How to remove Windows Old folder?

In our article today, you will learn how to delete the Windows folder correctly.OLD in Windows 7, 8, 10 and This directory remains after updating the current or reinstalling the previous version of the operating system. On the one hand, it stores desktop files and documents from the old OS. On the other hand, the contents can occupy more than 20 impressive gigabytes of disk space and negatively affect the working capacity of the hard drive, as well as lead to various malfunctions and errors of your PC or laptop.

After the Windows folder.OLD is removed, you will not be able to roll back to the previous system from Microsoft.

Please note that the directory is not recommended to be removed manually through a standard conductor, for a full cleaning, adhere to detailed instructions given in points below.

How to clean Windows.Old in the seventh Windows?

If after the above manipulations on the hard disk there are empty folders that cannot be erased due to the pop-up notification “not found /not found”, start the command line using the administrator’s rights and enter RD /S /Q C: \ Windows.OLD, then click Enter. All data will be deleted. Using command line. The easiest way to solve the problem with the residual folder.

How to delete Windows.OLD from the computer

Taking too much Windows space.OLD is allowed to remove from PC. It is usually stored on the drive with. If the previous version of the OS is removed, then in case of problems it will not be possible to use it. It is advisable to test a new operating room for a month, and then delete the old.

Through temporary files

  • The window with the contents of the drive C opens;
  • Find “temporary files” and press them;
  • The window opens with the sentence “Delete temporary files”, agree.

Through “Disk cleaning”

Method of removal through disk cleaning:

  • First, an assessment will be completed;
  • The program will appreciate the volume of space that can be freed;
  • Then the window “Cleaning C” will open;
  • Activate “Clean system files”;

Using the device settings

Another way to remove through the memory of the device:

Using programs

Method of removal through a application:

  • The Windows tab with a list will open;
  • Find “other” (at the bottom of the list);
  • mark the “old installation of Windows“;
  • Activate “Cleaning”.

What to do if the folder is not removed

Windows.OLD, containing a large amount of information, may not be completely removed the first time. If the owner of the PC has used one of the cleaning methods, and some files are still preserved, it is advisable to perform the procedure for removing the same object again.

True, there are times when windows.Old does not respond at all to the user’s desire to remove it from the drive from. This usually happens if viruses sit in the folder with the previous installation. In such a situation, the launch of antivirus will help. The program will scan the computer, find and delete viruses. After this procedure, you can repeat the attempt.

If the previous installation does not disappear even after the operation of the antivirus and, then you can try to install a clean OS, and before the installation to format the drive from. True, in this case, all programs previously uploaded to PC and even personal user files will be removed. Before cleaning, it is advisable to throw the desired information into the flash drive.

The folder with the previous version can occupy several gigabytes of the place on the drive with. It is for this reason that they try to remove it from the computer. Although the OS stored in it will help in case of malfunctions with the new operating room. If there is Windows.Old. on a computer, at any time you can roll back the system. After all, in such a folder, files are stored for reserve restoration of the OS. Users should also know that the new operating room often removes the old one itself 30 days after installation.

Is it worth it to remove

Before deleting Windows.OLD on Windows 11, you must verify the need for such a step. After making a decision and using one of the methods considered above, it will not work to quickly return to Windows 10. We will have to re.pass the entire procedure related to the creation of a boot disk, installation and performing other steps. That is why it is better to do nothing in the 10-day period and wait until this folder is deinstallized automatically.

If you are sure that you will not return to the “top ten”, Windows 11 suits you in all respects, the OLD folder can be deleted. In addition to the possibility of recovery, this file does not carry any additional function. You can do without it and thereby free additional space for more important information.

As you can see, there are several ways to remove the OLD folder in Windows 11. But do not rush, because the data in the folder allow you to quickly return to the old operating system in just 1-2 minutes. In the case of a deinstal, you will have to go through a standard installation procedure for a more old version.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us if you managed to get rid of the Windows file.OLD, what difficulties arose. Also share other ways to solve this issue.

How to remove Windows Old over the command line

Obviously, we need to launch a console with admin rights. You can do this different ways, but the easiest way to click on Windows 10 with the right button for “start.up” in the lower left corner. The menu will display with the desired element.

If you have a version 1703 or higher, then this object will not be in the list. Then it is better to use the search line where you need to enter the CMD request (suitable for Windows 7):

Just do not forget to click on the result of the right key to select the launch point on behalf of the admin.

Now it is necessary to copy the commands below (in turn) and insert into the console window. After each request, click Enter:

For example: Cacls C: \ Windows.Old \. /T /grant it-tehnik: f

After the three commands are performed, the catalog with the previous installation will be eliminated with PC.

We delete Windows.OLD through CCleaner

This optimizer is capable of a lot. I talked about all his capabilities in the article link. There you will find a video and downloading the official version.

Swarm the installation file, start it, click on the Install button to start the file copying procedure to the disk. If in the end you have an English editorial office, you should go to the settings and select “Russian” in the Language list:

Now we go to the “Cleaning” tab (on the left at the top where the broom is drawn), the list will appear to the right, scroll down to the “Other” section and click on the blue circle with an exclamation mark. After that we will be asked. whether we agree to delete magazines. Confirm:

Then we mark with checkmarks the first two points. Earlier on the list was the option “Old installation”, but in the new versions it was removed:

It remains only to press the cleaning button at the bottom right and wait for the operation to complete the operation.

I talked about different methods of how Windows OLD How to Delete in Windows 10. But the instruction is relevant for older issues. I hope you managed to get rid of an unnecessary “rubbish” and free up a place on the disk.

How to remove Windows folder.OLD using temporary file settings

In addition, using the “Settings” application, you can remove the Windows folder.OLD using the Temporary File settings, performing the following actions:

  • Open Windows parameters. This can be done by clicking a combination of Ctrli keys.
  • Select the system.
  • Press the memory of the device.
  • In the section “Memory of the device”, select the parameter “free up space now”.

After these actions are performed, the folder with the previous installation of Windows 10 will be removed, freeing from 14 to 20 GB of disk space on the main hard drive.

How to remove Windows folder.OLD by cleaning the disk

  • Open the Windows disk cleaning tool.
  • Enter the “disk cleaning” in the search bar, and then press the “disk cleaning” when it appears.
  • If the disc “disk” window appears, you select Windows disc (usually this C) and click OK. Now Windows will calculate how many disk space you can free on your disk.
  • Press the “Clean System Files” button.
  • If the disc “disk: disk” window appears again, you select Windows disk (usually this disk C) and click “OK”. Windows will calculate how many disk space you can download on your disk.
  • Install the flag next to previous Windows installations.
  • Click OK.
  • Click “Delete files”.

Now Disk Cleanup will safely delete Windows folder.OLD in Windows 10.

What is Windows folder.OLD?

Windows folder.OLD is a folder containing previous versions (s) of Windows installation.

Windows will create this folder after updating to another version of Windows, for example, for example; Windows 7 update to Windows 10 or update with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to Windows 10 April 2018 update.

What is the purpose of the Windows folder.OLD?

The purpose of the Windows folder.OLD. let you go to the previous version of Windows, for example, for example; Windows 10 transition to Windows 7 or a decrease with Windows April 10, 2018. Update to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Is it safe to remove the Windows folder.OLD?

Yes, safely delete Windows folder.OLD. However, you must keep in mind that after removing this folder you will no longer be able to switch to the previous version of Windows.

Is it safe to delete “previous Windows” installations ”?

Yes, it is safe to delete the “previous Windows” installations “. However, you must remember that after deleting the previous Windows installations, you will no longer be able to switch to the previous version of Windows.

Is it possible to remove the Windows folder.OLD in Windows 10?

Yes, you can remove the Windows folder.OLD in Windows 10, but for this you should use the Windows Disture Cleaning tool. And you must keep in mind that after removing this folder you can no longer switch to the previous version of Windows 10, for example, for example; Decrease with Windows April 10, 2018 Update to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Windows.OLD is not to clean the disk?

Windows folder.OLD is not displayed in the “disk cleaning”, since it is called “previous Windows installations” in the “disk cleaning”. And if you cannot find the “previous Windows installations”, then you must click the “Clean System Files” button in the “disk cleaning”. It is also possible that the Windows folder.OLD has already been deleted automatically, as Windows automatically delements this folder a month after your update.

Removal process

Before deleting the Windows folder.OLD in Windows 10, it is important to figure out what role it plays in the operating system, what benefit it could bring to the user.

Due to the fact that Windows.OLD appears on the system disk only after reinstalling the operating system or updating to Windows 10, it is easy to guess that “hello from the past” is concentrated in this folder, and, more precisely, files and settings corresponding to the previous operating system.

A catalog with settings and the contents of the old system can take up a lot of space

If for some reason you will cease to arrange a version of Windows 10, you can roll back your system back, returning all the previous settings, as well as successfully restoring all the saved early documents, music, video, photo.

Since it is in this folder that the documents that were previously saved on the desktop or in “My documents” may be stored. This is what explains why the Windows folder.OLD is accompanied by such a large size.

So, if you finally made sure that you are not going to leave the Windows 10 version, you have not saved any important documentation on the system disk, you can safely delete the lifted folder.

Disk cleaning

The “Disk Cleaning” tool is already familiar to most users, since it allows you to get rid of unnecessary garbage. It is this tool that will solve your problem that has arisen.

To start this interesting tool in Windows 10, it is enough to simultaneously stick two keys: “win” and “r”. You can also prescribe the command “Cleanmgr”.

Now the “disk cleaning” window will open, the “clean system files” key will be located in its lower part, click on it. The second window will open, in which it is important for you to find the line “previous Windows installations”, in the checkbox near this parameter, be sure to install a check.

It remains to traditionally click on the OK key, the system will again ask you to repeatedly confirm that you really strive to perform such actions. If you do not change your mind, click on “Delete files”.

The system will warn you that the remote folder contains important files that allow you to roll back the system to the previous version. Again, if you did not change your mind, press the yes button, after which the system meekly begins the removal process. After a few minutes, the system disk will delight you with a large amount of free space.

Disk cleaning utility

Further, the standard tools of the Windows system will be considered.OLD. First of all, it is recommended to use the disk cleaning utility.

  • Open the “conductor” and click on the system disk with the right mouse button.
  • Choose an element of “Properties”.
  • Next, click “Disk Cleaning”.
  • Repeat the actions 3-6 of the previous method.

It is worth noting that the method 2 and method 3 are simply alternative options for calling the same disk cleaning utility.

command line

experienced users can use the method of removing the Windows ALD catalog through the command line. The procedure looks as follows.

In all these methods, you can clean the system disk of old Windows. But it is worth noting that after removing this catalog you will not be able to roll back to the previous version of the system.

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Windows 10

“Ten”, for all its modernity, in terms of functionality, has not gone far from the old Win 7 and still clutching “Hard” files of old editorial offices of OS. Most often, this happens when Win 7 or 8 updated up to 10. You can delete this folder, but if it is not planned to go back to the old Windows. It is important to know that all the files contained in it “live” on the computer for exactly one month, after which they disappear safely.

Methods of cleaning the place are the same as on the “seven”:

As you can see, nothing complicated in the removal of excess, rather chubby, directory from the system disk is. It can be removed and even necessary, but only if a new edition is satisfied, and there is no desire to “return everything as it was”.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13177 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

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Windows.OLD: What is it, how to delete

Windows.OLD is a folder that is automatically created in the root catalog of the disk with the installed operating system after its update to the latest version. It stores copies of files of the previous OS, which are used in the “rollback” of the system.

Important! If you used to update the OS to a new version, or reinstalled in the update mode, there will be several such folders. They are called Windows.OLD.000.

If the computer has a small internal drive in volume, removal of the folder will save space because it occupies from 20 GB of memory.

How to delete Windows.OLD

You need to delete old files only when the computer works stably, you updated the OS to the latest version and are not going to return to the “seven” or “eight” in the future in the future.

Using the “Disk Cleaning” utility

In the latest versions of the operating system, it became possible to delete this file through settings. Consider the option both for the new assembly of Windows 10, and for earlier.

Assembly 1803 April Update and newer

Starting from the assembly of 1803, which came out in the spring of 2018, you can delete the files of the previous OS from the system settings:

After the process is completed on the system disk, the Windows folder will disappear.OLD will not take a place on the drive.

Previous Windows 10 assemblies

    Go to the “My Computer” (under the recording of the administrator) and on the disk with the installed operating system, by pressing the right mouse button, select the “Properties” section.

How to Properly Remove the Windows.old Folder Following an OS Upgrade

Healthy! The utility can be opened with the Cleanmgr command: Winr → Perform → Cleanmgr → Select the Tom with the operating system

  • temporary files for the installation of OS;
  • OS updates magazine files.

In more detail the process of removing this folder can be viewed at

Through the command line

Delete Windows.OLD can also be through the command line:

How To Delete Windows.old Folder From Windows 10 Safely 2021

Important! Command RD /S /Q C: \ Windows.~ Ws will remove hidden Windows folders.~ Bt and windows.~ WS, which contains service information after the renewal of the OS, if they did not leave the “disk cleaning” utility.

Through the command line when rebooting the computer

Another way to delete the old version of Windows:

  • Menu “Start” → Reboot (with the holding SHIFT button).
  • Selection of action → Diagnostics → Additional parameters → Command Stand.