Overview of the Smart Watch Xiaomi Watch Color with NFC

In January of this year, the famous company Xiaomi introduced its new smart watches. Xiaomi Mi Watch Color and their presentation was successful, because the main feature of the model was her work on the basis of the Google Wear OS. What interesting was the Xiaomi company for us? Let’s understand.

The delivery of the device is performed in a standard box. Inside you can find the gadget itself directly, instructions, warranty card, as well as charger.

Xiaomi Watch Color has such characteristics and advantages:

  • Gadget’s heart. Qualcomm Snepdragon 3100 chip.
  • For a long time of autonomous work.
  • Original voice assistant.
  • The presence of a full NFC chip.
  • Amoled Excranine, inch 1.39, 454×454.
  • Device dimensions. 46.2 × 53.3 × 11.4 mm.
  • Ten different sports modes.
  • Water resistance up to fifty meters under water.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • High.quality and accurate pulsometer.

Xiaomi Watch Color will be completely autonomous. At the same time, you will not need a smartphone for their work. And this is a very big plus.

Features of the model

Among the main features of the novelty from Xiaomi, the following can be noted.


The novelty attracts attention with its original execution of the dial. Here he is round. The front frame and the lateral surface are made of stainless polished steel.

The back cover is made of high.quality matte plastic. There are contacts for charging, a heart rate monitor, as well as a module for reading readings in a dream.

Control options here are assigned to two special physical keys on the side of the case. In addition, here you can control the menu through a sensory display.

The width of the silicone strap is 22 mm. It is easily removed, because no problems with the replacement of the user will definitely have. It is worth noting that the silicone used is very flexible and soft, while it does not cause skin irritation.

It should be noted the fact that the body of the device is sealed. Therefore, he can easily withstand immersion to a depth of up to fifty meters.


The diagonal of the AMOLED screen in the device is 1.39 inches. All the information here is just excellent, the characters turned out to be quite large and clearly visible. Pixel density is 326 ppi, display resolution is 454×454. The colors on the clock turned out to be natural and very juicy.

The screen retains its normal brightness even with a direct hit of the sun rays. Like Mi Watch, a special function called Always on Display has been implemented here.

The matrix is ​​covered with special glass Gorilla Glass 3, which reliably protects the display, as it is resistant to various influences.


Xiaomi Watch Color, a detailed review would not be complete without mentioning all the functions of this gadget.

On the dial, you can see important data on the date and weather, the day of the week and the current time. In addition, the user can easily find out about the heart rate spent by calories and the steps passed.

With a pile to the left, information about the analysis of sleep, heart rate, as well as the number of steps passed, immediately arises. Pressing on the upper mechanical button returns to the main screen.

It is impossible not to note high.quality voice control through a special assistant called Xiaoai. But he so far understands exclusively Chinese.

Alas, it will not work out to accept calls through the novelty, since there is no support for Wi-Fi and Esim. There is also a big drawback. lack of dynamics and microphone. Nevertheless, the presence of support for GLONASS and GPS technologies for a quick and accurate determination of location is pleased.

Bluetooth 5 is used for synchronization with a mobile phone.0, which is characterized by stability of the connection at a distance of up to ten meters.

Straps and dials

Xiaomi calls his novelty a stylish accessory, which can easily emphasize the personality of the user.

Thanks to interchangeable silicone straps available in six colors, as well as more than a hundred different dials, smart watches will be able to be complemented for any image. The company took care of the connoisseurs of original solutions. A special strap from a real crocodile of skin will be available for them.

Sports modes and so on

The gadget also received the support of ten different sports modes, the option of measuring the pulse and saturation of blood with oxygen. In addition, these watches support the FIRSTBEAT system, which, due to special algorithms and sensors, allows you to constantly monitor the general condition of the user’s body, the quality of his sleep, training and the level of stress.


The device has a built.in battery for 420 mAh. It is capable of providing up to fourteen days of battery life in standard mode, twenty.two days in economical and up to twenty.two hours in sports mode with navigation. Filling is carried out through a special charger.

Xiaomi introduced smart watches with a round display and NFC

Xiaomi officially introduced the branded smart watch Watch Color. They received a metal case and a round AMOLED display with a diagonal of 1.39 inches and a resolution of 454 × 454 pixels.

The manufacturer calls Watch Color a stylish accessory capable of emphasizing your personality. Due to the interchangeable silicone straps available in 6 colors, and 110 different dials of the gadget can be a complement by almost any image. For connoisseurs of unusual solutions, a crocodile strap will be available.

The waterproof body (5atm), it is made of durable stainless steel available in two shades: silver and black.

The clock received support for 10 sports modes, the function of measuring the pulse and saturation of blood with oxygen (VO2MAX), as well as support for the FIRSTBEAT system. The latter due to special sensors and algorithms allows you to constantly monitor the state of the body, efficiency of training, sleep quality and stress level.

xiaomi, color, watch, connection

Xiaomi Watch Color is connected to the Bluetooth 5 smartphone.0 le. To track the route, GPS / Glonass module is provided. Also in the clock there is an external light sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, accelerometer, barometer and NFC.

The clock supports all notifications from the smartphone, but do not allow you to accept and make calls. Although the gadget has a microphone, but it is used only to communicate with a branded voice assistant, so far only in China.

A built.in 420 mAh can provide up to 14 days of battery life as usual, 22 days in economical and up to 22 hours in open air sports mode with active navigation. Filling is carried out using a charger with a magnetic mount.

They rated Xiaomi Watch Color watches in 799 yuan (≈7 100), which makes them a strong competitor Amazfit GTR from Huami.

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Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Full Review! There’s A Couple Of Issues. Let Me Explain.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Watch to iPhone

Pretty difficult task, to be honest. To do this, you will have to spend quite a lot of nerves and ingenuity, but the final result is worth suffering from this rather abstruse IPhone connection task to Xiaomi Mi Watch Smart Chas.

Important! Before you start connecting the Xiaomi Mi Watch to the iPhone, you need to download the Google Wearos application (upload to the App Store by this link). Only after that you can proceed to the setting of the clock itself.

You need to connect Xiaomi Mi Watch to iPhone:

Take the clock in your hands and hold the wheel wheel.

Next, a window with a bunch of hieroglyphs will “jump out” to you. Just press blue buttons, moving on. In fact, this is a custom agreement on confidentiality, but if you do not click “confirm” you will not be redirected to the next paragraph.

Further, a QR code should appear on the screen of the clock. You can not scan it, because there is little benefit from it.

On the iPhone, open the Wearos application, which was previously downloaded.

Sweep to the right and select on the tab “Connect a new watch”.

iPhone will start searching for Smart hours. This took us for a few seconds, but if you do not find your Xiaomi Mi Watch, try to turn off Bluetooth, and then turn it on again and repeat the attempt.

The name of your Mi Watch should appear on the screen

Poke on it if they found. If not, we repeat the search.

We confirm the request for the creation of a pair with Mi Watch.

xiaomi, color, watch, connection

Once again, we confirm our action when the code will appear on the screen of the iPhone and Mi Watch.

Now you must request a password for connecting to Wi-Fi. We introduce it, connect.

If everything is done correctly, the white hieroglyphs “Loading” should burn on the screen, and the iPhone should issue the header “almost ready” and load the watch.

We have a loading of Smart hours took no more than two minutes, then the “everything is ready” window was displayed, and a gesture with a hand appeared on the clock, which, in theory, should have a short instruction on how to use the clock.

You can not “slip” by the clock, nothing will happen. Just click on the wheel to return to the main screen.

In fact, that’s all. Now the clock is loaded with dials, work, converge with the iPhone and they can be used. But, if you want to turn on English on the Xiaomi Mi Watch Smart hours, you need a little more time and a few steps.

How to enable English on Xiaomi Mi Watch

That’s right-the standard Smart hours Xiaomi Mi Watch from the factory go in Chinese, which is almost impossible to change. But, what if you go around the system a little?

To enable English in Xiaomi Mi Watch, you need to do the following:

Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone

Next, scroll down and open the “Basic” tab

Next, you need to change the “iPhone language” to English. To do this, just choose the “iPhone” language and select “English” in the menu.

We return to our application “Wearos”

The clock should disconnect from the iPhone. this is the norm, they just need time to understand what is happening to them and why the device that had just been Russian/Ukrainian suddenly became English.

After a few seconds you will see the inscription “Connected” on top. the clock connected.

xiaomi, color, watch, connection

Now all management in the Wearos application in English.

The clock should also switch to English.

Important! Your Xiaomi Mi Watch Smart hours will not become completely English even after this switch. How much we did not try to achieve a “pure” effect for us, it did not work out, because, then there. then here the hieroglyphs “slipped” in the clock. But now Xiaomi Mi Watch can be used, and when dials are loaded, you can also modify topics, configure for yourself.

Basically, this is all that you can do with your Xiaomi Mi Watch Smart hours until the global version is released. Also do not forget that you can always seek help to the ILAB specialized service center.

Settings on the main screen

Further, the user can perform the following actions to optimize the gadget:

  • In the Interval Reminder section, it is proposed to determine the temporary interval for various reminders. The minimum step of the interval is one minute. After setting the interval, the clock is twice by guards through each set interval of time.
  • The Call Reminder section is designed to configure reminders about incoming calls. It should be borne in mind that the reminder will work only about those calls, the numbers of which were pre-listed in the memory of the Mijia Smart hour. In total there is an opportunity to save up to 10 rooms.
  • The ALARM section is used to set the time for the alarm. You cannot install a melody on the alarm clock, so the smart clock will wake up through vibration. In total, you can set up to 10 alarms.

Additional settings

If you open the Mi Quartz Watch section, then at the right there will be a button with three points. When pressing it, a section opens with additional options for the device. The most popular include:

  • Body Info. Here, information about the model of Xiaomi smart watches, installed versions of the firmware and Bluetooth is stored, as well as the type of battery.
  • Hand Calibration. When activating, the opportunity is given in manual mode to calibrate the work of the Shagomer and set the time.
  • Vibration Settings. In the section, a segment of the time is installed in which vibration will not work. In addition, here you can configure the inclusion of vibration with a low charge of the battery.
  • General Setting. The user can rename the device, check the firmware update, bind the clock to another smartphone, organize control of his location.

It should be noted that the Mijia Quartz Watch watches have one functional button, but it has limited capabilities. Its main task is to perform synchronization with a smartphone and disconnect the alarm clock.

As you can see, the gadget does not differ in a wide choice of settings, unlike, for example, from Huami Amazfit Bip, which are a truly smart device. However, the Mijia Quartz Watch model is primarily attracted by its classic design, and Smart-optations in it are more a pleasant bonus.

The impression of the system

I am already used to the fact that wearable devices, as a rule, work slowly in order to save energy. Judging by the reviews of users of such things, if the device does not work for two months without recharging. money is right down. And then they lead to the example of Veerxi T1 Plus for 299 with Ali and write: “So they give me 57 days, and your Apple and Samsung are fufo!””.

In Xiaomi Mi Watch, they went to the next step: they donated a little time the work time for the most quick work of the clock. It seems to me that Mi Watch in animation gives at least 30 frames per second. This is very smooth. For example, Amazfit and Zepp are given out with small brakes. But this is not observed with Mi Watch.

In addition, special thanks should be said for large symbols in some menu. For example, the choice of language: for the entire screen there are three options for choice!

And also the “touch”-the sensor works quickly. Usually you touch the screen, make a movement, and the clock is made with a delay. In Xiaomi Mi Watch, this happens like on a smartphone. instantly.

Fitness functions and health

  • During training, you have notifications.
  • During training, you can control the musical player.
  • On the clock, you can choose a huge number of sports programs.
  • There is a frozen oxygen in the blood, heart rate.
  • There is sleep tracking.
  • There is GPS

Everything works very quickly, data is read accurately.

Working hours

Xiaomi claims up to 16 days of autonomous work, and in energy conservation mode. up to 22 days. In general, they don’t lie, it all depends on the settings. For example, the screenshot lighting time can be set for 5 seconds, or it can also be 20 seconds. This also includes wallpaper. As you recall, Amoled screens does not consume a charge, respectively, the laconic dial will be more economical, and colorful. on the contrary, voracious.

Also note that the maximum brightness is 500 threads, coupled with the backlight of the maximum battery duration will melt. Also, at the duration of autonomous operation, the Always-on function, the operation of sensors for measuring the heart rhythm, how often you measure oxygen saturation, whether the clock is connected by Bluetooth to the smartphone, how often notifications fall on them, etc.D. Most of all, the brightness and operating time of the screen affect the duration of the work.


  • With maximum brightness and duration of backlighting with a juicy dial (and indeed, the dial shone for a long time, as I took photos) plus Bluetooth, frequent measurements of oxygen in the blood, Always-on-5 days
  • The screen is 10 seconds, the maximum brightness, Bluetooth, Always-on, the sensors are active-the category of 7-10% per day, that is 10-12 days.

In my opinion, the watch has a great time of autonomous work. Magnetic mount is used for charging.

The charging is originally packed, but there is a tip to conveniently remove polyethylene. Pay attention to him, because without it it is problematic to tear off the packaging.

USB in any connector, and charging has gone. The clock is charged completely about 40-50 minutes.

The adapter is magnetic, the clock will jump themselves.

Fitness function

In general, Mi Watch has a typical set of fitness functions that are in modern watches. For this reason, I propose to concentrate on the main highlights that highlight Mi Watch from the crowd.

Oxygen sensor. It is clear that many manufacturers had an oxygen sensor before, but Apple and coronavirus made it popular. Xiaomi promises a completely new analysis of the level of oxygen in the blood. I don’t know about the fundamental novelty, but it measures.

Built.in GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou. At a price of 9,500, the presence of positioning systems is a cool thing. GPS works only if you activate it or starting a training, or in an application on a smartphone. Xiaomi promises that the clock can record 50 hours GPS training. Accordingly, once every 50 hours you need to synchronize with a smartphone.

Stress and heart rhythm monitoring.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев they asked if the sensor is quickly accelerated during training or lagging behind. In my opinion, the sensor works quite accurately. Charging and jumping jumps he worked well.

There is even stress monitoring in the watch. Stress should be paid attention to when you do not play sports. Xiaomi promise that they themselves will be filtered and distinguished when you play sports or just stress. And then on the smartphone graphs will be more clean. This information is more useful not in the moment, but in general, at the end of the month to see what yes how. In fact, this should give you up to thoughts about your health.

It is cool that the sleep schedule can be seen on the screen of the clock, but it is more convenient to do it on a smartphone, since there is a screen where all your statistics are visible along the way.

In general, watches are able to distinguish between more than 100 different types of activities, including swimming and swimming in fins, kayaking and even archery and launching and starting an air snake. But if during the swimming measurements of the distance, then when firing from onions, your general activity will monitor. I can’t comment on the launch of an air snake, since the weather was ridiculous. Yes, and I don’t have a snake.


In a stylish box on which all the advantages of the watch are painted, there are:

As usual, read the photo signatures. In general, I only note that the clock is made of tactilely pleasant materials. Even if you go to them all day, the hand practically does not get tired. Despite the fact that the clock is thick, they do not cling to the clothes.

Still, the packaging is stylish. It’s not a shame to give it. The screen is originally sealed with a film with a motivating slogan. The sensors are all sealed too, do not forget to be lugged before starting use. There are many sensors, and there are also contacts for connecting the charger. At the first turned on, the clock will offer to choose the language and download the Xiaomi Wear application. Can be found immediately in the application store, or you can use a QR code. The next step is to add a watch to the application. On the hand, the clock looks great. This is probably not clear from the photo, but the screen looks very good. Especially against the background of a fitness bracelet. Obviously, it is a cut higher in quality. The strap is convenient. Apparently, for beauty they made a ribbed structure. I would recommend taking either blue or beige. It looks more interesting, creates color Accent and refresh any image. Although under the suit, of course, you should take black or blue. Here, by the way, the question. It’s quite normal for a sports jacket, but, in my opinion, with a strict costume, all these smart watches (that Xiaomi, that Apple, that samsung) look somehow inappropriate.

In the application it will be necessary to set the floor, weight and other parameters. The process is simple and fast.

Management elements

The clock has two buttons responsible for navigation. The “Home” button serves to activate the screen, repeated pressing opens a list of all available applications. Home is also used to return to the main screen.

The Sport button, in turn, is needed to quickly switch to the screen with training.

You can also use a double tap on the screen to wake hours. Navigation is possible and swipes on the screen. If you get to the right, then the screen with the monitoring of the heart rhythm will open, followed by a screen about sleep, etc.D. Vertical swipe down is notifications, up. settings, etc.D. The integral integration, easily scrolls.

Xiaomi Mi Watch is positioned as sports Smart hours, and for the price of 9,490 they have many advantages. A high.quality screen, a convenient integration for tracking activity and sleep, GPS for classes in the fresh air, oxygen sensor and decent autonomy. It is nice to use the device. In 10 days there were no problems with the responsiveness and animation of the system.

Not without flaws. The most critical of them is the constant attempts to make you stretch when you are already doing it already. The second point is an application that clearly requires improvement. This is clearly confirmed by his rating in Google Play. There are many complaints about synchronization, so I would like to hope that the manufacturer will soon correct everything.

Mi Watch is not a competitor for Amazfit GTR 2 or fresh Honor Magicwatch models. The Xiaomi model is comparable to the first generations of these hours that did not support calls and did not offer offline player users. Xiaomi here is a little behind the trends, but still retains the balance of the capacity of opportunities and accessibility for the brand. Taking into account the of Mi Watch in general turned out to be successful, and they can be recommended for purchase.

The level of autonomy

The device became the owner of a battery with a capacity of 420 mAh. The battery resource is enough for about 14 days of autonomous functioning. To replenish the charge level, a magnetic type dock is used. Within 2 hours, the container will be brought to 100% of the value.

1.39, Amoled, 454×454
46.2 × 53.3 × 11.4
Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
Up to 50
Up to 14 days

Time to conclude

Xiaomi turned out to be affordable at the price of Smart hours. They showed themselves perfectly as a fitness tracker. The user receives data on physical activity, calories spent, pulse frequency. Reading the readings of variability of heart contractions allows you to recognize the stressful situation. Stylish design and the ability to replace silicone strap are among the advantages of the model.

There are few disadvantages of the device: this is the lack of a function of receiving calls and messages, as well as Wi-Fi. It becomes impossible to install new applications, so you will have to use the functionality proposed by the manufacturer.