Check the password and network settings if the iPad does not connect to home Wi-Fi and the Internet does not work

Cases where mobile devices, including Apple, have problems with connecting to wireless Internet, appear almost every device owner. This kind of problem is strongly limited to the functionality of the device and put in a stupor of a person who is trying to solve this problem independently. In more than 90% of cases, the owner can find the cause and eliminate it, armed in advance by the necessary prompts. This article will help you answer the question “Why the iPad does not connect to Wi-Fi?”. In it we will give several situations and tips for returning the iPad to normal.

Often the maneuver is triggered when the device “forgets” your router and connects to it again. This shutdown does not take much time and is one of the current ways to eliminate the problem. Actually apply “forgetting a router”, after changing the functional of the router.

To make the procedure, you need to go to the settings and choose Wi-Fi. Allocate the name of your Internet and apply the “Forget this Network” key. The screen will automatically turn off the “web”.

To re-join the standard procedure for entering your access code. Most often manipulation is triggered. If the incident is repeated. After some time of stable operation. check other ways to eliminate the problem.

iPhone / iPad stopped connecting to Wi-Fi, reasons

Almost every of the above problems can be solved on their own. Let’s start the diagnosis of “simple” to complex “. The first thing to do is to restart the iPhone / iPad and Wi-Fi router. Try to include for a few seconds “Air Watch”. If it does not help, look on.

Often problems with Wi-Fi occur after changing the name of the network or password. Check if the phone is located in the Waifa area. Click: “Wi-Fi Settings” to make sure the device recognized the network. In order not to connect to Wi-Fi every time manually, it is enough to include “Auto-connection”.

The presence of a blue tick is evidence that the device and router “see” each other. If it is, but the Internet does not work. the problem is in the settings of the Wi-Fi router. Perhaps it just disconnected the cable.

Backup, information recovery

Not every device of Apple devices understands the meaning of backup. The same who knows about him, all the same rarely use it, as it takes their strength and time. In fact, with the help of backup information, you can often avoid many problems, including with non-working Wi-Fi. Often in the iPhone devices to back up the data applies cloud service icloud. But if Wi-Fi does not connect, you must place a copy of the data in iTunes in advance.

Creating two backup copies will be for you a real chopstick. Therefore, you can easily use iTunes and iCloud for this. And if now with your device, settings, system data or network connection anything happens, you can easily restore the data due to the restoration of the saved array. The process of saving and restoring is quite simple, you will only need a little time that will depend on the amount of information sent by you to the cloud or return back. And therefore, why not resolve the issue with the connection with the minimum invasion of the gadget software.

You can make a complete reset of the iPhone and iPad settings, which will allow you to return the gadget to the state “just purchased”. Of course, after this procedure, it will be more difficult to restore all the information. But if after full reset Wi-Fi is connected and running normally, in the reserve you will still have a backup copy that you can use. However, it is not necessary to exclude such an option when the reserve version itself becomes the culprit. even when updating the system, the situation will not change here. In this case, reset will be reset to the level of factory settings, which will allow you to configure Wi-Fi on your iPhone or iPad. At the same time, you will have to restore the entire amount of information manually, collecting it literally on the grains.

Wi-Fi is, but the Internet does not work

If you encountered a situation where the signal of your Wi-Fi network is strong, but the Internet connection does not work, pay attention to this instruction.

On iPhone or iPad (reboot, “forget network”, reset network settings, flashing)

Naturally, the first thing to make a complete set of measures to troubleshoot a possible error in the IOS settings, moving on the list from the simplest to complex:

Turn off and turn on Wi-Fi at the control point, restart the device.

In case the iPhone or iPad is incorrectly connected to the Wi-Fi network, try to “forget” network. To do this, open the settings application, go to the Wi-Fi section and click on the “I” icon next to the signal level icon.

If it does not help, discharge network settings. To do this, go down the way: Settings → Basic → Reset and click on Reset Network Settings.

In some cases, you can resort to the recovery procedure for. What is the difference between the update of software recovery, as well as this process is performed, we told in detail in this material.

On the router (router)

Restart Router. Whatever trite it sounded, but the restart of the router in some cases really contributes to improving the work of the wireless network on iOS.

Change the encryption method (often it is for this reason that the iOS device does not want to connect to Wi-Fi).

Reset the router (router) to factory settings.

Folk remedies

However, if you have an old iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with a broken screen and a non-working home button, you can take a chance to risk it health and make one of the temperatural impact methods tested by thousands of users. Namely. heat the smartphone with a hairdryer to a critical temperature and then reboot, or vice versa. freeze the iPhone in the refrigerator (and this is not a joke).

Sometimes it gives a positive, but temporary effect and confirms the presence of a hardware plan.

Contact a service center

If the iPhone still refuses to carry out Internet connection, then with a high probability, there are mechanical damage or factory marriage of the corresponding module. Such a problem should not be eliminated independently at home and better contact the service center.


The easiest, logical and fast way to eliminate most temporary glitches when the device is working. reboot (shutting down and inclusion). It is enough just to press the “POWER” button and hold it for several sections until the “Turn off” slider appears and turn off the device. If the device “hung up”, then it is necessary to hold the POWER and HOME buttons for 10-15 seconds for forced shutdown.

Usually after switching on everything works fine and you only need to re-click on the Wi-Fi connection icon.

What to do if Wi-Fi is connected but the Internet does not work on the iPhone?

The most frequent causes of the weak signal Wi-Fi

The reasons for the fact that the iPhone has become worse to catch the network or does not see it at all, can be quite diverse: Incorrect Routher Setup Faulty Wi-Fi Module. Software failure

Why Wi-Fi Wi-Fi writes on iPhone?

Check if you enter the code correctly. Excess space, incorrect register, the wrong keyboard layout (for example, French instead of English) will not miss the connection. Another reason why the iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi writes the wrong password. the RAM is overloaded and the device restarts.

  • Connect the computer to one of the four NETGEAR router LAN ports using an Ethernet cable.
  • Select the wireless connection settings from the Settings menu in the navigation pane on the left
  • In the Wireless Section section, enter the network name in the Name field (SSID).

Setup and connecting iPad to network

All wireless network options are in the settings. Accordingly, we need Wi-Fi. If everything works correctly, you will become, a list of active networks available for connecting. Select the desired and enter the password to connect.

Click on the blue tick and check all the data of your connection. If the network never turned on, then it is possible that the router itself is to blame, but with a simple replacement of the connection information, it is unlikely to be able to fix something.

Change the IP address and subnet mask, as a rule, for only advanced users, so better try the option with the removal of the network.

In other situations, the problem may consist in:

So. If you do not help any of the methods of solving the problem. then take your device to repair to check.