TOP-5 programs for video recording and audio from games (without brakes and lags)

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I think every game lover more than once wanted to record some interesting episode from his game on camera, well, either directly from the screen to the PC hard drive. The second way we will touch in this article.

For this purpose, you need a special program. Now there are dozens of them: there are both paid options and free options. In this article, I wanted to consider the best programs to solve this problem, which, in addition to the video, can also record audio sound in the process of your game (online) on a computer hard drive.

In general, I do not claim to be a guru, but these programs have repeatedly helped me out at one time!

Note: In the article I will not paint all impressions in detail, bad or beautiful design and other “water”. I will give a link to the official website, several screenshots, the main pros and cons of.


The programs below specialize in the recording of the game video/audio (and in this capacity I evaluate them). If you need to record a video from the desktop, I recommend this selection

Place. Fraps

One of the best programs (and the most famous) for games video. She gained her popularity thanks to her codec, which in the recording process “does not load” strongly the processor. Thanks to this, you can even conduct a screen of a screen of a screen on very weak machines.

  • the ability to make a video capture (with audio) from almost any games (even the oldest. the program sees everything!);
  • The minimum load on your processor during the recording due to the use of your special. codec;
  • Very high.quality video recording, with the ability to receive stable 60 FPS (almost without distortion, just as it was on your screen during the capture process. Approx.: provided that you did not slow down the computer during the recording process);
  • the ability to make screenshots;
  • the ability to view the FPS indicator (how to increase it. you can learn from here);
  • A very simple integration: only a few tabs, it is convenient to switch and you can quickly find the desired setting;
  • small size of the program. just a few megabytes!
  • The main minus is the resulting large video (several minutes can take several gigabytes on HDD), The program compresses them weakly (due to which the minimum load on the processor is achieved);
  • Bad work with sound: there is no way to divide the sound into several paths;
  • There is no way to pause when recording;
  • There is no way to choose the resolution of the written file, only specify the number of FPS and size: full screen, or half of it;
  • In the free version of the program, screenshots can only be made in the BMP format;
  • The program extends in English (although there are Russifiers to it).

[Faqs] slows down the video when recording in Bandicam: What to do?

Nevertheless, although Bandicam uses hardware possible minimum of your PC resources, with a general overload of the system, problems may occur during the video capture.

Writing streaming videos requires free system resources:

note! When recording streaming videos, priority is as follows:

GPU and CP RAM (RAM) Memory (SSD, HDD)

Usually the availability of HDD or SSD does not affect the video recording process. Problems can arise only if you use RGB24 or YV12 codes, since they create very large files.

If the computer’s performance is not enough to simultaneously maintain the game application and video recording, you will notice braking or not the entire gameplay (personnel phenomenon) will be recorded on the recording.

How to remove lags in Bandicam

To get rid of performance problems during video capture, use a desktop PC instead of a laptop, reduce the resolution in the video settings settings, reduce the size and quality of the video, and try to use codes with hardware acceleration (for example, h.264) in Bandicam.

Change video resolution in the target application.

Most computer games have the opportunity to change the video settings (screen). If the recorded game supports the change of resolution of the screen, select less value with the corresponding ratios of the parties. You can also run the application in window mode instead of the “Full Screen” mode: this will increase performance and reduce lags.

If the size of the default video, “full size”, change by “half size” in the format settings under the “video” tab, the quality of the video will be reduced twice, but the performance will increase and the braking effect will not occur. You can also configure the preferred size by hand, changing the ratio of the parties (by default 100% by 100%).

If FPS value by default, “30.000 “, replace with” 15.000 “, Bandicam will record a video with 15 frames per second. This will help prevent a decrease in system performance. You can also independently experiment with FPS values ​​to achieve a better ratio of performance and smoothness of the picture.

If the current value of the “quality” parameter is “50”, the quality of the video will be reduced, but the performance of the system may increase.

If you replace the default codes (MPEG-1 and MPEG-1 L2) with the Codecs “Motion JPEG” and “PCM”, the size of the video recording file will increase, but the load on the system’s productivity resources will significantly decrease.

If your computer supports the encoder h.264, you can try the codecs “h.264 “and” PCM “. This will increase Bandicam capabilities due to the progressive use of the capacity of the graphic map. To get additional information, read about hardware acceleration in Bandicam.

Try to use the encoder h.264 with hardware acceleration

If you use modern graphic cards or Intel CPU, then a hardware increase in performance in Bandicam is available to you. Select the required option:

If you use the NVIDIA video card, select the Maximum performance option in software settings.

  • If you use the game mode of video recording, set the game settings for maximum performance in the NVIDIA control panel.
  • If you use the screen recording mode or recording from the device, set the Bandicam main application settings for maximum performance.

To select maximum performance, click on the desktop with the right mouse button, select the NVIDIA control panel. “3D parameters”. “Software settings”. “Add” (select the right application). Then select the NVIDIA high.performance processor as a preferred graphic processor, find in the lower menu “power control mode” and select “Maximum performance mode” is preferred.

Connect the video card to the main slot of the motherboard.

If your graphic card is connected to an additional slot, try to switch it to the main slot to increase performance.

Changing the main recording parameters allows you to increase productivity without changing quality parameters.

  • If you use the game mode, try the screen recording mode.
  • If the problems arose in the screen recording mode, it may not be suitable for this application. Switch to game mode.

Disconnect the additional sound device.

  • If you use the option “General sound path with the main device”, turn it off before the video recording in Bandicam.
  • Even with a disabled additional device, Bandicam can still record sound from a microphone using the “stereo mix” or “volume mixer” “in Windows. You can read more about the volume settings in Windows here.

Update Windows, graphic card, RAM and central processor.

The best screen of the screen without delay

First of all, you should try Fonelab Screen Recorder, this is a simple but powerful tool that will help you shoot the screen without delay. No matter what you want to record gameplay, online meetings, create an online course and much more, it will be the best choice.

In addition, it allows you to add annotations during the recording procedure, so you can easily leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the video so that your video looks more vivid and professional. You can even plan the task of recording on a computer when you are inaccessible.

In addition, it is available for both Windows and Mac, you can easily check the instructions below, if you want to know how to use it.

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture videos, audio, online, etc. D. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily configure size, edit video or audio and much more.

  • Write down videos, audio, webcam and make screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Pre.viewing data before saving.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

How To Record Gameplay On PC With OBS Studio (2022)

Step 1 go to the official website and click download the page button at the top. Then follow the installation instructions on the computer. After that, it will be launched automatically.

Step 2 Choose a video recorder on the main intese. Then you can switch the buttons to enable the system sound or microphone if you want.

In addition, you can also record a webcam if you want to shoot all the actions of the webcam.

Step 3 click stop the icon after completion. Then you will be invited to choose a folder to save records.

Well, you can see that it is easy to use, because you do not even set up the parameters before recording, since they are all ready when they are supplied with the program. But you can also configure the output, mouse, hot keys and many others, respectively, if you want.

If you want more options? Just move on.

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture videos, audio, online, etc. D. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily configure size, edit video or audio and much more.

  • Write down videos, audio, webcam and make screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Pre.viewing data before saving.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

Free or paid application for a delay screen

As you know, there are other options on the market. Nevertheless, each of them has its own characteristics, we just manually made a list of the below of paid or free recording programs without delay, so they will not be ranked in a certain order.

OBS Studio

Fully free recorder recorder you should not miss this OBS Studio. He can shoot video from the screen, a microphone in Windows for viewing in autonomous mode, joint use and much more. OBS. Ideal for people who want to find a recording program with an open source screen without causing lags.

Which is even more important, OBS records the screen using a graphic processor and processor without delay on a computer. This will help you easily create a video without delay.

However, you must note that it cannot record a system sound from a computer, and it is somewhat difficult to use for green hands.


As you know, a living game is developing rapidly, it is recommended that a gamer can download the recorded game process on YouTube, Twitch, Steam and many other platforms for friends and audience. To take a picture of the gaming screen more convenient, Bandicam chose Game as one of the main regimes of the integration. Thus, you can start recording the gameplay directly from the Inte We without difficult operations.

In addition to the registrar of the gameplay, it can also be your online meeting registrar, recorder, etc. without lags.

Having studied these products, you can clearly understand that each of them has advantages for making requests to capture the screen without delay. Obviously, they still have various drawbacks that can become superfluous for people who also need additional functions during recording.

As you can see, when you are looking for a reliable program, Fonelab Screen Recorder the best choice for recording without delay. Why not download and record the screen without lags now!

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture videos, audio, online, etc. D. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily configure size, edit video or audio and much more.

Settings of the Application “Record” Writing

To go into settings, you need to press the icon in the form of a gear on the screen on the screen.


Everything is simple here. the more, the better. Affects the sharpness of the picture, so we put the maximum possible.

Video quality

It has a great influence on the size of the video file and the performance of the smartphone during recording. If there are no problems with a free place and the power of the device, we put the maximum possible.


Changes the orientation of the screen when recording. It is best to leave in the “Auto” mode.

Sound source

System sounds. only the sounds made by applications on the smartphone will be heard on the recording.

Microphone. your Комментарии и мнения владельцев will be recorded.

Without sound. everything is clear here, all sounds will be disconnected.

Frame frequency

Changes the number of frames per second. If there are no problems with performance, we put the maximum. At 15 frames per second, the video will be more like a slide show.

Additional recording settings

Scrolling the settings screen just below. you can see additional recording settings.

  • Complete the record when blocking the screen. Pressing on the lock button will stop the recording and save the video to the gallery.
  • Show touches and gestures. The videos will be displayed in the form of a white cursor.
  • Show buttons. The video will be visualized by pressing the menu buttons and navigation.
  • Return to the main page. After stopping the recording, the main page of the application will open.

As you can see, the screen recording application has a large set of settings and its functionality is more than enough.

How to record a video from the phone screen

First of all, you need to understand that there is a simple and difficult way to record the screen. Despite the above, the simplest is probably the use of a special application.

Most often, we use Az Screen Recorder applications. It is free, not very demanding and generally reliable, although it also has failures and a couple of times it seriously failed when it was not possible to re.transmit. For example, when we did something for our YouTube channel and we had to remove the camera at the same time and record from the screen. As a result, the camera worked out as it should, and AZ issued an empty file.

If you just need to scrap something for sending, this will not be a big problem, because you can simply re-re-. But if you need a different way and such simple ways are not for you, that is, another way, which we will talk about below.

Capture video from the screen Android products

With Android Q you can use the system in the system to record what is happening on the screen at any time when you want. This function will meet the needs of most users, but only according to the main criteria, such as recording, pause, stop, preservation and, of course, the ability to share the resulting video. There are no special settings or confusing options, which makes a new function with a rather simple tool, but only when you know how to unlock it.

By default, this new function is hidden from users. But with the help of several simple actions, you can activate it and never download other applications for recording the screen again.

We turn on the options “Developer parameters”

By default, the utility is disabled to recording the screen, so you have to turn it on manually. However, before this, you must first open the menu “Developer Parameters” (the name of this section changes depending on the launcher, but the word “developer” always appears in it).

Open the “Settings” application, select “On the phone”, then find the point with the assembly number and slip it several times. Stop slipping when an inscription appears that “now you are a developer”. Return to the main page of the settings where the new item “Developer Parameters” should appear in the lower part of the settings list or in expanded settings (“Additionally”).

We activate the screenshop recording function

In the “Developer Parameters” menu, select “Feature Flags” in the section “Debugging”. Then find the setting “Settings_ScreenReenred_long_press” and activate it.

Record the screen

After turning on a new function, you can use a new screen recorder. Press and hold the power button to access the power menu, then press and hold the screen picture button (screenshot) until a pop.up menu with the Start Recording button appears (start recording). Click on it and a new pop.up window will appear, warning that this program will record everything that happens on your screen. Select “Start Now” (start now).

Then there will be a notification called “Screen Recording” (screen recording) with available stopping parameters, pauses and cancellations. What each of these buttons does, I think, you don’t need to explain. Access to the notification can be obtained at any time by taking the quick settings on top of the menu.

After pressing the Stop (Stop) button, the video will be saved in your gallery by default in the Captures folder (screen recordings). In the notification that announces that the video was saved, you also have the opportunity to “share” or “delete” video. If you try to take a screenshot while recording the screen, this can lead to an error, so keep it in mind. The quality of the recording varies from the device to the device.

While the new function works a little crookedly, but it will definitely catch up with the official exit of Android Q and force it to work properly.

Share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under this material and in our Telegram chat.

the best gaming recorders who record games without FPS falling

The general problem for all avid gamers is the lack of a high.quality gaming recorder to record the best game clips without delay. We know how difficult it is to perfectly capture the best games. Elden Ring, Apex Legends, Valorant. all of them have high criteria for configuration of your processor and PC.If the situations described above relate to you, we have four recommended applications for you that can record games without losing fps. Let’s see what they offer, and why they need to be taken into account to solve the problem.

1) Game recorders at a speed of 60 FPS. ITOP Screen Recorder

If you want to maintain the speed of FPS regardless of the intensity of the game, meet the ITOP Screen Recorder. We strongly recommend it for those who have 60 frames per second or higher, as it operates up to 120 frames per second. Thanks to the coding technology of the graphic processor version 2.0 of this free screen recorder supports 4K UHD quality.

You can record a gameplay without Loss FPS if you have an application, and this will help you:

Game mode: When you use the game mode for ITOP, you get functions such as HUD (projection display), which allows the application to fix the current frame rate and, among other things, the characteristics of the screen. You can also turn on the microphone, speaker, mouse and recording parameters from the webcam.

Hardware acceleration: ITOP uses hardware specifications AMD, NVIDIA or Intel to recording in the background. This means that the GPU will process more than the CPU when recording the gameplay, reducing the lag.

A set of useful tools: In addition to recording, ITOP has problems that allow you to record the screen at the established time. There are also signatures and video editor that help add Комментарии и мнения владельцев and edit the video if necessary.

ITOP is available for Windows users, from version 7 to 10. ITOP Screen Recorder has also well developed a simple online recorder of the screen, which can be used completely free.

2) game recorder with game mode. Bandicam

You can also record games without Loss FPS using Bandicam software. It also allows you to record 4K video with a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels, and, like ITOP, has no restrictions on recording. You can record a webcam or turn off this function, and that’s not all. He includes:

Game mode: The regimen of the Bandicam games helps to record what is created in Opengl or DirectX, without loss of quality. The processor and memory are used less, and data processing technology allows you to compress files.

Console for recording: The game is present on the Xbox or PS console? You can also use Bandicam to record from them. There are ways to use the HDMI connection or A/V connector, so everything you need is a guide.

Supported versions of Windows: You can use Bandicam only in Windows, but Windows 11 is also supported.

3) game recorders integrated with the video card. Nvidia Shadowplay

For Nvidia enthusiasts, you already know the GeForce Experience application. Record games without losing FPS using the NVIDIA Shadowplay option. He also supports hardware acceleration and allows you to record commemorative moments and share them on social platforms. With Shadowplay you get the following:

FPS: Shadowplay counter allows you to record games as 4K or 8K. The previous one will use 60 frames per second, and this one. 30 frames per second. The FPS counter in GeForce is also available through the settings button in the game overthrow through the main settings.

Recording Duration: Video recording time is from 1 to 20 minutes. If you want to record for a longer period of time, you can switch to manual recording mode for recording in the background.

Clarification of NVIDIA: Shadowplay as part of GeForce Experience only works with PC with NVIDIA video cards. Therefore, before loading GeForce, make sure your computer meets these requirements.

4) Best performance. Elgato capture map

Due to the restrictions on streaming and recording, recording games without losing FPS using the Elgato capture card is a good idea. He solves the problems of computing power and the speed of problems with data. When using Elgato, you will face the following:

Smooth entry: here you have a special card that does not encode data, but helps transfer it from your computer to where you want to share them. It saves your computer from completing the task, since it concentrates on giving you a good game experience.

Your settings: you must meet certain requirements when using Elgato. It depends on whether you want, among other things, to connect USB, HDMI or Thunderbolt to your exit.

Quite expensive: you have to spend more than 100 on the Elgato card. Therefore, it is suitable for hardcore gamers with s full that do not spare money for entertainment.

How to record a gameplay without fall fps?

There are costs associated with the use of various methods of recording the gameplay without loss of FPS, which were mentioned above. However, the most economical is ITOP Screen Recorder, since you do not need to pay anything for its use. If you do not have a NVIDIA video card or a special capture card, ITOP, being a application, will help you write down the game. Here’s how you can record the game without losing FPS using the ITOP option.

Write an audio video from the screen for free

  • Write a high.quality video from the screen of your PC, as well as the sound from the system or input device synchronously from the video.
  • Simplify the number of steps and clicks of the mouse, for more comfortable use. Control the whole recording process without effort.
  • Support for output into several formats and transformation using the latest compression technologies. The best quality and smaller size.

Download and install itop on your computer. This can be done for free.

Launch ITOP and move on to setting up parameters. For the best quality of game clips, select the gamepad icon to activate the game mode.

Press the larger red record or use the F9 hot key when you are ready.

Use control buttons at the bottom of the screen to pause or stop or use F10 and F9 for the same, respectively.

After the record, go to “My Work” to watch the recorded video. You can also edit files via ITOP and save them in a local storage or in a cloud.

How to configure gangs

After installing the Bandicam program, the settings are already registered by default and you can immediately start using its extensive functionality. However, for convenience and better performance, it is recommended to set and adjust some parameters “for yourself”. The nuances, how to configure gangs, allow you to qualitatively make videos of videos, games and other materials, make screenshots, correct possible errors.

The main settings of various versions of the program are similar and set almost identical. Later options are distinguished by an expanded and updated list of functions.

basic settings

Initially, it is required to indicate the path to preserving the captured videos and screenshots. By default, a disc is set. this is not always convenient, given that the recorded files are quite significant. In order not to overload the system disk, it is possible to establish saving in any other place.

It also determines the options for the autostart of the program, by pressing the “extended” button to additional settings. here you can specify the language, output parameters, etc.

It is convenient to assign the conditions of and auto.stars of the recording, going into the desired tab.

In the indicated tab, the frame meter is set up per second: the area and the key display are determined.

To increase the stability of the work, smoothness is introduced limiting the frequency of personnel (for example, not more than 60).

The bandikam presents a list of templates of various formats.


In the tab, the format of the resulting picture is made, the hot images capture keys are set, the shutter sound is included.

To add the logo, go to the settings, set the checkmark and set the desired parameters.

To configure sound parameters, they enter the “Video”. “Settings” tab or click on the menu label.

To turn on the sound, you need to put the “sound recording” checkpoint, specify the main, additional device (microphone, speakers).

If you need to preserve individual sound effects in WAV format, activate the appropriate setting.


Set up gangs so that a voice can be heard, you need to turn on the microphone. To add it, go into sound settings, as described above, put a “sound recording” check and select a device.

Errors and how to fix them

The program for gangs is considered one of the best among such software due to multifunctionality, high performance, good quality of the shot material. However, in some cases, errors or malfunctions in the application of the application occur. This is usually due to incorrect settings, installation, lack of computer power or work in an unregistered test version of the program.

In the latter case, this is expressed in the presence on the video shot in the bandcam, the inscriptions from above (logo), which is possible on subsequent materials by buying a license from the manufacturer, as well as free download here on the Keymaker activator website (Kryak Kimeker) or grunted (hacked) versions of the program.

Codec initialization error

If gangs do not record the screen, game in the game mode, fly out and gives the indicated error, the reason why this is happening, the software conflict and the graphic chip are. To fix the problem, you can use the simple way by changing the codec to another in the video settings.

If the problem remains, it is recommended to install drivers for Bandicam from the official site of the manufacturer. You need to go to the Support. “Advanced User Tips” tab, where to select and download the desired codec.

After downloading and unpacking the archive 2, copy in C:/Windows, replacing the corresponding.

Next, in the video settings of the Bandicam program, select the desired codec.

Many users cope with an error (NVIDIA NVENC Code), launching gangs and a game on behalf of the administrator.

The program does not record the game

A possible reason why the gangs do not start recording the game, flies out, is a shortage of PC power.

To correct the situation, it is advisable to reduce the number of frames and change the resolution with Full HD on HD in video settings.

If the problem has not disappeared, it is shown to change the record format from AVI to mp4. From codecs, H264 is preferred.

Sound is not recorded

If the gangs do not record the sound from the microphone when shooting, the voice is originally to do, go to the appropriate settings: the main ones are extended. others. post settings for video.

Next, check whether the “sound recording” is installed and assign an “additional device”.

If a mistake appears when working with the Bandicam program: “Sound capture failure”, you can fix it in the way presented in the video.

How to remove noise

To get rid of unwanted noise, rustle during filming, it is recommended to go into the sound settings of the program and reduce the microphone volume (approximately 1/3). In the “additional devices” put it disconnected. Click “OK”.

At the same time, the recommended settings (Video tab):

Application failure

If, when starting the Bandicam program, an error appears: “Application failure, please reinstall the application”, then it is recommended to follow the proposed advice.

At the same time, use Revo Uninstaller to delete. Next, be sure to restart PC.

Then the gangs are re-installed, the grunted version 2018-2019 or Keymaker can be downloaded on our website.

The option of solving the problem is presented at

FPS falls when recording

If the FPS falls when the program is recording by the program, the reason is perhaps in the low power PC, especially with the highly established indicator of the number of personnel.

Users call the solution to the definition of priority above average or high video settings.

Scick of screen. Xiaomi

Skill picture is one of the most popular functions on modern smartphones.

By default on Miui, only one standard for all Android devices is activated to create a screen picture. This is a combination of locking keys and volume reduction. As I indicated above, very often it is simply inconvenient due to the location of the buttons on one side. The dimensions of modern smartphones simply do not allow you to comfortably press these buttons with one hand. You always have to use the second so as not to drop the device.

Fortunately, MIUI also provides for other options for this action. It is only necessary to turn them on. I am glad that they are not hidden deeply, and they can be activated with standard means. In order to see all the ways to create a screenshot, you need:

This item in the settings can be found simply through the search.

In this paragraph, you can find two more additional options for creating screen images. The first is a gesture on the screen from top to bottom with three fingers. For me personally, the most convenient of the possible options. I use it constantly, since it does not require any additional presses and holding the smartphone with the second hand when it lies on the table. The second method is a double tapping with a knuckle of the finger on the screen. I tried to use it initially, but out of ten attempts, only three or four succeeded the first time. Either my knuckles are not like that, or I was not knocked right, but the fact remains a fact. After some time, I just turned it off and left the other two, which periodically combine among myself.

The option with a swipe with three fingers down the screen has one small minus, which you should know about. In some places of the system there are pop.up tips that unfold by pressing and hidden as soon as the finger touches the screen outside the hint. So, when trying to take a screenshot of such a hint with the help of a pile, the system thinks that you touch the screen to close it, and turn it before you manage to take a picture of the screen. In such situations, the old.minded combination of the lock buttons and the volume buttons come to the rescue.

But if the option with buttons, tapping and poles is also not suitable for you, then the last way remains. through the control center:

  • Launch the application whose screenshot want to make.
  • With a swipe from the right upper corner, open the control center and click the “screen picture” button.

After these actions, the control center will close and a picture of the screen will be taken.

Long screenshot on Xiaomi

I would like the support of long screenshots to be a larger number of applications.

Not everyone knows that on Xiaomi smartphones you can create long screenshots with standard Miu means. Not all applications and sites support it, but where it can be done, it turns out very well. To create a long screenshot, you need:

  • Take a picture of the screen convenient for you.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen will appear a miniature of the screenshot.
  • Click on the “Scroll” button under miniature.
  • As soon as the screenshot reaches the desired size, click on the “Stop” button.

After these actions, you will see a picture of the screen, much larger than the screen size itself. This is a very convenient function for creating screenshots of some long correspondence.

How to fix the non.working iOS 12 screen on PC

It is easier to solve the problem if you know the reason for this situation. Well, the next part. This is what you can try.

Turn on the IOS screen recording function.

You will always be offered “try later” when you could not call on the phone. But it is obvious that this is really a good way to correct small errors during recording.

Step 1 Open the settings of the control center.

Step 2 tap the icon. Before the screen record, turn off it.

Step 3 in a few minutes touch the icon next to the screen entry to turn it on again.

Reload the iPhone.

Restanating devices can solve most problems for technological products. You have 2 IPhone rebooting options, as shown below.

Option 1. Click the power button hold the button for at least 8 seconds until the slider appears on the iPhone screen, shift for the iPhone reboot.

Option 2. Touch the settings overall completion of work to turn off the iPhone. Wait a few minutes, then press the power button to restart it.

Free the iphone storage

Since when recording the iOS screen, the recorded videos are preserved in the “Photo” application on the iPhone in accordance with the memory of the device, it is necessary to clean the iPhone storage for recording.

To return the data when reinstalling the application, you can choose the unloading of applications. If not, just delete the applications directly.

Step 1 Go to the Settings General iPhone storage.

Step 2 Select the application that you want to delete, then tape the implementation of the OR application Delete the application.

Update to the latest version of iOS.

If your iOS 12 screen recording function no longer works properly, it will be recommended to update the iPhone system until the latest version. The following shows how to update the iOS system.

Step 1 Go to the General settings.

Step 2 Select the software update and click download and install on the new page.

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture videos, audio, online, etc. D. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily configure size, edit video or audio and much more.

  • Write down videos, audio, webcam and make screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Pre.viewing data before saving.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

Reset iPhone

Reset iPhone. Another great way to restore the iPhone to a normal state. Compared to rebooting, the discharge will lead to erasing all the settings or data on your device. Please reserve data before doing this.

The following describes how to discharge iPhone.

Step 1 Press the Settings General Reset.

Step 2 Select the option from the list. You must find out details about these options before making a choice. You can first choose to reset all the settings that can delete all the settings, but save your data on your iPhone. If this does not work, you can click all the contents and settings that will delete all data.


Applications for recording iOS screen

If the aforementioned methods do not allow you to save the normal operation of the iOS screen, you can try some applications for recording the screen on the iPhone. Many alternatives are available on the market, you just need to choose the right one and follow the instructions to easily record the iPhone screen.

Below are 3 recommendations of the best applications for video recording for iPhone.

The best IOS screen recording

Instead, you can also record the iOS screen on a computer if you want to use a computer program. The iPhone screen recording applications have an easy design and can help you record a video without additional requests. For people who want to shoot a professional training video, create an online course, or others, Fonelab Screen Recorder will be a wise choice.

Why? This is not like Vidyo and other recorders, Fonelab Screen Recorder can record a voice from the speaker, capture a system sound, record video from webcams and more. over, it provides various editing tools to add text, lines, drawings, etc. D., So that your record looks bright.

To simplify the recording procedure, you can choose a record in full screen or in the custom area. You can even record around the mouse or exclude unwanted windows. As you can see, this is a really powerful tool that is worth trying.

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture videos, audio, online, etc. D. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily configure size, edit video or audio and much more.

  • Write down videos, audio, webcam and make screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Pre.viewing data before saving.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

Step 1 Go to the official website and click the button download button. Then follow the screen instructions to install Fonelab Screen Recorder.

Step 2 Mirror display iPhone to computer. You have different search methods on the Internet.

Step 3 Launch Fonelab Screen Recorder on a computer, then select a video recorder on the main intese.

Step 4 click in completely or to order to select the recording area on the computer screen. Then turn on the system sound, microphone or webcam in accordance with your needs. Click REC start recording.

Step 5 play what you want to record on the iPhone, then click stop the icon on the computer screen when it is done. Finally, save it to the computer folder.

That’s all that the IOS 12/11 screen record does not work. Fonelab Screen Recorder. One of the best alternatives if you can reflect the iPhone on a computer.

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Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture videos, audio, online, etc. D. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily configure size, edit video or audio and much more.