Fake earmuffs have distinct seams at the joints of the two halves.

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On the original headphones, the joint is almost invisible.

On fake headphones, the letters R and L are convex, you can feel them with your finger. The original uses engraving.

Are your Redmi Airdots genuine? Original vs Fake | Redmi Earbud S Mi True Wireless Earbuds


The counterfeit copy does not have transparent round factory seals, as on the original box.


The instructions in the fake box look like they’ve been copied many times. The image and the font are bold, the letters are dancing, the quality of the paper and printing is terrible.

In the original instruction, thin print, quality printing and paper.

The fake case is made of low-quality matte plastic. The lid of the fake case does not open completely, not 90 degrees, and it is inconvenient to get the headphones out of it.

The charging contacts of the fake case are very high.

In the original, the charging contacts protrude slightly. Original earbuds won’t fit in fake case.

The inscriptions on the lower part of the original case are very faint, over time they become completely invisible. The fake case has a completely different font and is printed more clearly.


The font that says Redmi AirDots is fatter on the original box and slightly larger than a fake copy.


The original button is matte and edged with a glossy bevel. Fake button completely matte, no glossy chamfer.


Let’s talk about how to distinguish the original Bluetooth headphones Redmi AirDots from a fake.

The fake box is a little paler than the original. The image of the device itself on the fake box is different from the original.


Taking out the headphones, it is even easier to identify a fake, because the differences are visible immediately: the copy is equipped with dim LEDs, and is made roughly. The joints are rough, the ear pads are hard, the “R” and “L” markings are convex to the touch.

Wireless AirDots are made of high quality, dense plastic. If you bend the soft rubber of the earphone, you can see a code that is present only on original products.

It is easy to distinguish a fake from the original by the build quality: no gaps, irregularities and non-abutting parts.

Another difference between real Redmi. glossy plastic alternates with matte, while the replica is made only of matte.

The copy is inferior in terms of functionality: instead of 4 hours of battery life, it demonstrates no more than 1-2.

Redmi AirDots: how to distinguish from a fake?

Deep bass, clear and clear sound, fast synchronization with the device. it’s all about the AirDots wireless headphones from the Chinese giant Xiaomi.


A relatively inexpensive headset quickly became a bestseller, and therefore it is not difficult to run into fake Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones: large online sites sell both high-quality replicas and handicraft headphones analogs.


To distinguish fake Redmi AirDots from the original, pay attention to the brightness of the packaging of the original headset. The colors of the original are rich, the details are well printed, there is a glossy ornament on the front side. There is a well-cut label on the top of the box, easy to remove.

Let’s turn over the packaging. The original has factory seals. The date of manufacture is printed clearly and large, and the font of the date differs from other inscriptions near the barcode.

But in order to distinguish the original Xiaomi AirDots, it is not enough to check the packaging: some manufacturers use high-quality boxes, the appearance of which is as close as possible to real Air products from Redmi.

A transparent film with information in Chinese is neatly glued to the front side of the case. Clear print, image is not mirrored.

Taking in hand a real case from the original Xiaomi headphones, you will “feel” the quality. The plastic is dense and heavy, there are no uneven joints, the USB connector is mounted exactly. Fake AirDots weighs less, is made from low-quality raw materials, and is not neatly assembled.

The lid features a glossy brand logo.

Note! The very first versions came with the “Mi” logo on the lid, but today they are only released with the “Redmi” logo.

Original AirDots lid flips exactly 90 degrees.

There is a magnet that prevents the case from opening unintentionally. There are replicas with a poorly opening, jammed lid.

The analog has larger and thicker charging contacts than the original. Modules are set deep.

Flip the case: the information on the back is printed brightly.

Take the time to check the instructions. a branded booklet of 9 sheets. The paper is glossy, the brand logo is always present. The USB cable must not be included.

“Hongkong VT Store” Order No.:. 5000853602463168 and “Xiao_MI 0fficial Store” Order No.:. 5000879009013168 fake trash:

Now signs of a fake that I did not have, but are often mentioned in the community on w3bsit3-dns.com

On Aliexpress, you can come across fakes, these are flash drives, memory cards, BT speakers. But usually, they try to close such lots, and Ali does not protect sellers, taking the side of the buyer in disputes. returns money. You will not find there any fake Casio or Kevin Klyan’s panties)). as it was about five years ago. But according to Xiaomi, Ali does not want (or cannot) recognize fakes. All sellers who sell MASSUALLY basement-quality fake headphones have a certificate from the manufacturer. And prove even an obvious fake. no one succeeds. Perhaps “fake” is a sacred Chinese concept. They don’t see it as a cause for resentment / redress. It is precisely the low quality and not the possibility of using it that needs to be proven!

I spread both the original board and the insides of the Redmi AirDots headphones from the site https://news.mydrivers.com/1/622/622456_1.htm WARNING in a dispute with Aliexpress, comparing your fake pallet and battery with the original will not help

I look forward to your questions and Комментарии и мнения владельцев, especially if you came across a fake and were able to spot on Aliexpress. return money.

How to identify a fake in the Xiaomi Mi Redmi AirDots headphones, a detailed comparison of the original and the copy

If the headphones have at least one of the listed symptoms. be sure this is a copy

1) One of the most obvious signs: The engraving L and R on the headphones has sloppy convex pressing, in the original designations L and R are applied no bumps in a neat glossy circle:

2) The presence of a serial number does not guarantee originality. There are two types of fakes, some have no number at all, others have it strikingly applied. large font bright white. The original has the serial number in a translucent gray color, barely noticeable in small print.

3) In the original, the buttons have a glossy, shiny outline along the contour. Also, there are no holes for LEDs on the buttons, the button is completely smooth.

4) The charging case for most fakes does not open at 90 ° but stops at about 70 ° It can also be noted that the lid of the fake opens with jerks, the original has a smooth and jerky movement.

5) The original charging case does not have indicators and displays showing the percentage of charge, and there are no L and R markings on the case

6) In some fakes, when connected, both earbuds have the name Redmi Air Dots_R, while in the original, each of the earbuds is named according to its side: Redmi AirDots_R. Right Redmi Air Dots _L. Left

7) For a counterfeit sound indication, which is played when headphones are connected, sounds with extraneous noise, as if recorded on a dictaphone

8) In addition to the above obvious signs indicating a fake, there are others that will appear only when using low-quality headphones, namely:

  • Poor sound quality
  • Different headphone volume
  • Frequent loss of connection between phone and headphones
  • Fast discharge
  • Arbitrary disconnection of headphones from the case while charging

You can buy original Xiaomi AirDots on our website:

AirDots wireless earbuds review

Chinese mobile accessory makers Xiaomi hoped to simply make a similar device to Apple’s. Airpods. But in reality it turned out to be not so simple. The first version of the headphones could not work stably. They refused to work synchronously, or did not connect to the smartphone at all (read this article if you faced the same problem). To date, several updates have already been released and the necessary improvements have been made. The device can already be called full-fledged and recommended for purchase.

The set of Redmi AirDots includes an original case or cover made of plastic, pleasant to the touch. It is possible to choose several colors. Inside the case, the wireless headphones themselves are tightly and compactly located. Each of them is equipped with a red indicator that displays the current connection mode or their status. The package must also contain a USB cable. which the case is connected to the power source.

In general, headphones from the Chinese company Xiaomi are a good choice among similar budget devices, as opposed to fakes. The sound is powerful enough, the volume control smoothly decreases or increases the sound level, without any sudden jumps. For Airpods users, the lack of a touchpad on the earbuds may seem a little odd. Instead, a button is placed on the entire area. Pressing it turns on calls on the phone or pauses the music player.

How to distinguish AirDots original from a fake

You are heading in the right direction if AirDots decided to find information about fakes before purchasing headphones. Since many users now do not even know that they are using a fake instead of a device from Xiaomi. Even the packaging of the headphones does not look different from the fake ones.

The first difference from the original is the front graphic element of the package. If you have the opportunity to compare them, then on the original the blue belt will be higher.

And also on a fake, the drawing itself will be paler. In the original, the front part is a bright black color of the headphones.

The same signs can be found in the typeface. which has the name of the headphones. On the original, it is a little fatter and sharper. The next way to distinguish genuine AirDots from fake ones is with round translucent seals or stickers on the packaging.

Another important feature. If you bought headphones that were made after July 2019, the case cover will not be engraved with Mi, as in the first versions, but the Redmi logo. They still make Mi on fakes.

What else is fake: Explanation:
Pay attention to the instructions that come with the headphones. In fake Redmi headphones, it will literally look bad: the letters are vague, the text is printed crookedly, the paint fades in places or disappears altogether. In the original, the instructions are written neatly, as they should be.
Fake can be quickly identified by its lid. In the original, it opens 90 degrees. Because of which we get full access to the headphones. In a fake, it is not fully revealed. And we can’t get them out of the case as comfortably.
Look at the niches that house the AirDots headphones. The contacts for charging them in a fake case protrude strongly outward when in the original they barely come out of the holes.
Try to put headphones from one case in another. If they do not fit or fit, but with great difficulty. some of them were not made by Xiaomi.

Other differences from the original AirDots

The differences between fake and real headphones from the Chinese manufacturer Redmi do not end there. The original AirDots headphones at the bottom of the case have faint text describing the characteristics of the device. Forged, this text is printed in bright white ink.

If you pick up the headphones themselves, you can distinguish real from fake AirDots by the clear seams that surround them. In the original, the seams are practically not felt to the touch, although they are noticeable.

The letters L and R stand for left and right. They are also sloppy on fake headphones. The branded letters are engraved and look decent. The button on the earpiece is matte, with a shiny bevel around it. On a fake device, the button is all matte, without any additional elements.

Thus, we have analyzed all the signs that will help you distinguish the genuine original AirDots from an outright fake. We hope our tips will help you make the right choice.

How to check Airpods 2 for originality by serial number?

Find out how to find the serial number of your Airpods.

  • Go to the Bluetooth Settings menu.1.
  • Find Airpods in the list (for example, “Ivan’s Airpods”).
  • Click the information button next to the Airpods name. their serial number will be displayed.

How to verify the authenticity of Xiaomi products?

How to check the originality of a Xiaomi smartphone

  • Go to www.Mi.com/verify/#imei_en.
  • Go to the Verify your phone purchase tab to verify your smartphone.
  • Enter device IMEI.
  • Enter the S / N (serial number) of the device.
  • Enter captcha and click Verify.
  • A window will open showing the result of the check.

How to identify original AirDots?

In the original, the case opens at 90 degrees, so that the headphones can be easily and easily removed from the case. If you take the headphones out of the case, you can see the difference between the contacts for charging the headphones located inside. The counterfeit has larger and thicker contacts, unlike the original.

How to check original Airpods by serial number?

  • two earpieces are drawn on the front side;
  • shiny Apple logos on both ends;
  • on the third end there is a shiny Airpods inscription;
  • on the fourth end there is a brief description of the configuration and the serial number of the headphones, which you can always punch on the Apple website and check if these are real Airpods.

How to check the authenticity of Xiaomi AirDots headphones?

  • Service inscriptions on the case are made in white, on the original they are barely noticeable.
  • Stamping left / right is embossed, on the original it is more accurate.
  • The charging contact pad on the headphones is matte, on the original it is glossy.

How to connect AirDots 2?

How to connect AirDots Pro 2 headphones to a smartphone?

  • Put both earbuds in the case and close it.
  • Hold the side button for a few seconds until the indicator on the case lights up.
  • Now once again hold down the side button for a few seconds until the indicator on the case starts blinking.
  • Headphones ready to pair.

How to distinguish Airpods from fake by serial number?

The easiest way to check the originality of a product is to look at the serial number of a particular model. It is written on the end of the Airpods box, on the inside of the case lid. You can also find it in the iPhone settings. To do this, go to the “General” tab, and then “About this device”.

How to check for originality of Redmi AirDots via QR code ?

As soon as the scanner is ready, you should open the application, point the phone camera at the flag in order to carry out identification. As soon as the camera reads the encoded information, the service will provide an identification code and the number of checks. Next, a window will appear that says “Authentication passed! This Mi product is authentic ”, this is the first sign that you are looking at the original Xiaomi AirDots headphones.

Of course, Xiaomi understands that it is easy to forge an identification code, which is why you can see the number of checks. The counter should show exactly the number of checks that the user himself used.

How to distinguish an original AirDots from a fake?

Xiaomi shows in practice that you can use all new technologies without spending a lot of money for your own comfort. Every year the assortment of the company increases, delighting its customers with a fairly low price tag, quality and the ability to buy excellent products. Due to the fact that people trust Xiaomi, there are a huge number of fakes on the market. That is why you need to check every purchase of this brand for originality. How to distinguish the original from a fake Xiaomi AirDots, read this article.

How can you tell the original Xiaomi AirDots from a fake?

Redmi AirDots are the most budget-friendly and high-quality wireless earbuds. This is why some sellers slip counterfeits to their customers. But how can you confirm the authenticity of your headphones if they don’t have a dedicated QR code tag? First of all, the buyer will be upset that the inscription “Redmi” flaunts on the case, although the video bloggers have the Xiaomi logo on these headphones.

If the case has the inscription Redmi, then this will mean that they are made in China. Undoubtedly these are original headphones. However, if only the company logo is present, it means that the party was not created for China, but for the rest of the world abroad. You need to pay attention to the following factors, which will only confirm the authenticity of the purchased headphones:

  • The inscription on the case is almost invisible;
  • The embossing of the sides of the earbuds looks very neat, with no crooked edges or stickers.
  • The wireless charging area is glossy. As a rule, in fakes it is matte.

How to distinguish an original Redmi AirDots from a fake

Hello! The problem of counterfeiting is familiar to many. They copy branded as well as popular things. These are clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. Mobile accessories are also under threat. Today we will talk about Redmi AirDots. how to distinguish from a fake.

The situation is somewhat strange. Xiaomi has released an inexpensive accessory. For the price, this earbud is not comparable to Apple’s Airpods 2 and Samsung Buds. who actively counterfeit.

For the price, the accessory is closer to another representative of the brand. This is Xiaomi Earbuds Basic.

But the scammers decided so. Now the main task is to teach how to identify the original accessory, as well as understand where the fake is.

The phone will lose a lot in quality, functionality and comfort, there is not an original, but a cheap copy of AirDots.

What the case will tell you about

Potentially can tell that the buyer took a fake.

Externally, the cases of the original and the replica are similar. But the quality of plastic, as well as the level of workmanship, is lower in the latter. Copies are collected casually. You can notice flaws:

  • In genuine cases, the joints are invisible. The charging connector is level and tidy. Plastic is pleasant to the touch;
  • At the back there is a microUSB connector for charging. An indicator is installed in front. Activated when charging is connected;
  • The contacts for charging in the slot are thicker and larger. They protrude strongly outward;
  • Real cases have a 90 degree lid opening. Parodies have a smaller opening angle. Because of this, the accessories are inconvenient to insert as well as take out;
  • The cover has a bias effect. To open, you need to make an effort. There is no such thing for a fake;
  • If the production date is after July 2019, then the name Redmi is applied to the cover. The copies have Mi left there. The scammers did not have time to adapt. Keep churning out like that;
  • On the back of the case is a text describing the parameters of the device. In the original, these inscriptions are barely noticeable. The copies are very bright. Printed with white ink.

Case is able to answer many questions.

But if nothing aroused suspicion here, look at the headphones.

What’s on the set

If the packaging did not arouse suspicion, and there were no signs of copying, you need to go to the packaging.

A non-standard solution from scammers is to add a USB cable to the package. In theory, everything is correct. After all, you need to charge the case with the headphones with something. But in practice, the manufacturer has a different policy. Genuine accessories do not include a cable. Assumed to use a phone cord.

Look at other standard accessories:

  • ear pads may be missing;
  • replaceable pads add 1-2 pairs;
  • all ear pads are the same size;
  • differ in color and material;
  • there is no Russian translation in the instructions.

If everything looks fine here, go to the case.

We study products

Two headphones are located inside the case. Each has its own separate nest. They sit deep. To pull it out, you need to make an effort. This is what distinguishes a genuine device.

  • The appearance of the modules allows you to recognize the copy. All branded products are neat, elegant and beautiful;
  • Invisible joints, minimal gaps;
  • There is a border around the control key. Made on the basis of glossy plastic;
  • The labels indicating the left and right earbuds must not protrude. Every letter is smooth. Not felt when palpated;
  • LEDs are white or red if the charge is low.

The counterfeit impersonates with the following elements:

  • noticeable and large joints;
  • uneven gaps;
  • large ear pads made of hard material;
  • volumetric convex letters L and R;
  • dim LED operation.

A significant difference is manifested in the duration of autonomous functioning. Real headphones can work continuously for 4 hours. Some parodies sit down in 1 hour.

See how the case works. Genuine device charges the earbuds 4 times without recharging. Replicas are barely enough for 1-2 charges.


  • standard transparent fillings;
  • SKU code;
  • high-quality printing without errors;
  • barcode.

Genuine packaging features vibrant printing with vibrant colors. Large logo. The image of accessories in the light shimmers and is also glossy.

The barcode is printed clearly and smoothly. The date of manufacture is well readable, pixelated.

Real headphones are packed in a plastic bag and protective case. This protects the product from damage during transportation.

The design is based on blue and white colors. The headphones themselves on the packaging are black.

Another small nuance. There are more blue originals on cardboard than fakes. But without a visual comparison, it is difficult to notice.

Features of the device

The main topic for discussion will be Xiaomi AirDots. how to distinguish a fake from the original.

The standard equipment includes the following elements:

  • packing box;
  • plastic case;
  • instructions;
  • 3 pairs of ear pads;
  • wireless headphones.

The original accessory has a well thought-out design. The execution is inexpensive, but practical. The manufacturer decided to make a device that is reliable, simple and affordable. Therefore, a number of additional options were abandoned. Headphones from Xiaomi Redmi series have gained well-deserved popularity due to this.

Each earpiece is shaped like a capsule and also has rounded, smooth edges. This is made for a comfortable and secure fit of the device in the ear.

Each module is equipped with a mechanical button as well as a status indicator.

The device fits into a plastic case. Inside there is a socket with a connector that serves for recharging.

For the manufacture of the case, only matte black plastic is used. The quality is average, but decent. The case is flat. This makes it easy to store in your or bag. The lid, as well as the modules, are held in place by the work of small magnets. This will prevent the case from accidentally opening, and the modules to fall out and get lost.

The main problem in how to distinguish AirDots from a fake is quality copying. Yes, there are outright falsifications. There is a different color, a different shape, spelling errors in the brand name, etc. There is no point in even talking about them. Everything is obvious.

But the Redmi AirDots higher-end fake is similar to the original. You have to be attentive and focused.

What gives out a fake

There are several ways how to distinguish original Xiaomi AirDots from fake ones. The case, packaging, the modules themselves, as well as the equipment will help here.

Now to the question of how to distinguish AirDots from fake wireless headphones in practice.

We check the authenticity through the Mi Verify website

This is the fastest and most reliable method and works with all Xiaomi devices, from phones to fitness bracelets. The headset packaging contains a 20-digit code. The number is hidden by a protective film that needs to be erased with a coin.

Enter the 20-digit code in the “Xiaomi Product Authentication” column and wait until the number of checks is displayed. If the device was checked at the number you specified only once, this is the original, since Xiaomi assigns different combinations of numbers to its products. Multiple checks on the same number indicate a fake.

A similar procedure can be carried out through a barcode. We look for it on the box and take a photo in the Scanner application (it is installed by default on Xiaomi phones, and owners of other smartphones can download the program from Google Play). After processing the barcode, the “Xiaomi Product Authentication” page will open and the verification results will appear.

How to spot a fake AirDots Pro

Xiaomi specializes in the release of budget gadgets so that any user can purchase the device they like at an affordable price. But this does not stop unscrupulous developers who make copies at an even lower cost.

A fake device does not work well, lacks half of the declared functions, looks unpresentable and often breaks. Therefore, today we will tell you how to identify a fake of the popular AirDots Pro headphones.

Determined by external signs

Now we will tell you how to distinguish a replica of Bluetooth headphones by their appearance. Pay attention immediately to the build quality: the lid of the original case folds back without any problems, and the case itself does not creak. The liners should be made of plastic, pleasant to the touch, without scratches, gaps and cracks. At the back of the real AirDots Pro is a touchscreen control panel with a silver outline. The fake has no frame, and the button itself is usually mechanical.

Genuine AirDots come with silicone tips that can be matched to the size and shape of your auricle. The complete set of the copy is usually very meager: the manual, which consists of only a few pages and does not have logos, the device itself and the charging cable are of poor quality.

How not to get a fake

Now you know how to distinguish a fake Xiaomi AirDots Pro headset from a genuine one. We also have a useful article for the more budget models Redmi and Mi AirDots. How do you check your gadgets for originality??

On the back of the box is a 20-digit code. It is located under a protective film that must be carefully wiped off with a coin.

Next, go to the Mi Verify website, open the “Xiaomi Product Authentication” tab and type in the code. The number of checks will be displayed. If the headphones were checked for this number 1 time, they are original, since Xiaomi gives its products unique combinations of numbers. If several times. it is worth thinking about a fake, because scammers assign the same ciphers to fakes.


Along with the Bluetooth headphones are interchangeable ear pads packed in a square bag. Counterfeits are usually supplied without additional attachments.

The company manual consists of 9 pages, the first one contains the company logo. Print quality and sharpness. But to the replica they put a 3-4 page manual on the first sheet there are no logos. Also often the fake comes with scanned instructions.

The real Redmi AirDots don’t come with a USB charging cable because the company has saved on that. Whereas scammers, not paying attention to such a trifle, put a wire with a copy. But do not confuse Redmi with Mi Ayrdots. this Xiaomi model is equipped with USB.

Buyers of the Chinese versions, which are called exactly Redmi AirDots, should first of all pay attention to the case cover. There should be Redmi markings, but by no means Redim, Rrdmi or Mi. The Mi logo will only be available if the Global Version was purchased under the name Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic.

Next, we look at the charging connector located on the back. The joints should not protrude, the USB port is flat and smooth. Moving to the front of the docking station: the indicator is visible only when it is turned on. If the light is off, it is completely invisible. The case lid flips up to 90 degrees, making the earbuds easy to place in the charging slots.

How to spot a fake Redmi AirDots

Xiaomi products are very popular in the technology market, so the number of copies is growing rapidly. Fraudsters try to sell fakes and ask for the same amount as the real device. Users should know how to check the originality of Redmi and Mi AirDots headphones.


On the real box, the model name is printed in a bright and clear font, and the picture of the headset is glossy and shimmers in the sun; the copy of the letter and image are blurry, faded and of poor quality. The original packaging has two transparent seals at the top and bottom. The back shows the serial number and production date. Numbers must be pixelated and bold.


The device is notable for its high-quality assembly: there are no gaps anywhere, the construction does not creak. Matte plastic is pleasant to the touch. If the headset was purchased new and the packaging was intact, you should be alerted by the presence of scratches and stains, since unscrupulous sellers are not very worried about the appearance and integrity of the gadget.

The L and R markings that distinguish between the left and right earbuds are smooth and glossy, while the copy has a raised texture. Also, the replica is easy to identify if, after connecting via Bluetooth, the headphones are displayed on the phone under an unknown name.

Original box Redmi AirDots

Let’s start with the main thing. on the official Xiaomi website, it is impossible to determine the authenticity of the headset by the serial number, as well as scan the QR code, which is not available on both the Chinese and the global version of the earbuds. Thus, the effective way is to find the differences in the box:

  • On the back of the original packaging there is the Mi logo and an image of a case with a headset of a more saturated color (on a fake, the color is faded), the text at the bottom is pronounced, the font of the model name is bold.
  • The original Redmi AirDots on the packaging have embossed holes at the top. There should also be a transparent seal, which is duplicated by the second from the bottom of the box.
  • A serial number with the production date is stuck on the back side from below. The original sticker has the date in bold, pixelated font, while the copy has it in regular.

A noticeable difference is present in the arrangement of the blue background in the front. in the original it is slightly higher than that of the fake, but in the absence of real packaging on hand, it is impossible to notice this.

How to check Xiaomi AirDots headphones for originality and distinguish them from a fake

Redmi AirDots wireless earbuds have gained high popularity due to their low price and acceptable sound. This has led to the appearance of low-quality copies that are sold at the price of the original. Let’s figure out how to distinguish a fake by its appearance and not lose money.

Original equipment and case Redmi AirDots

The presence of ear pads allows you to check the originality of the headphones. In a real headset, they are necessarily included and packed in a square box. Nozzles are not put into a fake or are wrapped in a roll. The complete instruction in the “correct” version consists of 9 pages, and the first one contains the Mi logo. Copies of the manual, only 4 sheets, do not have a corporate logo in the title. It happens that a scanned copy of the original is put in a replica, but it is easy to identify it by the quality of the paper and blurry fonts.

The next sign of a fake concerns the logo on top of the case. Since the beginning of summer 2019, the manufacturer has applied the Redmi inscription, the copy has the previously mentioned Mi or Redim or Rrdmi typos. The last two options are found in the first batches of “burned” inserts.

Here are a few more signs that distinguish real headphones from fake ones in the case:

  • The lid opens 90 ° and can be slammed shut.
  • Below is an inscription in a dark font that does not stand out against the general background of the case.
  • The hinge for the charging cable on top of the socket is even, without bends or height differences. A similar picture is observed inside.
  • When connected to the charger, the LED lights up to indicate the connected power.
  • The power contacts for the earbuds are recessed into the body and do not protrude.

Additional verification of authenticity is carried out tactilely. matte plastic of poor quality is used in the counterfeit.

Original Redmi AirDots headphones

Authentication affects inspection of earbuds:

This is where the main methods of checking Xiaomi headphones for originality end, however, the creators of fakes continue to develop their product so that it looks more like a genuine headset. There is no guarantee that in further revisions the appearance of the fakes will not change, therefore, in addition, pay attention to the following differences from the original:

  • the manufacturer of the Bluetooth module is not displayed when checking;
  • the real battery capacity of the case is 220mAh instead of 300mAh;
  • LEDs are too bright or dim;
  • weak magnetic contacts do not hold the earbuds if you check the headphones upside down;
  • different headset volume, poor sound, short operating range (up to 1 meter or less);
  • when reset to factory settings, the LEDs turn red instead of blue.

How to check the originality of Xiaomi headphones?

  • If you have an MIUI smartphone, you should find the built-in Scanner app, which is usually found in the Tools folder. If you are an Android user, you need to download a dedicated QR code reader. For example, QR Code Reader. If you are an Apple user, you also need to download code reader apps from the App Store. For example: QR Code.
  • After opening the application for reading QR codes, you need to point the camera at the checkbox with the identification code. This flag hangs on the headphone wire closer to the plug. The application will process the code and offer to open a page with the verification results in the browser.
  • If on the opened page Mi-rabbit waves to you, and under it there is an inscription “Authentication passed! This Mi product is authentic ”means that your headphones are original. Otherwise you have a fake.

How to check the authenticity of Xiaomi headphones?

Many people, at least once in their lives, perhaps without even knowing it, acquired fakes. About five years ago, you could stumble upon a copy of some more or less expensive gadget (Beats by Dre headphones for 200, for example), but now craftsmen make copies of even cheap headphones from Xiaomi that cost up to 20.

There is nowhere to escape from this, all that remains is to take this fact for granted and be more attentive when making the next purchase. So how to check the authenticity of Xiaomi headphones, we will tell you about this in detail in this article. Xiaomi took care of its customers and made this process as simple as possible.

There are many videos on the network of disassembling external charging batteries, inside which people find the most unusual things: from bolts to sand. The whole danger lies in the fact that outwardly distinguishing a fake from the original is often very difficult. As soon as the problem started to gain traction, Xiaomi implemented a QR code system to authenticate its devices. You’ve probably noticed the paper flags hanging from the wires of the new headphones. You see one of these flags in the photo.

How to spot a fake Redmi AirDots

Recently, due to the great popularity of cheap wireless Redmi AirDots, unscrupulous sellers have started sending fakes to their customers. So how to distinguish a fake Redmi AirDots if they do not have a special tag with a verification QR code?

The first thing that may cause you bewilderment is the Redmi inscription on the front of the case, because in all the reviews there is the Xiaomi logo (Mi inscription). But don’t rush to get upset.

The Redmi inscription on the case means that the headphones are released for the Chinese domestic market. This is not a fake. The Mi logo indicates that this is the global version of the earbuds.

  • Service inscriptions on the case are made in white, on the original they are barely noticeable.
  • Stamping left / right is embossed, on the original it is more accurate.
  • The charging contact pad on the headphones is matte, on the original it is glossy.

What to do if you have a fake?

When making a purchase on the Internet and paying using the PayPal payment system, you can open a dispute with the seller and provide the necessary evidence that you have a fake to return the money spent. Aliexpress has its own buyer protection system.

The same person who constantly resent the lack of USB Type-C in new Xiaomi gadgets. This is me joking completely unfunny jokes and making mistakes in the texts. I love green apples.

Top Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Headphones! How to distinguish from a fake?

Hello! Today I will add my five cents to the operating experience with probably the most popular Xiaomi Redmi AirDots TWS wireless headphones. by the way, on the Telegram channel TechnoReview interesting technical devices, new items from Xiaomi and discounts on them appear even faster, so subscribe to be the first to know about everything.!

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Headphones

Headphones are supplied in a box with colorful printing. Since the device is the most popular, there are also a lot of fakes. And it is by the box that you can identify a fake from the original. First, we look at the availability of standard seals. Next, you should pay attention to the font and color of the printing, which should be bright enough, and the image of the devices themselves shimmer in the light and give gloss. And of course, the barcode must be clearly printed and not have curvature in the font. There is also a SKU number by which you can check originality.

Opening the box, we are greeted by a case containing headphones, three pairs of interchangeable ear pads and a small instruction. As many know, the charging cable is not included in the package. But some enterprising Chinese are ready to throw a cheap cable at an inflated price into the parcel for an additional fee.

The case itself is made of medium-quality matte black plastic with the Redmi inscription. On the back there is a microUSB connector for charging. When charging, an indicator on the front starts to light up, which is absolutely invisible when the power is off.

The cover of the original headphones for easy removal opens at an angle of 90 degrees. The headphones themselves are in jacks with connectors for charging them. Each of the earbuds has an activity indicator that glows either white or red.

The earphone is made in the form of a capsule and has a mechanical key that, when pressed once, starts and stops tracks, and also allows you to answer incoming calls. Double-clicking calls up the voice assistant. On the back side there are two charging contacts and a designation for the left and right ear. The battery life of the headphones is approximately 4 hours. At the same time, from the case to full charge, they can also be charged 4 times.

Before pairing, you must hold down the mechanical keys on each of the earbuds. After that, connect the right earphone in the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone. The left one will automatically connect accordingly. Personally, in my ears, the earplugs look unusual, to put it mildly. But my ears are big, so almost all headphones don’t fit me. Regardless, the headphones will fit most people, not mutants like me. Joke. Seriously though, I think the Xiaomi AirDots Pro would suit me, but they are expensive and not worth it. And the sound is comparable to the option under consideration. By the way, the new Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 headphones have already been released, which received a design similar to the Apple Airpods. Well, the same Apple Airpods will fall out of my ears at the very first step. At the same time, I always found a position in which the headphones can be placed in the ears so that they sit there tightly and do not fall out, but it looks very funny and it’s even a little embarrassing to walk along the street like that. Otherwise, the form factor of the headphones pleases and allows them to be “screwed” into the ear with almost any side, finding a comfortable position in which they will not fall out.

I will not say much about the sound of these headphones, since this is a purely individual concept, which has already been expressed from all sides on the Internet. Many are surprised at decent bass for such a modest amount. And I can say that the bass is really good here. The rest of the characteristics are on average and for such a price, a very decent level. At the same time, even at maximum volume, you can listen to the headphones and my picky ears are quite capable of this task.


To summarize, for that kind of money, you won’t find the best wireless headphones for YouTube browsing and picky music listening. The main thing here is not to run into a fake, in which a smart Chinese man for the same money will slip you frank trash for 7 bucks. Therefore, I left the link to the original headphones above. I strongly recommend taking these, since analogs in the same form factor simply will not pay for themselves, but saving on a bad habit and then walking with a very good device for several years, I think, is within the power of everyone. Thank you all for your attention. Bye.

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