Blow through the 3.5mm jack with a hair dryer

Blowing out the 3.5mm jack with a hair dryer can help with the problem. As with the previous cases, there is no specific purging methodology. The only thing to keep in mind is that prolonged hot air blowing can be unfavorable for the iPhone battery.

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I have lost sound on my iPhone, what should I do?

Thanks to the iPhone built-in speaker, we hear the melody of voice calls, SMS notifications, as well as the sounds of running applications and much more. Also, the system speaker is used to listen to music tracks in player mode. What to do if I lost sound on my iPhone? The problem may be software or hardware. Let’s try to figure out how to get the sound back if it is suddenly lost.

  • It could have broken the speaker. this is a hardware failure, which requires the intervention of specialists;
  • In the smartphone could get water. in this case, the lack of sound will seem “flowers”;
  • In the device could occur a software error. this is the simplest cause, which can be dealt with without much trouble.

Let’s consider the causes of the lack of sound in more detail.

When the headphones don’t work

In great demand among music lovers is the headphone mode on the iPhone. You can use the headset to listen to music, talk, or turn the sound down or up. In a word, it’s very handy. If the speakers are functioning correctly, but when you connect the headphones the sound stopped working or it is difficult to call it quality, the headset itself may have malfunctioned. Test it by plugging in any other earbuds to your smartphone. If the new headset pleases with juicy bass, but the old iPhone headphones do not work, it’s time to go to the store for a new audio device.

Hardware malfunction

There are three common types of breakdowns that indicate a hardware malfunction. These include:

  • Faulty connector, which is used to connect the headphones.
  • Buttons, responsible for sound control, do not work properly.
  • Failed earpiece.

You could also just have a dirty speaker or jack, a faulty chip, or damaged sound cables. Over time, the speaker gets clogged with dust and dirt. especially if you carry it in a or bag without a case.

One of the reasons why the iPhone does not work headphones or speaker, is due to dropping the mobile device in water or snow. Moisture is very dangerous for your smartphone, as it can cause oxidation of components. If water gets inside your turned on phone, a short circuit may occur. Do not try to dry it with a hair dryer or other artificial drying methods. It is better to take your mobile device to the nearest service center, where it will try to resuscitate it. Specialists will conduct a complete diagnosis and determine why the sound only works in headphones, or is absent at all.

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If the connector is plugged you may try cleaning it with a non-metallic object. For example, with a toothpick. Cleaning should be careful not to scratch anything. Then plug and unplug the headphone a few times, shake off the pieces of dirt, restart the iPhone.

No ring tone on iPhone. what to do

Your iPhone stops playing audio for incoming calls and text messages? This problem is not always caused by technical problems and it can be solved with software. How to bring back the sounds of incoming calls and text messages on your iPhone is explained in this tutorial.

Note: If your iPhone is “frozen” in headset mode, use the tips suggested in these instructions.

No sound in incoming calls on iPhone. what to do

Go to “Settings” → “Main” → “Universal Access” menu.

Select “AssistiveTouch.

Set the AssistiveTouch switch to the active position. The button responsible for working with the function will appear on the screen.

Press AssistiveTouch button and select “Device” in the window that appears.

Set audio to “On. Sound”, then use the “Louder” button to set the volume to maximum.

Make about 30-40 calls on your iPhone.

One of the calls will need to get your iPhone back to full functionality. If this does not happen, it is likely the problem is technical and, alas, without a trip to the service center.

In most cases, we accidentally leave the iPhone in silent mode or forget that the volume is set to minimum. Sometimes it is also possible that your iPhone has a temporary failure, which it detected during regular use.

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In rare cases, a third-party app probably has a problem that is causing it to not output sound.

Finally, we can not exclude the possibility of damage to the equipment. If your iPhone has fallen hard, it may have caused damage to the speaker system. If this happens you will need to contact Apple Support or an authorized service center for possible hardware fixes.

Now that we know the possible causes, let’s see how to solve the problem.

Why there is no sound on iPhone screen recording

The most common reason why there is no sound on screen recording the user forgot to turn it on or did not know about such a function at all. In addition, there are several other reasons why there is no sound on iPhone screen recording:

  • A small bug in the software. Sometimes it happens that just the app can get a little buggy. It is not critical, just a small glitch. This can be fixed by rebooting;
  • A problem in the iPhone software. It also often happens that because of some small error, the iPhone can behave very strangely. Most of these problems occur over time when the memory is clogged with programs and unnecessary open files. The easiest way to fix it is to reboot;
  • Power saving mode error. The power-saving mode in the iPhone is set individually. You can turn off some apps, and others will not work in certain functions. With the camera is a flash, with screen recording may not work the microphone.

One more reason is hardware. The iPhone microphone can fail. In this case you need to check whether you can record audio from the device, if not reboot and try again. If the problem persists, you need to take your iPhone to a service center to have them sort out the problem.

Why is there no sound on my iPhone??

Many iPhone owners at least once, but faced with problems related to sound playback on their smartphone. For example, if suddenly all the sound on the iPhone disappears (you can not hear the other party, the microphone also does not work, the music does not play), or headphones are not connected (not detected). In some cases, the phone is also constantly rebooting, showing the familiar “apple” on the screen. What can be the reason?

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If the speakerphone on your iPhone does not work, it is a sign that the audio codec is damaged

Check if the music is playing

Open the Music app on your iPhone and start playing any song. Slide the volume control all the way to the right until it reaches full volume.

If you hear music but your iPhone is “silent” during calls, it is an indication that the notification settings are wrong. Here’s how to enable notification sounds (which includes your ringtone!) on your iPhone:

Stop the music and return to the main system screen.

Open “Settings” and select the “Sounds” menu item.

About halfway through, you’ll see the “Ringing and Warnings” option.

iPhone: no sound

Move the slider to the right. All sounds should now be audible.

So if you lose sound on your iPhone during a call or while using the player, that’s a reason to think about what’s causing the problem. All causes can be divided into hardware and software. Consider them in more detail.

  • Speaker problems. in this case you will need to replace the failed chip or replace the entire element. For this you will also need to contact a specialist.
  • Debris or dust in the speaker or headphone jack. This is usually the fate of those who carry the gadget in their without using a protective case. In this case the headphone jack and the speaker mesh become clogged.
  • Getting wet is one of the obvious reasons why the sound doesn’t work on the iPhone. Moisture oxidizes the microchips for the headphone jack, so the device thinks that the headphones are working all the time. In this case you will have to contact the service.

The second type of error appears due to the following factors:

How To FIX iPhone Speaker Problems & NO SOUND ��[SOLVED!] [UPDATE!]

  • Incorrect settings;
  • Hacking the system, which can lead to the formation of errors in the device’s code;
  • Failure of the operating system;
  • Installation of programs from unofficial sources, which may lead to infection with a virus and iOS failure.