The TP-Link adapter does not see the network, does not connect to Wi-Fi, the utility window is inactive. Why the adapter does not work?

A router (aka modem and router) is a network equipment, the use of which allows you to create a remote access point to the Internet and connect several devices to it at once. In the market, the leading position is occupied by the manufacturer of network equipment TP-Link. The products have many predominant features. acceptable cost, a wide variety of devices, reliability and a long.term operational period. But, unfortunately, there are cases when the router TP Link does not have an Internet connection. There may be several reasons for the problems and their solutions, respectively, also.

Wi-Fi icon does not shine

With normal operation of a wireless modem, the sensor quickly flashes. If it is not active, then the router does not broadcast a wireless network. To solve the problem follows:

  • Check the connection of the provider cord with the WAN connector.
  • Reload the modem and check the switching on Wi-Fi with the ON/OFF button, which is on all models (usually located on the rear panel of the case). It must be squeezed for about 3 seconds.

If it does not work, you need to go into the network settings on a computer, laptop or tablet and in the “Wireless Dop” section, check the broadcast state. If this does not help or the message is displayed that you need to turn on the data transfer by the hardware way (using the button on the case), and it is already turned on, the settings are required to factory and reinstalling the firmware of the router. The last option in the list of actions is to take the device for repair.

Incorrect conservation of settings

The most common reason due to which the settings are lost is associated with the user’s actions, and not the errors of the router. Unfortunately, the web-intese of some models of routers is not entirely intuitive, to preserve the parameters requires additional confirmation. Users may not know about this need and close the control panel immediately after entering new data, as a result of which they will be dropped. Depending on the manufacturer of the router, in this case, the parameters are preserved only until the power is turned off or dropped immediately.

For example, confirmation of new parameters on TP-Link routers is the reloading of the device. When the key settings are changed in standard firmware, a window opens, reporting that the parameters will be involved after the reloading of the router. The operation must be confirmed by pressing the corresponding button in this window. Otherwise, the changes are reset.

Advice! To verify the correctness of the conservation of the changed data, read the instructions for the router. It can be found on the official website of the manufacturer, liner or disk, which is included in the set of delivery.

How to quickly eliminate problems?

For the correct operation of the Internet, it is necessary to quickly eliminate the malfunctions that led to the blink of the light bulb. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • check the Internet payment and make sure that there are no problems on the provider;
  • Reload the router;
  • connect the cable directly to the computer and determine if there is the Internet;
  • Check the settings of the router itself: go to the web-intese, view all the parameters-login, type of connection, IP, password, MAC address.

If nothing helped, the extreme measure is to drop all the settings of the router to the factory and start everything “from scratch”. Before repeated tuning, the firmware is updated to the latest version.

Why does the router not see an Internet cable

So, we are considering the most common situation. You calmly sit on the World Wide Web, eat sites, go to classmates and bam The site does not open. At the same time, an error indicator appears on the devices in the form of an exclamation mark. this means that the network without Internet access. We go to the router, look at its indicators. And there is such a sad picture:

The Internet light does not burn! Sadness-tying.

wi-fi, light, router, does, burn

Another option-the WAN indicator burns in red or orange instead of green (modems and routers D-Link, TP-Link).

Wi-Fi роутер не работает TP-Link TD-W8961N ADSL, не горят все лампочки

What may be the reasons for the router does not connect to the provider’s network and does not see the Internet cable. Here they are!

Damage to the line

The first thing where the diagnosis should be started when the Internet connection icon does not burn on the router is to check the house for the house.Usually this does not represent any difficulties just pick up the cord in your hands and go through it to the entrance to the apartment. If the wiring is hidden, then at least to the outlet. Damage can appear at any time from where you did not wait for it. it was handed over to furniture, damaged their shoes, gnawed at the cat

If you have the opportunity to go through and check the condition of the cable in the entrance to the provider box. do it. This will not be difficult for you, but in case of detection of damage, this will significantly reduce the time for elimination, since it will be possible to immediately inform the provider about this.

The cable is not physically turned on

If everything is in order with the provider’s cable, then be sure to check whether he is inserted into the router’s Wan port and is inserted there until the end. I met many times with the fact that due to the broken or pressed paw-fixer of the RJ45 connector, it departed from the connector. You look. it seems to be connected, but you are stuck. it is not turned on and, accordingly, the connection does not rise and the Internet indicator does not burn.

Another case-the provider cable is not included in the WAN port, but in the LAN, that is, in the same ports as other devices. If so, then do not wait for the connection to rise. by default, the port can connect to the provider’s network if only the incoming cable is included in the appropriate port! You can’t say that? As much as it can. Children or relatives moved the device during cleaning or for some reason and accidentally switched from one connector to another. How to determine which port on a router to connect a provider patch cord? As a rule, there are no problems with this. Firstly, it is usually highlighted in another color-blue or yellow, and secondly, it can be signed as Internet, Wan or Wlan. This is how he looks on Keenetic routers:

On D-Link Dir-300, DIR-615 and T devices.P. The Internet port looks like this:

But, for example, on Tenda routers, all Ethernet ports of the same color, but the one in which the provider’s wire is signed as Wan will not miss!

If the cable is turned on correctly, but the Internet light is still burning red or does not burn at all, then try such a trick. disconnect the cable from the router, wait 10 seconds and connect again. This can help in the case when the port on the device is the port. this also happens!

Only the power indicator burns on the router

But this is generally a very interesting case. It consists in the fact that no light is burning on the router, except as the power indicator shines. That is, neither Wi-Fi, nor Internet, nor LAN shines, even if any devices are connected to the ports. That’s something like this:

I must say right away. a bad sign. Even worse if it burns red or orange. Most likely, the router flew the firmware. that is, for some reason, its internal software does not load. Start by rebooting it. Does not help. it is worth trying to reset the Router settings with the Reset button. This is how it is done on D-Link, like this on tp-Link and like that on asus. And even if this does not help, then you need to drag it to a competent specialist who will try to restore it.

Burned WAN-port

This is generally the most offensive option of all possible, since it is usually a verdict for the router: a WAN port has burned down. it means that now on the trash. This usually happens due to a strongly electromagnetic pulse or due to the fact that electricity closed to the Internet cable. In the latter case, the connector may even mel.

There is a solution that does not imply the purchase of a new access device, but it is available only on more or less advanced routers in the software plan, where it is possible to reconfigure any Ethernet port from Lan to Wan. A striking example is any keenetic. There, in the web-internal fabric in the section “Port and Vlan’i” you can reconfigure any port to the provider network:

Well, if your apparatus does not know how, then the way out of the situation is one. going to the store for new. Something like that!

What does the red light on the router mean

So, you have lost Internet access. You approached your Wi-Fi router and see about the following picture:

wi-fi, light, router, does, burn

For example, I took the D-Link DIR-300 router. Almost all models of this manufacturer have an Internet indicator in the form of a globe, which when loading the device usually lights up in red, but after a few minutes it changes color to green. This means that connecting to the provider’s network was successful. If you disconnect the provider’s cable from the WAN port, it will light up red, after which it will go out.

Note: if the router does not respond to the connection and disconnecting of the cable, this means that, most likely, it has a WAN-port and the device must be carried out for repairs.

The reasons why the Internet indicator burns:

  • The Internet provider is to blame. This is the most common case! Problems on the network, restricting access for non.payment, damaged fishing line for a trimmer. all these are the factors that most often burn a red bulb on a router. Find the phone of technical support of our telecom operator and call him. Prepare all the information necessary for this: the personal account number, contract number, login. Further, the operator will clarify all the nuances and perform the necessary checks. If the reason is on their side, work will be organized and a specialist will even leave for you to check for you.
  • Settings of your Wi-Fi router. Sometimes, for example, due to problems with electricity, your device can simply drop the settings to the factory. After that, the router cannot raise the connection and informs you with the red or orange color of the indicator. Sometimes this may become a consequence of the pampering of children who accidentally or intentionally pressed the “Reset” button But little is written where that after this the device must be adjusted again.

To make sure of the operability of the Internet channel, you can switch the provider’s cable from the Wan port on the router to the port of the computer or laptop network card and raise the connection from it.

Checking the cable WAN

It is not worth excluding options when the problem is considered the damaged or unreliable connected WAN cable. Inspect it with the port, checking the presence of physical defects along the entire length of the wire, and also make sure that it is securely connected to a computer outlet or terminal if this is installed in the house or apartment.

Additionally, you can take and connect this cable directly to the computer. If the Internet does not appear and Windows itself does not even see the connection, most likely the problem is either in the wire itself or on the side of the provider.

The router does not see the Internet cable, since it is inserted in the wrong port-Lan instead of Wan

If you see that the Internet lamp does not blink at all, then first of all make sure that the cable itself was correctly connected. Let me remind you that the wire that enters your apartment from the riser should be inserted into the connector designated as “Internet”, “wan”, “wlan” or the globe icon. How exactly it is marked, depends on the manufacturer. It is also often highlighted in a different color. Usually blue, but it is red, white, yellow.

We connect only a network cable to another device to another device, most often to a desktop computer.

How I fix internet light not blinking in English

Zyxel Keenetic


And here is an example where all ports have the same colors. In this case, they are easiest to confuse them. You need to focus on the designations. Computer sockets have numbers, while the Internet is a separate icon for the Internet cable.

wi-fi, light, router, does, burn

You need to insert the wire completely to the characteristic click of the latch fixing it inside the connector. Only in this case, the contacts will be tightly connected to each other and the router will be able to see the cable.

wi-fi, light, router, does, burn