4G online camera TSEEU cc SIM card, WI-FI hotspot, PTZ for built-in installation

New generation PTZ camera with real-time control and gliding.

Camera for video surveillance in real time ss SIM card, 4G, PTZ and WI-FI hotspot

TSEEU e camera from a new generation of cameras for real-time surveillance.

wi-fi, camera, phone, control

Camerata e 2MP, focal length 2.7-13.5mm with 5x optical zoom automatically focusing on bream.

Put the SIM card on and watch in real time. Camerata is convenient for accessing the Internet, but it has a mobile Internet connection from a GSM operator. Put in a SIM card and a product, watch, but the router is even more and more desperate for spreading to the Internet via WI-FI. AP.

WiFi Camera Control on LUMIX Cameras Use Your Phone as a Remote Control for Your Camera

The camerata is equipped with a slot for a TF memory card for recording video information. In order to avoid unnecessary recordings, the camera is equipped with a motion recording function, so when recording a video, the only motion is recorded.

Camera TSEEU is controlled by the app, so you can change the set from the setting. This application is free in foreign language: CAMHI.

Movement to the camera stav, through the screen on the display on the phone from the plazgan to the nalavo-nadiasno (from 0 ° to 260 °) and nagore-nadolu (from 5 ° to 60 °).

Through the application, snapshots or video images from the temporal resolution.

If you are recording in real time, it is possible through the application, yes, edit the record on the same view, or send the picture, which will be recorded on the phone. and when used on the sensor for movement, it is recorded on the TF card. The applicationto vi spestyava is a huge sum from the bet, you don’t need to go to the camerat for yes, read the file from the video recorded.

TSEEU has a function that simultaneously rules both MMS and an online video camera, namely, the possibility of using an email, when using a sensor for movement, just how to catch the cameras.
TSEEU ce crawling for a catch taka and for a security camera.

Camerata with 4 power infrared diodes, koito will light up at night up to 50m.

We offer two basic packages for mobile Internet on the A1 operator, Vivacom or Telenor according to the selection for the client and directly with the girth of the IMA on the set of the camerat:

  • Subscription plan is economical, BGN 15. with DDS per month unlimited traffic and speed up to 6.5 GB.
  • XL subscription plan, BGN 25 with DDS per month unlimited traffic and speed up to 35 GB.

The best multicooker with smartphone control

A multicooker controlled from a smartphone is the most convenient thing in the kitchen of a modern woman. Such models have a built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi module and support a connection with a smartphone.

REDMOND SkyCooker M800S

5 liter model with ceramic-coated bowl. Power. 900 W. Has 28 manual tuning programs. Remote control is carried out from a smartphone via the Bluetooth module and the Ready for Sky mobile application. Supports iOS devices. 7.0 or higher, Android. 4.3 and higher.

  • 3D heating;
  • keeping warm;
  • the possibility of a delayed start;
  • adjustment of cooking time.


In the realities of modern life, it is difficult to find free time for all household chores. And therefore, modern women are forced to not only cook dinner after work, but also do cleaning and laundry. And sometimes you just want to relax on the couch listening to your favorite TV show. In this case, a multicooker with a telephone control function is especially convenient.

Important! Such devices have only one drawback. Multicooker equipped with a large number of sensors and modules are vulnerable to voltage surges in the supplied electricity.

How remote control works?

In order for the multicooker with control from the phone to fulfill all the wishes of its mistress, a special mobile application must be installed on the phone on iOs or Android.

30 WiFi Security Camera | Smart Phone Control | Heim Vision HM202 | 1080p HD Night Vision Review

With it, you can remotely control all the main options from the smartphone screen:

  • Turning heating on and off.
  • Delayed start timer.
  • Keeping the cooked food warm.
  • Selecting automatic programs.
  • Setting up your own cooking recipes.
  • Changing the temperature to the desired temperature during operation.

The functionality depends on the multicooker model. There are models that support the creation of multi-step tasks and their management from a smartphone. So, for example, an application in the phone signals the heating of a dish to a certain temperature and automatically starts the next cooking stage.

Important! Multicooker with a built-in Bluetooth adapter can be controlled from a distance of up to 10 meters. If the device is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, it connects to the network using a home router. Thus, the multicooker can be controlled from the phone, even while away from home.

Polaris EVO 0225

The next model from the manufacturer of Polaris. Volume. 5 liters, bowl cover. ceramic, multicooker power. 860 W. Smartphone control is carried out via Wi-Fi, that is, via the Internet.

  • steaming container;
  • flat spoon and deep spoon;
  • measuring capacity;
  • jars for making yoghurt.

REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S

Another model from Redmond. Has a ceramic bowl of 5 liters, plastic body. Declared power. 860 W.

Remote control takes place via Bluetooth.

  • milk porridge;
  • cereal;
  • frying;
  • extinguishing;
  • steaming;
  • pilaf;
  • deep fat;
  • dough;
  • bakery products;
  • multi-cook.

The set also includes a frying pan.

  • delayed start;
  • 3D heating;
  • keeping warm for the right time;
  • the ability to adjust the cooking time.

Interesting! So that it is not boring to cook, the multicooker is equipped with a built-in radio tuner (FM range 76-108 MHz).

REDMOND SkyCooker M903S

A modern device with a 5 liter bowl, therefore it is suitable for preparing food for a large family. Declared power. 1000 W.

In addition to control from a smartphone via Bluetooth, it has the following additional functions:

  • 3D heating;
  • delayed start;
  • keeping warm;
  • Sous-Vide;
  • the ability to adjust the cooking time.

Important! Includes plastic container for steaming, deep and flat spoons, measuring cup, recipe book.