best webcams for streaming

Streaming has been gaining momentum lately. This is one of the ways to make money for gamers and just those who have something to share with people. In order to gather as many spectators as possible, you need not only to talk interestingly, but also to have high-quality equipment. A huge role is given to webcams. they provide a clear picture, good video quality. The requirements for them are increased due to the fact that the video is transmitted in real time. completely budget models will not work. But when compiling a rating of the best webcams for streaming, we tried to find inexpensive models with suitable technical characteristics.

Top 7. Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p

This is an inexpensive webcam that records videos in Full HD, has a wide viewing angle and a convenient mount. The sound is good too. Thanks to this, users call Cam Sync 1080p the best price-performance ratio.

  • Average
  • Country: China
  • Resolution 1920×1080
  • Matrix resolution: 2 Mp
  • Maximum frame rate: 30Hz
  • Lens angle of view: 77 °
  • Focus: auto
  • Good built-in microphone
  • Autofocus
  • High definition video
  • There may be defects in the matrix in the form of hot static pixels
  • There is no software on the official website (it is not required to work)

Top 5. Canyon CNS-CWC5

This is the most affordable webcam for streaming with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The next price similar model from our rating costs 3% more.

  • Average
  • Country: Germany
  • Resolution 1920×1080
  • Matrix resolution: 2 Mp
  • Maximum frame rate: 30Hz
  • Lens angle of view: 65 °
  • Focus: auto
  • Budget cost for Full HD
  • Perfectly working autofocus
  • Adjusts to lighting
  • Heats up during operation
  • If the background behind you is contrasting and irregular, autofocus may continually re-adjust
  • Microphone writes quiet sound

Top 10. Genius WideCam F100

This webcam has the largest viewing angle, which is as much as 120 degrees. The next widest camera from our top captures a sector of 82 degrees.

  • Average
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Resolution 1920×1080
  • Matrix resolution: unknown
  • Maximum frame rate: 30 Hz
  • Lens angle of view: 120 °
  • Focusing: manual

This model features the widest lens field of view. 120 degrees, and high video resolution (1920×1080). The video and audio quality is decent, but the color of the image may appear somewhat unnatural in artificial lighting. The advantages include simplicity of settings, stylish design, 360-degree rotation angle, rather long cable, wide-angle lens. It looks really interesting and not cheap. It can be used for streaming if you have a separate microphone, but many believe that it is more suitable for making Skype calls, and for this price you can find better options.

  • High resolution for inexpensive
  • Large viewing angle
  • No autofocus
  • Half second latency for live streaming
  • Mediocre audio recording quality

Top 3. Logitech HD Webcam C270

This is the most reliable budget webcam. It has been tested for years, and not a single user has complained about a breakdown or problems with stability.

This model was bought more than 2500 times in Yandex.Market within two months. The next most popular webcam for streaming is bought a third less often.

  • Average
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Resolution 1280×720
  • Matrix resolution: 1.3 Mp
  • Maximum frame rate: 30Hz
  • Lens angle of view: 60 °
  • Focusing: manual

Inexpensive webcam from a renowned brand. The manufacturer has deprived it of autofocusing and cut the resolution of the matrix to fit into the budget segment. Otherwise, it is a quality tool for providing video communication and streaming. The frame rate is standard, before the first use, no rituals need to be performed: connected via USB. the drivers are downloaded and installed in three minutes. you use it. The webcam produces an HD picture, moderately detailed, but with some noise, especially if you are streaming in conditions of imperfect light. If you need an inexpensive webcam, but definitely high-quality and without problems with software, this “Logitech” will be the best option.

  • Simple and convenient attachment
  • Doesn’t require lengthy setup
  • Stable work
  • Low matrix resolution
  • No autofocus
  • Mount looks flimsy

Top 6. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema (6CH-00002)

This camera can record 720p wide HD video with crystal clear sound. The model is high-quality and functional. automatic focusing, face tracking option, digital zoom 4x, viewing angle 74 degrees. Video resolution (1280×720) and frame rate (30Hz) are not the highest, but quite sufficient for streaming. Additionally, users are pleased with the durable metal case, the webcam not only does an excellent job of its intended purpose, but also withstands accidental drops. A big plus. the webcam is unpretentious in lighting, it gives a clear image even at dusk.

  • Robust metal body
  • Stylish design
  • Good picture even at dusk
  • Few settings
  • High cost for average performance

Top 4. Defender G-lens 2597 HD720p

This model is cheaper than the rest of the participants in our rating. The next model at the price is 10% more expensive, but without autofocus.

This webcam has the largest zoom among all the participants in our rating of the best, it is 10x. Another model from our top is able to digitally zoom in a picture up to 4 times.

  • Average
  • Country Russia
  • Resolution 1280×720
  • Matrix resolution: 2 Mp
  • Maximum frame rate: 30Hz
  • Lens angle of view: 60 °
  • Focus: auto

Thanks to special software, the ability to adjust the parameters, and automatically adjust the light sensitivity, the image on the streams always turns out to be of high quality and as natural as possible. I am pleased with the clarity of the image, even from the closest possible distance. Users are quite happy with the inexpensive webcam. It is compact, handy, with the correct settings, it gives a fairly high-quality image. Minus. the color rendition and white balance are lame. The model is quite suitable for the first time to start streams, if there is no opportunity to immediately purchase a more expensive model.

  • Great price
  • Digital zoom 10x
  • There is a quick photo button
  • Autofocus does not work correctly
  • Microphone too sensitive

HD web cameras

Huddly camcorders. look like cameras, but much smarter

Huddly, a fast-growing Norwegian startup that creates revolutionary smart vision technologies, has begun shipping Huddly GO and Huddly IQ cameras to the Russian market through its official distributor, Plentystars. Huddly solutions perfectly complement the range of UC and video conferencing solutions already presented to customers and partners of the company. The special functionality and Scandinavian build quality of Huddly camcorders have already been appreciated by such technology giants as Google, Microsoft, NEC, Adobe, Yamaha, Crestron, Zoom and have begun to integrate them into their solutions. Huddly cameras have built-in AI-powered video analytics, unrivaled video quality, and open API and SDK programming protocols. Huddly IQ can independently recognize people in the room and do auto-zoom.

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HP unveils new line of compact HD webcams

HP has started selling new HD resolution compact webcams in Russia. With their help, users can make video calls with 1080p Full HD resolution. These handy and ultra-compact webcams support video chat and capture videos and photos up to 12 MP. The versatile design of HP Webcams can be set anywhere and rotated 360 degrees. HP Webcam HD 3300 and 3310 webcams come with three types of video calling software, as well as three quick launch buttons for quick access to basic functions. HP Webcams meet all family needs. from 1300 to 5210, designed specifically for those who want to enjoy Full HD video and photos. The premium 5210 HD Webcam is Skype Certified. Advanced H.264 compression technology allows video transmission much faster and significantly reduces possible latency compared to previous generations of protocols.

HP Webcam HD-4110. webcam for full HD calls

wide, angle, webcams

The new HP Webcam HD-4110 enables full HD video calling in three clicks. The webcam allows users to chat, take clear HD photos, videos and create pictures. Widescreen models with HD 1080 autofocus can record video at up to 30 frames per second. HP Webcams are easy to use and quick to turn on, with three buttons to launch instant messaging (AIM, Window Live, Skype, or Yahoo!), take photos, and record videos. HP research shows that 92% of webcam users take part in video chats, 42% take photos and 34% record videos2. Directional microphone filters out background noise, allowing users to enjoy loud and clear sound.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 for high-quality video communication

wide, angle, webcams

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910. this is the new flagship webcam from Logitech. It allows you to conduct video sessions in 720p (1280 x 720) resolution. Carl Zeiss autofocus optics, RightLight 2 color and contrast enhancement technology, and built-in microphones with Logitech RightSound technology deliver high-quality picture and stereo sound. Of the gadgets, it is worth noting the function of automatic tracking of the face. the camera will constantly keep you in the center of the frame due to the reserve of viewing angles (though not without reducing the resolution). The universal webcam mount fits laptops, LCD and CRT monitors. It is also assumed that the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 will be used for video calling on Google TV.

The first HD webcam for Skype. already in Russia

FaceVsion has started selling the first Skype-certified HD camera in Russia. The FaceVsion FV TouchCam N1 is a state-of-the-art high-definition video camera up to 720p (1280 x 720) with dual directional microphones to eliminate unwanted noise. The webcam allows you to encode the video signal in the H.264 format, which can significantly reduce the load on the computer’s processor. Camera angle. 78 degrees. FaceVsion FV TouchCam N1 connects via USB and does not require additional drivers.

Tandberg High Definition Webcams

Tandberg has unveiled its promised high definition web camera last year. TANDBERG PrecisionHD USB. It is the first webcam ever to support business-quality high definition (HD) video conferencing. Delivering 720p video at 30 frames per second, the webcam delivers exceptional HD quality and high quality audio. The PrecisionHD USB Webcam is optimized to work with the TANDBERG Movi Solution to fully unleash your picture and sound capabilities. Equipped with a PrecisionHD USB camera, Movi users. whether they are senior executives or frontline employees. can connect to telepresence systems, HD video terminals, and participate in multipoint connections on the TANDBERG MCU Server with crystal clear HD video and high-quality audio.

Tandberg and Microsoft Introduce HD Webcam for MS Communications Server

TANDBERG has unveiled a joint solution with Microsoft: TANDBERG PrecisionHD USB Camera (which captures 720p HD video at 30 frames per second) Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Release 2 (R2). This solution will allow you to conduct video conferencing of the highest quality. The new PrecisionHD USB Camera uses a standard USB Video Class driver and is designed to work with a wide variety of video applications. To install it in the system, no additional software and drivers are required. In addition, when contact is made with a non-HD device, the PrecisionHD USB Camera automatically adjusts the video stream quality for optimal display speed.

TANDBERG to supply high definition USB cameras

TANDBERG announces plans to develop and market high definition (HD) USB cameras. By integrating with Microsoft’s Unified Communications Platform, this camera will open the door to the massive adoption of PC-initiated HD video conferencing. For computer users, the new camera will dramatically improve the quality of video communications. Future shipments of TANDBERG USB cameras are tied to Microsoft’s announced HD video conferencing support in the next release of Office Communications Server. Remote users of personal computers equipped with this camera will receive high-quality video communication and can use Microsoft Office Communications Server to connect to meeting rooms and meeting rooms equipped with high-definition video conferencing systems and telepresence solutions.

Logitech Skype webcams

On the eve of the New Year holidays, Logitech has unveiled a collection of webcams certified for high-definition video transmission via the Skype service. Skype’s High Quality Video mode is available with QuickCam Pro 9000, QuickCam Pro forNotebooks and QuickCam Sphere. All of these models are equipped with Carl Zeiss optics, Right Sound echo cancellation and second generation RightLight technology, which improves image quality in low light conditions. The two megapixel QuickCam Pro 9000, which can be used both at home and in the office, comes with a flexible, versatile base that allows you to conveniently position it on virtually any monitor. The mobile professional QuickCamPro for Notebooks comes with a protective travel case and a spring clip that fits on laptop lids up to 2 cm thick. Powered by a mechanical tracking system, the QuickCam Sphere AF has a viewing angle of up to 190 degrees horizontally and up to 100 degrees vertically.

Logitech Launches New Line of Webcams for Skype Video Chatting

Logitech’s new QuickCam Pro 9000, QuickCam Pro for Notebooks and QuickCam Sphere are certified specifically for “High Quality Video” for Skype. All of the above webcams are equipped with high quality Carl Zeiss optics. RightLight 2 technology with “smart adjustment” provides the best image quality in low light or backlit conditions, while an ultra-flat field of view and automatic face tracking keeps you in the camera lens at all times. Autofocus operates 3 seconds after connection. The new products also use Right Sound technology to suppress ECHO effects and eliminate background noise.

Sony Announces Shipments of High Definition Driven Camcorders.

Sony, the global market leader in professional and consumer audio / video technology, today announced the delivery of High Definition Controlled Video Cameras, which will be included in the EVI series of popular PTZ camera installers. The new model, named EVI-HD1, uses an SMOS sensor and has an extremely fast and quiet drive. The camera has the following features: Supported resolutions 1080 / 59.94i, 1080 / 50i, 1080 / 29.97p, 1080 / 25p, 720 / 59.94p, 720 / 50p, 720 / 29.97p, 720 / 25p, NTSC, PAL video outputs. S-video / Composite for standard definition video, component for analog High Definition video and HD-SDI for digital High Definition video. 10x optical and 40x digital zoom, horizontal viewing angle 70 degrees, pan /. 100 degrees, tilt /. 25 degrees control via remote control or RS-232 / VISCA Estimated price of the EVI-HD1 camera on the Russian market is 4500, deliveries will begin in January 2007.

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Matrix type

Perhaps one of the most important parameters for choosing a webcam. The quality of the picture when transferring photo and video data depends entirely on the type of matrix, since the bandwidth of the Internet channel does not always decide everything. As a rule, manufacturers equip webcams with CCD and CMOS matrices. The most widespread, in the segment of private webcams, is the CMOS matrix, since it is a cheaper analogue of the CCD matrix. Webcams equipped with CCD-matrices have: high image quality, improved color reproduction and low noise. Video cameras with CCD-matrixes are mainly used in video surveillance systems. But, do not be negative about CMOS matrices, since they have almost caught up with the image quality of the CCD matrix.

Viewing angle

The angle of view indicates how much area will be captured in the frame, and depends on the physical size of the sensor and the optics of the webcam lens. The higher the viewing angle, the more freedom of movement in front of the webcam during a video conference.

Main features of the webcam

You can evaluate the quality of a webcam by its parameters: matrix type, resolution, focusing, viewing angle, frame rate, optical zoom, connection interface and cable length.

Optical zoom

The presence of a zoom allows you to zoom in or out of the subject, which is very useful, since the webcam can be installed too close or far away in the process of organizing a workplace or leisure place. The optical zoom ratio indicates how many times you can change the scale of the survey.

Connection interface

Typically, a USB interface is used to connect a webcam to a PC. There are also: Wi-Fi cameras and IP web cameras. they connect to network equipment, since they have a built-in network card on board. The higher the USB version, the faster the data transfer rate. Therefore, if you have a good speed of the Internet channel, you can arrange high-definition video conferences at a high frequency, which will provide the best picture quality.


The second most important parameter of the webcam. There are two types of focusing: automatic and manual.

  • Automatic focusing. The principle of autofocus operation is as follows: if the subject accidentally leaves the field of focus, the system automatically adjusts the optics in such a way that the picture becomes sharp again. The autofocus webcam delivers the best image quality. Autofocus is usually absent in inexpensive webcam models.
  • Manual focus. The word “manual” speaks for itself, Focus has to be adjusted manually by rotating the lens ring.

Frame frequency

A parameter that determines the quality of video broadcasting, the range of which is 9. 90 Hz. A webcam with a low frame rate is capable of transmitting, at best, a blurry image, at worst, turn communication into a voiced slideshow. Too high a frame rate can lead to no image at all, if the Internet channel is not fast enough to provide video broadcasts at that frequency. The most rational choice, in this situation, would be a webcam with an average frame rate of about 40. 70 Hz.

Logitech HD Webcam C270

A budget device with a 720p full-size image in widescreen format. The camera is equipped with an automatic light correction function, and adapts the color rendition in a brightly lit or darkened room. A frame rate of 30 frames per second is enough to get a high-quality picture when talking on Skype.

Built-in noise canceling microphone makes voice transmission natural. The camera can be mounted on a monitor or placed on a shelf.

wide, angle, webcams

  • Matrix: CMOS;
  • Resolution: 1280 × 720;
  • Modes support: 1280 × 720, 30 Hz;
  • Interpolated megapixel resolution (photo): 3 million pixels;
  • Lens angle of view: 60 degrees.
  • Connection: USB 2.0;
  • Cable length: 1.5m.
  • Compatibility: Windows XP / Vista / 7, Mac OS X 10.4.9 and above;

Optional: Built-in RightSound Microphone, Monitor / Shelf Mount, Face Tracking, HD 720p Video Calling, 2 Years Warranty.

  • inexpensive;
  • widescreen camera;
  • image quality;
  • saturated colors;
  • automatic illumination correction;
  • quick installation;
  • CD with software included;
  • the ability to customize the resolution;
  • motion detection sensor;
  • window with real-time settings in working mode;
  • working status indicator;
  • good microphone;
  • design
  • focal length;
  • not everyone likes the mount, but when installed on a monitor with narrow frames, it covers part of the picture;
  • the camera does not turn;
  • there are white stripes in the picture (solved by installing the software);
  • face tracking function slows down.


Canyon CNS-CWC6 webcam

A fairly new (last year 2019) relatively budget (4-6 thousand rubles) webcam with a maximum photo and video resolution higher than standard FHD:

  • photo. 2560 × 1140px
  • video. 2048 × 1536px

The universal mount will allow you to mount the camera on most comfortable surfaces, and the unusual design will decorate these surfaces. Users note a fairly “fair” video resolution without “dancing with a tambourine” (unlike the previous Microsoft) with excellent detail and good viewing angles. The disadvantages include not the best microphone and overpriced. Suitable for Skype and video conferencing, in which the standard FullHD mode is activated by default.

Wide Angle Lens for ANY WEBCAM! (WORKS!)

wide, angle, webcams

  • Matrix: CMOS;
  • The number of megapixels: 3.2;
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080, 2560 × 1440;
  • Modes support:
  • 640 × 480 @ 30Hz
  • 1280 × 720 @ 30Hz
  • 1920 × 1080 @ 30Hz.
  • Lens angle of view: 85 degrees.
  • Connection: USB 2.0;
  • Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10 and above, Android 5.0 and above, MAC OS 10.6 and above;
    • image quality;
    • good build;
    • autofocus;
    • good color rendering;
    • stylish appearance;
    • universal mount;
    • Software on mini-disk and website.
    • there are no external indicators of work
    • not ideal quality of the recorded sound;
    • overpriced;
    • heats up during prolonged work.


    Webcam A4Tech PK-910H

    A budget camera with good clarity and quite clear sound. In the active state, it “glows” with a blue light. To achieve the maximum resolution and frame rate, the device needs a high-speed Internet connection. After downloading the software to improve the quality of video in FullHD, users recommend setting the setting: “Color space and compression: MJPG”. Suitable for FaceTime and Skype. no more.

    wide, angle, webcams

    • Matrix: CMOS (2 MP);
    • Resolution: 1920 × 1080;
    • Interpolated megapixel resolution (photo): 16 million pixels;
    • Lens angle of view: 60 degrees.
    • Connection: USB 2.0;
    • Cable length: 1m.
    • Compatibility: Windows XP / Vista / 7, MacOS X 10.4.8 and above;

    Optional: built-in microphone, monitor mount, autofocus.

    • inexpensive;
    • widescreen;
    • built-in microphone quality;
    • compatible with Linux;
    • non-standard illumination of the operating mode;
    • ease of installation;
    • build quality;
    • design;
    • the frame rate of 30 Hz, declared by the manufacturer, does not correspond to reality (in fact. 15 frames per second);
    • high level of “noise” in the image;
    • autofocus not perfect (fixed Focus);
    • fastening;
    • short wire;
    • simple packaging.


    How to choose a good webcam?

    • Compare video cameras with different types of matrices. Determine how important the above webcam specifications are for you.
    • Pay attention to the compatibility with the operating system. Most webcams on the market only support Windows.
    • Webcams with the “HD” designation claim high image quality as they use the appropriate digital technology. This affects the cost of the device. When purchasing such a camera of an unknown model from an unverified seller, be careful about the rest of the characteristics, since the manufacturer could save on another parameter in order to position the main advantage. HD.
    • For high-resolution webcams, a high-speed Internet connection is a must.
    • Internet speed also affects the performance of the camera at high frame rates. The best option is 30. 70 Hz, however, with “uncertain” or slow Internet, take a closer look at cameras with a frame rate of 15 Hz.
    • A Wi-Fi webcam also needs a high-speed internet connection. In addition, your computer must support this capability. With an unstable Internet, it is worth considering that the wired connection is faster. If your camera does not require more complex tasks than talking with parents living in another city, you will hardly need a wireless device, and it costs an order of magnitude more.
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    Logitech HD Webcam C922

    Thinking about a professional webcam, suitable for both home and office, for communicating with your grandmother and demanding foreign partners, and finally “banal” streaming? The Logitech HD Webcam C922 can meet all needs except, perhaps, one: the need to save money on your purchase. The optics allows you to focus correctly in a variety of (sometimes difficultly lit) scenes, the microphone picks up well enough distant sound. But there are also disadvantages: the camera software is demanding on the PC hardware, and all software “goodies” are implemented only on the current Windows 10.

    The package bundle is also pleasant: in addition to the standard universal mount (weighty, which gives more stability) there is a small (18 cm) tripod with retractable legs in the box.

    wide, angle, webcams

    • Matrix: CMOS. 2MP;
    • Resolution: 1920 × 1080;
    • Support for modes: 1280 × 720 60Hz and 1920 × 1080 30Hz;
    • Lens angle of view: 78 degrees.
    • Connection: USB 3.0;
    • Cable length: 1.5m.
    • Compatibility: Windows XP and above; Chrome OS, Android 5 or higher.
    • widescreen;
    • excellent color rendering;
    • expensive glass optics “Carl Zeiss”;
    • build quality;
    • autofocus;
    • shooting in the dark;
    • RightSound noise canceling microphone;
    • fast connection.
    • overpriced;
    • no software disc;
    • photography and video filming are available only after downloading the software;
    • the maximum resolution can be obtained only after installing the software;
    • does not turn.


    Microsoft LifeCam Studio Webcam

    The full-screen high-definition camera Microsoft LifeCam Studio supports high-quality 1080p Full HD video recording at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. Thanks to auto adjustments, which quickly adjust the clarity of the image, the picture looks real. Compactness and business appearance make this device a good addition to the modern office and home PC.

    wide, angle, webcams

    • Matrix: CMOS;
    • Resolution: 1920 × 1080;
    • Lens viewing angle: 75 degrees;
    • Connection: USB 2.0;
    • Cable length: 1.8m.
    • Compatibility: Windows XP and above;

    Additionally: image interpolation; built-in microphone, monitor mount, face tracking function, 1 year warranty.

    • quality;
    • color rendering;
    • image interpolation;
    • work indicator;
    • compactness;
    • available. lens plug;
    • no drivers needed. everything is downloaded and installed by itself.
    • not perfect auto white balance
    • possibly an overly sensitive microphone;
    • FullHD video is a marketing ploy (runs only with paid software);
    • slow autofocus;
    • price;
    • with prolonged continuous operation, “throttling” begins.


    When calculating distances, European standards are taken as a basis:

    • 20 pixels / meter is the norm for resolution when an object is detected in the field of view;
    • 100 pixels / meter is an indicator used for object recognition;
    • 250 pixels / meter. identification resolution;

    The text contains the determining factors responsible for the angle of view of the camcorder.

    But during operation, such factors arise that affect the performance of the device:

    • disruption of the lens performance, in the case of the manufacture of the optical component from a polymer material (lens clouding);
    • poor-quality fastening of the body to the supporting structure (tremor from gusts of wind or other influences);
    • loss of its properties as a lubricating component in the construction of a video camera (the complexity of moving the camera itself or the lens);
    • electronic interference affecting the transmitted signal, as well as various other factors;

    In addition to theoretical calculations for the viewing angle, important factors are:

    Advantages of Wide Angle Webcams like the Huddly IQ

    • the installation point should provide maximum visibility in the vertical and horizontal planes;
    • protection from the effects of climatic or any mechanical influences;
    • availability, when performing preventive work on adjusting the video camera and preventive maintenance;

    Each object requires an individual approach when determining the viewing angle, the clarity of the picture on the monitor. All this is determined when setting tasks to determine the parameters of the observed territory and is calculated by specialists.

    Wideangle web cameras

    Canyon Introduces Ergonomic Webcam

    Canyon has introduced a personal webcam with a convenient mount CNR-WCAM613G. A webcam, an essential tool for chatting over the Internet, is usually not easy to place on your desktop. Canyon’s sleek design makes it easy to place the CNR-WCAM613G where you want it. It’s all about the ergonomic stand that can bend in any direction. The height of the stand is 25 cm. The camera is equipped with a modern sensor with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. The camera lens is wide-angle, the optical part contains a double-layer glass lens. Such optics allow you to shoot with good quality even in low light conditions. The new camera is already on sale. Her Recommended Retail

    Logitech optimizes webcams for MS Office Communicator

    Logitech for Business announced that four Logitech webcams are now “Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator” status. Designed for medium and large businesses, these webcams are designed for high quality video conferencing. Logitech for Business webcams are equipped with wide-angle lenses, Carl Zeiss optics, first-class autofocus systems and built-in microphones so customers and employees can see and hear as they are. Logitech for Business webcams are suitable for both stationary and mobile work; they come with a desktop stand and a universal laptop mount. Logitech for Business webcams that are Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator are UVC compliant; this means that a webcam can be quickly connected to a computer and, for example, start a video conference without additional configuration.

    Philips has released 2 webcams for HD video communication

    New items (SPC1030 and SPC1035) feature high video resolution. 1.3 million effective pixels and 60 frames per second, which ensures high quality video communication. The webcams are equipped with a wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 80 degrees, automatically detect the user’s face, and the lens moves to follow the movement of the face. The user remains in the center of the frame, even if he moved during the video conference. Both webcams are equipped with directional microphones with noise reduction technology. Also noted is the presence of a Skype-certified Philips stereo headset (for model SPC1035).

    Genius i-Look 325T webcam that follows you

    Wide Angle Webcam With Awesome Quality! | Tenvis TW888 1080p Streaming Webcam

    The new i-Look 325T model has appeared in the Genius line of web cameras, which opens up new opportunities for users when conducting video conferencing. Thanks to its design, the camera can take panoramic shots with a rotation angle of up to 350 degrees. The user does not need to be directly in front of the computer during the video chat: the camera’s mobility and the face tracking function will ensure that a clear image is transmitted to his interlocutor. The delivery set includes a remote control with which you can adjust the field of video shooting. Indicative

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