Cleaning your smartphone on the system MIUI 12

Open the settings, go to About section of the phone and find Reset Settings. Press and in the window that opens click on the button at the bottom Erase all data. After that the phone will return to the factory settings, so do not forget to save on an external media all the necessary files.

Via Recovery

The method is quite simple and effective. However, its disadvantage is the necessity to get permission from the manufacturer to unlock the bootloader, which can take up to 14 days. Accordingly, during this period it will be impossible to use the mobile device.

The second drawback is that it is highly probable that you will delete all user data because the product will roll back to the factory settings. It is therefore recommended to use the “recovery” method only as a last resort.

When using Recovery to reset the password on Xiaomi it is necessary to perform the following activities:

  • Remove the memory card from the device, which will save the information available on it;
  • Disconnect the phone and then press the volume key up and the power button at the same time. This will start the bootloader mode and open the Recovery menu;
  • In the menu select WipeReset and then Wipe all data, which will reset all settings, including zeroing the password.

Once the procedure is completed, the user gets a completely “clean” smartphone, where the screen lock is removed in the standard way.

Use the Battery to Unlock Xiaomi

You can unlock the screen of your gadget in cases where you forgot the pin code, through the power management system.

  • Wait until the phone charge is down to 10-15%.
  • When the low battery message appears, click on the link that takes you to the battery menu (power management settings).
  • From there go to the security section of the device.
  • Deactivate the password.

Saying the phrase reset to factory settings Xiaomi, the owner of the smartphone assumes its rollback to the original parameters. In other words, the phone reverts to the view that was relevant immediately after purchase. During a reset, all applications installed by the user, individual settings, cache, photos, videos, and other data are deleted. We are talking about all the files that are in the built-in memory of the device.

Factory reset Xiaomi is recommended to do in different cases. Let’s look at the main reasons:

  • Failures in the work of the software.
  • Applications freezes.
  • Wish to sell the phone.
  • Problems with mobile device after update.
  • Handing the phone to a friend for use, etc. д.

If you reset the phone to factory settings in time, you return it to working condition or clear the smartphone of personal information before transferring it to other hands.

Unlinking the gadget and deleting the account

If the user still has access to the Mi account, then unlinking the mobile device Redmi Note 3, 4 and any other is a matter of minutes. But if there is no access to the account, then the process of unlinking the phone to the account becomes quite complicated.

Unlinking if you have access

When you have access to the Mi account, unlinking the Xiaomi mobile device is done in a couple of steps, but if you also need to reset the account password, it will take a little more time.

To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Go to the block of installed accounts and select “Mi-account”.
  • Press the delete account button, and you’ll need to enter your password.
  • Next, you will see a message that the device has been unlinked from the ID on and the account has been deactivated.

This method allows not only to unlink the gadget from the account, but also to delete it. If you only need to log out of your account, the penultimate step is not to select the delete Mi account button from your Xiaomi phone, but to log out of your account.

The easiest and most effective way to log out of your account

The same algorithm of actions allows you to unlink from Mi account on Xiaomi Redmi 4x, 4A, Mi6, and on most other models of gadgets manufacturer, and even older Xiaomi smartphones can be unlinked from the account in this way.

xiaomi, factory, reset, password

When you can’t access it

If you have lost access to your Mi account, things are much more complicated: to bypass the account, you have to reset the device to factory settings. To do this:

  • The device is completely turned off.
  • Then simultaneously press the power and volume up button.
  • After loading the recovery you need to select “Wipe Data Factory Reset”.
  • We press “Wipe”.
  • After completing the process, you need to click on “Reboot Now”.

After loading the operating system, you need to check the account settings. in some cases it helps to unlink the device from the installed account.

FORGOT PASSWORD. How to Unlock and Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus

These instructions will work for most models from Xiaomi, including:

First, turn on the router. Then turn the device upside down with the Reset button on the back. It should be clamped with something thin and sharp, such as a toothpick, needle, earring, etc.

Press the button and wait about 20 seconds. Monitor the LED at this time. When the LED blinks and turns red, you can release the button, the router will restart itself.

Sometimes it happens that the router refuses to reset and the LED just lights red continuously. In this case it is necessary to unplug the device and plug it in again after a couple of minutes the settings will be reset.

How to reset Xiaomi smartphones

Next, you may need to enter your account password or picture key.

For MIUI 12

Go to Settings About phone. Select Reset Settings. Tap Erase all data.

Hard Reset your Xiaomi Mi 10 phone

Turn off your Xiaomi Mi 10 phone to reset.

Press and hold the volume up button and power button of Xiaomi Mi 10 at the same time.

xiaomi, factory, reset, password

Release the buttons when the Mi logo appears on the phone screen. Wait for the main menu to appear on your smartphone screen.

Switching between menu items is done with the volume up/down buttons of the phone. Select the menu item by pressing the phone power button.

Select “Wipe Data” from the main menu. “Wipe All Data”- “Confirm”. Wait until all the data is restored. Then select “Back To Main Menu” “Reboot” “Reboot to System”. Wait until your smartphone has finished loading (about one minute).

Ways to unlock your account

We proceed from simple to complex. Assume that this is your phone and you have forgotten your password. You need it. In this case there is an easy way to regain lost control of your smartphone. Use Chinese password reset service. For this one:

  • go to the link, indicate your mail or phone number in the offered field;
  • Click on “Next” and you will see a new window, where you agree to enter a captcha, thus confirming that you are a real person;
  • in the mail or on the phone you will receive a reply SMS or message with the code, wait for it;
  • when we receive it, we enter it and, finally, in the next window we reset the old password;
  • and then write the new.

Yay, problem solved. Don’t get too excited though. We have a poor guy in stock who bought someone else’s phone and doesn’t know any of the things to enter when resetting the old password. In this case there is another way. It is much longer and more painful, but not more complicated.

You will have to write a letter to Support at English to help you. You need to describe in detail why your phone is locked and make a request to unlock it. Don’t expect to get it right away. You’ll have to correspond for days, maybe even weeks. Support will definitely ask you to specify how the phone was purchased. Its IMEI, receipt from purchase, photo of original box and other proof that the phone is yours, will have to be provided. If something is missing or the Chinese side doubts what you say, the deal won’t go through. And you will not be able to unlock your account.

What to do, you ask? There is an answer, they write on the Internet, you just need to remember the password!

I will not shamanize here, I will try to show you a rather thorny path to the real recovery of the phone, and its complete detachment from the forgotten account.

Before we begin, it should be noted that you can reset a locked smartphone to factory settings, by entering the Mi-recovery, but it will not bring joy. Even in this state, the first time you set it up, you have to stop at logging into the old Mi account.

Do not wait for a detailed analysis of the flight, all reviews, dedicated to this problem, end the same way: go to a specialist, he will help. But still here is a solution, collected from different sources.

  • You’re looking at a totally locked phone. Doesn’t even turn off. But you have to turn it off, so keep the power key pressed until the company logo appears, press the volume
  • Go to the recovery, from there do a full reset (Wipe all date).
  • All further steps we do by the specified method. The point of them is to get into the second space of the phone.
  • You have a working phone, where in the second space you enter a new account. But do not hurry to rejoice, will survive in such a state smartphone at most an hour and a half (tested in practice).
  • During this time you need to flash the phone on MIUI 7, in this system there is no tight binding to the account, and you can install a new account. Example actions are described here.

This is a relatively “easy” way, but it is not a 100% guarantee that you will succeed. The remaining described methods involve entering the phone in a special mode by shorting some points on the motherboard, that for the average person is not quite suitable.

xiaomi, factory, reset, password

In what cases do we need to reset

Resetting is usually done in the following cases:

  • Before selling the phone. When you reset all the data that was on your phone, except the operating system, will be deleted. That’s why I highly recommend doing a complete cleaning of your phone before selling it. That way you can be sure no one will get hold of your data, or any other information left on your phone. And, usually after cleaning, the phone works more stable and faster, so it will make a better impression on the buyer and he will be more willing to buy it from you.
  • If your phone starts to work unstably. When you install some apps that are either accidentally poorly written or intentionally, the phone can behave very strangely. The battery might start to run out quickly. The phone may be warm even when you are not using it due to the processor constantly running at full power due to background operations on demand apps. The operating system may freeze, it may be jerky, it may not run smoothly. For all of these signs I recommend doing a full reset, but only if you can’t figure out the culprit and the cause of these problems.

In all other cases I don’t recommend doing a full reset.к. After that, you’ll have to spend some time to reinstall all the apps you need, restore your address book, contacts, SMS and other data. Also want to remind you again that resetting will erase absolutely all data, including photos and videos. If you are not sure that all the photos you need have a copy outside the phone, in the cloud or on a computer, then returning to the factory state can lead to disastrous consequences.