We delete system applications on Xiaomi

For various reasons, users of smartphones from a Chinese manufacturer often ask about how to remove system applications on Xiaomi. In some cases, this cannot be done. The reason may lie in ordinary illiteracy, updated firmware, failures taking place with the device.

Before proceeding to the removal process, you should find out which programs are allowed to delete from the smartphone. These include the following:

  • Programs and utilities that were independently downloaded from the Play Market or Browser;
  • Some services from Google: films, videos, music, YouTube, etc.

Removing all these applications is carried out through the phone settings or Google Play itself (we open the program there and select the deletion). To remove other utilities, special moves or software solutions are required. Sometimes you need a ROOT-right.

What standard programs can be deleted

Often, owners of Chinese smartphones are wondering about removing standard software, which manufacturers embed. What system applications can be deleted:

  • BugReport and Whetstone. Software is necessary in order to send error reports. Affects the speed of the smartphone;
  • CloudPrint, FingerPrintService, Printspoler. Programs necessary for printing files from the device. Do not affect the speed of the gadget;
  • Email. This native utility is best deleted if the user uses another mail application;
  • Fasdormancy. This function is not used by users, it is relevant for trips abroad. Affects the speed of the gadget;
  • Mi Link Service. Designed to exchange files between phones operating on the Miui platform;
  • Quiksearchbox. The utility is designed to search for information on Xiaomi phones. It is currently imperfect, so it can be removed;
  • STEPSPROVIDER. This native option. Supplement to Shagomer. It greatly reduces the performance of the smartphone;
  • STK. Prevented software is a list of additional functions from a mobile operator. You can safely wash;
  • Updater. Controls the update of MIUI, bothers with its reminders;
  • Browser. You can remove the native browser to those who do not use it;
  • CellbroadCastreceiver. Extraordinary incidents in Asia, therefore, the application is irrelevant;
  • GoogleFeedback. Software contains reviews about everything, greatly inhibits the operation of the device;
  • Shell. The function is designed to send reports on general work and its errors;
  • Yellowpage. Shows information about the state of personal accounts;
  • Weather. Built.in weather utility, which has complex settings, so it can be removed.
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What system applications can be deleted on Xiaomi

A large number of built.in applications are useless for the user. Remember the list of services in Windows, which can be turned off with a calm soul. they are calculated in dozens! In the same way, you can turn off the system applications in Xiaomi smartphones, but you need to do this carefully: many are extremely necessary for the stable operation of the system. Important services cannot be disconnected, otherwise the work of the smartphone will be violated. Here are what services can be disabled in a smartphone without consequences, having a root-right.

Pay attention to how there are many system services in Xiaomi

  • BugReport and Whetstone. We need to send error reports, affect the speed of the phone.
  • Email. You can calmly delete it if you use a third.party application for email.
  • Fasdormancy. The function necessary when traveling to another country, but operators are not used, but it affects the speed of work.
  • STEPSPROVIDER. Used in addition to the Shagomer. Reduces phone performance, so you can turn off.
  • CellbroadCastreceiver is a warning about an emergency in Asia, so it does not work. Affects performance.
  • GoogleFeedback. a program from Google Chrome, which collects reviews about everything, so you can safely disconnect.

Disconnecting system applications Xiaomi

You can stop the work of built.in background applications in several ways: through settings, through Google Play or using a special utility. We will analyze each method separately and start with the simplest. using Xiaomi settings.

Disconnect the applications in the simplest way

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select “All applications”.
  • Select the name of the system service that needs to be disabled.
  • Click “Close” at the bottom of the screen and confirm the choice of “OK”.

Now the program will not use RAM, and to return everything back, it’s enough to turn on the services again and restart the smartphone. You can also exclude the launch after rebooting by turning off the slider near the “Auto Laugh” line.

How to disable getapps

Notifications on the update or installation of certain programs are regularly received from the Xiaomi store. Naturally, it distracts. You can disable such messages as follows:

  • Open “Settings”, go to the “Notifications” section.
  • In the “lock screen” section, find GetApps and transfer the toggle switch to an inactive position.
  • Go to the category of “pop.up” and “marks”, and move the slider there similarly.

The method of disconnecting the notifications is checked on the device with Miui 12. In other versions, the names and location of the menu items are slightly different.

There is a more radical way to disable the Chinese store. At the same time, if you go through the “applications” to GetApps, the “Disable” button is inactive there. The situation is solved by installing the Redmi System Manager utility (No Root). How to work in it:

  • Run, slip through the Start button, after which system applications will be displayed on the screen.
  • Find getApps, open.
  • Tap “Stop”.
  • Go to the “Storage” section, where to select “Delete Cache” and “Disable”.
  • Reload the smartphone.

The cancellation of the settings is performed through the same Redmi System Manager utility.

How to remove the utility

Since the store is “sewn” into the system shell, not to get rid of it with regular means. But there are still methods of removal, and both without the “hacking” of the device, and with the help of the rights of the super-user (ROOT access).

Without Root-right

To remove the program preinstalled in the firmware, you need to download the Xiaomi Adb/Fastboot Tools and Adb drivers utility for a specific gadget model. Next, a smartphone is prepared, namely, debugging by USB is activated:

  • Go to the “On the phone” through “Settings”.
  • 7. 10 times slip along the line “version of Miui”, as a result of which the user will be given the rights of the developer.
  • Return to the settings, from there go to “advanced settings”. “for developers”.
  • Find the item “Debugging by USB” and transfer the toggle switch to an active position.

Next, load Adb-Ulitte, Drivers, as well as Oracle Java JDK. Further instruction:

  • Launch the Adb/Fastboot Tools program.
  • Put the mobile to Fastboot mode by holding the volume and power reduction key.
  • Connect the device to the computer with a regular cable.
  • Open the Adb tab, go to Uninstaller, where installed applications will be displayed.
  • Put a checkmark opposite GetApps (another name. Mi App Store).
  • Click Uninstall.
  • Reload the phone.

Using ADB utility, any programs are deleted, even systemic. But you need to use this tool carefully so as not to harm the work of the smartphone.

With ROOT laws

If the gadget is hacked, then system applications can be deinstalled without using a computer. In general, each model has its own instruction, but in general the algorithm is as follows:

  • Download any file manager to the phone, for example, Uninstall Expert. There is a lot of advertising in the utility, but the main thing is that it performs the main function.
  • Launch the utility, go to the System App section.
  • Find GetApps, put a mark opposite.
  • Select Uninstall.
  • Confirm Root-right.

Such actions will be able to get rid of any application on the membranes of MIUI 8 or more new.

How to delete system applications from MIUI 12 on Xiaomi (Redmi)

A very popular request on the Internet on how to delete systemic preinstalled applications in Miui 12 on Xiaomi (Redmi), which cannot be removed by the usual method.

And, indeed, depending on the region selected in the settings, Xiaomi can have up to a dozen applications that you will never use, but they continue to occupy memory, but even worse, they take the attention of the processor, which leads to slow work phone and accelerated discharge of the battery.

On the site I have already published a detailed article on how to remove applications preinstalled in MIUI, go there to receive step.by.step instructions.

In Miui 12, nothing has changed, in the above article screenshots from the previous version of Miui, but let it not bother you, I checked every step, and it remained the same, unchanged and in the current firmware.

Below I will give a list of standard programs that can be deleted without danger for Xiaomi stability in Miui 12:

  • Analytics
  • Browser (if you do not use standard, if you use it, do not delete)
  • App vault
  • FM Radio
  • Feedback
  • Freedom
  • Frequent Phrases (do not wash if you use a standard keyboard)
  • Games
  • GetApps (this is an application store from Xiaomi, if you use Play Market, delete)
  • Google Duo (Google messenger)
  • Google Play Movies (Service for the purchase of films, delete if you do not use)
  • Google Play Music (online player of music, if you do not use it. wash)
  • Joyose
  • MSA
  • Hybridaccessory
  • Market Feedback Agent
  • Mi Credit
  • Mi Mover (application for transferring settings and content from one Xiaomi to another)
  • Mi Pay
  • Yellowpages

Removing third.party applications

You can delete third.party sources in three main ways:

The first method

In the case of installing programs through the Play Market, the Xiaomi deletion process is carried out without any problems. Having launched the Play Market itself, you need to click on three horizontal strips in the upper left corner.

Go to the section “My applications and games”.

Then open the “installed” tab, where you need to select a program for deleting and press the appropriate icon.

The second method

At the moment, many programs for deletion available on Play Market are offered. CCleaner is great for such purposes.

The main menu will need to be clicked on the “Application Management” item.

Then, choosing the desired program, click on the bucket icon.

The third method

Standard tools for working with programs in MIUI are in the usual android users place. In the settings you need to find the item “All applications”.

Then, stopping on the right program, just use the icon with the inscription “Delete”.

Removing system applications

Option one

The easiest and safest way to remove systemic software is to use the Activity Launcher, which has functional capabilities for changing the system parameters and disconnecting components preinstalled by developers. Find it is not difficult in Play Market. The process of working with AL is quite simple, perform the following actions:

The advantage of this option is that the selected system component will not be completely deleted, it can be restored.

Option Second

To remove software, it will fully need to obtain Root rights and unlock the bootloader. With this option, a warranty on the device is lost, and you risk the functionality of the smartphone. Complete ineffectiveness with the need for flashing, as well as loss of protection of the apparatus, is possible.

The official website of Xiaomi provides services for unlocking the bootloader in a free order. You will need an active Mi account. It is necessary to indicate the reason why you want to access, consideration of the application will take no more than 3 days. How to do it see here.

The whole process is quite complicated, so be sure to adhere to the next sequence of actions:

  • Install Mi Phone Manager and Mi Flash Unlock on the personal computer.
  • Update the smartphone operating system to the latest version.
  • Tie the phone to the Mi account. To do this, run the developer menu by pressing 7 times on the “MIUI version” item, which is in the section of information about the phone. Then, in the advanced settings, moving to the section “for developers”, turn on the “factory unlock”. When moving to “Mi Unlock Status”, a window adding an account will open.
  • Use your account in Mi Flash Unlock.
  • In the turn off, click on the phone and sound reduction, then connect to the computer and unlock.

After performing the listed actions, you can delete applications both directly from the /System /App folder, and using third.party programs requiring Root rights.

�� Remove MIUI 12 SYSTEM Apps Without ROOT | Debloat MIUI 12 ��

There are many options for deleting the application with Xiaomi, and every day there are more and more, new software and specialized programs appear that facilitate the work with a smartphone.

Through Google Play

Owners of Xiaomi mobile phones operating on the MIUI operating system cannot turn off some programs using the above method. In such situations, you can try a method with Google Play. This is done according to the following scheme:

  • Open the Play Market, swap to the left to the right;
  • From the opened menu, select “Help and Feedback”;
  • Click the “Delete or turn off the applications on Android”. If there is no point on top, then you should scroll down or press “all articles”;
  • Then the user gets to the list of all installed programs on the device;
  • Now you need to choose the one that interferes with the operation of the device, click “Disable”.

In addition, the software, which was installed by the user on the phone, can also turn off some software from MIUI if it interferes with constant updates and notifications in the background.

You can increase the comfort of use by disabling advertising integrations in the system. You can find out more about how to remove advertising on Xiaomi phones in our article.

It should be borne in mind that not all programs are disconnected using this method, but many annoying can be rid of many.

Through Shortcuts

As for the system applications, most of them can be turned off on Xiaomi phones, possessing ROOT laws. But it can be difficult to get them, and the whole process takes a lot of time. In such situations, experienced users use a special Shortcuts utility. Currently removed from Google Play, but you can find APK or use analogues. This method is effective even in the case of MIUI 10 OS Redmi Note 5, on which users often face the impossibility of removing one or another.

In order to turn out unnecessary system applications, you should adhere to the next algorithm of actions if there is no Root-right:

Removing pre.installed applications in Miui 12.5

Many people know that the less applications are installed on the smartphone, the more stable and faster it works. This rule applies to miui 12.5 on Xiaomi phones. But when we buy a new smartphone, we see that many programs have already been preinstalled in his memory, most of which we will not use, we do not need them. However, they take place and some of them work in the background, which reduces the overall speed of the system.

In the early versions of Miui, we could not delete pre.installed applications, we could only disable them and hopes that they will not start their background agent on their own again.

For this reason, many people complained to Xiaomi with the hope that the developers will hear them and give the user more opportunity to set up and personalize the phone. And in miui 12.5 Our requests were heard.

Xiaomi programmers have done so that we can delete part of pre.installed applications without fraud with or without other complex actions, do this as with ordinary programs. On the list of potentially deleted applications from MIUI 12.5 hit:

In addition, we were given the opportunity to hide those programs from Miui 12.5 that we do not use, but which cannot be deleted due to their importance for stable operation of the phone firmware. The programs listed below, we can remove from the desktop without prejudice to performance:

How to delete a system application in Miui 12.5?

The removal was made as usual as for the usual application that you installed from the official store. it is enough to hold the press on the program icons so that the context menu appears in which you need to select the “Delete” command. A new menu has also appeared, which allows you to control the display of labels of system applications.

You can find this function by entering the general settings of Xiaomi, reaching the line of “application”. Now click on “Management of labels on the desktop”. Mark those labels that you do not want to see. Remember, this is not a removal, this is the hiding of the labels. If you want to delete other preinstalled programs, for example, part from Google’s set, this article will help you.

Removing standard applications Xiaomi

It is impossible to delete Xiaomi’s party applications by means of the operating system, since they are systemic. The only thing that can be done with standard removal is to remove all the installed updates and roll back to the original version. Full removal will require third.party programs and/or the rights of the super.user.

The starting files will remain in the memory of the device, but computing resources will not be consumed. This is done as follows:

After that, the application will disappear from the MIUI desktop or from the main menu, and several dozens of megabytes will be released in the built.in memory.

How to delete Google applications on Xiaomi

You can’t completely delete programs from Google without a third.party software, but you can remove updates and disable. To do this, use the method of disconnecting pre.installed applications from the previous paragraph.

You can turn off everything that is in the name Google or Play. It is recommended to leave 3: Play Market, Play Games and YouTube. The first will be needed to update the installed software, and the second is necessary for games.

Yellow Pages Xiaomi: what is it and where did it come from

Starting approximately with MIUI 6, Chinese programmers decided to add such an application such as “Yellow Pages” to the functionality of Xiaomi in order to help users navigate in space: to successfully lay the way to the destination. But it does not represent any benefit for us: the service has not become international, so it only includes itself in China’s data.

Since the system did not fail before, no one even suspected the existence of such an option. However, when the MIUI operating system was updated to 9 versions, the error began to bother many and even those who have a global Miui sewn. over, this lag was so annoying that it literally appeared, and it was impossible to eliminate it.

Another moment. If your phone is equipped with “yellow pages”, you can find them in the usual list of applications in “Settings”.

Remove SYSTEM APPS Without ROOT and PC | Phone Method Only

How to delete this application

“Yellow pages”. a service built into the firmware, so you understand. it is impossible to delete sewn programs. But in order to eliminate the error, there is still a way out, even two.

How to eliminate the bug is the first method:

  • Open the “settings” and go to the “On the phone” tab.
  • Find the line with your firmware version and click seven times on it. this will allow you to get into an extended settings menu, menu for developers.
  • Next, go to the “Extended settings” section, and there. “For developers”.
  • Near the point “Show Appendix Errors”, just shift the slider in the opposite direction.

Keep in mind that this method you turn off the errors both from Yellow Pages and other programs.