A review of the next wireless hit from Xiaomi. Air 2 headphones (AirDots Pro 2) with noise cancelling function

The first thing that catches your eye when you hold the headphones in your hands is the packaging. It’s good quality, made of thick cardboard, with a bright picture of the headphones themselves and the model name.

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Speaking of the name, this time Xiaomi didn’t make any complicated names (like the previous Mi True Wireless Earphones, which we reviewed on our YouTube Channel). Instead they used a pretty short name. Air 2. Is perceived more easily, memorized and really better. The case and the headphones look like their Apple counterparts. The case has rounded edges, but the lid is flat. The case is matte and made of white plastic. Inside the case the headphones sit pretty deep and it’s not the most comfortable thing to take them out, and that is probably the most noticeable minus at the moment. You have to make an effort to get the headphone in your hand, as if you’re missing some mechanism that will push it out of there when you press it. But over time you get used to it.Each earphone weighs 4.5g, they are quite light, but still feel in your ears. This is a plus. will not be insecure when wearing. The package is standard headphones. a box, USB-C cord, charging case, the headphones themselves and a brief manual in Chinese.On the body of the case has a charge indicator, which flashes red when plugged in. On the right side of the case there is a power button. In the announcement of the company Xiaomi says that the headphones charge in 1 hour, in fact I have charged even slightly faster. After about 35 minutes the light turned white.

This problem can be encountered by residents of cities using 3G and 4G. Cell phone signal is weakened by the impact with the house walls.

non-original case

In the non-original case the microphone holes may be shifted 2-3 mm or be absent at all. The problem can be solved in two ways: remove the cover or make holes in the right places with an awl.

The noise cancelling system does not work properly

Sometimes the noise reduction does not work properly and creates background noise. It is eliminated by turning off the noise cancellation. This is done as follows:

In some models of the Redmi line this option is hidden. You can access it with the QuickShortCut shortcut utility. The procedure is as follows:

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots TWS bluetooth 5.0 Earphone DSP Noise Cancelling. Black. www.banggood.com

  • Open
  • Go to the Actions section and enter Other settings in the search field.
  • In the results, find Phone, click and go to Other settings.
  • Find Noise Reduction and turn it off.

Before you install any additional programs and test the unit, you can do the following:

  • Check the network level. If the indicator shows a weak connection even when you are close to a signal source, you should contact your mobile carrier for help or install a different SIM card;
  • Make sure there is no interference with the microphone. You should also check the element for dirt and dust and, if necessary, clean it.

If during a call ECHO is heard, then go to the settings, where you select “Sound and Vibration” and activate “Noise Reduction”.

Very long working time

Battery life is great, on a single charge AirDots 3 lasts about 7 hours at 80% volume. Given that they can be charged twice in the case, we get a very decent result, about 25-30 hours of work, depending on the volume.

Very nice that the USB Type-C connector is used for charging, the cable for connecting to the power supply is included. It takes three long hours to fully charge the case, and the headphones charge in one and a half.

Redmi Buds 3 Pro review: the new TWS headphones with active noise cancellation from Xiaomi

Soon in Russia will start sales of the new wireless headphones company Xiaomi. Redmi Buds (AirDots) 3 Pro. And if in previous versions of AirDots many users have noted not always high quality of microphones and stable operation, in the advanced version the manufacturer has not only eliminated obvious shortcomings, but also added a few premium features.

Spoiler: fans of Xiaomi devices are definitely worth taking.

Sound quality

I did not have high hopes in terms of audio, but the headphones quickly destroyed my skepticism. I’ve listened to music on my Apple iMac, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pocophone M3. I liked that the sound is clear, the volume reserve is very large, and the settings of the headphones are such that the bass doesn’t block everything else.

Again, personal musical tastes have a lot to do with rating like and dislike. If you are a fan of electronic music with the emphasis on rhythmic and want Accent on bass, I would look at other headphones. But on Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro nice sounding classics or Lo-Fi, for background and a pleasant mood I recommend an old album Fab Samperi.

I didn’t change the equalizer settings and listened to music “as is”. For my taste, the headphones are not quite ideal for the upper frequencies, but the middle and bass are fine. There is volume, there is clear sound, finally, noise cancellation comes to the rescue.

Let’s listen to the music

Headphones are large and large, the body of the brushed white plastic. Like? To me yes, they look good. And the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro come in black.

How to know which earphone is left and which is right? On the body of the headphones are barely visible marking, well, do not forget to include logic, estimating the shape of the headphones. It is clear right away that the left earphone in the right ear will be very problematic.

Earplugs fit my ears well, the fit is comfortable, it feels good, nothing hurts and my ears don’t get tired. A nice feature: when you take out one or both headphones, the music automatically pauses. The IR sensor works well, and after a couple of days of use, no errors were noticed. When you insert the headphone back, you need to re-press the Play button on the phone or start the song with a gesture by touching the headphone body.

And now we get to the most important thing, the sound. And here I have a sad conclusion: buy for the sake of cool music in your ears Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro is not worth it. Yes, there is a large margin on the volume, they do not croak at maximum power, stable connection to the phone, but the sound is deaf and dirty. I listened all my old playlist with Muse, Rob Zombie and Rage Against The Machine. Not impressed at all. If you listen to melodic classics like Vivaldi, without trying to distinguish the instruments, the situation is better. as source of calm background music headphones will do. But if you want drive, joy and emotion, this is not about them.

Review of the new TWS noise cancelling headphones. Redmi AirDots 2

Two months ago Redmi released a new and improved version of their most popular headphones. The novelty was named Redmi AirDots S and externally completely copied the original model. The smartphone connection system has been changed and a game mode has been added. It reduces the sound delay when watching YouTube videos and is activated by triple clicking on the headphone. In mid-summer, the company delighted us with the release of its second-generation wireless headphones. Redmi AirDots 2.

Before installing any additional software and testing the device, you can do the following

  • Check the network level. If the indicator shows a weak connection even when you are close to the signal source, you should seek help from your mobile operator or install another SIM card;
  • Make sure that there is no interference to the microphone. You should also check the element for dirt and dust and, if necessary, clean it.

If during the conversation you hear ECHO, then go to the settings, where you select “Sound and Vibration” and activate the “Noise Reduction.