AirDots Pro 2 headphones are very similar to Apple’s Airpods. But this is a degraded design, because everything is concise at Apple. And at Xiaomi they are more bulky and resemble a cigarette butt.

The case began to look very nice and, unlike the Airpods case, it is matte and when it is killed, it is not so noticeable on it.

It is very elegant, there is USB type-c, there is an LED indicator that either blinks white when you connect with a device, or blinks red when your battery is low.

Stop on retrieval

AirDots Pro 2 has infrared sensors, so when you take the earpiece out of your ear, the music stops, you put it back in. the music continues.


Out of the box, the headphones sound mediocre. For them to sound normal, a flashing is required:

  • Go to the Bluetooth settings and cancel the pairing with the phone
  • If you already have a program from Xiaomi called Mi, then you need to uninstall it
  • Download the application called Mi A2 Lite version 2.7.1
  • Install this program, open it, it is in Chinese. Usually we press all the blue buttons, give all permissions
  • Then we need to add our new device, close-open the case and hold down the button until a red signal is received, it will initially flash, and then a red-white signal will appear. this is a flashing mode, an upgrade will appear.
  • The case must be charged, press Upgrade and the update will start.
  • DO NOT close the cover when flashing, they should connect by themselves after the upgrade

Management (functional)

Autonomy (duration of work)

The manufacturer says that you can listen to music for 4 hours on a single charge. But in fact, the headphones are discharged faster, in 3. 3.5 hours.

If you use a headset, then 6 hours is enough.

The case gives you the opportunity to listen up to 14 hours. In fact, it discharges about once every 2 days with active use.

You can monitor the charge using your mobile phone. If you have Android 9, then when you have headphones connected, you can see how charged the battery is and when the headphones are connected, information appears below how charged the headphones are.

xiaomi, airdots, difference

Android 9 shows how charged the battery is

Xiaomi AirDots Pro Wireless Headphones

No wires. complete freedom

The design of the earbuds is completely wireless. They effectively synchronize the sound of music and conversations, and their striking design in a compact body emphasizes your unique style.

Clear sound during calls

Both earbuds have built-in high-sensitivity microphones that pick up your voice during calls. Beam shaping and ENC noise cancellation effectively suppress ambient noise and deliver high quality voice transmission.

Concise design, comfortable fit

Weighs only 5.8 g per earbud, its design is as close to the shape of the ear canals as possible, and a set of soft silicone ear cushions provides a snug fit and isolation from external noise. Plus, the IPX4 rating allows you to use the earbuds even during intense sports.

Change your headphones and enjoy the sound

Unlike regular wireless earbuds, Xiaomi earbuds can be used individually by switching between left and right. If you remove one of the headphones during a call, the headset automatically switches to one-way operation. One earbud can be shared with friends while still maintaining high sound quality and sync.

The built-in infrared optical sensor automatically detects if the earphone is inserted. If you remove one of the headphones during operation, the sensor will automatically pause playback so that you do not miss anything. Plus, Smart Pause helps you extend your headset’s battery life.

Highest sound quality

The earbuds support AAC encoding, allowing you to enjoy music without loss of quality. In addition, the headphones perfectly separate the sound of the voice from the sound of musical instruments, transmitting the composition in the form in which it was created.

Advanced acoustic design

The high-performance 7mm neodymium speaker driver is combined with a titanized diaphragm and moving coil for superior frequency response to maintain natural and balanced bass, midrange and treble. With Active Noise Cancellation on, the sound becomes even clearer, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music in any situation.

When using both earbuds, it is enough to lightly press the left earphone twice to wake up the voice assistant Xiao Ai. In addition, the headset can be used with other smart voice assistants. Noise cancellation technologies and advanced voice recognition let you connect with any assistant.

How to tell if they are charged

Information about the low charge of the case and headphones is displayed with the same indication. When the level is restored, the indicators will light for 5 seconds. If they are blinking, this indicates that charging is required.

Operating and charging time

If the case is charged for about 1 hour, then the headphones have 45 minutes to stay in the case. At the same time, the battery life reaches 3 hours 30 minutes.

AirDots PRO manual. connection and control

Xiaomi’s AirDots Pro wireless headset is rapidly gaining popularity. Xiaomi AirDots Pro manual in Russian will be useful to users, simplify the settings and operation of the gadget.

  • The difference between AirDots, Redmi AirDots and AirDods Pro
  • AirDods Pro headphone device
  • Case management
  • How to charge AirDots Pro
  • Operating and charging time
  • How to tell if they are charged
  • How to connect to the phone
  • How to connect to a computer or other devices
  • How to untie headphones from an external device
  • Management of incoming and outgoing calls
  • How to manage track switching
  • What to do if AirDots Pro doesn’t work
  • does not work
  • do not connect
  • only one earphone works
  • User tips

Management of incoming and outgoing calls

Managing incoming and outgoing calls with Xiaomi headphones does not require any special skills. To cancel a call, press and hold the touch panel for 3-5 seconds. To mute the microphone during a call, just double tap.

The headset is compatible with voice assistants such as Siri, Alice and Google Assistant

How to charge AirDots Pro

To charge the AirDots Pro headphone case, you need to connect a USB Type-C cable to the connector on the bottom of the case. The charging process takes no more than 1 hour and is accompanied by a flashing light indication

The earbuds are charged from the case and do not require any additional actions. The user just needs to place them in the case and wait until charging starts.

How to connect to the phone

To independently connect the earphone to the phone, you should refer to the Xiaomi AirDots Pro manual. First of all, you need to start pairing mode by clicking on the touch panel, which is located on the front side of the gadget. After the white indication appears, you can start pairing.

The rest of the actions are performed on the smartphone. In the Bluetooth settings, select the search for devices. The wireless headset will be displayed under the number Mi AirDots Basic_R. Then you need to click on the name and wait for pairing.

The right earpiece is considered the main one, so the phone is initially tied to it. In this case, the user can switch between them and control each separately. In case of difficulties, the Xiaomi AirDots Pro manual in Russian will help.

How to untie headphones from an external device

To disconnect the headphones from an external device, you need to reset the connections. To do this, they are placed in a case, and then the key is held in the side of the case for 10 seconds. After such actions, the factory settings will be restored.


One cycle is enough for 3 hours of listening at medium volume. The gadget is charged 2-3 times from the case. The docking station’s charge is determined by a single indicator. The LED is on continuously. the case is charged, blinking. it must be connected to a power source (computer / powerbank / socket).

Then place the Airdots in the container. Make sure the contacts fit snugly together. The procedure takes an average of 45 minutes. A full battery will be indicated by a LED that is continuously lit for 5-6 seconds.

Features of the device

It is difficult for a beginner to understand the diagram of the device, indicators and other nuances, therefore, with useful information.

The container is medium in size, made of matte plastic, pleasant to the touch. There are white and black colors. The cover is fixed with magnets. Below is the USB Type-C port. The case has recesses for wireless charging of the headphones. Front indicator, side button for synchronizing with a smartphone.

Auto pause

An infrared sensor detects when the user removes the earmold from the ear and playback stops. Reinsert the earpiece. audio starts from the second it left off.


Using a double tap, you can answer a call or end a conversation; when you touch the right earpiece, the track will start or stop playing, to the left, the voice assistant Xiao AI, Google Assistant or Siri is activated. Long press on the two earbuds will start active noise canceling. It is deactivated in the same way.

The touch key does not provide the ability to switch tracks or add / decrease volume. This is done in a smartphone, or through a voice assistant.

Synchronization with your phone

Mi AirDots Pro are paired with a mobile device in a simple way:

  • Make sure the gadget is charged and place it in the docking station. Press the side key. The flashing LED should light up.
  • On your smartphone, go to Bluetooth devices and find the model “Mi AirDots PRO_R” or “Mi AIR TRUE WIRELESS EARPHONES_R” there. Click to pair.
  • If prompted for a password, enter four zeros. This concludes the setup.

With subsequent use, AirDots will automatically connect to the device after being removed from the box.

If one earbud is connected, check the charge level and repeat the pairing procedure. Also don’t forget that only the right earbud works separately.

PC connection

The headphones will connect to your laptop without any problems. But with stationary computers, problems are possible, since they do not have a Bluetooth module. You will have to buy an adapter. Pairing is the same as on phones. Dots work with Android, iPhone and Windows operating systems.

Main features

Ayrdots Pro is a TWS headset in the middle price segment. From here, 2 advantages flow smoothly over the budget model: sound insulation and “smart” stopping of music.

AirDots Pro manual

Xiaomi has a wide range of interesting gadgets. Wireless headsets are in great demand. Popular headphone models include the budget AirDots Pro. They differ from standard AirDots in cost and advanced characteristics. Our instruction in Russian will tell you about connecting, operating, charging and other nuances of using a Bluetooth headset.

Check the bottom of the earphone.

The fake Airpods have a different metal on the underside than the original. The original ones will always have the same dimensions for the metal on the underside, while the fake Airpods have a wider and taller cover.

Check the L and R labels.

Even though it is a really noticeable detail on the headphones, somehow counterfeiters sometimes manage to overlook these labels. The image shows that the fake is missing the ‘R’ lettering for the right ear. Original Airpods always have ‘L’ and ‘R’ letters on the earbuds.

Check the code on the inside of the charging case.

The fastest way to spot fake headphones. check the serial number, which can be found on the inside of the charging case. After you find the unique code, visit checkcoverage.Apple.com/en/ru/ and check if the code is validated by Apple.

Real Airpods will ship with a serial number, which the manufacturer will confirm on its official website. Also, this code must match the serial number indicated on the box and in the settings of the smartphone (if the headphones are already connected to the iPhone, go to “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”. Airpods)

The picture below shows how to find this unique serial number.

Once you have written down this code, you will need to go to https://checkcoverage.Apple.com and enter it. If the model is indicated on the website correctly, it means that the headphones are original. Otherwise, it will be indicated that the serial number is incorrect.

As you can see in the image above, the Airpods Pro are fully confirmed by Apple on their website. 99% of the time this is enough to prove originality, however it is possible that someone could change the case and insert fake earbuds. Unlikely, but possible.

Original and fake side clearance.

The gesture area on the side of the counterfeit earbud is higher in height compared to the original; in addition to the height, you may notice that this area is shallower than the original.

Buy original Airpods (2nd generation Airpods and Airpods Pro).

Step 2: inspect diffusers.

First of all, by the diffusers you can distinguish the original from the counterfeit.

You can easily notice that the fake ones have a gray metal outline next to the black diffusers. On the other hand, the original Airpods Pro do not and will never have a gray outline around the diffusers, unlike the fake ones, which have this additional outline. You may also notice that the fake Airpods Pro have a diffuser on the outside that looks larger than the diffuser on the original Airpods Pro, the originals have the diffuser on the same mowing line and flush.

The image of the original Airpods compared to the fake one shows that the fake ones have a different color for the rounded rectangle, while the original ones have a black diffuser rectangle, which is slightly shiny and reflects light. Counterfeit material is most often colored dark gray, which does not reflect any light.

How to check Airpods Pro headphones for originality?

We have prepared a short article on how to do this. Remember that counterfeiters always compromise on quality. To highlight the most common places where these trade-offs are made, we’ve put together a comparison of fake and original Airpods Pro.

Fake and real speakers.

Fake headphones may have a different color on the speakers. Fake speakers are grayer than the original ones, and you may also notice a lower mesh density.

In addition, you can see that fake headphones may be missing a small plastic overlay around the mesh.

How to connect Xiaomi AirDots Pro

Xiaomi produces many different earbuds that differ in design, sound, price and connection scheme. Thanks to this article, you will learn how to connect a Bluetooth-headset Mi Air True Wireless Earphones (AirDots Pro) and AirDots Pro 2 (Air 2) to your phone.

AirDots Pro connection

We place the headphones in the case and close the lid. Now we find the button on the side and hold it down for 5 seconds. The white light should come on. It notifies that the wireless headset is ready for pairing.

On the phone, open the list of Bluetooth devices available for connection. We are looking for the model “Mi TRUE WIRELESS EARPHONES” and click “Synchronize”. If the system requires a verification code, enter four zeros.

Since the microphones are located in two ear pads, you can talk from both the left and right headphones.

Air 2 connection

Airdots Pro 2 pair with a mobile device in the same way as the previous version.

  • We activate the Bluetooth module on the phone.
  • Hold the button on the case to connect.
  • Select the model on the smartphone and run Connect.
  • We remove the headphones and start listening to audio.

This manual is universal and suitable for all Android devices: Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.

Things to do before syncing

Unlike the budget earbuds of Redmi and Mi AirDots, Pro models are connected via a case. The case is required to connect with a smartphone, so the first thing to do is charge it by connecting it to a power source via a USB Type-C cable. Also, do not remove the headset from the dock until it is fully charged.

IPhone sync

IPhone owners can sync in a similar way:

  • Open “Settings” on the phone.
  • Go to the “Bluetooth” section and move the slider opposite the adapter to the “On” mode.
  • On the case with Airdots, press the button, as already described above.
  • Headphones will be highlighted in the device list. Click “Connect”.
  • After a few seconds, a notification will appear that the gadgets are paired. After that, take out the earbuds and enjoy the music.

What to do if you can’t connect

First, you need to delete the records of previous connections. “Forgetting” the device in the list of Bluetooth models and clearing the application cache. We place the headphones in the charging block and hold the side button for 10 seconds. The headset will reboot and be ready to use from scratch.

A standard reset to the factory settings will also help: we charge the case, put the AirDots there (do not close the lid) and hold the key for 30-40 seconds.

Now you know how to connect Mi AirDots Pro and Pro 2 to Android and iOS smartphones, as well as what procedures will help if synchronization fails.

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro wireless earbuds are among the best in their class. Due to its relatively low price and impressive technology, this headset is a must-buy for all music lovers looking to get rid of unnecessary wires. Particularly impressive is the noise reduction system, as well as support for the popular AAC codec. Package contents: headphones, manual, ear pads (3 pairs), protective case with charger function, USB Type-C cable.

Communication and sound

The Mi AirDots Pro connects with other devices and smartphones via Bluetooth 4.2. The radius of action is up to 10 meters. Audio streaming codec is supported. There is an active noise cancellation ANC system, which also helps when transmitting a wireless audio signal. There are 7mm drivers with an advanced diaphragm made of titanium. As noted, controls are focused on tapping and other touches on the headset’s touch pad.

The sound quality is very high. In this regard, the headphones have few competitors. They sound powerful and piercing.

You can connect headphones to any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Supported operating systems include iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. Headphones have no problems with periodic connection to different devices, synchronization occurs without errors.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2

The second generation of Xiaomi headphones

Mi Air 2 wireless earbuds are no longer vacuum headphones, but earbuds. This form has fans and opponents, so the two generations of AirDots Pro compete not only with products of other brands, but also with each other.

The device is produced in high quality white soft-touch plastic, the heads and case inside are glossy. The cylindrical oval leg of the earphone remains quite thick, protrudes above the earbud body, and is equipped with microphones at the top and bottom ends. The inside is marked “Left / Right”. Built-in infrared proximity sensors retained.

The headset has become a little smaller and lighter: the size of one wireless module is 36x16x16 mm, a pair of headphones weighs 9 g, and the case equipped with them is 52 g. At the same time, the diameter of the dynamic emitter has doubled. up to 14.2 mm.

The case for charging and storing Xiaomi AirDots 2 Pro is thinner, rounded only along the side edges, with a flat bottom and a lid. At the bottom there is a USB Type-C charging connector. As in the previous division, the lid and internal headphone slots are equipped with magnets. Case size: 25x49x49 mm.

The earbuds sit securely in the ears and do not cause discomfort, however, due to the form factor chosen by the developers, their geometry is not corrected and in exceptional cases may simply not fit anatomically.


Inside the package we find the following equipment:

  • Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro;
  • transport / recharging houses;
  • 3x spare rubber pads;
  • USB type-C charging cable;
  • Manuals.

Connection and noise cancellation

To activate Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro, simply open the case: to start pairing, you will have to hold down the key on the case for 2 seconds. Once connected to the device, simply remove them to quickly connect to the last paired terminal. The standard used is that Bluetooth 4.2 To be honest, I was expecting the most modern Bluetooth 5.0 supported instead of AirDots. And in fact, we notice a slight lag when watching videos, even if the range of use remains good, even with obstacles in the middle. Fortunately, the challenge is to have stereo audio, with good sound and microphone quality, even outdoors.

As far as the noise reduction system goes, I still stick with the idea that for headphones without overhead headphones, this is an implementation in itself. The microphones do what they can, cutting so few frequencies it feels like you haven’t even turned them on. And the voice in Chinese does not help, which informs whether the reduction is active, tk. if you don’t know chinese.


The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro earbuds come with a special case that doubles as a charger. In the mode of continuous playback of music tracks, a full charge will last up to 3 hours. If you use a case, then the battery life can be increased to 10 hours. As for charging, it is carried out using the USB Type-C connector, which is installed here. The case received a battery with a capacity of 410 mAh.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro review. quality fully wireless headphones

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro. new inexpensive fully wireless Bluetooth headphones. another “killer of Apple Airpods”. Unlike the previous non-Pro version (Xiaomi AirDots), wireless AirDots Pro Edition, visually very similar to the “apple” counterpart.

Many Airpods users were unhappy with the form factor (earbuds) and the resulting low noise isolation. And now we have new, wireless true wireless headphones, AirDots Pro: externally the same, but in-ear and with active noise cancellation. Still, Xiaomi is closely following the market before the release of the next Apple-like device.

    Price; Good fit in the ear; Acceptable sound quality; Reliable connection.
    Battery life; Headphone and case dimensions; Inconvenient charge indication;

Connection quality and features. AirDots Pro

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro wireless headphones can boast only of the already middle-aged version of Bluetooth 4.2.

On the one hand, why not 5.0, as in the younger one? On the other hand, why? Few, even those with a phone that supports version 5, will listen to music more than 10 meters away.

Within the framework of one room without walls (if it is not a hangar or a huge office openspace), the connection is reliable without interruptions and artifacts.

The pairing process itself is pretty straightforward. For the first time, you need to take the headphones out of the case (they will automatically turn on) and find them in the available Bluetooth devices on your smartphone. After the first pairing, the earbuds will automatically “undock” when they are put back in the case and connect automatically if you take them out of the case.

If you need to connect Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro to another device, you need to “forget” on the previous.

Audio delays in video and games are still present. If, when watching the same YouTube, the “lags” are not so serious, but in games it turns out to be quite critical.

    The microphone on the AirDots Pro is pretty good. In most cases, speech is heard clearly. Although, of course, there may be distortions in a noisy / windy environment. Waterproof to the IPX4 standard makes it possible to work out with headphones in the gym and not be afraid that they will be “short-circuited” from sweat. Also, it is not scary to get into them under light rain. Although the protection is minimal, it’s nice that it is there.
    Active noise cancellation in Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro is implemented at a normal level for their price category. Of course, they cannot compare with luminaries like Bose, but in the subway, for example, listening comfort can be increased. Especially if the ear pads are correctly selected.

Putting the comfortable fit, light weight, waterproof, noise canceling, and completely wireless form factor together, we have a great headphone option for the gym and active lifestyle.

Control and comfort

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro fits comfortably and securely in the ear. Even those who do not fit perfectly with any ear pads should not be afraid that the headphones may fall out. Additional comfort is provided by the almost weightlessness of the model. AirDots Pro can easily spend those three hours playing on a single charge.

The dimensions, in comparison with the prototype from Cupertino, are too big. The headphones themselves are noticeably, though not critical, protruding from the ear, and the case is not very “thin” either. It will not fit comfortably in every

Touch control, implemented well:

    Double tap on one of the earbuds when a call comes in: receiving / rejecting a call Two taps on the left earphone (without an incoming call). call the voice assistant, on the right. pause / resume playback. If only one earphone is inserted, only music playback can be controlled.

Oh yes Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro can work in mono headset mode. While one earphone is charging, you listen to music on the other. this function may be useful to someone.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro are now equipped with infrared sensors. When using headphones in pairs (nevertheless, the most popular scenario), as soon as you remove one or both from your ear, the music is paused. Convenient little thing that was missing in the “non-Pro” version.

Battery life

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro work on a single charge even less than the younger model: 3 hours is not much. With “refueling” from the case. 10 hours. Despite the fact that a full charge takes 40-60 minutes, for a day of active listening or for 2-3 days the “average” should be enough.

Какие дешёвые Наушники Xiaomi Выбрать? Redmi AirDots 2 vs Redmi AirDots vs AirDots S vs Haylou GT1

The difference in autonomy with the previous model is relatively small. Power consumption may have been influenced by the addition of active noise cancellation or a new form of earbuds.

The indication of the amount of charge in the case and in the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro themselves is not very convenient. It has two levels: “everything is fine” and “it’s almost over.” At the same time, the charge level for each of the headphones may be different, and the maximum is displayed on the phone.

.Sound quality

Xiaomi AirDots Pro, in general, sound for their money.

Taking into account the form factor. That is, if you take wired “plugs” for 60, you can easily find a better sound. But there are no wires here.

If we leave aside the advertising slogans about great sound and neodymium magnets (which have been in all dynamic headphones for a long time), in comparison with the younger model, the sound has become better, more balanced. With the correct selection of ear pads, there will be both tangible bass and acceptable highs.

Many will be warmed by the support of the AAC codec. The specifications are not the most modern, but for a comfortable and pleasant listening to your favorite tracks, Xiaomi AirDots Pro are quite suitable.

Compare Xiaomi AirDots vs AirDots Pro VS Airpods

Although the headphones came out quite recently, many copies on the network have already been broken about which model has the best sound, Apple Airpods or Xiaomi AirDots Pro. Few people take into account the different form factor. Airpods have one in-ear fit and they give one sound. And at Xiaomi, due to in-channel placement, a lot can depend on whether at least one of the ear pads from the kit fit. If they come. the sound is excellent, the bass “shakes”, if they don’t come up. there is no sound insulation, the high ones “cut”.

Charging and battery life

AirDots 3 Pro can work in standby mode for about 28 hours. Without using the charging case, the earbuds will last about 6 hours. The battery capacity of the case is 470 mAh, and the capacity of the headphones is 35 mAh.

AirDots 3 got a more powerful 600mAh battery, so their battery life is slightly longer. Standby time is 30 hours, and without charging case. 7 hours. In both cases, a USB Type-C port is provided for charging, and wireless charging is possible. The Pro version charges in 1 hour, and the basic version will be ready for use in 1.5 hours.

Review of Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 Pro wireless headphones: what is the difference from Redmi AirDots 3?

AirDots 3 wireless earbuds were released by Redmi in February 2021. Users around the world were, to put it mildly, disappointed with the new product. The headset has not received enough performance to provide sound quality and usability.

A few months later, the manufacturer presents the AirDots 3 Pro. It has active noise cancellation, dual transparency mode, 3 microphones and more. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Pro version and identify its main differences from the base model.


AirDots 3 Pro, like other Xiaomi wireless earbuds, received an oval charging case, however, the lid now opens in a different direction. This allows the case to be opened with one hand. Control buttons are located at the front. The body has a matte surface in white or black, which does not leave marks and scratches.

If we compare the headphones with the previous version, then the differences lie in the color of the case and the size. The AirDots 3 charging case weighs a little less (51 g versus 55 g new). The earbuds come in white, pink and blue and have a slightly different shape.

Both headphone casing is IPX4 waterproof (splashing water, raindrops and sweat). The set includes 3 pairs of ear pads so that each user can choose the size of the ear tips for themselves. The shape of the ear cushions has been redesigned as they fit much better in the new version than in the AirDots 3.

Sound quality and noise reduction

Distortion-free treble reproduction, deep and clear bass, superior sound quality. all provided by 9mm moving drivers. AirDots 3 received a 7.2mm driver. 4 sound modes are provided: voice, treble, bass and balance.

The Pro version supports active noise cancellation, which can reduce ambient noise by up to 35 dB. In transparency mode, the user can easily talk with friends without removing the headphones.

During a phone call, the other person will hear your voice better thanks to the three microphones in the AirDots 3 Pro, which is not available in the base model. Together with a special algorithm, they reduce the amount of ambient noise, making your voice sound clearer.

AirDots 3 Pro support simultaneous connection in two devices at once. For example, you can play podcast from your laptop and receive incoming calls from your smartphone at the same time. In game mode, delays are only 69ms, so you can fully enjoy the sound effects of an immersive game.

The headset connects to the phone using Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Within a radius of 10 meters, the “find headphones” function is active. Provides voice control.

The ease of use of the headset is complemented by automatic music playback. If the user takes off the earpiece, then the music is paused. Puts back on. playback is automatically activated.

AirDots 3 Pro retained the feature of the Redmi AirDots line at an affordable price, however, compared to the basic version of the headphones, several improvements have appeared. First of all, the parameters for reducing environmental noise have been changed. Now it’s active noise cancellation, automatic noise level detection and more.

AirDots VS AirPods Pro TOP FOR YOUR MONEY!? Detailed Review and Comparison. WINNING Redmi AirDots S!

9mm movable drivers guarantee excellent sound quality, and thanks to three microphones, the other party will hear you clearly during a call. Supports 4 sound modes, voice control and auto pause music after removing the earphone.

The headset can connect to two devices at the same time, work in standby mode for 28 hours and provide low latency while playing. Compared to AirDots 3, this model comes with more comfortable ear cushions.