The following features work on left and right earbuds

Answering the call/ending the call

When a call comes in, tap the touchpad to answer the call.

When making an outgoing call, tap the touch panel to end the call.

Chiming out the call

With an incoming call, tap and hold the touchpad for 1 second.

Playback control

To control playback, tap on the touchpad.

Note: the player must support running in the background.

Activate voice assistant

To activate the voice assistant, double tap the touchpad.

Note: your device needs to support voice assistant and standby activation functions.

Answering a second call and switching between calls

When a call comes in, tap the touchpad to answer the call. With an incoming call on the second line, tap the touch panel again to switch to a new incoming call.

Double tap the touchpad to switch between lines.

Switching smartphone microphones and headphones TWS Xiaomi Mi AirDots

To change microphone, tap the touchpad for 1 second.

Enable/disable speakerphone

During a call, double-tap on the touchpad to turn on speakerphone.

To disconnect the speakerphone, repeat the operation.

How to Factory Reset the Earphones

If the Mi Earbuds Basic 2 earbuds can’t connect properly, follow these steps to reset: Remove the earbuds from the charging case and make sure they are off. Press and hold the multi-function buttons on both earbuds for about 15 seconds until the light flashes red and white three times alternately, then release the buttons and place the earbuds back in their charging case. After successfully resetting the earmolds, clearing the connection between your device and the headphones, you must reconnect them to your device.

Connecting Xiaomi Mi Earphones 2 Basic to your phone

Connecting Headphones to a New Device1. Place the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic in the charging case, tap and hold the touch area of either earphone for Z seconds. The headphone indicator light flashes white and the headphones are waiting for connection.2. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth, then find and connect to Mi TW Earphones 2 Basic. If prompted for passcode, enter 0000.

Put the headphones in the charging case and close the lid. Ensure that your Mi phone has Bluetooth enabled. Bring the phone close to the charging case and open the cover. Follow the instructions on your phone to connect to the headphones. Note: The quick connect feature is only supported by some Mi phones right now. You need to upgrade your Mi phone to the latest stable version.

Connection interruption When your device is out of range of the headphones or its BIuetooth function is disabled, the headphones will automatically go into connection standby mode. If the headphones are not connected to any device for five minutes, they will go into sleep mode.

Automatic connection When the Mi Earphones 2 Basic are in the charging case, opening the charging case cover will automatically connect the headphones to the last Bluetooth device you used. If the headphones are not connected to a device for five minutes, they will go into sleep mode.

Note: If the headphones cannot automatically connect to a device, you must manually connect the headphones to the desired device through the Bluetooth settings on the device.

Due to the nature of the Bluetooth signal, in difficult conditions with 2.4 GHz electromagnetic signal interference, there may be occasional disconnects or no sound.

How to use the Xiaomi AirDots headphones

One of the reasons why the wireless headset from Xiaomi is so popular is the convenient control system. Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones are very easy to use. To start using them, proceed as follows:

  • Connect the headset case to the mains and wait until the battery is fully charged.
  • To get started, remove the device from the box, and hold your finger on the outer panel of both earbuds at the same time. A white light indicates that it is on.
  • To disconnect the device, proceed in a similar manner. hold your finger on the touch panel until the signal LED turns off.
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Xiaomi Wireless AirDots headphones can also be disabled by simply putting the device back into the case.

The next step is to sync the device with your phone. This does not require any additional applications. Act according to the following scheme:

Once the menu shows a checkmark next to the name of the device that it is active, the sound starts to flow to the headset automatically.

The right earpiece is turned on first, and after a few seconds, the left earpiece is automatically connected.


Today users can buy AirDots headphones of two kinds. from Xiaomi and a subsidiary of the company Redmi. The devices are completely identical in terms of specifications. There are only 2 differences: Xiaomi AirDots are available in white, and turned on by a sensor, and Redmi AirDots are black, and the “On” button they have a mechanical.

How to properly synchronize Xiaomi AirDots headphones

Place both headphones in the charging case, wait until they are fully charged. Erase the data about the previous connection with the AirDots from the smartphone settings. Go to the Bluetooth section for this.

Take the case, take out the earmolds.

Disconnect the headphones: on each of the earbuds, press the touchpad/button with your finger (recall that the sensors have the AirDots from “Xiaomi” and the mechanical buttons on the Redmi AirDots). You need to press the physical or touch controls for 5 seconds, or more precisely until the indicator light turns red. The headphones should now turn off.

Now you must do two resets.

  • The first reset deletes the information about the Bluetooth device that was stored in the headphones. Hold down the touch pads on the earplugs for 10 seconds. The red and white lights flash alternately and then go off. Don’t release the sensor/button, keep pressing to reset number two.
  • The second reset erases the pairing data between the Airdots. Without releasing your fingers from the sensors after the first reset, press them for another 10 seconds. Wait until the lights come back on. This time the red and white signals should blink 3 times alternately.

Altogether, press the headphone sensors for 20 seconds, and the LED signals will appear at the 10th and 20th seconds.

Turn on your “dots.”. This is done by pressing the buttons or sensors, which must be held for about five seconds. Or do it another way: put the headphones in the charging case, and then take both “dots” out of it. Wait about three seconds. “Airdots” will be automatically turned on and the pairing between them will be established. You will notice that the LED on the right “ear” will flash white, but there will be no light signal on the left. Blinking white means that the synchronization is complete, and now the R earpiece, that is, the right one, and with it the left one (since they are already paired) are ready to connect to the phone.

Activate Bluetooth on your phone to start searching for the headphone. After a few seconds, you will see the Mi AirDots BASIC_R device found. R is the designation for the right earplug, in a pair it is the main one.

How to Reset TWS Wireless Headphones?

Step 1

Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone, tablet, laptop or other device and remove the headphones from the list of paired devices (forget that device). Using iPhone as an example. On Android devices it looks something like this.

On computers, you can remove the headphones in the Bluetooth settings.

Remove the headphones on all devices that are nearby and to which they were connected. If both headphones appear in the list (for example, with “_L” or “_R” in the name). then remove both.

xiaomi, headphones, turn

universal solution

This solution is good for most of the earbuds. I am using Xiaomi Redmi AirDots and Earbuds Basic as examples.

  • Charge the headphones.
  • Take both headphones out of the case and hold them in place.
  • Press the buttons (mechanical or touch, it depends on the model) for about 5 seconds. Normally the red light will turn on and then go out. Release the buttons. This is us turning the headphones off. The “Power Off” beep. For some models you can skip this step.
  • Press the buttons on the headphones again at the same time and hold them for about 20-50 seconds. The time after which the reset will happen and how the indicators behave at that point depends on the specific model. It happens in different ways. But as a rule, first the white light blinks and then the blue/red (white/red) light alternately blinks several times. To be sure, keep the buttons pressed for about a minute.
  • Putting the headphones in the case for 10 seconds.
  • Take the headphones out of the case and wait for them to sync with each other (usually the indicator light starts flashing (white, blue/red, blue. it depends on the specific model) only on one earphone, the main one). This means the headphones are ready to be connected. If the lights on the headphones will not flash, then press the buttons for 5 seconds to turn them on.
  • Reconnect the headphones to your phone, or other device. Picture for example. You may have a different name for the headphones and a different phone.
  • If it did not work the first time, please try again several times.
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Do the reset by pressing the buttons in the case

On the same Xiaomi Earbuds (on an updated, or older version, I do not know). I have a case which resets only when we press the headphone buttons and the headphones are in the case. Without removing the headphones from the case! If the universal method does not work for you and the design allows you to press the buttons when the right and left earphones are in the case, then try this method.

  • Charge the headphones.
  • Without removing the headphones from the case, press the buttons and hold them for about 30 seconds. At this point, look at the indicators. On my Xiaomi Earbuds for about 5 seconds the indicators light up red, then flash white several times, then actively flash white/red, light up again in red, go out and light up red again. This takes 15-20 seconds.
  • Remove the headphones from the case and wait for the left and right headphones to sync with each other.
  • Connect to the device via Bluetooth.

button on the case

On some TWS headphones, the reset must be done with the button on the case. On the same Airpods, or Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro. I understand this method is more common on more expensive models.

  • Charge the headphones at least 10-20%.
  • Put both earphones in the case.
  • Press the button on the case for 20-40 seconds. Pay attention to the indicator. On Airpods, for example, you reset after the light flashes orange several times. But keep in mind that this is different for each earphone.

If buttons are touch sensitive

If you have touch buttons on your headphones, resetting is done in about the same way as with the regular buttons. For example, take Xiaomi QCY T3, Xiaomi Haylou GT1. The instructions will work for different earbuds with touch buttons.

  • Recharge the headphones.
  • Remove them from the case.
  • Press the touch button on the headphones (sometimes you only need to press on one) for 5 seconds to turn them off. Usually light up red and go out.
  • Press and hold the touch buttons for 20-40 seconds. Usually the red/white light blinks, but not on all models. Or so (using a good copy of Airpods):
  • Put the headphones in the case and close it. Take the headphones out and wait 5 seconds for them to sync up. If they do not turn on automatically, then press the sensors for 5 seconds.
  • All ready, you can connect!

Sometimes on headphones with touch buttons to reset the settings you must repeatedly press the sensor. Like 4 taps on the touchpad. On the Motorola Vervebuds 100 for example you need to touch the touchpad for a second and then hold it for 5 seconds.

In the example of TWS I7s

I have some very cheap Chinese headphones I7s. I decided to show more on their example. If I understand correctly, they don’t need to be reset at all. Just turn on the headphones holding the buttons for 5 seconds and they automatically connect to each other. After that, on one of the headphones LED is actively blinking red/blue. This means that they can be plugged in. Found the information that the main headphone is assigned by pressing the button twice. But perhaps on older or newer models, or i9s, i10, i11, i12, i30 it all works differently.

  • Take out our I7s or similar model from the case.
  • Turn them off by keeping the buttons pressed for 3-5 seconds (red light turns on and goes out).
  • Press the buttons simultaneously and hold them for 30 seconds.
  • Turn on the headphones by holding down the buttons for a few seconds.
  • After synchronization connect them to the phone.

Important point: not always succeed at the first time. Make sure you repeat it a few times. If the above methods do not work, you have the headphones behave differently, then describe the problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, why the reset does not work, and specify the model of headphones. I will try to suggest a solution.

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How to synchronize Xiaomi AirDots headphones with each other?

Using the headphones Xiaomi AirDots need to understand that your device (eg smartphone) is connected directly to the right earpiece. And the other headphone is already paired with it. In other words, the right earphone is the main one. The most common difficulty in using Redmi AirDots headphones, however, is their unsynchronization t.е. one earpiece works and the other does not. This is because there is no connection between them. How to synchronize AirDots read our article.

However, it will by no means prevent you from using one earphone (for example, as a headset). To do this, just long press on the touchpad of one of the headphones. The available device will display an inscription indicating which headphone is paired (e.g. Mi AirDots BASIC_R).

What to do if the earphones work separately

If the AirDots still do not sync and connect to the phone as standalone devices, it is necessary to do a rollback to the factory settings. This procedure is as simple as possible.

  • Remove the earphones from the container.
  • Press the button (touch or mechanical).
  • Holding it for 30-50 seconds. Indicators will glow red and a double beep will sound.
  • Put them back in the case and after a few seconds take them out. If the white light is blinking on only one of them then the reset has worked and the sync was successful.
  • Connecting AirDots to your smartphone. Your phone will identify the gadget as one device and the melody will come from two channels.

How to detect malfunction of the headphones

First you need to understand the nature of the failure to understand what to do next. The problem may be different, so you need to find out what the problem is first.

Basic aspects of diagnosis:

MI TRUE WIRELESS 2 BASIC Earbuds by Xiaomi (45 TWS with Surprising Quality!)

  • Make sure that the headphones are not connected to another gadget. When removed from the case, a white light blinks slowly on the right element, which goes out after the connection. If it blinks a couple of times and goes out, it means that pairing has occurred with one of the devices that were used previously. To solve the problem you need to turn off Bluetooth on the second gadget or in its settings turn off the headphones.
  • Check to see if the device is charging properly. The problem here could be with the case. one of the spring contacts sometimes fails, you need to inspect them and make sure that the elements are at the same level. Sometimes a particle gets on the contact of the headphone and it just doesn’t connect. Rarely, but there are problems with the case itself or the battery inside, this is most often seen in products that have been in use for quite a long time.
  • If only one item stops working, the most common causes are described in the section above. But there can be other possibilities, for example, damage of internal parts as a result of a strong shock or a fall. It is not uncommon for water to get inside, which also causes the product to malfunction. So you need to make sure that the condition of the headphone is normal, and if there are obvious signs of damage, to fix the problem with your own hands is unlikely to work.
  • Be sure to check the smartphone, tablet or other gadget to which the headphones are connected. It also happens that it is all the fault of a software failure when the pairing is spontaneously disabled, or there are other problems that prevent normal operation. Often it helps to reconnect or turn off the Bluetooth for a while.

By the way! If the case is okay, but the earpiece is still not charging, when you put it in place, it is worth pressing the button on it at the same time. After a second it can be released, after which charging is normal. This feature is quite common.