Apple Pay does not work: why did you stop seeing the terminal and the payment on iOS 12 does not always work, it turns out to pay through

Models up to 5s, do not hold a contactless payment model over 5, click the “Continue diagnostics” button.

Is there money on the account?

Check the availability of money for accounts, in 80% of cases the problem is in this.If it does not help, click the “Continue Diagnostics” button “.

Remember, it can change the PIN code of the card?

If so, only re.approving the card in Wallet settings will help.If it does not help, click the “Continue Diagnostics” button “.

Time and date on the phone are set correctly?

Set up the current time and date.If everything is exhibited correctly, click the “Continuing diagnostics” button “.

Checked the region in the settings?

Sometimes the region of finding is not produced correctly and problems begin. The setting is in the same place as time.If the region is true, click the “Continuing diagnostics” button “.

Tried to update iOS?

Sometimes it helps to solve software errors.If updated, click the “Continue Diagnostics” button “.

Whether the phone fell or was repaired?

When falling or repair, the NFC chip or antenna module can be damaged.If you did not fall, click the “Continue diagnostics” button “.

Only repairs in the workshop will help here

It’s time for repairs, the matter is clearly not in the software part, you can’t fix it with your own hands. If you really want to make out your iPhone and see what is the matter, instructions

Be sure to try to complete all points in turn.

  • Instructions for rebooting any smartphone.
  • Make sure that there is money on a card account
  • Remove the card in Wallet and tie it again
  • Check the dates, time and region settings
  • Update the smartphone until the last available firmware

The NFC chip is faulty

One of the common problems is the NFC chip malfunction. Can only be corrected by replacing the part with a new. Contact the service center if you are not sure of your own experience. Experts will check by dismantling the device, and then install a new chip.

The bracket installed in the upper part of the case is responsible for the signal transmission. If Apple Pay refuses to connect, then the antenna may be damaged. It is necessary to eliminate the dirt from the transmitter and squeeze the bolts holding the bracket. If it did not help, then contact a specialized repair.

It is not recommended to start an independent disassembly of a smartphone. IPhones are characterized by high-quality assembly, due to which an inexperienced user can cause additional damage and create new breakdowns when trying to disassemble the phone. Remember. if the device is under warranty, then its independent disassembly will automatically cancel the warranty period.

Another reason for the system malfunction lies in the mechanical damage and breakdowns of components that ensure the operation of the module.

First of all, it is worth checking the serviceability of the NFC chip, if it is broken, then you can return the performance of the payment system only after installing the new chip, good, it is relatively inexpensive and will cost no more than 500. How to detect a chip malfunction? To do this, you need to disassemble the phone and conduct a visual inspection of the part.

It is worth devoting time to the bracket responsible for transmission of the signal (located in the upper corner of the case).

Apple Pay is not always triggered? This can happen precisely due to a weak signal and breakdown of the antenna. Remove dust and garbage, carefully press the bracket bolts. If after that the system did not work, then something has broken and the IPhone service center experts will be able to help you.

We remind you that starting to delve on the phone is only if the user is well familiar with electronics (and the phone must be attributed to the service center, since his disassembly automatically deprives the user of the right to use the guarantee).

How to use Apple Pay function

Let’s start with the fact that on the iPhone Prey I appeared relatively recently. Therefore, do not be surprised by the owners of smartphones from the “apple” brand who only get acquainted with the new payment technology.

It is supported on all devices equipped with NFC, for example, such as the iPhone 6s or a Watch series. But it happens that payment does not always behave correctly. This can be attributed to problems with the operation of contactless payment due to the case or malfunction of the terminal itself.

By the way, compared with credit cards where you need to enter your PIN to confirm payment, on the phone this function is carried out through Touch ID. But the payment will only be held if there are fingerprints paid to the heel of the device.

However, before you go shopping, you should tie the card. To do this, use the Wallet program. Here, for your convenience, you can confirm the credit card (COMP COMPENITY FOR SMS), which you have already paid for iTunes.

Another unconditional advantage of the application can be called convenient management, which allows you to delete all cards from Wallet at any time. Just remember, making purchases using iPhone is really cool!

What is NFC and why it is needed

The possible reason why Apple Pay stopped working could be a malfunction of the NFC chip. However, before considering the methods of eliminating the problem, let’s figure out why it is needed.

First of all, this is a communication module. It is used to read or transmit data. It can be listed as an indication key, travel ticket, or credit card. Now even in the subway and buses installed equipment for working with this technology.

Data transmission occurs through NFC antenna. And to confirm consent to the exchange of data on the latest gadget models, a fingerprint is enough. After which, the terminal connection occurs. This technology is available on iPhone SE.

Therefore, before acquiring a “I-device”, it is necessary to check the operability of NFC, because if it is damaged, difficulties may arise when connecting with the payment terminal.

It must be reminded that iPhone models up to 5s inclusive, do not work with a contactless system. For owners of outdated equipment, it is possible to connect Apple Watch equipped with NFC chip.

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Apple Pay does not work in a untrue, you just need a world map

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In the last few days, almost every hour, the media, or an online store, then service, or another channel in Telegram claim that Apple Pay allegedly turned off, or it works with interruptions. Typically, at the same time, it is recommended to use conventional plastic cards.

In this very small article, I want to briefly dot I:

Apple Pay works in and Not disconnected in the country.

“Drolling” Apple Pay and other contactless payments, such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay, are related to problems on the side of the sanctions banks and their payment terminals. Just the terminals may not make contactless payments from Visa and Mastercard cards.

Apple Pay as a function is disconnected today only for Novikombank. It happened yesterday. The remaining banks, including sanctions, still support Apple Pay.

How To Setup Apple Pay on any iPod Touch | Full Tutorial

The Apple official page contains banks supporting Apple Pay. While your bank is on this list in Russia. it supports Apple Pay.

I use Apple Pay every day, and everything is ok. The case is in the world

From last Friday, a dozen times ran a situation when they are trying to convince me to the scream that “paying a phone” can no longer. From grocery stores and pharmacies to the cash desk of the metro, the saleswoman are accustomed to refusing to read contactless payments. They already ask in advance how you are going to pay, and if they see a smartphone in their hands, then they are asked to use “plastic” in advance.

But everything works for me, which for some reason has repeatedly caused genuine surprise-especially at the cash desks of the metro. I cry iPhone from all terminals, as before, including turnstiles.

And all because I use the map of the world.

Most banks allow you to start a world on the world directly from the application. For example, in Tinkoff, which I use as the main one, the digital card world starts in just a couple of minutes.

Further, the world can be added to Apple Pay and Wallet on your iPhone. And that’s it, you can continue to pay for everything from the iPhone, as they did before.

over, in some banks, the world can be tied to the main account and not start a new. This is convenient, because then you will not have to throw the money back and forth with Visa or MasterCard to use both old and new cards.

As a result, I pay for the metro, for food, for delivery and services through Apple Pay exactly the same as before. and until I have encountered problems. I am sure that such a trick will not ride with foreign services, but there is nothing to be done here, after all, the world was created for the inside.

Moral: Mark the map of the world. This in many banks is absolutely free, it is done online in the application, does not require plastic and allows (at least so far) to continue using Apple Pay, as before.

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In the last few days, almost every hour, the media, or an online store, then service, or another channel in Telegram claim that Apple Pay allegedly turned off, or it works with interruptions. Typically, at the same time, it is recommended to use conventional plastic cards. In this very small article, I want to briefly dot I over I.

Is it possible to use Apple Pay in case of blocking it in

Most likely, it will be impossible. It is likely that there will be some semi-legal ways of bypassing Apple Pay sanctions, but it will be dangerous to use them financially and illegally.

Perhaps the safest method will be tied a foreign card of a bank unlotted in Apple Pay. But in this case, you need to find the owner of the card that you completely trust. But this option will not work if you try to pay through the terminal, which is connected to the bank blocked in Apple Pay.

There is Apple Pay will be blocked, the client will not lose money. If everything is simplified, then Apple Pay is a kind of virtual copy of the physical bank card. Even if all smartphones are completely banned in, then money from your card will not go anywhere. But for payment, you always have to use the card itself, not a smartphone or smart watch.

Apple Pay supports most banks around the world that use Visa, MasterCard or the world. The user is not prohibited from using cards that were issued in other countries. A full list of supported banks is posted on Apple 4.

Popular questions and answers

To the questions of the readers of the KP about the blocking of Apple Pay in answered the executive director of the company’s financial aggregator #All.Zimonline Arthur Karaichev.

How the Apple Pay blocking works in the case of cards of banks falling under sanctions?

The Apple Pay service is already unavailable for cards of banks that have fallen under sanctions. VTB, Otkritie, Otkombank and Novikombank, as well as their subsidiaries. Their customers cannot both add a card to the application and pay through it, and the entrepreneurs who have connected them with acquiring are to accept payments in this way. Problems with payment through Apple Pay also began among customers of banks who did not fall under sanctions. but here they often occur when trying to make a payment in the terminal owned by the sanctions bank. Due to the suspension of VISA and MasterCard work in payment in this way will not work abroad, says Arthur Karachev.

Is it possible to get around the Apple Pay block if you have a card of a bank that has fallen under sanctions?

To circumvent the block of the card that has fallen under the sanctions of the bank in Apple Pay. In addition, due to the closeness of the system, alternative payment solutions for Apple devices are missing. Therefore, it remains only to keep the physical versions of the cards with them to the customers of banks, the expert reports.

There were problems with payment through Apple Pay and Google Pay

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Users complain that they cannot pay for purchases via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Problems are observed not only in banks that fell under sanctions (Sberbank, VTB, opening, etc.D.), but also at Tinkoff, as well as Raiffeisen Bank.

In addition, customers of banks from can not pay for travel in the subway. It is assumed that problems arise in terminals served by VTB Bank.

Representatives of Tinkoff answered one of their customers that “on their part of payment should be passed”. The problem may be in the sanctions bank that serves the terminal.

On our part, payment must be held. We believe that the bank that serves the payment terminal may be sanctions. If the payment does not pass in several places, call us or write to the chat (right lower corner): https: // t.Co/Ulsbchbaox. Let’s check what’s the matter.

So all banks fell under sanctions

Users complain that they cannot pay for purchases in stores and travel on the Apple Pay and Google Pay. moreover, cards of banks that did not fall under “blocking” sanctions #

The VTB terminal rejects, the Sber is working, I don’t know the rest 🙁 This is in Krasnoyarsk

Now I could not buy a trip in the subway 🙂 from Tinkoff gave an error. I tried 3 times. Both card and Apple Pay. It managed to pay only from the Sber

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How to pay for purchases by phone iPhone

Now let’s move on to the most important stage. payment for goods and services. Using Apple Pay, you can make purchases in any store, as well as in the Internet space. Follow the instructions:

  • Attach the smartphone to the reader and click on the Touch ID to scan the fingerprint and confirm the operation.
  • After that, a transaction will automatically occur, subject to the availability of funds in the bank account.
  • Be sure to take the check.

If you want to pay in the online store, then you will need:

  • On many online services, a special button Apple drink is displayed.
  • Select the desired product and write down the recipient data. delivery address and contacts.
  • The last stage. attach a finger to Touch ID to confirm the operation.

In this way, you can pay on a smartphone, tablet or macbook only if there is a fingerprint scanner.

If there is no Touch ID on MacBook, it is necessary to work through an iphone or Apple Watch synchronized device.

Safety of contactless payments Apple drink

If you worry about the safety of funds when paying with a card or smartphone, then in vain. The service provides a high level of personal data protection:

  • Each transaction is confirmed by scanning a fingerprint, this means that only the owner of the smartphone can perform a transaction.
  • The exchange of information occurs at a minimum distance and for a short time, which makes it impossible to intercept bank details by attackers.
  • Buying requires entering a protective password from a credit card.
  • During the procedure, the real data of the credit card are encrypted, a unique number is assigned to it, which is accidentally generated by the system.

The article examined in detail the features of the provision of the Apple Pay service, and also learned how to pay from a mobile device, instead of a bank card in a contactless way. Such payments are safe and greatly facilitate the life of the consumer.

Restoration of the firmware

Rarely, but sometimes Apple Pay stops working due to the installed IOS or Watchos beta versions, which is why you have to wait for stable updates or-manually restore the operating system to certain updates. In the latter case, iTunes will help to cope with the task.

After connecting the iPhone to the PC, you will have to open the settings and go to the “review” section, and from there, click on the “Restore” button.

The system will offer to start with forced restart and preparation of updates. During the procedure with the iPhone, all the saved information will disappear, and therefore it is better to take care of maintaining backups in ICLUD or on a hard drive (the relevant options are available below on iTunes).

If nothing helps

Most likely, you are not lucky and the restoration of the firmware will not give a result. In this case, you need to carry the iPhone to the service center. When the device is under warranty, there is nothing to worry about, but if the device was purchased from hand without documents or the warranty period has expired, you can get to “expensive repairs”.

Depending on the arrogance of the master, they can request from one and a half to five thousand for the elimination of the problem, and this is not the limit.

Some “serious” service centers may completely abandon such a repair.

How to use Apple Pay

Apple drink is a universal payment system that has been pleasing consumers since 2014 around the world. It is a convenient tool for conducting transactions in almost any store or in the Internet space. To do this, it is enough to have a mobile device from the manufacturer, smart watches, iPad tablet or MacBook laptop. The advantage is that purchases are made on a contactless basis. An important requirement of the operation is the seller of the corresponding terminal and reader, now they are installed in almost every store throughout the payment due to the NFC special chip built into the design, which is able to simulate a bank card added to the system. Data exchange between the transmitter and the reader is performed at a minimum distance and in just a few seconds. So, to make a purchase, you will need to perform a number of simple actions:

  • First, add a credit card from a partner banking organization to the application.
  • Wait for the seller to break through the amount spent in the terminal.
  • Bring the mobile device to the reader.
  • Confirm the purchase, for this, attach a finger to the print scanner Touch ID.
  • The sound signal will tell you that the exchange of information was successful.

To make a purchase on the Internet, you need to go to the store website, choose the appropriate product. There should be an Apple Pay button next to it, click on it. After that, write down your contact details and delivery parameters. To confirm the transaction and transfer of funds, bring your finger to Touch ID.

If the Apple laptop is not provided with a print scanner, you will have to act through synchronized iPhone.

Why is it worth using such a service:

  • It’s comfortable. Only one gadget needs only one gadget for payment.
  • Transaction speed. The payment procedure itself will take you no more than two seconds, just bring the smartphone to the terminal.
  • Safety. The exchange of information occurs at a small distance and within a few seconds, this means that attackers will not be able to intercept your personal data. Each purchase requires mandatory confirmation of a fingerprint. No one but you can make a transaction.

Why is the map not added

To start making contactless payments, you need to bind bank cards to the service. Some consumers already have problems and malfunctions in this stage in adding a map. To activate a credit card you will need:

  • In some cases, scanning does not work. To fix this, you will need to independently prescribe all the details of the credit card to the corresponding fields.
  • An error may occur if the number is incorrectly entered, the owner or the duration of the plastic. Carefully check the specified information.
  • It should be borne in mind that the contactless payment service collaborates only with a certain list of partner banking organizations. This list is constantly updated and updated. Among banks, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB, Opening, Tinkoff, Raiffeisenbank, MTS, Beeline, Corn, Yandex can be distinguished. Money, Russian standard. This is far from the whole list, all companies can be seen in advance on the official portal of the Apple Pay service. If when adding a credit card the application begins to “swear” and does not see it, then probably it is not supported by the system.
  • If the plastic is blocked, then attach it will not work.

Why NFC does not work

The most common reasons

NFC chip failed. For the work of the Apple Pay payment program, NFC chip is used. Such a module rarely fails. often the contact between antenna disappears into it. Communication bracket, which is responsible for transmission, is located in the right corner. It is a jumper.

This jumper has poor C-antenna contact, which is why the payment service often refuses to work. It is enough to press a pair of screws denser and the problem is solved independently. Sometimes the clogging dust and garbage interfere with the contact, then you need to unscrew the jumper, cleaning the contact and install the part. In some cases, a drop of glue and plastic, which was left during assembly, interferes with high.quality clutch.

  • You can find a part in the service centers and workshops that are engaged in the iPhone buying.
  • You can order a jumper. There is nothing beyond the technological.

Damage to NFC antennas

Another reason why the Apple Pay payment system does not work. For the same reason, the connection to Apple Pay may occur.

For connecting a smartphone and data transfer, the iPhone is responsible for the NFC module. Accordingly, its performance depends. whether you can make a purchase using iPhone.

If the warranty period of the iPhone has not expired, then do not “pick” yourself in your device yourself. hand over it under warranty.

However, on official gadgets such breakdowns to appear quite rarely. often, renovated (for this reason, the NFC iPhone does not work) and “artisan” restored iPhone (or rather, the “jumper” connecting the fee in the case) is sometimes simply “forgotten”.

The problems of the NFC connection are indirectly able to indicate the iTunes error when updating or when restoring the firmware. Why indirectly? Because there are many examples when Apple Pay does not work, and the iPhone is easily stitched without errors.

That’s what you should pay attention to

Lack of internal antenna. The “grounding” screws. often they could simply not be spinning (it is worth trying to gently tighten them, but do not twist them. there is a chance of damage) or forget to put.

NFC failure is also decided by replacement. What is nice, of course, if you do not understand in technology and are strong in the disassembly of the iPhone, all these manipulations should be entrusted to specialists.

Small conclusion

If the settings fail in the Apple Pay payment system or the application of the Apple Pay card. in this case, we deal with iOS and other moments (banks, terminals).

If payments do not work everywhere, and the above manipulations are fully completed, then problems with NFC.

You have your own Sberbank card, or you want to download it into a separate application, but nothing happens. This is why this can happen:

Sberbank is currently working only with the Master Card payment system, and if your VISA or Peace card, then this service will not work.

Apple Pay works with almost all Sberbank cards. Here is a list of working cards that are supported by the service:


  • Master Card Standard.
  • Master Card Credit Momentum.
  • MasterCard Gold.
  • Youth Master Card Standard.
  • Master Card Standard Momentum.
  • Master Card Youth Card.
  • Master Card Standard contactless.
  • Master Card Standard with an individual design.
  • Master Card Gold.

How To Install Apple Pay On Your Apple Watch!

  • World Master Card “Golden”.
  • World Master Card Sberbank First.

Trying to pay for the purchase not in your terminal

Although it will be practically not difficult to find a terminal to today, which makes contactless payments independently, you may face such a problem. Carefully look at whether there is a special icon at your cash desk in which you pay.

If you have not found this, then this terminal with Apple Pay does not work. The same applies to applications and sites. Before you place an order for payment, look for the “payment by Apple Pay”.

The conditions were not met when registering in Sberbank Online

A fairly common problem why Apple Pay and NFC does not work. You also need to find out on which phones the Apple Pay. If you have a Sberbank card, you can independently load it into a payment application 2 in ways to choose from. Or through the Wallet wallet and through Sberbank Online. If you select the second method of downloading cards in Apple Pay for registration, the error when setting up may occur due to the fact that you have not been connected by the Sberbank Mobile Bank service. In this case, it is enough to connect the service in the nearest Sberbank branch.

We set up the Apple Wallet software application to work with the Apple Pay system:

The Apple Pay system is needed to digitize and subsequent storage of information of debit, credit, bonus, store cards, tickets, as well as tickets.

Mir and Apple Pay map

The issue of pension cards has already started, this is also a large amount of emission, despite the long period of the transfer (the transition should end by mid.2022.

The National System of Payment Cards of the NSPK and the operator of the Mir Communications, and the Samsung Electronics provided users with the opportunity to connect the Mir cards to the Apple Pay system, the NSPK release said.

The Otkritie Bank, Center-Invest Bank and Chelindbank are involved in the pilot project. At the moment, such a technological solution will be available to banks. participants in the Mir payment card system for large.scale implementation in 2022.

As previously reported, in 2022 the NSPK can offer the market its own decision for payment by the Mir card using a phone in rubles. Transfer to the dollar.

When Apple begins interaction with the Mir cards?

The beginning of the joint work of these systems was expected in mid.2017. Users, of course, estimated the speed of work and the convenience of this service after the start of work this cards.

How to tie the world on the Apple Pay and why it might not work?

Pay Poeti Pay Pays allows some synchronization malfunctions and in the future promises to eliminate them. When stable work becomes possible, the instruction will not differ from the classic addition of any other card:

Adding a card

  • On the iPad: “Settings”. “Wallet or Apple Pay”.
  • On iPhone: Find Wallet
  • Click on “Add a payment card”;
  • Enter Apple password;
  • We scan the card and enter the data manually;
  • Further, when checking, additional data may be required.
  • Again go to “Settings”. “Wallet Apple Pay”;
  • The map is added!

All! Now you can pay for purchases with the Apple Pay payment system and enjoy the convenience of the service.