We independently connect Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptop

Connect Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptops does not cause difficulty, if the device is regular, has the necessary software, and the transmitter provides sufficient signal power. But if at least one of these conditions is absent or not fully fulfilled, it will not be possible to turn on Wi-Fi, and this simple procedure will turn into a long and boring setting.

Therefore, first of all, it will be considered how to connect a working laptop to the Internet, then possible malfunctions that can cause problems when setting up Lenovo, and ways to eliminate them.

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Problems of connecting to Wi-Fi network on Lenovo devices

The difficulties faced by the owners of portable computers of this brand at the first attempts to use the radio communications module often arise due to the fact that the built-in default adapter is turned off. Therefore, before creating a new connection, it is worth checking the condition of this hardware component.

The lack of connection with an active transmitter often indicates the problem with the drivers for the Wi-Fi Adapter. Program failures, errors when updating the system, damage to files due to viral attacks lead to softness of software. Drivers will need to be updated or re.set.

Aircraft mode on a laptop

On modern models of portable computers, you can find a button with an airplane. It includes the “Airplane” mode on a laptop with Windows 10 OS. She looks like this:

What is interesting. usually no one uses it specifically. often they are pressed quite by accident and then wonder why Wi-Fi does not work on a laptop. Therefore, if you have a similar button on your laptop and a wireless network suddenly stopped working. check whether the “in the plane” mode is turned on.

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Wi-Fi setting on the Lenovo laptop with the installed OS

Let’s look at the general algorithm of actions that should follow on all Lenovo models if you are trying to install Wi-Fi connection (we are talking about several Windows systems, because there are still laptops on Windows 7 or 8):

  • Click on a switch located on the case
  • Check the drivers and, if necessary, reinstall them.
  • Enjoy the Internet!

Important! There are situations when the problem is not in the laptop itself, but, for example, in the router, then it will not work to solve the problem in this way!

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How turn on WiFi of Lenovo Laptop

Launching through the “Device Manager”

Wi-Fi in the laptop thus turns on less often than other ways, but still it must be considered. Network adapters are extremely rarely disconnected in the system, but if this happens, then you will not see the “Wireless Network Connection” icon, since it will not be active. this is the error “without access to the Internet”. To correct this error, you need to use the “Windows” key combination (on laptops it is indicated on one of the keyboard buttons with a “Win” reduction or image of the Windows emblem) “R” in the active line “Perform” “DEVMGMT”.MSC “, the device manager will open.

Further in the section “Network Adapters” (located on the left side of the window) we are looking for a device, in which there are “Wi-Fi” or “Wireless”.

We highlight, click the right button and go to the “Properties” section, where you can see the condition of the device, the name of the adapter.

If for some reason the selected device does not start, then the reason is most likely in an incorrect driver for the adapter or its absence. To fix this, download the software. the network adapter driver for the model of your laptop from the official page of the manufacturer. Use the search engine: go to the manufacturer’s website, find the “Support” section, in this section enter the name of the device, find “Wireless Lan Driver”. Most often, in the absence of a driver, opposite Wi-Fi or Wireless services there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, but as in any case, and there are exceptions.

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How to Turn on Wifi on Window 10 in Laptop | Wifi Not Turning on Problem Solved | Wifi Turned Off

You can also get to the “start” dispatcher through the tasks, for this, in the context menu that opens, you need to select a “computer”, click “control”, then go to the device’s left.wing part of the window.

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The main methods of Wi-Fi distribution from a computer to the phone

Removing the adapter

Are there any more options for how to turn on Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptop? Yes. Removing the adapter. In the same menu, click on the adapter with the right mouse button, but instead of “turn on” select “remove”. This does not mean that the computer forever loses the function of connecting to wireless networks, but it will be necessary to download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer from the site specially for this operating system and laptop model.

Most often, it is this method that solves the problem with wireless networks on the Lenovo G580 laptop.


There are 3 main methods of Wi-Fi activation: the power button (switch) on the laptop, key combination, wireless widget in the lower right corner of the desktop. On the Lenovo laptop, you need to clamp the FN button, and then press the F5 key. If this method does not work, then you should open the widget located at the bottom of the desktop, select the access point and enter the password (if necessary).

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Wi-Fi Work Utilities

Lenovo Notebook Wi-Fi Router

Lenovo Notebook Wi-Fi Router is a utility that makes a wireless router out of a laptop. It is specially designed to jointly use the Lenovo laptop with other gadgets through Wi-Fi.

This is a convenient and easy to use software router for Lenovo laptops. After loading and installing an easy application, Lenovo Notebook Wi-Fi Router uses the built-in Wi-Fi laptop card for any available Internet connection: wired broad-band connection, cable modem or adapter 3G USB.

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Wi-Fi Manager is a combined security and control of WLAN for networks 802.11 a / b / g. He makes a web presentation of all wireless joints working in your building, access points available within each connection, the state of these access points, the channel on which they work.

note! He independently detects entry points, wireless routers, gateways and monitors their availability, performance, error and use. Free Edition controls 3 access points and 10 wire devices.

Wi-Fi Hopper allows you to control wireless connections instead of using the Windows wireless network connection dispatcher. If the program is launched, the Windows Zero configuration service automatically stops to allow Hopper to administer your wireless connections, but it has an option that allows you to start/stop this service again.

WiFi.com 3.0

Wi-Fi.com 3.0 The network compiles available, safe and commercial wireless connections of the Internet and is ready to offer users the largest selection for easy, free and safe Wi-Fi access.

Wi-Fi.COM implements the same safe solution used by Fortune 500, banks and leading Internet merchants to protect safe wireless Internet communications.

note! Closing your messages, wi-fi.com users are sure that their information is protected from prying eyes and hackers.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Wi-Fi may not work on laptops and netbooks of Lenovo laptops and netbooks. But any questions can be resolved with your own hand, without resorting to the call of the master. Only you should understand the reasons for possible malfunctions and then perform certain actions to eliminate them.

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