How to fix a disabled iPhone with or without iTunes

There are several reasons for which the iPhone is disabled, and try to do it through 1/5/15/60 minutes.

Snuperce. Some kind of curious friend, family member or even a stranger can try to unlock your iPhone, but he or she does not know about the attempts of a limited password.

Children. Children love to press the buttons when they receive an iPhone, so sometimes the device can be disconnected due to children.

myself. You can forget your iPhone password and not unlock it. Or you can accidentally activate the iPhone screen in your and accidentally enter the access code several times.

How to solve the problem and bypass the disabled iPhone to use it normally.

We will talk about this in this post, 6 ways to unlock disabled iPhone with and without iTunes.

About “iPad Disabled, Connect to iTunes

IOS device is protected by several security features, one of which. screen lock.

Every time you turn on the iPad with the lock screen, you need to enter the correct password or use Touch ID to enter the iPad. And as soon as you enter the wrong password for:

  • 6 times: iPad will turn off for 1 minute;
  • 7 times: iPad will be turned off for 5 minutes;
  • 8 times: iPad will be turned off for 15 minutes;
  • 9 times: your iPad will be disconnected for an hour;
  • 10 times: This iPad will say: “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”.

When your iPad is simply disabled for one hour or less, you can wait until the disabled screen disappears by itself, and then enter the password to unlock the iPad.

But as soon as you see “iPad disabled, connect to iTunes“, you can no longer just unlock this iPad. The only way to fix the iPad disabled. This reset the settings. Just dropping it, you can delete a disabled state and use the iPad normally.

To reset a disconnected iPad, you can follow the instructions on the screen and connect your iPad to iTunes, it can help you reset your iPad, as well as there are some other methods it can help you reset the iPad disconnected when iTunes does not help. Now let’s see exactly how you can reset the iPad disabled with iTunes or without it.

How to fix a disabled iPad:

Special instructions: To fix a disconnected iPad by reset, all data on it will be deleted, so you better back up your disconnected iPad first to avoid data loss.

Additional password input attempts on iPhone or iPad

If the iPhone (iPad) error appeared on the screen, connect to iTunes, “you can get around it and get another 10 attempts to enter the password. The method is as follows:

iphone, disabled, connect, itunes

If you reset the password input attempts turned out to be specified, it is possible to do it indefinitely, repeating the steps described above and receiving 10 additional password input attempts.

The company “Apple”, which was founded in America, is engaged in the production of high-quality products. Enjoy the company’s smartphone under the name iPhone. It contains a variety of features, helping the lives of a modern person. Thanks to the optimization and features of the operating system, work with a similar device. pure pleasure. At the same time, some problems arise at the iPhone owners. For example, not to all understand how to implement certain functions. Some errors and malfunctions are able to put in a dead end.

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Today we will talk about a very common mistake. Under certain circumstances, users see a message type “iPhone disabled. Connect to iTunes “. How to unlock the device in this case? What you need to do to implement ideas in life? First of all, it is necessary to know why a similar problem arises.

Third way: how to fix the problem through iCloud

Adjust the smartphone, as they did for the first time, and then restore from the backup.

All methods are specified for Apple devices with IOS 7 and above firmware. Now you know how to reset the password on your device.

As manifest?

In what cases this warning occurs?

It is associated with password entry attempts. if the user entered the password is not correct when unlocking the device, the system will be locked to ensure data security.

The user is given as much as six attempts to enter password. If during these six attempts, the erroneous password (the same or different) will be constantly entered, then the mobile device is blocked exactly one minute. It is believed that during this time the user will remember or somehow recognize his password, will be able to focus.

If after the first minute is over, the user will immediately get the wrong password at least once, the device will be blocked independently, this time finally.

At the same time, a corresponding notification appears on the screen, which is discussed in this article.

It should be noted that such a problem has become quite actual and common, when the main button of the device has become equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

Now the owner of the device does not need to remember and enter the password every time you unlock. the scanner on the button simply recognizes the fingerprint of the user and unlock the smartphone automatically.

Since most of the locks called the owners themselves who forgot the password, then with the appearance of a scanner imprint this problem almost disappeared.

However, it can still occur, for example, when trying to unlock a smartphone in gloves suitable for working with a sensor, with uncontrolled phone use by children and T. D.

In any case, if the device is in the hands of his master, then its unlock does not take much time and will not be too complicated.

Ways to solve the problem “iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes

To start the “apple” device again, you do not need to have special skills or special devices. But if the owner of the gadget is not sure that he can solve the problem independently, then he is better to immediately contact the service center. This method is effective, but not free.

And you can solve the problem without additional investments. There are several ways to make a blocked gadget.

Solve the problem through iTunes

The most secure option to which you should resort first, specified, in fact, in the message itself on the screen of the locked device.

Using the iTunes program will enable the gadget without losing data. Surely for each user it is important.

If the device is blocked by chance, when entering the application on the computer, you just need to enter the correct password to the iPhone. Perhaps it will be necessary to specify the code word if it was spelled out when registering.

If there are difficulties with a correct password, you need to go to the second method: using iTunes you can reset the number of attempts used for a password set.

Total device allows you to enter the necessary combination 10 times. If it is not true. the lock turns on. This method allows you to reject the counter to try to remember the necessary password. A huge set.

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The actions algorithm looks like this:

  • Attach the PC gadget using a compatible USB cord.
  • Open online iTunes. You need to go to the program on your computer, where I used to enter iTunes and was synchronized. Someone else’s PC will not suit!
  • Click on the “Synchronize” button (SYNC), which is from the bottom left.
  • Immediately stop the synchronization process, closing the window that appears (click on the cross right above).
  • Disconnect the PC gadget.

The device after such a procedure can be unlocked by typing the correct password on the screen. The system has reset the counter, and the user has 10 new attempts.

If you remember the cherished combination, you should move to the third method.

  • Open iTunes application on a synchronized computer.
  • Connect the cable (original!) to the device and PC.
  • Reload the iPhone using the POWER button simultaneously and the volume controller. “Apple” logo appears on the screen.
  • The application on the computer will appear about the connected device and select the Select one of the actions. “Update” or “Restore”. Both options will automatically unlock the smartphone after updating the firmware.

What is the difference? The first option will allow you to upload a new version of iOS and not to change personal data in the device. The second with the update will delete all user information. contacts, photos, videos, documents.

It is advisable to press the update button to not lose the valuable data stored on the device.

Restore from the backup version of the device

Users who regularly create a backup of the device data can unlock the iPhone method above. But in paragraph 4 of the Action Algorithm, you need to select the option “Restore”.

After the new firmware is installed and the current data is deleted, you must click the Restore Backup button, indicating the location of the desired backup option.

Another simple way to restore from the copy:

  • Open iTunes on PC, connect a gadget to it.
  • In the “On Device” section, select the “Restore” option.
  • In the drop-down window to find the version of the backup with a dumbbed desk and choose her.
  • A rollback process starts to the selected version, the password will be reset after several automatic iPhone reboots.

Through reset all settings

This method is more cardinal, which does not leave ways to retreat, because after it lost data will not be able to resume. You can implement it without a computer and additional applications.

Be sure to take out the SIM card before starting the procedure, so as not to erase the phone numbers.

  • Press the device “Power” (POWER) and at the same time “home” (Home).
  • Keep both buttons before the Apple icon appears on the screen.
  • Device will reboot. All data is irrevocably erased, along with password. The device receives return to factory settings.

Using the “Find iPhone” function

Reset the password on the gadget can even be remotely. At the same time, all settings and user information are removed simultaneously with the blocking from the phone.

You can implement the procedure using cloud service icloud.

  • Go to ICloud website.COM, “Find My Device” (Find My iPhone).
  • Pass authentication under your appleid.
  • In the All Devices section (All Devices) choose a blocked gadget.
  • In the new window on the right click on the “Erase iPhone” option (Erase iPhone).

All data is deleted, the phone became absolutely “clean”, as immediately after the purchase. However, the password also disappeared, so you can insert “SIM card” and use the device.

IPhone recovery from backup

Auger is a very effective way to unlock the device, if you have at least one backup, stored in iTunes or ICloud. For recovery, you will also need a computer with a tuna installed, which before the incident has already been synchronized with your iPhone.

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Before starting recovery, perform iPhone synchronization with iTunes. This time it is not necessary to interrupt the process. wait for it when it comes to the end. Click the “Restore Backup” button (restore the iPhone) and indicate where the program should take a backup. from your directories (the “This Computer” option) or from iCloud.

A copy created by just. during the last synchronization is not suitable because it is blocked. So choose one of the previous.

After restoring the lock will be reset. And with it. other settings, contacts, SMS messages, calendars and notes. all this will be given to the state at which reservations occurred. The operating system will remain unchanged.

iphone, disabled, connect, itunes

iPod disabled? Connect to iTunes!

When iPod / iPod Touch is disabled, iPod reports connecting to iTunes, which is an effective way to restore iTunes. You can follow the manual below:

Step 1 Connect the iPod / iPod Touch disabled to the computer.

iphone, disabled, connect, itunes

Step 2 Open iTunes and select your iPod

Step 3 Click “Restore iPod” to start the reset process. Wait a few minutes, after which you will pass the process of setting iPod.

After that your disabled iPod will be corrected as a new. You can also choose “Restore from iTunes backup” during the installation process, if you have it.

ATTENTION: To connect to iTunes and fix a disabled iPod, make sure that you have previously synchronized this disabled iPod with iTunes, otherwise you can get an error message that states that the iPod cannot connect to iTunes because the iPod is blocked by a password and Ends in the cycle. In this case, you can consider correcting the problem with the iPod disabled without iTunes.

Unable to connect to iTunes, turned on the phone via iPhone Unlocker

If iTunes cannot unlock your iPhone, we may need help to restore your iPhone using the iPhone unlock from Aiseesoft. This is a program for unlocking an iPhone in any situation. Your disconnected iPhone can be unlocked when iTunes cannot help, unlike iTunes, you do not need to go into recovery mode. It’s all about several clicks and a few minutes.

Let’s see how to unlock your iPhone disabled with an iPhone unlock from Aiseesoft.

Step 1 Download and install an iPhone unlock from Aiseesoft

Step 2 Start it and connect your iPhone to PC

Make sure the connection is stable during the process.

Step 3 Select Wipe Passcode mode

Select Wipe Password in Intees Click Start Continue.

Check out the correct information about your iPhone and click Start Confirm. Then download the firmware to erase your password. It will take some time. The firmware will be downloaded to your computer, it will not affect the subsequent use of your PC or phone.

Step 5 Enter “0000” to erase your iPhone

After downloading the firmware, enter “0000” to confirm the deletion, click Unlock.

Wait a few seconds when unlocking is completed, your iPhone can be available as usual. You can customize your iPhone now.

If you need to make a backup of your data, you can try first back up your disabled iPhone, or you can simply perform the steps described above to enable your iPhone.

It’s a shame that our iPhone is disabled. But it is not difficult to solve this problem. You can try to connect iTunes to unlock your iPhone. Or you can use aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. Remember that if your data is important, make a backup of the data before unlocking them. Hoping that your iPhone will soon return to a normal state.