methods of notifying the owner of the phone about the incoming call or message are loud and are not suitable for situations or places where it is necessary to maintain silence. At a meeting or in the library, for example. Therefore, Xiaomi developers added another method of notification to Miui. flashing LED flash. This article will tell you how to turn it on, disable and which devices support it.

Answers to popular questions

Yes, but in the “flashlight” mode. It all depends on the number and types of objects in the frame. If your device is not shockproof, then the camera was damaged precisely as a result of the fall. Unfortunately, homework is unlikely to eliminate this problem. Contact the service center.

As you can see, the flash is the best assistant in many situations.

The standard methods of notifying the owner of the phone about the incoming call or message are loud and are not suitable for situations or places where it is necessary to maintain silence. At a meeting or in the library, for example. Therefore, Xiaomi developers added another method of notification to Miui. flashing LED flash. This article will tell you how to turn it on, disable and which devices support it.

Flash malfunctions

Sometimes a flash may stop working due to a software failure. For example, you used a application that involves the outbreak, in the future, when the camera is turned on, conflict may occur. As a rule, the error is corrected by standard reloading of the device.

If the camera module breaks from physical or other exposure, then the LED backlight will also stop working. In such a situation, you will have to contact the service to replace the module.

We are sure that now you can use the Redmi Note 4 smartphone more efficiently, as we learned about the new use of the flash.

How to turn on the flash when calling Xiaomi

Miui shell, which is on the phones of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is very rich in customization. It seems that on the phone you can configure absolutely everything to your liking. In addition, there are many settings in the shell that you don’t think about. At the same time, they help a lot when working with the phone. These are such a take of settings that, it would seem, are not very necessary, but as soon as you notice them, I immediately want to turn on. For example, flash when calling or turning off the sound when turning the phone. How to do this on Xiaomi phones will be told in this article.

Some users often get in touch with their colleagues or friends, and in order not to miss the call, you can turn on the camera outbreak when calling. And some, on the contrary, need more solitude and incoming calls only distract them. It will be useful for such users to turn off the call when turning the phone. The call will continue, but annoying sound, vibration or various light signals will disappear at the same time.

To turn on the flash when calling or turn off the sound with turning, you need to enable some options in the phone settings. The main problem is that these settings are not at all where you expect them to see. We have to use the search. And how to use it when you do not know what to look? So, first we open the phone settings. To do this, we find the corresponding icon on the screen in the list of applications, or open the curtain and press the gear icon. Next, we open the application section.

We are interested in systemic applications, no matter how strange it sounds. We open this section.

Next, open the call section. On the one hand, it may seem that this is not a system application, but some settings. Ultimately, so it will be.

In the section that opens, you can configure various parameters of a mobile network and calls. All these calls for calls, SIM cards and mobile networks. In all these sections, you can configure various access points for the Internet and accounts, but we are not interested. We need a section of incoming calls. We open this section.

This is where the necessary settings are located.

If you want to use a flash for notifications about incoming calls, then turn on the flash point when calling at the very bottom. If you need to turn off the call by turning, then turn off the upper point and then, if the phone at this moment lies up, then it is enough to turn it over. Sound, vibration and other signals about the call will be disconnected at the same time.

Additional settings when calling Xiaomi

As a bonus, if you want the call volume to gradually increase, then this can also be turned on in the call settings. I remind you, settings. applications. system applications. calls. incoming calls. Turn on the point of volume growth.

There you can also turn on an option with which you can make the sound of a call quieter when you pick up the phone in your hands. It is called it to muffle the call when picking up.