What to do if the iPhone does not catch the network

Any modern smartphone is, first of all, a mobile phone, and then all the rest. Its most important feature. receive calls and make calls. To do this, each device is set by a SIM card with a telephone number assigned to it, and a special indicator indicates for successful registration in cellular network and signal.

iPhone does not catch the network. what to do? This problem prevents voice calls, so we need to deal with it.

Why iPhone does not see the network

The problem in the network on the iPhone is quite unpleasant, because limits users at once in two scenarios of using their devices. First, they can’t call anyone, and no one else can reach them. And, secondly, they do not have free Internet access and are now dependent on connecting to wireless access points, which, no matter how cool, is not everywhere.

After updating on iOS 14.7.1 different iPhone can not find a network

According to the affected users, it does not help the IPhone restart, nor the extraction of a SIM card or replacing it to another nor the network settings that usually helped in such situations nor the reset of the iPhone itself to factory. This indicates that the problem can actually be even deeper than we all think.

This is what users themselves write on this matter:

“After updating iPhone 11 to iOS 14.7.1 I have a network signal disappeared. The phone did not find the network. In the upper right corner of the screen, the search still flashes. “.

“My iPhone 8 is the same. He cannot find a cellular communication, although before the update perfectly worked. I tried to replace the SIM card to another, but did not come out. “.

iphone, does, catch, network

“Tried to reset network settings to return the network on the iPhone to work, but did not come out. Strange, considering that it helped even after connecting to Wi-Fi-Networks of Death.

How to repair iPhone modem

Immediately note that the repair is not possible in all cases. If the radio frequency chip failed, it is not subject to replacement. However, it is often possible to return the radio frequent in line. as in one of the iPhone, which came to specialists from the Apple Pro service center. He had a soldering between the main board and modem chip due to fall, as a result, the phone cannot “catch” the cellular network. We will analyze the repair of the iPhone radio frequencies in the details.

The engineer starts to displays the device. unscrews locking bolts, turns off the battery, connecting loops and removes the display module.

Having access to the board, the specialist separates it from the smartphone housing for further work. Although the size of the size is small, it is placed on it the smartphone modem, a memory chip and other vital for iPhone components. This can be said “heart” phone.

With the help of a special fixing tool and heating, the engineer dismails the modem chip from the board.

Next, it cleans the modem and the corresponding place on the board from the factory compound to then restore the soldering between the board and the modem chip. This is one of the most painstaking parts of all work, because it requires an engineer of the corresponding skills and extremely neat work.

After removal, the compound is restored by BGA-balls, and after that the modem soldes on its rightful place. Then, again, with the help of heating, spike chip with a board is carried out, after which the engineer starts to reverse assembly.

It connects all the loops, display module and battery to start checking the smartphone.

As we see, the modem firmware appeared again, and the phone shows the full signal of the cellular network of the operator, which means the repair was successful.

This type of repair of the iPhone 5S is considered one of the most complex and labor costs (one can only delete a long time), so it is impossible to make it “on the knee”, and the “craftsmen” are often not taken for repairing the modem and other microcircuits (and if taken. limited to the heating of chip alone). So it is better to trust such a complex repair of professionals. engineers from the Cool service center Apple Pro and the modem will be corrected, and the diagnostics will hold. Guys make another repair iPhone, so do not forget about a 10% discount for all Appleinsider readers.Ru.

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Invalid time settings

Here the secret lies in the peculiarities of the operating system itself. If the time zone, as well as the time / date do not coincide with the current indicators, then the iPhone does not catch the network. Eliminate this problem is very easy, just connect the smartphone to the Internet and perform simple manipulations.

  • Next, you need to activate the item automatically;
  • If the default switch is in an active position, you must first turn off this mode, and then re-enable;
  • Mobile device reboot.

This method is very simple and with an effective. But you must first connect to the Internet so that the iPhone is registered on the Apple server. If this condition is not respected, the cellular signal will not appear.

Problems with SIM card

It is worth paying attention to the SIM card. The problems with the network can be if the SIM card was incorrectly cropped and damaged the microcircuit. Often, such a trouble arises from those users who are trying to save and trim the SIM card to smaller house sizes.

In addition, the SIM card may be damaged when moisture in the connector, as well as for a number of other reasons. First you need to check the performance of SIM. To do this, it is pulled out by a special key, which comes in the delivery set and replace on another. If everything works, then you need to change the SIM card.

In some cases, it helps to turn off and turn on the smartphone. You can also try to enable and disable several times in the aircraft mode.

IOS failure

Do not forget about updating the operating system, since on the old version everything can work incorrect. To check available updates, go Settings. Basic. About this device. If there are available updates, the operating system will automatically request them to install. If there are no Wi-Fi connections, you can connect through the cord to the computer and there open iTunes. Through it already updates the device to the latest available version of iOS.

Operator settings problems

If you checked the date and time, we tried to turn off and turn on the smartphone, but the recording “no network” did not disappear, then the reason lies in the other. It may well be that the operator simply does not provide services in the region where you are now.

You can try to activate the “aircraft” mode for a few seconds, and then turn off it. You can also do in the home region if the network does not catch. It happens that the connection is simply buggy and you just need to restart the smartphone. Alternatively, turn off and then turn on the smartphone.

If suddenly it did not help to troubleshoot the problem, then you need to check the operator settings. Enter the settings. the operator and then check whether the mode is activated automatically.

Hardware malfunction of smartphone

There are often cases when the iPhone ceases to catch the network due to hardware breakdowns. The reason may be damaged due to the impact of the antenna, as well as the moisture that has fallen inside the housing and led to the oxidation of parts. The reason may also become poor-quality repair, using non-original components. To eliminate a malfunction, it is recommended to contact a company service center, where experienced masters will conduct diagnostics and be able to repair a mobile phone in a short time.

From the impact or when moisture gets, the modem part on the motherboard may be damaged. In this case, the mobile device will also constantly search for the network, and in the settings it will not be possible to see the modem firmware. To make sure that the modem is not damaged, you should go to the settings. the main. about this device. the modem firmware. If the field is empty here, then the modem is pololoman and only qualified masters will be able to help here.

Modem Replacement is a painstaking and challenging work that allows you to restore the modem part and return the mobile apparatus to life.


iPhone may not see the network and with bad weather conditions. It can be snowfall or frost. The reason for such a problem can be the incorrect work of the nearby Mobile Tower.

If the smartphone has been working without complaints before this, it is necessary to wait for bad weather, and then see if the network appeared. You can also turn off and in a couple of seconds you turn on the smartphone.

Damage or failure of the SIM card

In the process of self-solving a problem search, it is worth paying attention to the SIM card. Often it can be damaged when trimming, may fail if moisture invested or for other reasons. Pull out the SIM card using a key located in a box from under the phone, put a SIM card in place. Turn on. Turn off the “aircraft” mode several times.

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It happens that the gadget is blocked by a communication operator under a SIM card of a specific operator. The phone simply does not support other SIM cards, writes “no network”. You can contact us in the service center, we will be able to unlock the IMEI. As a rule, such a service takes from several days to 10 days depending on which operator is locked by the device.

Possible root causes of such trouble

Know about the reasons why, perhaps the phone bad catches the network is useful. Sometimes it will make it possible to find a solution to the problem. The root causes may be the following:

  • The situation began to be observed after the next firmware, which the user could install independently and is not correct;
  • Gadget recently went to repair, where it was not a high-quality service;
  • The coating of the operator that provides a service for access to mobile communications, in the location of a person is bad. This is especially clear that the owner of the mobile phone is indoors;
  • Simca used incorrectly installed or does not function fully for any reason;
  • The presence of any restrictions of hardware type associated with external factors;
  • There were problems with the version used by the version of the operating system;
  • Damage to the element responsible for communication.

Some of these problems can not be solved on their own, others. you can try.

Check out, and working SIM card?

Unfortunately, SIM cards also fail. Therefore, the first thing, check whether the SIM card works in your iPhone. This can be done, for example, by installing SIM card to another smartphone.

In the event of a described problem, first of all it is necessary to look at the set time. if the smartphone incorrect displays the current time and date, then it is necessary to produce the following simple algorithm of actions:

Connect the device to the active Wi-Fi network;

Go to Settings → Basic → Date and time;

Switch the “Automatically” checkbox to the active position (if the default is shut down and turn on);

iphone, does, catch, network

Simple problems and their solution

If the iPhone for some reason does not see the network, you do not need to panic and think about the cost of the upcoming repair. Quite often the reason turns out to disgrace banal. And precisely because of the apparent evidence, people forget to check it. And instead, they begin to pick up in the device, seeing the addresses of the nearest service centers, etc.

There are several simple solutions what to do first if the status “no network” is displayed on the iPhone. It is not fundamentally important, it will be iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, 7 or iPhone the most recent generation in the top configuration. Notification that there is no network may appear on any apple gadget. And the reasons for them can be identical.

If we talk about the simplest reasons why the iPhone does not catch a mobile network, or it is absent at all, then it is worth highlighting such moments.

Air Watch

It is likely that the same iPhone 6 does not work, that is, does not catch the network, because with recent manipulations, the user randomly or even specially activated the “airrest”.

It turns on and disconnected by the Slider button in the Device Settings section. Hurt him quite really. Therefore, be sure to open the settings and check the current position of the switch.

If the “airrest” really was activated, it must be turned off. Reloading the network will take about 20-30 seconds. After that, the signal must appear.

date and time

Also, the iPhone potentially loses the network if the wrong time zone has been specified when the settings change, or the phone shows inappropriate reality time.

Fix the situation is extremely simple. For this you need:

It is important to add that immediately after these changes the network will not catch on the iPhone. No additional instructions on how to configure the connection here will not be. Just send a reboot device. If now the connection appeared, you found the reason and eliminated it.

Coverage area

And sometimes everything is completely trite and obvious.

The network may disappear due to the fact that the user of the apple smartphone was in the zone where the coatings specifically there is no cellular operator.

And sometimes it is even places within the city. What can we talk about basement, fence, road highways, etc.

Signal coverage area of ​​Moscow and nearby areas from leading operators

If possible, check if the network of the same operator catches another device. Either change your current location. If, when leaving the basement or after the passage of several kilometers, the network appeared, the problem was in the missing coating. Alas, this problem itself cannot solve.

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Also, to the number of possible and sufficiently common problems of the lack of network, the problem from the SIM card installed in the smartphone.

It can be deformed at the next extraction. Also in the slot falls moisture, some mechanical factors affect. If it is a simka of an old sample, for its installation in the iPhone, the card has to trim. And trolical incision made incorrectly, damaged the microchip, such a sim card can no longer work. We’ll have to change it.

Extract and check the SIM card is quite simple. This requires a special key to open a slot under SIM. He comes complete to the apple telephone.

If everything is fine with SIM card, and nothing causes suspicion, you need to continue to look for possible reasons. They are even more than enough.

Radio repair in iPhone 7 Plus

In the case of the iPhone 7 Plus, which came to our colleagues from the Apple Pro service center, due to the drop in the smartphone, not only the display module, but also the radio device, as evidenced by the signs described by us in the previous paragraph. About how the display is replaced on the iPhone 7 Plus, we will tell in the following articles, so this time will focus on the subtleties of the Radio Repair.

In our case, the modem firmware is not displayed. the iPhone modem repair is produced here. This may be several reasons. the failure of the modem power controller, the exit of their building EPROM chips and a violation of the modem processor soldering. All these problems are solved, but if the modem itself came out, it is impossible to replace it. It is rigidly tied to other components of the smartphone at the iron level.

The engineer starts repairing the iPhone, unscrews locking bolts, turns off the battery, connecting loops and removes the display module. For further work, the board is separated from the device and placed in a special fixing tool.

The motherboard of the iPhone seems small, but it contains all the components important for the smartphone. from the processor to the memory chip and modem. To dismantle the modem chip engineer uses heated.

It is necessary to work very carefully, the components are posted very close to each other

To restore the contacts of the modem and the motherboard, the modem is cleaned and the corresponding place on the board from the factory compound to then restore the soldering between the board and the modem chip.

Next, the most interesting part begins. the recovery of soldering with a soldering station. After that, the modem is soldered to its rightful place. Then again with heating is carried out spike chip with a board.

Stripping Modem Contacts from Compound

Before assembly, you must check the device using a laboratory block.

iphone, does, catch, network

After completing the modem, you can replace the display module. The engineer gently connects all the loops and the battery back, and also sets a special moisture proof rubber sizing. This is a special layer between the case and glass that protects against unwanted liquid.

The fact that everything is in order is evidenced by the fact that the modem firmware appeared again, and the phone shows the full signal of the cellular network operator.

This is one of the most painstaking types of repair, because it requires an engineer of the corresponding skills and extremely neat work. So it is better to trust such a difficult repair of professionals. specialists from the Apple Pro service center that make repair iPhone and other Apple equipment of any complexity. P.S. Do not forget about a 10% discount for all AppleInsider readers.Ru.

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