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How does the problem manifest

Anyone who used Apple technology could personally be convinced of the nimbleness. Almost two, three times faster than an ordinary android. After using the iPhone, you need to get used to other brands of phones. Despite the speed, even a recently purchased gadget can break down or the quality of work deteriorates dramatically. Often the problem manifests itself due to poor-quality Internet or poorly catching Wi-Fi on the iPhone.

The reasons for the poor cooperation of the phone with the network, the lack of work as such, may be the following:

  • incorrectly configured router;
  • malfunction of the wi-fi module;
  • software glitch.

These options for problems indicate a malfunction of the home Internet. If everything is in order, then what to do. it is worth dealing with the device itself, which does not connect to the router. Undoubtedly, people live without Wi-Fi, when they have high-quality mobile Internet on their phones. However, video views, constant work on the Internet quickly “eats up” traffic. Therefore, it is worth finding out the reason why the iPhone does not align with the router and subsequently eliminate it. To determine poor signal reception, you should pay attention not to the following indicators:

  • the gadget loses connection with the router with increasing distance;
  • wi-fi is available only at a short distance (2-3 meters);
  • the smartphone does not see the network that distributes Wi-Fi;
  • internet is unstable, intermittent.

All these points or one of them suggests that the reason is in the iPhone. And this malfunction can be tried to be eliminated without the help of a specialist.

Perform a forced reboot

One of the simplest ways is to forcibly turn off your smartphone. In most cases, this operation helps to reset iOS errors and even those that may seem completely unrelated to the operating system. It is done quite simply. you just need to simultaneously press the “Home” and “Power” buttons. At the same time, hold them for a few seconds, release them when the Apple logo appears on the screen of the gadget. The main thing is not to overexpose the buttons, otherwise the phone will go into the DFU firmware recovery mode. When the smartphone resumes its work, you need to check whether the quality of the file on it has changed.

Disable Wi-Fi Assist (WI-FI Assist)

Wi-Fi Assist allows you to automatically switch to cellular data if you connect to a Wi-Fi network with a slow or unstable connection. This function is great for watching YouTube or. but not so good for using your data.

If you have unlimited mobile internet, you probably won’t care about the size of your downloaded data. By downloading content at maximum speed, you always get the best performance possible. However, if you have a limited tariff, you should be very careful about using the services of an assistant.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Click Cell.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and toggle Wi-Fi Assist to turn off the function.
    wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Use an alternate DNS server

The method, which will be discussed further, is rather non-standard. Using an alternative DNS server if the iPad does not catch the network very often helps to fix this problem. This is done quite easily, despite the rather scary sound of this process. This procedure helps to improve the quality of the Internet on a specific device on which such an operation will be performed.

  • go to the Wi-Fi network settings;
  • click on the letter “i” next to the connected network;
  • enter one of the existing servers in the DNS column.

After that, you can close the saved settings and make a control check of the Internet. If the speed and quality have improved, then the settings can be left. If not, try other servers.

Changing firmware settings

If the iPhone 7 does not catch wi-fi well, then the reason is incorrect settings. There may be other signs.

  • erratic work,
  • the signal is not always visible,
  • abrupt cutoff of the signal,
  • knocks out when the smartphone is connected to the router. the password is entered incorrectly.

You can eliminate the causes yourself. Several options are available to improve the internet experience on your phone.

Reasons Why iPhone Doesn’t Pick Up Wi-Fi Signals

Wi-Fi password check

There is another simple phone troubleshooting option from home internet. You just need to reconnect on a new one to wi-fay.

  • You need to go to the menu, then select “Wi-Fi settings”.
  • Selected from the listed available networks is the one with which poor-quality interaction and click “forget this network”.
  • Then you need to click search, connect to the disabled access using a new one.

Having disconnected from it early, the iPad automatically forgets the password, you need to enter it again.

Usually, after such an operation, the interaction between the Internet and the gadget improves. But it does not always work out to eliminate the problem that has arisen by this method.

Wi-Fi button is gray and not active. what happened to the iPhone?

Hello everyone! We have already analyzed all possible problems (and their solution) associated with connecting an iPhone or iPad to Wi-Fi. here is a detailed instruction. But the fact is that in that article general problems were considered, and today I want to talk about one specific case.

iPhone7,7plus wi-fi Greyed out 2019!Fix Can’t turn on wifi on iPhone7,7plus.

over, there is a reason. a question from a reader of my humble blog.

So, recently I received a letter (the text is approximate, but the essence has not changed): “Good day! My iPhone lost its Wi-Fi connectivity this morning. The thing is that, having gone into the settings, I tried to turn on Wi-Fi, but nothing worked for me. the slider did not move. For some reason, it is shown in gray and cannot be activated. Please tell me what to do? “.

But really, some strange “glitch” iOS. there is a Wi-Fi button, but it is not pressed. Or not a “glitch”? Let’s figure it out, let’s go!

In fact, the problem can be both software and hardware. And of course, first you need to exclude crashes in the iOS system. To do this, we perform the following actions:

  • Hard reboot. for different models it is done differently (details here).
  • We reset the network settings. To do this, open “Settings. General. Reset. Reset network settings”.
  • If there is a jailbreak, then delete it. Since some of its tweaks can affect the performance of the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Are you using beta firmware? Remember that you can still “roll back” to “normal” from it. do it.
  • Back up and restore iPhone or iPad firmware via iTunes (use DFU mode to be sure). See if the Wi-Fi icon is activated on a completely “clean” (without your data) device.

Did you do all these manipulations, but the problem persists? Unfortunately, in this case, the gray color of the button most likely indicates a malfunction of the Wi-Fi module.

By the way, this fact can indirectly confirm the impossibility of turning on Bluetooth. its icon will also be inactive.

How to find out more precisely? Open “Settings. General. About this device” and look at the line Wi-Fi address.

  • If instead of numbers we see N / A (Not Available). most likely the wireless module has “died” completely. Only replacement will help.
  • If the numbers are still there, but Wi-Fi still does not turn on, then perhaps the poor-quality soldering is to blame and it will be enough to re-solder the module. It’s also unpleasant, but at least you won’t have to spend money on spare parts.

And what to do now. how to do the right thing?

  • Find out if your iPhone and iPad are still under warranty. If yes, then feel free to take it to the warranty repair. let them figure it out themselves.
  • Is the service term over? Unfortunately, replacing and soldering a module is not the easiest operation. it cannot be done at home, without special skills and equipment. Therefore, you need to visit the service center. But there is good news. the cost of such a procedure is not very high. Although everything is known in comparison

And finally, I would like to note this moment.

On the Internet, as a way to deal with non-working Wi-Fi, you can find this advice. put it in the freezer or heat the device. Say, then the soldering will fall into place and everything will work.

I don’t know if you want to check this method or not, but we must remember about the disadvantages of such a solution:

  • Helps rarely.
  • The effect, as a rule, does not last long. after a while the Wi-Fi connection icon will turn gray and inactive again.
  • You can easily overheat (overcool) the device and break something else. the motherboard, display, all kinds of controllers, modules, etc.

Therefore, in my opinion, this manipulation is an extremely dubious decision. Although, if you are going to throw out the device anyway (since you simply don’t need it with a disabled Wi-Fi button), then you can try. But only at your own peril and risk, because the consequences can be unpredictable. Again, visiting a service center will be much more correct.

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Auto connect problem

If you have connected your device to a Wi-Fi network once, then ideally in the future it will automatically connect to it. If it doesn’t and you need to connect manually, check the Auto-connect option. To do this, go to the Wi-Fi settings and the name of the network and make sure that the Auto connect option is enabled.

Force reboot

Like other problems, problems with Wi-Fi can be solved by a forced restart of the device.

  • On iPhone 11 / Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus, press the volume up button, then the volume down button, and then hold down the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, hold down the Side and Volume Down buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • On iPhone 6s and older, iPad, or iPod touch, simultaneously hold down the Home button and the Side or Top button for at least 10 seconds until the logo appears.
  • On the 11-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro, press and release the volume up button, then the volume down button, and then hold the power button until the tablet restarts.

Update your router firmware

Update your router’s firmware to know for sure that all its problems and bugs have been resolved. This might fix the problem.

Reboot your router

Before trying to solve the problem on the device itself, you need to make sure that the problem is not with your router.

Reboot your router and try connecting to the network again.

A router is a mini-computer with a processor, memory, etc. As with a computer, restarting your router can fix some problems. We recommend that you wait at least 10 seconds before turning on the router again. Check that all cables are firmly inserted, and also check the system settings of the router. they can even be reset and reconfigured.

Disable VPN

If you have VPN enabled in Settings, or you are using a VPN application, try disabling everything. If you cannot turn off the VPN completely, do it at least temporarily to find out if this is the cause of the problem. You can disable VPN through Settings or the application itself.

Reconnect to a Wi-Fi network

If you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network, or an error occurs when entering the password, although it is entered correctly, try to forget the network and then reconnect to it.

To do this, select a Wi-Fi network in Wi-Fi Settings, and then tap Forget This Network. A window will pop up where you will need to confirm your action.

Now go back to the Wi-Fi Settings, select the same network, enter the password and try to connect to it.

Wi-Fi Assistance

IOS has a Wi-Fi Assist feature that provides a more reliable internet connection. Some users claim that disabling and enabling the feature can help solve network problems. To turn off Wi-Fi Assist, go to Settings. Cellular, flick down the screen and tap the switch next to Wi-Fi Help.

Eliminate external causes (interference, covers)

First of all, you should make sure that there is no interference with the signal. If there is no microwave oven between the router and the smartphone, in which there are several working radiotelephones, then it should pass unhindered. Most often, the problem lies in covers and bumpers, which were made by shortsighted craftsmen from metal materials. removing such an accessory can remove the issue of unstable Wi-Fi connection.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Poorly catching or not working Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad, what to do?

Folk remedies

However, if you have an old iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with a broken screen and a non-working Home button, then you can risk its health and do one of the methods of temperature exposure that have been tested by thousands of users. Namely. heat the smartphone with a hairdryer to a critical temperature and then restart, or vice versa. freeze the iPhone in the refrigerator (and this is not a joke).

Sometimes this has a positive, but temporary effect and confirms the presence of hardware problems.

On iPhone or iPad (reboot, “forget network”, reset network settings, flashing)

Naturally, the first step is to take a full range of measures to eliminate a possible error in the iOS settings, moving through the list from the simplest to the most complex:

Turn Wi-Fi off and on in Control Center, restart your device.

If the iPhone or iPad does not connect to the Wi-Fi network correctly, try to “forget” the network. To do this, open the Settings application, go to the Wi-Fi section and click on the “i” icon next to the signal strength icon.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

If this does not help, reset the network settings. To do this, go to the path: Settings → General → Reset and click on Reset network settings.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

In some cases, you can use the Software Restore procedure. How the Software Update differs from the Software Restore, as well as how this process is performed, we described in detail in this material.

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone or iPad: possible solutions

Among all the problems faced by the owners of mobile gadgets, poor performance or complete lack of Wi-Fi connection is one of the most common. Usually the fault is due to incorrect user settings of one of the devices (router or smartphone), but sometimes it is not possible to resolve this situation without intervention at the hardware level.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Below we will consider the most effective methods of Wi-Fi treatment in terms of the ratio of the total number of attempts to successful ones. That is, it is these methods that most often help users solve the problem with this type of wireless connection.

Wi-Fi is available, but the Internet does not work

If you are faced with a situation where the signal of your Wi-Fi network is strong, but the Internet connection is not working, pay attention to this instruction.

On a router (router)

Reboot your router. No matter how trite it may sound, restarting the router in some cases really helps to improve the operation of the wireless network on iOS.

Change the encryption method (this is often the reason iOS devices don’t want to connect to Wi-Fi).

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Reset your router (router) to factory settings.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work


In other cases, the problem with not working Wi-Fi appears after an iOS update. The situation concerns just new products. For example, Wi-Fi may not work on an iPhone 7 or 8, or even a brand new X or XR. This is called a “beta firmware issue” and is fixed as follows:

  • You will have to use iTunes again.
  • We go to the same menu “Settings”.
  • Here, in addition to “Update”, we find the “Restore” option.
  • We choose it.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

It is advisable to make a backup copy of all data available on the phone. contacts, photos, videos. In theory, everything you need is stored on iCloud, but additional protection is never superfluous.

Restoring your phone can also help if Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is not working on iPhone 7. This function is now rarely used for its original purpose. to transfer files. But Apple used it to connect to wireless headphones. Therefore, if branded Airpods have stopped connecting, you may also have to restore the phone through iTunes options.

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone: does not turn on or disappears

Internet access is a basic function of any smartphone. Most of the functionality, from the ability to use the browser to updates, depends on the availability of a network connection. The easiest way to connect is a home or public router.

If you have problems with the connection, you can almost always find out yourself why Wi-Fi may not work on your iPhone. Sometimes you need to change the settings. In other cases, you cannot do without reinstalling the system or even hardware repair.

“Symptoms” of the problem

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

How To FIX iPhone Wifi Not Working!

Let’s start with how we can determine that we have problems with Wi-Fi. The main symptoms of the problem are:

  • The smartphone does not connect to available points, despite the fact that other gadgets are catching the network as expected;
  • The Wi-Fi icon is inactive (grayed out);
  • You know for sure that there are connections available, but your iPhone cannot see them;
  • The network periodically “falls off”.

Causes of the problem and solutions

If you like videos, then watch the following video:

I offer an overview of the easiest ways to solve Wi-Fi problems on iPhones.

Software Update

Another reason when Wi-Fi goes down is due to the operating system. It is relevant for devices that are outdated and no longer supported by Apple’s official policy. When Wi-Fi is not working on iPhone 4s, 5s will most likely have to manually try reconfiguring the operating system.

Although the “old” models no longer receive updates, you can do the following:

  • Connect your phone to a computer with an up-to-date version of iTunes installed in advance.
  • In the “Browse” menu you need to find the “Update” button.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

  • It is pressed when the smartphone is connected via a cable. The system will automatically check for the availability of suitable firmware for a specific model and try to install them.

The method is effective, but if the version is older than 4s, for example, if Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone 4, then it will not be possible to use it. The manufacturer has completely refused to “help” the owners of outdated devices. “Buy our new products”. suggest Apple.

Network reset

Before proceeding with more complex manipulations, it is advisable to simply reset the network settings. This applies, first of all, to constantly used connections to the router. home, work, in your favorite cafe.

If Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone 6 (the problem is typical for this model), then you should always start with the following manipulations:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • We select the sub-item “Basic”.
  • Find the option “Reset network settings”.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

At the same time, the Wi-Fi connection is lost, but it is restored after a while.

Sometimes such a measure is enough to restore the stability of the network. The phone simply updates all the settings on its own, getting rid of the accumulated errors. The Wi-Fi problem on the iPhone 6 causes inconvenience to many phone owners, but it is also easy to “cure” it without requiring additional intervention or manipulation.

Hardware problems

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Wireless problems are almost always software glitches. They arise from “bugs” and “bugs”. Especially if the phone is no longer new, iOS was updated several times “over the air”, and besides, the owner of the gadget takes part in beta testing of new versions of the operating system.

The reason why Wi-Fi does not work or disappears on the iPhone can be considered more serious if none of the methods helped. Or if the connection icon itself remains “gray” and is inaccessible, regardless of the presence of a router. They indicate a breakdown of the module. that is, a hardware malfunction, which will have to be repaired by opening and reinstalling spare parts.

Similar malfunctions can occur on iPad or iPod.

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Before taking the device to the service center, make sure:

  • That the router itself works. Sometimes the problem is in it, then all “home” gadgets refuse to connect. If a non-Apple computer or laptop also does not work, this is a router firmware failure.
  • That the phone is not a Jailbrake. Many “illegal” iPhones start to behave unpredictably from time to time.
  • That a test has been carried out for possible software problems.

A Wi-Fi module on any device rarely breaks down by itself. Remember if you dropped the device, did not get water. A positive answer to this question most likely indicates a malfunction with contacts or a completely burned out part.

Options for the daredevils

There are a couple more ways to “revive” non-working Wi-Fi. They should hardly be called scientifically sound, so you can use them only at your own peril and risk. These methods take as a basis the problem of breaking contacts, and solve the problem using extreme temperatures as follows:

  • take a phone;
  • put it in the refrigerator
  • hold for 15 minutes;
  • reload.

Remember that the technique is fraught with the formation of moisture condensation on the contacts!

  • we take a hairdryer;
  • we bring it to the iPhone;
  • warm up with hot air for ten to fifteen minutes;
  • also reboot.

What’s happening? “Home” imitation of soldering. Sometimes it really helps if the contact on the Wi-Fi module has moved away. But there is also a great chance that the phone will deteriorate completely. As a rule, the technique of a refrigerator or hair dryer does not “last” for a long time, but there will be enough time to wait for a complete repair.

Our team in no way encourages the use of these methods! They just exist, and we are obliged to tell about them.!

If you have questions, or want to discuss this article, please write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! And I say goodbye. Be kind!

The main causes of the malfunction

If you surf the Internet a lot, the quality of the wireless network reception is very important. Therefore, when Wi-Fi stops working on the iPhone (does not catch the network, freezes or works with poor speed), it can become a very annoying problem. You can try to restore the device yourself or use the help of experienced specialists.

There are reasons why Wi-Fi may stop working on iPhone:

  • hardware failure
  • software glitch
  • accidental factory reset
  • mechanical damage to the device
  • ingress of moisture inside the smartphone

Software failure and flashed network settings can be easily fixed by yourself.

How to repair a gadget after disassembling it

If smartphone functions work poorly or did not recover at all, disassemble the device using special tools and try to determine what the problem is.

To disassemble Apple smartphones, two screwdrivers are usually enough (a regular Phillips screwdriver and a specialized one for smartphones). Having prepared the tools, follow these steps in stages:

  • unscrew the fasteners and remove the front cover of the iPhone
  • find the Wi-Fi module (1 by 1 cm square, covered with a thin film)
  • gently peel off the protective cover using tweezers
  • slowly, at an angle of 90 degrees, start heating the module with a hairdryer, gently directing hot air to the board
  • evenly drive the hairdryer around the perimeter of the Wi-Fi module
  • after heating the board, press it to the contacts, fix the square with a small piece of cardboard
  • wait for the components to cool completely and turn on the iPhone

After such actions, usually Wi-Fi begins to function stably, but there were situations in which smartphone owners discovered additional malfunctions.

Such a nuisance can happen with any iPhone model, therefore, if Wi-Fi does not work, and you do not know what exactly the problem is (in a software failure, in a module, power and volume buttons, or other hardware elements), you doubt the successful completion of an independent repair, use the services of qualified specialists.

Signs of Wi-Fi Failure

It’s easy enough to understand that there are problems with Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is not functioning very quickly, the problem may not be with your smartphone, but with your router. Therefore, first check if the router settings are correct.

The following symptoms indicate a Wi-Fi problem:

  • the device does not catch the network
  • smartphone does not connect to hotspot
  • Wi-Fi icon is gray
  • Wi-Fi freezes after a short period of time
  • the button of the mobile Internet, Wi-Fi connection does not turn on
  • Internet is not working well (low speed)
  • lost network settings

Of course, Apple equipment undergoes rigorous production testing, but some users notice that even the new iPhone does not catch Wi-Fi. Fixing a software glitch is much easier than fixing a hardware problem with Wi-Fi not working on an iPhone. In any case, the troubleshooting method depends on the type and complexity of the breakdown.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not turn on due to software glitch

It happens that Wi-Fi freezes and functions poorly due to system errors. A software failure after updating the operating system is often the cause. However, there are other software reasons due to which Wi-Fi does not work very quickly or does not turn on at all.

If iPhone stops functioning properly, Wi-Fi isn’t working properly or won’t turn on at all, a button won’t turn on, an icon is grayed out, or you see other signs of a problem, try the following:

  • reboot the router
  • if restarting the router did not help, make a forced “reboot” of the mobile device
  • If Wi-Fi is not working or freezes, please update your operating system
  • install antivirus, the iPhone may be infected
  • try to connect mobile internet

If the steps you performed did not help, and the Wi-Fi in the Apple mobile phone did not work, the problem is most likely in the hardware. The reasons for such breakdowns are quite varied, ranging from the breakage of contacts with the motherboard and the failure of the power button loop, and ending with the breakdown of the module.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not turn on due to hardware failure

The hardware failure is not related to OS firmware or malware. This problem is quite unpleasant. Improper repairs can affect not only Wi-Fi performance, but other functions of the iPhone as well.

On the Internet, you can find the following methods for self-recovery of the Wi-Fi hardware:

  • Warm up the switched on iPhone with a hairdryer at the maximum power level. if a warning about an extremely high temperature level appears on the smartphone screen, immediately stop heating and reboot the device
  • if Wi-Fi still doesn’t work, try putting iPhone in the refrigerator for no more than 15 minutes, then restart your smartphone

These methods are quite simple, but they are not always suitable, so if you are not sure of the correctness of the actions, it is better not to do anything until you disassemble the device.

WI-FI does not work on iPhone

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

If Wi-Fi does not work on your iPhone, do not rush to take your device to a service center. First, try to fix the problem yourself. As soon as there is a problem with the wireless network connection, reboot the device and reset the settings. There are also other ways to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi problem, which depend on the cause of the problem.

Professional recovery of iPhone with wireless networks

Using the Yuda website, you can quickly find an iPhone service provider near you. An experienced technician will immediately arrive at the specified address to diagnose the device, determine the cause of the malfunction and repair the Wi-Fi.

It is profitable to order the services of certified specialists registered on the Yudu website for many reasons:

  • no time wasted on a trip to the service center
  • works are performed in your presence
  • only high-quality components and spare parts are used for iPhone repair
  • the master brings with him all the necessary equipment and tools
  • the specialist provides a guarantee for the work performed

If Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone, you should not risk expensive equipment, order repairs from trusted masters on the YouDo website.

Poorly catching Wi-Fi on iPhone. what to do

Bad Wi-Fi on iPhone? iPhone constantly disconnects from Wi-Fi and resumes working only after a while? Has Wi-Fi speed dropped noticeably on iPhone and isn’t bouncing back? If you encounter any of these problems, this guide will definitely help.

Reconnect to a Wi-Fi network

Also, quite often, a banal reconnection to the network helps to solve the problem with a poor iPhone Wi-Fi connection. For this:

Go to Settings → Wi-Fi.

Choose a wireless network that is slow.

Click “Forget This Network”.

Search for wireless networks and connect to the network you just deleted.

Note that after resetting, the Wi-Fi network password will need to be re-entered.

Set a different channel for broadcasting the Wi-Fi network

This method is especially helpful for people who live in apartment buildings, literally teeming with Wi-Fi networks. The vast majority of networks operate at standard settings, broadcasting on the same channel. Installing a different Wi-Fi network broadcast channel makes it possible to significantly speed up the connection.

However, you will have to find the option to select the broadcast channel in the settings of your router yourself. The fact is that the interfaces for managing routers have a different appearance, which is why, alas, we cannot give the exact location of the necessary settings. Note that most often the option to change the Wi-Fi channel is available in the advanced connection settings.

Set Wi-Fi password

And one more tip related to Wi-Fi network settings is extremely simple. Make sure that other people are not using your Wi-Fi, thereby slowing down the connection speed. The easiest way to do this is by setting a password on Wi-Fi, thus preventing other users from connecting to the network.

Reset network settings

One of the most effective ways to fix poor Wi-Fi connection on iPhone is to reset your device’s network settings. It is performed as follows:

Go to the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Reset”.

Click “Reset Network Settings”.

After the network settings have been reset successfully, you can check if the iPhone is faster on your Wi-Fi network.

Perform a forced reboot

To start looking for a solution to the problem with poor Wi-Fi reception on the iPhone, you should start with the easiest way. to perform a forced reboot. It helps to clear the iOS software errors that have arisen, including even those that at first glance are related to the “hardware”. In order to force restart the iPhone, you need to hold down the Power and Home buttons (the volume down button on the iPhone 7/7 Plus) and hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After turning on the device, you should check the correct operation of Wi-Fi.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Use an alternate DNS server

The next way is from the category of non-standard. In the connection settings, you must specify an alternative fast DNS server, for example, from Google. This will allow the connection to work faster on your specific device.

Go to Settings → Wi-Fi.

Click “i” next to your connection.

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In the DNS column, enter one of the following DNS servers:

  • Google.
  • Google.
  • OpenDNS.
  • OpenDNS.

After that, exit the connection settings and check if its speed has increased.

Causes and symptoms of a Wi-Fi chip breakdown on an iPhone

The wireless module is a separate chip soldered on the motherboard. Often, the reasons for its failure are mechanical breakdowns after the fall of the smartphone, impact, sudden changes in temperature. Or due to moisture getting inside the case. You can determine the malfunction of Wi-Fi by the following signs:

  • iPhone stopped seeing any Wi-Fi networks;
  • The smartphone does not connect to Wi-Fi;
  • The Wi-Fi enable button (slider) is inactive;
  • There is no Wi-Fi address in the settings;
  • Bluetooth search does not work.

Repair of Wi-Fi module on the example of iPhone 7

I get into our hands devices with various breakdowns and malfunctions, one of them is Apple iPhone 7 with non-working W-Fi. For the owner of the smartphone, the problem with the inability to connect to w-fi networks turned out to be critical. Therefore, to repair his gadget, he turned to us, let’s see how it was.

To understand exactly that the problem is in the microcircuit, it is enough to notice that the Wi-Fi icon has disappeared. iPhone does not see any of the networks, or the switch in Settings does not work at all. The advanced way is to check if the Mac Wi-Fi address is detected in the settings. To do this, go to Settings. “General”. “About this device”. Find the item Wi-Fi address. If the value is not specified in the “Wi-Fi address” line, most likely the module is not working correctly. The owner admitted that the iPhone has crashed several times. 🙂

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

In the line “Wi-Fi Address” the value is N / A, which means there is a problem with the microcircuit.

To repair the Wi-Fi module, the phone is completely disassembled, the motherboard is removed for subsequent diagnostics and repair work.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Back side of the motherboard. At the top is the Murata 339S00199 Wi-Fi chip.

The damaged Wi-Fi chip is removed from the motherboard. We examine the microcircuit, the contact pads are torn off. So the chip cannot be simply re-soldered (reball). We make a decision to replace it with a new microcircuit.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

The engineer starts to dismantle the microcircuit.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

The microcircuit is dismantled and has damaged contacts.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Contact pads on the board are cleaned for subsequent soldering, the factory compound is removed.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

After preparing the motherboard, you can install a new Wi-Fi module. But there is one important point here. On iPhone 6s and later, the Wi-Fi chip is tied to a serial number stored in NAND memory. To make a new wi-fi chip work, you need to enter its data into NAND, usually a mac address. Therefore, we dismantle the memory module, then write new data on the programmer and install the chip. Once we have already shown this process, so we will not focus too much on this.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Writing new Wi-Fi chip data to flash memory

Here everything goes according to the standard scenario. First, the Wi-Fi chip is soldered, then the flash memory to the board.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

The board is launched on a laboratory unit without peripherals and the boot modes and power consumption are checked. Then we start to reassemble the iPhone. We launch it and look in the Settings. the Wi-Fi address has appeared, we are testing the connection to Wi-Fi networks and the operation of the Internet connection.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

High-quality Wi-Fi repair with a guarantee

We have described the process of repairing Wi-Fi on iPhone at our service center. You can always contact us to restore Wi-Fi operation on your iPhone of any model. The service is provided quickly, at an affordable cost, with a guarantee.

We repair Wi-Fi module on Apple iPhone 7

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

We are all accustomed to the fact that a smartphone is not only a means of telephone communication, but also an opportunity to access the Internet. To connect to wireless networks, the iPhone has a Wi-Fi module that allows you to find a network, transmit and receive data. One day you may face a situation where your iPhone has stopped seeing any networks, the Wi-Fi button is inactive, and the connection speed has dropped significantly. In most cases, the cause of this problem lies in the breakdown of the Wi-Fi chip. This means that it needs to be repaired or replaced. In this article we will tell you how the repair takes place in our service center.

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using an alternative DNS server

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Quite a non-standard method, which is to use a fast alternative DNS server. This can be the address of any company. Google or OpenDNS. To register it you need:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select Wi-Fi;
  • Click on the blue icon with the letter i next to the desired Wi-Fi network;
  • Enter one of the following DNS addresses in the DNS column: from Google. or; from OpenDNS. or

After the performed manipulations, close the Settings and check the speed of the Internet connection.

What to do if Wi-Fi is bad on iPhone?

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

The Wi-Fi network on the iPhone is always lost, or the WLAN connection speed has dropped dramatically and cannot be restored. We have prepared for you step-by-step instructions with 7 ways to fix the problem!

set up another broadcast channel

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Here the actions need to be carried out already with your router at home. Changing the broadcast channel to another helps to increase the connection speed in homes with a huge number of WLAN networks.

Usually, you can set the broadcast channel directly in your network settings, so you will have to follow the router’s manual. Look also in advanced network settings.

put the password on the network

If you have an open WLAN network, other people can be connected to it. This may cause Internet speed to drop. We recommend that you put a password on the network. This is done in the settings of the router.

reconnecting to the network

Another easy method to fix various errors is to completely reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. To do this you need:

  • Go to iPhone Settings;
  • Go to the Wi-Fi section;
  • Then click on the network to which you are connected and select the Forget this network button;
  • Refresh the list of available WLAN networks and reconnect exactly to your.

Do not forget that after implementing this method, you must re-enter the password from the network.

forced reboot

The easiest way is to force reboot. We wrote more about how to restart an iPhone in the article. check it out.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

What’s the point in force restarting an iPhone? It can reset all software glitches of the iOS operating system. You can make an analogy with a PC when it freezes and you use a special restart button on the system unit. Forced reboots are different for different iPhone models. For example, to do it on versions prior to iPhone 7, you need to press and hold the Home button and the Power key until the Apple logo appears.

To force restart the iPhone, starting with version 7 and above, you need to hold down the power button and Volume-. After that, check the Wi-Fi operation again. the problem should disappear.

reset network settings

This method is considered one of the most effective if your iPhone has a poor Wi-Fi network or a slowdown in connection speed.

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select General. Reset;
  • Click the last Reset Network Settings button and confirm your action.

After that, reconnect to the network and test it for problems, using it for a while.

iPhone recovery

The seventh method is quite radical in its execution. it is necessary to restore the iPhone. This procedure helps to get rid of many problems. software and even hardware. How to do this, you can read the link above.

If none of the methods for solving the problem could help, then contact the service center and describe the problem in detail.

Faulty router

The mobile device is not always to blame for a faulty network connection; quite often the reason is the router, namely, its incorrect settings or a completely out of order device. There are a number of solutions that can help remedy the situation:

  • We take the most obvious step, reboot the router by disconnecting from the network.
  • If it does not help, we reset the router settings using the special “Reset” button on it.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

  • You can try changing the encryption settings from WPA2 / WPA to WEP.
  • Check the correct date and time setting or change the region.

All of the above points are best done with a person who understands this. Otherwise, you can permanently disable the device.

Resetting network settings

If you’ve failed in the previous ways to fix your Wi-Fi connections, then it’s time to use the trump card. To do this, you need to reset the network settings.

Step 1

Let’s go here “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset”.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Reboot the device

Force restart is a versatile problem-solving solution for more than just Apple mobile devices. This is how you can correct errors in the device software.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Apple has already written hundreds of times about rebooting smartphones from Apple, but recall that for different generations the method is slightly different and it will not work just to hold down the power button on the device.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

On devices younger than 6s, the button on the display is clamped and the one that is responsible for locking the screen. We are waiting for about 15 seconds and the smartphone should reboot. IPhone 7/7 Plus models have the same reboot principle as their predecessors, but with minor changes in the part of the buttons. instead of the button on the display, you need to press the one that is responsible for decreasing the overall volume on the device. The most extraordinary way applies to all iPhone models that came out after 7/7 Plus. here you need to press to decrease the volume and immediately release it, then also do it with increasing the volume and only then hold down the button responsible for turning on the power until the very end of the restart.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Step 2

Select the item with the same name and click on it.

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

The Wi-Fi network should now work normally.

Reconnecting to the network

Everything is elementary here, just reset the desired Wi-Fi network or forget it. Next, we connect to it on a new one, entering the password.

What to do if you can’t connect iPhone to Wi-Fi

wi-fi, iphone, does, work

Apple device owners have long been familiar with the problem of connecting mobile devices to a Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, this situation is global in nature, affecting both iPad and iPhone. Therefore, below we will analyze several effective methods for solving connection problems.

Step 3

We update the list of available connections and select the one we need. We enter the password, after which the problem should go away.