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Instructions for connecting and configuring Xiaomi Yi home camera 1080p

First of all, what we need?

  • The Xiaomi Yi home camera itself is 1080p;
  • Additional device (tablet or smartphone) on the Android or iOS operating system;
  • Home network, for the camera and additional device;
  • Branded application;
  • A valid Xiaomi account (you can register in the app).

Xiaomi Yi home camera 1080p

In this case, we will analyze the Initial settings and settings based on a smartphone under the Android operating system and the Mi Home program, which was translated by the folk “craftsman”. For iOS, the application is made in English, but there are practically comments on the differences in the interface. There are two apps for setting up the camera: Mi Camera and Mi Home. The differences between them are minimal, independent concepts, which is not difficult to what.

It is worth remembering that since version 2.6.13, the Mi Home application uses external plugins that are loaded automatically when synchronizing Smart devices. After they are loaded, the Russian localization in the interface is almost completely replaced by Chinese characters. We still recommend using program version 2.6.11 (the latest version of the application, which works stably, has version 1.1.3, it is also localized into Russian).

To get started, connect the Xiaomi Yi home camera 1080p to the charger via the MicroUSB connector. You can use either a native charger or any other that supports a current output of 2 amperes.

After connecting the power cable, the camera will start the morgue with a yellow or orange indicator located under the eyepiece of the optics, after which you can launch the application. In advance, you need to enter your Xiaomi account in it, or register a new one if it is not already there. It should be borne in mind that a smartphone or tablet must work on the same network in which the camera will work in the future.

After opening the app, there will most likely be a blank space on the screen. It will accommodate configured and activated devices from the company at different levels. At the top in the corner there is a symbol “”, clicked on it, we go to the “new connection wizard”. In it you need to select your camera.

The program will ask about the operation of the device and the lit LEDs. We press “next”. Upon request, enter the password and login of the Wi-Fi network, in which the device and smartphone will be used.

A light on the camera in yellow will blink blue. Before that, the camera Xiaomi Yi dome home camera 1080p “speaks” in Chinese (for example, a spell for better device performance. Joke). After the end of synchronization, the camera will be recognized by the application, will contact the account in order to see it on the second devices with the proprietary application. Let’s go ahead, it’s worth saying that you can reset all settings by pressing the “reset” button for a few seconds, which is slightly hidden on the case. And also, in order to fully work with all camera settings, it is not necessary to be connected to a home network, since communication between devices occurs through the company’s servers.

Setting up Xiaomi yi home camera 1080p

At this step, the connection between the camera and the smartphone ends. Next, let’s figure out all the features of the operation and the software interface. The set of functions and appearance is almost the same for iOS and Android, there are only slight differences in the construction of the software.

After clicking on the camera, in the list of devices, go to the control menu. In the upper right corner there is a transition to the main settings of the device. In them, you can switch video recording to a memory card, turn on Hidden mode when the LED indicator stops burning. You can also change the camera name, description, for example, to understand where and in what room the Xiaomi Yi home camera 1080p is located. You can also view the serial number of the device.

Setting up Xiaomi yi home camera 1080p

The picture is zoomed with the usual movement of your fingers. Swipes on the screen move around the picture, you can see the whole room. With the help of the “photo” button you can record what is happening in the room. “Camera”. turns on and off video recording from the camera. If you hold down the microphone key, you can send a voice message to your device. You can also enable audio from the camera. If you have a memory card, you can view already captured videos. Using the timeline under the video, you can navigate the recording time. Depending on the quality of the network, you can select the picture quality 640×360 pixels or 1280×720, that is, HD.

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