IPhone screen recording error: how to fix it?

IPhone users often face various problems, one of which is a case when it is not possible to save the screen recording. At the same time, an error appears on the phone: “It was not possible to save the screen recording”. Someone may differ slightly, but the meaning is clear.

Turn on the screen recording

Usually, first of all, in case of problems with the device, it is rebooted. In our case, this is also true, but before that, check whether the screen recording option is included?

  • Go to the settings → Management Center.
  • Find the item configure control elements.
  • Add the screen recording option.

Reload the iPhone

The next step, as well as after adding the parameter, reboot the device. Turn off the power and wait a while, 20-30 seconds enough. When loading the system, do not rush to check whether an error has disappeared. Let the device fully upload the components, files, applications operating in the background.

After that, you can re.check whether an error has disappeared or not. If the iPhone still does not save, go to a deeper check.

Clean the iPhone browser cache

Sometimes it is useful to clean the browser cache on your iPhone. For this:

  • Open the settings → Safari.
  • Select the item Clean the history and data of websites.
  • After removing the story, the settings, as a rule, are highlighted in gray.

Disable/turn on the screen recording

Try turning off the screen recording and re.enable. It is better to do this in this way:

iphone, recording, screen
  • Open “Settings → General → Restrictions → Game Center.
  • Turn off the “screen recording”, reboot the iPhone.
  • Turn on the record after downloading the phone.

Screen Recorder failure

Some old iPhone and iPad models are not suitable for iOS 13, iOS 12 or iOS 11. And you know that each iOS system has appropriate supporting devices. Thus, if you forcibly install iOS 11, iOS 12 or iOS 13 on incompatible devices, you will not be able to use this function properly.

Disconnecting the energy saving mode

Many users note that the error most often occurs when the phone is in the low charge mode of the battery. In this case, the recording of the screen can make an error. If this happened with your device, please disconnect the low battery charge mode:

Reset all the settings

If the above methods have not helped to solve the problem, try to lose your iPhone. This method will not delete data from the iPhone. Just go to settings → General → Reset → Reset all the settings.

Sound recording setting

If nothing happened the first time, the owners have a question: why is the recording from the iPhone screen without sound. You should adhere to the test algorithm that will help to identify the source of the problem. In most cases, the whole thing is in the settings, so you will not have to resort to serious interventions in the form of repairs.

  • Before you find out how to record the screen with the sound of the iPhone, you must make sure that the IOS version is suitable. Up to 11 and 12 issues and updates of such an option simply does not exist. If the phone no longer supports updates from the company, for example, the fifth iphone, then this is not possible.
  • If the device is new and the desired version of the operating system is installed, it is much easier to record the sound from the iPhone screen. You need to go into the “Settings” mode, then press the control point, and then enter the “set up controls”.
  • You need to find the corresponding element “recording from the screen”, and by pressing the “plus” add it to the main menu. At this stage, provided that the suitable system is completely ready for work. The widget activates the function.
  • Be sure to put the maximum volume.

It is worth noting that the sound will still be recorded from the microphone. This is done in order to circumvent laws on non.disclosure of personal data. If you record directly with software methods, then this method is illegal, but when copying data from a microphone, everything is in order. It is advisable to work in a quiet place so that extraneous sounds do not appear.

As a rule, these methods are enough in order to get the desired result. However, sometimes even after the measures used, the iPhone screen is not obtained. the sound does not write. This suggests that you will have to correct software errors. They probably arose due to the installation of third-party applications, or for other reasons: the software malfunction is quite common and often occurs. A forced reboot is required if you need to figure out why the screen recording does not record the sound of iPhone. Until the eighth and tenth model will be required:

  • Set the power key.
  • In parallel. “home” or decrease in the volume on the “seven”.
  • This will cause a reboot that does not delete data, but often corrects the problem of the microphone. In new models, rebooting is carried out by squeezing the volume button up and down.

In general, the answer to the question why there is no sound when recording the iPhone screen: because it was not originally conceived by the authors. But you can write from a microphone. If nothing happens and the problem is saved. contact us, we will help either perform the necessary settings, or install suitable programs.

How to Screen Record on iPhone & iPad With Audio: Record Your iPhone Screen 101 (2022)

If the problem arose due to a malfunction in your iOS, how to fix it?

Now that you have a general idea of ​​the reasons for this problem, we must study corrections. The most common cause of this problem may be a failure in your iOS. So, in the first section of corrections, let’s learn how to solve potential problems associated with iOS.

If the problem arose due to the problem with iOS, there are two main ways to fix it. You can use the default tool or seek help from professional software to correct this. So, now we will explain how to solve this problem using both of these methods.

In addition, let’s find out how to solve problems such as chrome does not reproduce sound.

iphone, recording, screen

Use Tenorshare Reiboot to correct the problem “IPhone screen does not record sound” (recommended)

Many people can offer various solutions to the problem “The iPhone screen does not record sound”. However, many of their methods lead to data loss. Some of these methods may not even solve the problem; instead, it will only worsen the situation. So the choice of a good tool to solve this problem is vital.

This is when Tenorshare reiboot is getting by the way. This special tool contains a very smart algorithm for correcting more than 100 problems on iOS devices. over, he can correct all these problems with one click. With this powerful tool, you can also get rid of this problem. You can do this by performing the steps below.

  • To start the process, you must download and install software on your computer. Then run it to see the main screen. As soon as you do this, click on the option “Start. “After that, you can see the” Standard Repair “option also. Just click on it to go to the next steps.
  • Now you must click on the button with the inscription “Download” to install the latest version of the firmware. You do not need to look for it manually, because the firmware does all the work for you.

How To Fix Screen Recording Not Working On Your iPhone

  • After that you will see that the device is rebooted. After the reloading is completed, you must see that the problem “The iPhone screen does not record sound” disappeared.

fix the device by restoring it through iTunes

You want to fix the device, but still do not want to use a professional like Tenoreshare Reiboot? If so, then you have to choose iTunes. This is an official tool offered by Apple, so it costs nothing. However, the main disadvantage of this method is that it causes a complete loss of data. If you can endure such an impact, you can perform the steps below to solve this problem.

  • First connect the iPhone to the PC using the USB cable provided Apple.
  • As soon as you do this, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed.
  • Then you must see that the name of the device is displayed on the iTunes screen. Seeing this, click on the option “Restoration of iPhone”.
  • Now the device will be restored, and the message “The iPhone screen does not record sound” will disappear.

How to capture a video from the iPhone with sound

Add the screen recording button to the control point through the settings

There you will find other functions to which you can get quick access

iphone, recording, screen

Sound recording allows you to fix not only your voice, but also the sound from applications and games

The recorded video by default is stored in the Appendix “Photo”. To find it, you will not even have to open it and look for a video manually. Apple thought out for you: after the recording is completed, you will receive a notification from the “Photo” application, the press to which will transfer you right in the freshly recorded video. It remains only to view it and decide whether to subject it to additional post.cutting or you can send it so.

Using Quicktime

Quicktime Player is a standard MacOS player that is built into the system and knows how to record an image from a connected iPhone or Mac screen.

First of all, let’s figure out what equipment it will work on, and on which no. Your iPhone should be updated to iOS 8 and have a Lightning connector. it is in phones starting with the iPhone 5 and more new, and in tablets from iPad 4 and newer. From this it follows that the iPhone 4s and the iPad 3 do not support this option.

You will also need a computer with MacOS at least Yosemite (version 10.10) and Lightning cable (supplied in a box with iPhone).

Connect the smartphone to the Mac using a cable and run Quicktime. From the upper menu, select “File” → “New Video”.

By default, a window will open with a video of the built.in camera. At this stage, the player will request access to the MAC cameras and microphones. you need to resolve differently videos and sound from Athos will not be displayed.

Click on a small arrow “down” to the right of the round red recording button.

From the falling list in the field you need a camera and microphone of your device. Here you can choose the quality of the video. Be careful with this parameter, since the size of the final file can grow strongly.

An accurate “cast” of images from your iPhone will be displayed on the Mac screen. To get started, click on a red round button (click on it for stopping).

Automatic conservation is not provided here. Therefore, after the recording of the iPhone screen, do not forget to choose in the upper menu “File” → “Save”.

Why is there no sound when recording from the iPhone screen?

By default, the record is without sound. To activate the sound and get a video with sound, you need to press and hold the “screen recording” button on the sound recording button at the control point and enable the “audio microphone” option.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Main” section.
  • Then open the “restrictions” item where you need to enter the password (if you have previously used these settings) or set it.
  • Then, in the point “Writing of the screen”, drag the slider into active mode.

After you removed the restrictions, you can make a video from the iPhone.

Write a video from the iPhone screen using third.party applications

You can record a video of the screen using third.party applications. Why, if there is a built.in tool? The fact is that special software allows you to perform post.cutting the material, for example, add your sound track, import content from the library, write down your own Комментарии и мнения владельцев from the microphone, cut and edit sound tracks.


The application allows you to record a phone screen with a Face CAM in HD quality, and then edit the record using a lot of software functions:

  • Insert and edit the reaction with audio Комментарии и мнения владельцев.
  • Manage reproduction speeds.
  • Set the size 1: 1, 4: 5, 16:18, 16: 9, 9:16, 3: 4, 4: 3, 2: 3, 3: 2, 2: 1, 1: 2.
  • Add text.
  • Add any of the 15 filters.
  • Add stickers of ten packs of stickers with many variations for all occasions.
  • Turn the video.
  • Change the background.
  • Be directly from the application.

RecPRO is compatible with all devices with iOS 11 and above.

The premium account removes all ads, restrictions on the time of recording and opens access to exclusive functions.


This application allows you to record your favorite games, applications, video calls and screen audio for teaching aids and video demonstrations on iPhone or iPad. After recording the screen, the file can also be edited. Tool set is similar to RecPRO.

The resulting high.resolution video can be downloaded to. YouTube, Instagram immediately from the application. The free version has a watermark. Its deletion costs 149

iPhone does not write sound because of the film on microphones

The reason for the lack of sound can be the human factor. In new devices, some mechanisms and outputs are protected by a film so that dust and dirt do not get. The film is simply glued on the surface. If it is not removed, then this can cause the absence of sound in the video. It is necessary to remove all the protective films if they are available.

When using all methods, the problem may remain. Then you should look more closely at the microphone. It will require replacement and installation of a better microphone.