The laptop’s WEB camera shows upside down. how to fix

Quite often, this problem arises when the camera on a laptop points upside down. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? We offer three effective ways that will definitely help you. Don’t worry, the suggested methods are suitable for both PCs and laptops, regardless of manufacturer.

Driver problem

Most often, users encounter this problem on Skype. It occurs due to drivers and their incorrect installation. In our situation, this is the case when:

  • They are installed automatically during Windows installation;
  • During installation, a special driver pack was used (as an option, Driver Pack Solution)

To check what drivers are on your device, you need:

  • Go to “Device Manager”;
  • Find a webcam;
  • Name it with the right button and select “Properties”;
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Driver” tab and carefully look at the supplier and the development date;

If the supplier is Microsoft and the date is no longer relevant, then the reason for the inverted image is in them. How to fix it? In such a situation, you need to open the website of the manufacturer of a laptop or web device and download the current version from there for free.

Display setting

If you have the necessary drivers on your computer, or after reinstalling them, nothing has changed, and the webcam still shoots upside down, then in this case, you should look for a solution in its settings. If you don’t know how to set it up, there is no need to worry. everything is simple enough!

To quickly get into the settings of the web device, you need to:

  • Open skype;
  • Go to Tools / Options / Video;
  • Click “Camera settings” under your picture;

After you have done the above steps, a new window will open. In this window, you need to find the image rotation function, which is present in most devices. In English, it is called Flip Vertical, which means “flip vertically”, or Rotate (rotation).

In different laptop manufacturers, such as Acer, Toshiba, Asus, HP, Lenovo and for different camera models, the webcam settings window may look different.

This is the easiest way, however, to implement it you will need Skype, as most users have. If you are not one of them, then there is another option. a special program with which you can control the webcam. It is usually downloaded to the computer along with the drivers. In it you will find exactly the same function of rotation or vertical display, which was described above.

Application of third-party programs

If the above methods did not help you to configure the camera, and you still DO NOT know how to flip the camera image back, then only special software remains. The ManyCam utility, which you can download for free on the Internet, is guaranteed to solve this problem.

The installation process is simple enough that even an inexperienced user can handle it. The utility is suitable for all versions of Windows Xp, Vista 7, 8, 10 over, it is fully translated into Russian. After you have installed and run it, you need:

  • Open the Video / Sources tab and click on “Flip Vertical”;
  • Close the utility;
  • Open Skype / Tools / Options / Video;
  • Find the “Select Camera” field and select “ManyCam Virtual WebCam”;

Now your skype image will be normal and you will always know what to do if the webcam is not showing correctly.

How to set up skype camera, two at the same time, mirror, zoom, background. instruction

Hello dear friends! Today the conversation will be about how you can easily communicate with people at a distance, see each other many kilometers away. In this article we will tell you how to set up a WEB-camera in a new skype on a computer, laptop, phone, tablet. This topic is covered in great detail precisely because now various issues are being resolved with the help of video calls. from rest and work and without it already in any way. However, all this concerns more of the old version of the messenger. Information about work in the new one is still rather scarce. The main thing is that you will learn how to configure the camera correctly in Skype.

Setting up the camera in the new version of Skype on a PC, laptop, phone and tablet

Setting up your communication device is not that difficult. To do this, you do not need to invite a specialist, you can do it yourself.

This applies to both built-in and external devices. Connecting and configuring Ritmix RVC-006M is NOT more complicated than Genius ilook 300, islim 310, eye 312 or Logitech C110, C160, C170, C210, C250, C270, C310, C525.

Before you start managing the settings, you must:

  • Make sure that the built-in webcam is working or connect an external one to the device, for example, Canyon. The third-party must be conveniently and firmly installed in advance on or near the monitor. Connect via USB port;
  • Install drivers. Each gadget needs its own. Qumo does NOT accept firewood from Oklick, Denn, MRM, Logitech or Sven.

Both of these topics are covered in detail in SEPARATE articles. If something doesn’t work, you can contact us or Support. TV connection procedure, ps3 is different.

Similarly, they connect webcams for Trust streaming, live broadcasts of games in twitch.

For ip cameras, a different procedure applies:

  • Place the device on a flat surface;
  • Attach the antenna;
  • Connect the back of the network adapter of the IP device;
  • Connect the network cable.

Setting up the webcam IC 350, Logitech HD 720p, CBR, hail for video chat on Skype can be done in the messenger itself.

This can be done only on the PC version with windows 7, 8, 10, ubuntu, macbooks. There is no option in the mobile version used on a smartphone, tablet with Android, iPhone, iPad. The main front camera is automatically selected for operation with the specified settings.

To correctly configure the webcam on a monoblock, acer, lenovo, MSI, dell, HP laptop:

  • Go to “Settings” (three dots above the menu with contacts)
  • Click on “Sound and Video”. A small window with your image in real time will appear in front of you;
  • Under the image you will see “Webcam settings”, feel free to click on this function;
  • In the window that opens, on the “Video processor amplifier” tab, change the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, clarity, gamma, white balance and even frequency. An additional option will improve the image quality when shooting against the light;
  • Choose the best image in your opinion, click “Apply”;
  • Check the sound quality. The built-in microphone is often bad. May be interrupted, echo, wheeze;
  • If you are already ready to communicate, we recommend that you make sure that the Internet is working and that you are online.

Similar actions are performed on laptops dns, ASUS, Samsung, good. Settings are saved automatically. If they crash for any reason, they can be easily restored.

When working with an external gadget, we recommend that you additionally check and configure:

  • Zoom;
  • Sharpness;
  • Focus. Webcams, even very cool ones, like A4 tech, defender. not a camera, but many of them have autofocus, manual focusing tools;
  • As heard in the microphone, its sensitivity, volume. This is necessary so that there are no problems with sound during broadcast.

All of the above settings concern only the video image quality and video transmission. You will NOT be able to record a conversation or Skype lessons to disk, because this function is not available. Alternatively, you can suggest the obs program. Works on wines xp, 7, 8, 10 If you ask how much it costs, we will answer that it downloads for free. Suitable for transferring recordings to YouTube, via WI-FI, chat roulette, .

Bandicam is used instead of OBS-Studio. With its help, you can record a video for further uploading to classmates, vk. The price of the application is low, you can download a trial version for free.

To start filming on an Android phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet, you do not need to configure any settings. It is enough to click on the camera icon in Skype. This is how video chat starts on a Huawei, Lenovo smartphone.

With the help of a webcam Jenius, Defender Sven, Logitech С170, С270, rhythmix, you can easily make your own avatar for Skype or a second messenger. Take a photo, run facerig and transform yourself into a fairytale character.

One moment. despite the fact that the webcam transmits video images, this is not a video camera, not a video recorder and NOT an action gadget. Devices have different functionality and capabilities.

How to configure 2 cameras at once

With real-time video communication, sometimes it is necessary to simultaneously transmit two different images to the screen. Let’s say right away that skype allows you to use only one camera, and then you will NOT be able to do it using the messenger.

The solution, as always, is offered by third-party programs.

Using two cameras in Skype on Windows, Mac devices will allow vMix.

When setting up a webcam in Skype, you need to select vMix as a camera and already there select the required number of devices and the active.

However, if he is not speaking in a messenger, then two devices can be connected simultaneously if there is an extra USB port and bought another gadget. To slightly increase the shooting range, they take wireless gadgets, for example, v380. This is convenient for video surveillance, remote viewing of what is happening. Two cameras are used if you need to switch shooting from one place to another.

How to change the background in the camera and zoom out

As you noticed, A4tech, Logitech webcam settings concern only the image and its transmission. In skype, comments on the background configuration option, the appearance of communicating people. In it, a person does NOT increase or decrease in size. To make communication more interesting, adjust effects, you can install WebcamMax program for windows xp, 8, 10, macbook. You can download it for free from our portal. An analogue for Linux Ubuntu. Webcam studio.

How to use the WebcamMax program, how to configure it, you can read in detail in our article “The program for skype changing the face of webcammax”.

You can also change, set the background, resolution and add effects using the SplitCam application. The program is also interesting in that it allows constant broadcasting to several streaming platforms at once. It is enough to add a camera (you can also choose ip), a browser (chrome, opera), a platform and save the parameters. If the settings fail, it’s easy to restore them.

The software will even allow you to change the size and scale of your loved one if you wish. reduce, make thinner or, conversely, thicker.

But seriously, if you encounter problems with the scale, for example, when one corner of the picture is larger, you need to look at the webcam settings or reinstall its driver.

How to change camera color, make it a mirror, and see yourself

As we have already seen, in the settings of the Genius messenger 310 webcam in skype on Acer, Dell, dns, asus laptop, mac devices, it is possible to change the color gamut, brightness and saturation of the image.

When you turn on the normal video call mode, the webcam shows well what it is aimed at, be it a person or some object. You can see it at any time.

By changing some camera settings, the image can be flipped, i.e. Flip horizontally or vertically. In the first case, what was on the left will appear as a mirror image. In the second. the image will be turned upside down.

Another way to mirror. use the previously mentioned WebcamMax program.

To set up a webcam in a new skype, just go to the appropriate menu. If some options are missing, the problem is solved by installing additional video processing programs, for example, bandicam, WebcamMax. A large number are available to work in Windows x. Some can connect 2, 4 devices at the same time. Webcams are connected to PS3, TV, but that’s another story.

How to flip the image on a laptop WEB-camera

On notebooks from ASUS quite often there is a problem with the functioning of the webcam. The essence of the problem is that the image is turned upside down. It is caused only by the incorrect operation of the driver, but there are three ways to solve it. In this article, we’ll go over all the methods. We recommend starting the correction from the first, moving on to the next options, if it does not work.

Flip the camera on an ASUS laptop

As mentioned above, the problem appears due to the wrong webcam driver. The most logical option would be to reinstall it, but this is not always effective. However, let’s take everything in order.

Reinstalling the driver

Some users install software for components using third-party software or download unsuitable, old versions from the official website of the equipment manufacturer. Therefore, first of all, we advise you to remove the old software and install the correct, fresh files. First, let’s uninstall:

  • Open “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu.

Go to the “Device Manager” section.

Expand the category “Sound, video and game devices”, find the camera there, right-click on it and select “Delete”.

This completes the removal of the equipment. The only thing left to do is to find the program and reinstall it. Our other article at the link below will help you with this. In it you will find a detailed description of all available ways to find and download software to the laptop webcam from ASUS.

Changing the driver manually

If the first option does not bring any results and the image from the camera is still inverted, before installing the driver, you will need to manually set certain parameters for the files to solve this problem. This can be done as follows:

  • First uninstall the old software and download the new archive from the official site. All these actions are described in detail above.
  • Now we need to lower the level of security of accounts so that in the future there is no conflict with the drivers. Open “Start” and go to “Control Panel”.

Navigate to the Change User Account Control Settings menu.

Drag the slider down and save your changes.

Open the downloaded directory through any convenient archiver, find and run the only INF file. The name may change depending on the laptop model and the specified operating system, but the format remains the same.

In Notepad, expand the “Edit” menu and select “Find Next”.

In the term enter flip and click on “Find Next”.

There will be a line in which you need to change the last number to 1 or 0, depending on what was set by default. Click “Find Next” again to find the rest of the terms with the same parameter, repeat the same action in them.

Finished editing, don’t forget to save the file and update the archive before closing. After that, reopen it and Install.


The only solution in case of ineffectiveness of the previous methods is to use third-party software that is suitable for Skype and other similar communication services. This software can independently flip the webcam image. You will find detailed instructions on how to work in it in our other article at the link below.

Today we tried to tell as much as possible about how to fix problems with an inverted camera on an ASUS laptop. We hope that this material was useful to the owner of the aforementioned devices and the process of fixing the problem was successful.

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A common and common problem for many users. an inverted image of a laptop webcam (and a regular USB webcam) in Skype and other programs after reinstalling Windows or updating any drivers. Let’s see how to fix this problem.

In this case, three solutions will be offered: by installing the official drivers, by changing the settings of the webcam, and also if nothing else helps. with the introduction of third-party programs (So if you have tried everything, you can go straight to the third method).


The most common occurrence of a situation. it is in skype, although other options are also possible. The most common reason is that the video from the camera is upside down. drivers (or rather, the wrong driver).

In cases where an upside-down image is caused by drivers, this occurs when:

  • The drivers were installed automatically during Windows installation. (Or the so-called assembly “where all the drivers are”).
  • The drivers were installed with the introduction of a driver pack (for example, Driver Pack Solution).

To find out which driver is installed for your WEB-camera, open Device Manager (type “Device Manager” in the search box in the Start menu in Windows 7 or on the Windows 8 start screen), then find your webcam, which is usually found under “Imaging Devices”, right-click on the camera and select “Properties”.

In the device properties dialog box, click the Driver tab and note the driver vendor and development date. If you see a supplier. Microsoft, and the date is far from relevant, then almost certainly the reason for the inverted image is precisely in the drivers. you have a standard driver on your computer, and not one that is specifically designed for your webcam.

In order to install the correct drivers, go to the official website of the device manufacturer or your laptop, where all the necessary drivers can be downloaded completely free of charge. You can read more about where to find drivers for your laptop in the article: How to install drivers on a laptop (opens in a new tab).

Webcam settings

Sometimes it may happen that even though the driver volume for the webcam in Windows is installed, which are specially designed for use with this camera, the image in skype and in other programs using its image still remains inverted. In this case, the possibilities to return the image to its normal form can be found in the settings of the device itself.

The easiest and fastest way for a novice user to get into the Webcam settings. will start Skype, select “Tools” from the menu. “Settings”. Video Settings, then under your upside-down image, click Webcam Settings. a Dialogue window will open, which will look different for different camera models.

For example, I don’t have the ability to rotate an image. However, most cameras have such an option. In the English version, this property can be called Flip Vertical or Rotate. in the latter case, you need to set the rotation to 180 degrees.

As I said, this is an easy and quick way to get into the settings, since almost everyone has Skype, and the camera may NOT be displayed in the control panel or devices. Another easy option. use the program to control your camera, which, most likely, was installed simultaneously with the drivers when you completed the first step of this manual: there may also be the necessary options for rotating the image.

Camera control program from laptop manufacturer

How to fix an inverted webcam image using third-party software

If none of the above helped, it is still possible to flip the video from the camera so that it is displayed normally. One of the best and almost guaranteed to work. ManyCam software that you can download for free here (opens in a new window).

Installing the program does NOT present any particular difficulties, I only recommend that you refuse to install Ask Toolbar and Driver Updater, which the program will try to install along with itself. you do not need this garbage (you need to click Cancel and Decline where they are offered to you). The program supports Russian.

After launching ManyCam, do the following:

    Click the Videos tab. Sources and click the “Flip Vertical” button (see picture) Done. now the skype image will be normal. The only drawback of the free version of the program. her logo at the bottom of the screen. However, the image will be displayed in the desired state.

If I helped you, please share this article using the social media buttons at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

How to flip the camera, the picture in Skype

  • Causes of problems
  • Settings management
  • Working with drivers
  • New driver
  • Fixing the driver
  • Using Special Programs

We decided to make another call using Skype, but it turned out that your image on the screen is upside down? Undoubtedly, now you have a question: “How is the camera upside down in Skype?” What to do? There are several reasons that can cause such an unusual phenomenon. Let’s try to understand each of them and solve the problem.

Causes of problems

Before fixing the error, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the reasons that caused it:

  • Drivers (special “settings” for the operation of program components and devices) of the camera are working with business words, do not fit this device, deleted or damaged.
  • Image settings are out of order.

Settings management

If the camera is displaying an inverted image, you can flip the video by adjusting the settings. To adjust the settings in the program on a laptop or computer, you need:

  • In the main menu of the messenger go to the “Tools” menu.
  • Select the line “Settings”. In the settings window that appears, you will see various sections on the left.
  • Click on the first column. “Basic”.
  • Next, you will see that the screen shows several kinds of basic settings. Select “Video Settings”. You will see the image from the webcam and two buttons for them “Change avatar” and “Webcam settings”.
  • Click on “Webcam Settings”. Another window will open.
  • Select the “Camera Control” tab. You will see several sliders, some of which can be moved back and forth to change the corresponding settings.
  • Find the slider called Spread.
  • If it is active, that is, it has the usual bright, not darkened appearance, Try holding it with the right mouse button, move to the right or left. In this case, the picture will spin. Choose the position you want. Also pay attention to the following labels and Change these settings if necessary by checking the box (for the English version): “Image mirror flip”, “Image vertical flip”. it is a mirror and vertical display of the “picture” produced by your camera.

If this slider is NOT active, consider other solutions to the problem.

Working with drivers

Why is the camera flipped 180 degrees in Skype? If you have recently reinstalled the operating system or updated drivers on your computer or laptop using Special programs, that is, in automatic mode, the problem may be in the wrong drivers. To verify this, check which one you have installed. For this:

Go to “Device Manager”. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Go to “Start” (the image of the Windows logo, which is usually located at the bottom left), find the line “Computer”, bring the mouse to it and press the right button, select “Properties”, then click on the link “Device Manager”.
  • Go to “Start”, type in the search bar what you are looking for (in this case, the phrase “Device Manager”), and press Enter. In the search results, you will see the folder you are looking for. Go into it, double-clicked on its icon with the mouse.

Find your webcam among all installed drivers by its name. Typically, video device drivers are located under Imaging Devices. This section may also be called Sound, Video and Game Controllers. In any case, you can view all installed drivers by sequentially clicking on the triangles located next to the section names and Viewing the drop-down lists.

3.Click on the camera (more precisely, by its name) with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” item in the menu that appears. By the way, in the device manager you should also look for the camera rotation parameters “Image vertical flip”, “Image mirror flip”.

In the window that opens, go to the “Driver” tab and read the information presented on it. Pay close attention to vendor and development date. If the supplier is Microsoft and the development is old. the point is in this driver.

Now, to fix the image, you need to install the correct driver or fix the previous one.

New driver

For each device (laptop, separate webcam), you can and should find a special driver only for it. And this should be done like this:

Go to the official website of your laptop manufacturer (if you use a native, that is, built-in camera) or to the official website of the webcam manufacturer (if you use a computer or laptop with a separate, connected camera). Look in the passport (specification) for the device for its name or look for it on the product itself. Then you need to type this name with the addition in your Internet browser. ” Official site “. For example, “Asus official site” (in this case, the official Russian version of this laptop company is located at this address

Next, you need to find the required driver in the site search engine.

3.After the driver file is found, click on it to start downloading.

4.When the file is downloaded, double click on it to install.

5.Restart your computer and test the camera in Skype. Everything should fall into place.

Correcting the driver

After you have found the driver you need in Device Manager, to flip the image in Skype, right-click on it and select “Update Drivers” from the context menu. If this did not help, go there and click “Properties” to open properties window of this driver. Perform the actions described at the beginning of this paragraph. If necessary, download a new driver.

Using Special Programs

When all else fails and the inverted image in Skype remains, you can try using Special programs designed to work with the camera and the videos it creates. One of these programs is ManyCam. To use this assistant, you need to do the following:

1.Find in the search engine of your browser a decent source for downloading the program installation file by entering its name.

2.Download the found program by clicking on its link.

3.Open the downloaded file by double-clicking. installation starts.

Go to the program (click on the logo created on the desktop).

In the main menu of the program, you need to open the “Video” tab, then. go to “Sources”.

6.Now (number 1 in the picture) click on the name of your camera, click on the vertical reflection button (button number 2 in the picture) and temporarily close the program, clicked on the cross (number 3 in the picture). In this case, the program will simply collapse to the tray, but continue its work.

Log into Skype and go to the following path: “Tools”. “Settings”. “Video settings”.

8.Select “ManyCam Virtual WebCam” in the “Select webcam” field.

So, Skype video may be upside-down due to incorrect drivers or incorrect settings. By following a few simple steps described above, you can diagnose the problem and fix it.

Inverted image of the WEB-camera. how to fix?

Many users often face difficulties when setting up a camera for communication on Skype and in various online video chats. The most common problem is that the webcam flips the image on a laptop or computer. This can happen, for example, after updating drivers or installing the Windows operating system.

In order to flip the picture from the webcam on the monitor, you can use three simple ways:

  • Install drivers suitable for a particular version of Windows downloaded from the official website;
  • Change Corresponding camera settings;
  • Get help from specialized third-party software.

Let’s consider each of THESE options in more detail.

How to return an image by installing drivers?

The problem of an upside-down picture in Skype and various video chats due to drivers can arise in two cases:

  • After the automatic installation of the operating system from the disk, which “has all the necessary programs and drivers”;
  • When updating or installing “firewood” for Windows using DriverPack Solution, Driver Booster or other third-party services.

As a result of such actions, the operation of any computer component can be disrupted, be it a video card, webcam or something else. And the reason is simple. driver does not match the hardware used.

To check the version of the installed webcam driver, go to the device manager. To do this, in Windows 10, hover your mouse over the “Start” icon, right-click and select the Appropriate item in the list that opens. In Windows 7, you can use the search bar. also through the start menu.

In Device Manager, do the following:

  • Find the malfunctioning camera. Most often, webcams are located in the “Imaging Devices” section.
  • Right-click on the name of your device and go to the “Properties” section.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Driver” tab and see who is its supplier and what is the development date.

If the development time turns out to be far from relevant, and Microsoft is indicated as the supplier, then the WEB-camera shows an inverted image, most likely because of the installed standard drivers. In this case, you should search the Internet for a driver specially designed for your camera or laptop. You can download them for free on the manufacturer’s website. In some cases, the required driver may be included on a disk or flash drive when purchasing a device.

How to flip the picture in the camera settings

In rare cases, when even the installation of drivers specifically designed for the existing device does not give the desired result, you can try to return the picture in Skype by changing the webcam settings.

If, along with the driver, software for controlling the camera was installed on a laptop or PC, then the image rotation function can be found there. However, going into the settings in many cases turns out to be problematic, the corresponding program is available on the desktop, and the camera is not displayed either in the devices or in the control panel. What to do?

Since many people use Skype, it is faster and easier to try to access the webcam program through it. To do this, open the “Settings” menu, then select “Sound and Video” (in different versions of Skype, the names of the items may differ.) A button (link) should appear on the screen under the inverted image to go to the video settings, which will allow launching a special program from here. which can be individual for a particular camera model.

How to solve the problem using third-party software

If neither the manual setting of the appropriate “firewood”, nor the attempt to enter the camera settings were successful. do not despair. The use of universal programs will help. One of the best is ManyCam, which can be easily found and downloaded online. Installing it does NOT present anything complicated, the interface is intuitive and fully Russified.

To flip a laptop’s WEB camera using ManyCam, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the “Video” tab;
  • In the active window labeled “LIVE” select the source. your camera;
  • At the bottom, in the “Image” tab, use the “Rotate Flip” menu buttons to achieve the desired image orientation;
  • After minimizing the ManyCam window by clicking the cross, start Skype. Go to the “Settings” menu. “Sound and Video”. In the “Camera” field select “ManyCam Virtual Webcam”.

Now the orientation of the skype image will be normal. A minor drawback of this method is only that in the free version of ManyCam, the video will display the logo of this program.

It should be noted that the use of DroidCam, ManyCam and a number of other similar programs is prohibited on services such as Chat Roulette. Therefore, if the first two methods do NOT succeed in inverting the webcam image, then with the introduction of the latter, problems may arise on some sites.

Inverted image from the asus WEB camera (the camera is inverted)

If you see an inverted image from the WEB-camera of an ASUS laptop or only a black screen is visible instead, then most likely the drivers are installed on the camera incorrectly. Incorrectly installed drivers on the camera can also cause the laptop to “slow down”.

Different cameras can be installed on the same laptop model, the drivers from which are suitable for each other, but cause the image to be inverted, you need to install the drivers specifically for your camera model.

Which camera model is installed in your laptop can be determined by the device (camera) code. How to find the code of your webcam is described in the article “How to view the code of a device instance”.

To determine the camera model, not all of the code is needed, but part of it (VID and PID), for example, I underlined and highlighted the necessary part in bold.

If you have Windows XP installed and you have learned the code of your camera, then the driver for it can be found on our website, enter your camera code in the appropriate field and click “Find driver”. The service will give you links to download drivers.

If you have the operating system Windows Vista or Windows Seven (7), you should look for the driver on the official ASUS website, usually for each laptop model, several drivers for the camera are laid out, you need to download the one in the description of which there is your camera code, instructions on the search on the off-site can be read here.

If installing the drivers did not help, then try one of the methods suggested by visitors to our site.

Editing the driver file (suggested by rastrcom)

This method was tested on cameras with USB code \ VID_13D3PID_5130

In the downloaded archive with the driver, you need to find the snp2uvc.Inf file, you need to find and replace 4 entries in the sections:

Need to replace Flip, 0x0001000 1.0 on Flip, 0x00010001,1, those. Change 0 to 1 at the end.

Then, through the device manager, we update the driver pointed to the previously changed file.

Update BIOS (suggested by Zorchak)

Updating the BIOS helped on the K50C. It is best to update the BIOS from DOS, not from Windows, it is safer.

Edit the registry (suggested by sergey2511)

In the registry, he looked for all the values ​​for the word flip, skipped several options, because. They turned out to be settings for video codecs, in the end sergey2511 changed the parameter values ​​from 0 to 1 in three places:

There are times when the laptop model is not known. It is very simple to recognize it: 1) Close the laptop lid 2) turning it upside down. 3) The name of your model is written in the section

This article describes the process of installing SATA drivers on an already installed Windows XP

You can find drivers on the Internet using the device code. How to view this unique code is written in this article.

The article describes how to flash BIOS on ASUS laptops and motherboards.

Solving the problem with an inverted camera image

Short description

Solving the problem with an inverted image from a laptop webcam.

Small introduction

Some laptop users quite often encounter the problem when the image from the laptop’s webcam is inverted. That is, the camera is pointing upside down. It is difficult to call this state of affairs correct and this problem needs to be solved. How to do this will be described in this article.

There are three ways to solve this problem:

  • Search and installation of second drivers. details about this are written in this manual: Searching and installing drivers on Windows. I will not dwell on this method in detail;
  • Editing the driver description file (.Inf file). The fact is that when installing the camera driver, the settings are read from this file. The option is quite working and simple;
  • Change camera settings in the Windows registry. The method is pretty quick, but you still need to search a little.

So. Let’s move on to the last two ways.

Editing the settings file

Often in the archive with the drivers for the camera there is an.Inf file with settings for installation. The names of this file vary from one camera model to another. Examples are named: snp2uvc.Inf, guci_avs.Inf and others.

We open such a file using Notepad:

And we find there the sections [CameraEnvSetting], [SN.Defaultsettings.Addreg] or others. The name may vary depending on your camera model:

Below we find the Flip settings:

Change the last 0 or 1 to 1 or 0. That is, if there was originally the line HKR, DefaultSettings, Flip, 0x00010001,1, then it needs to be changed to HKR, DefaultSettings, Flip, 0x00010001,0. Only the last digit changes.

After that, install the driver with the tweaked.Inf file. If the situation has risen, then this means that you have corrected the wrong parameter.

Let’s now consider another way with editing the registry.

Editing camera settings in the registry

First, launch Start. Run or press the Win R buttons at the same time. In the window, enter regedit and press Enter:

Let’s use a registry search:

We are interested in the flip parameter:

During the search, you may come across such parameters of the second programs. For example, from ffdshow (look at the left):

Since we are NOT interested in ffdshow settings, we are looking further. To do this, press F3. After a while, you will find the camera settings. There, along with Flip, there are other parameters:

Another moment. Changing the current settings if possible, rather than the default settings. Here on the left is the DefaultSettings branch or the default settings. There is also a Flip parameter, but changing it will not give the desired result. So you need to work with the current settings (just Settings or CurrentSettings).

So. By changing the Flip parameter:

We change its meaning to the opposite. That is, if it was 1, then set 0, and if it was 0, then set 1. Save the settings and start the camera. If nothing has changed, then you have changed the wrong parameter.

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