GPS is not caught. The antenna is to blame?

And today on the air, the heading “How it works”. Sometimes we hear questions from our satellite monitoring customers who have lost the car. “why is GPS antenna so expensive?”Or” Why does the antenna not work?””.

Indeed, let’s figure out why, first of all, with problems with navigation by car, we check the presence of GPS muffins, and then change the antenna.

In the understanding of an ordinary person, the antenna is something like “from delays” and there is absolutely nothing to deteriorate there. Indeed, television antennas installed under the Soviet Union would still catch a television signal, if not for the transition to digital broadcasting.

With modern antenna GPS, everything is wrong. This is an active device. GPS Antenna is powered by the same cable, through which a 3-5 volt signal is transmitted, and contains an electron airplane of the amplifier and signal filters inside. If you try to connect the antenna to the receiver without additional power, we will not see any signal, it is easy to see this using the usual RTL SDR receiver. To see a signal from satellites using such an antenna, you have to modernize the receiver to power the antenna, there are a lot of materials on this topic on the Internet.

Let’s open and see what’s inside. A minute of work as a dremel and this is what is hidden inside Glonass/GPS Antennae has become a reality.

External active GLONASSGPS Antenna without a lid

We see exactly the same ceramic antenna as used as prone in the postunis trackers. But on the back of the board to which the antenna is soldered to a metal screen closing the Etello.

Loose and saw off and at the same time the screen screen electronic components inside the antenna.

There are two conclusions. Firstly, as with any complex electronic equipment that is euthered in difficult conditions (and you can’t call a constant shaking in the car), the antenna may fail. And as our experience shows, most of the failure of satellite navigation is associated precisely with the need to replace the antenna.

Keep a little more electronic porn close.up.

Paradoxes of civilization. No one will ever see these inscriptions, and they are especially beautiful.Nobody will ever repair the faulty antenna, it will be sent for processing without opening.

The second conclusion is due to the presence of a large metal screen on the back, which shields the helendron components. Now you clearly see why it does not make sense to set the antenna “upside down”, it has a very pronounced orientation diagram. We will steal a picture from a datasheet of one of the manufacturers.

But the antenna diagram without the screen, on the contrary, is close to circular. Therefore, for the antennas built into trackers (where they are soldered to the printed circuit board) is no longer as important as the tracker will be located, even sideways on the panel, even upside down. Therefore, I was very surprised when I saw the board of the tracker “Obrit Navigator”.

The navigator does not see the satellites due to the malfunction of the almanac

The navigator’s work distinguishes three modes of location: cold, warm and hot start.

In the cold start mode, there is no information about its location in the device. Therefore, the search for satellites in this mode takes the greatest time and is about 10 minutes, or even more. In this mode, the navigation device should receive almanes and orbit parameters, which allow you to determine the position of the satellite with high accuracy. Next, the device receives ephemerides. parameters that allow you to more accurately determine the position of the satellite and tie it to the exact time.

In the mode of the warm start of the GPS, the navigator has in memory the preserved almanac, which was obtained during the previous inclusion, as well as information about the attachment to the exact time. The duration of the search for satellites in this case decreases by several minutes.

The hot start mode provides that the device was recently turned off and information about almanac and ephemerides did not have time to become obsolete. The search time in this case is reduced to 10-25 seconds.

It should be noted that the lifetime of the almanac is 2-3 months, and the ephemeride is only a couple of hours. After this period, the data on ephemerides and almanac must be updated. Therefore, turning off the device for a long time will lead to the fact that the almanac. Usually, after that the navigator is loaded from a cold start and then works in normal mode. But there are times when, after a long shutdown, software failures occur that distort information and the navigator for a long time (several hours) is looking for and does not find its location. To bring such a device to normal operation, it is recommended to leave it for several hours in the search mode for satellites, ensuring good visibility of the sky. Several hours of search should bring it to the normal functioning mode.

The navigator does not catch satellites due to firmware failure

Quite often, devices cease to function normally and lose contact with satellites due to the malfunction of the installed software. To restore normal work, it is recommended to reflash it. The installation of newer versions on the GPS navigator will provide him with a more stable operation, and will also allow the use of new functionality, which were previously limited to the old version of the firmware.

Quite often the reason that the navigator does not see or does not find satellites is an athermal windshield installed on a car. Such glass has a special composition that can jam the signal. In this case, you can install the device in such a way that it can take a signal through the side glass or orient it on a special checkpoint “window”, which many manufacturers provide their athermal glasses.

Such a simple function as the GPS module makes the DVR a reliable assistant on the road, which not only fixes everything that happens on the road, but also informs the driver about the location, accurate time and speed of movement. GPS receiver data help to track and signal in time

About cameras and radars on the way, so that you can avoid fines for traffic violations and ensure the safety of driving. And the exact coordinates, indicators of time and speed will serve as reliable evidence in resolving controversial issues.

Having studied all the possibilities and advantages that the GPS gives, each driver will be able to decide for himself whether GPS needs in a DVR, and whether to purchase such a device in his car. over, the GPS module is present in many modern models. In the line of Mio devices, it is easy to choose a suitable DVR with a GPS attire both among budget devices and in the premium segment.

Technical reasons for “blindness” navitel

The navigator may not see satellites due to technical malfunctions:

SJRC GPS Signal Strength Bars Display Fix

  • receiver inoperability;
  • nutrition malfunctions;
  • malfunction of the antenna device;
  • violation of the connection of the antenna-receiver;
  • refusal of the performance of the GPS receiver;
  • violation on the chains of the receiver power;
  • a break in the communication cable with the removal antenna reception;
  • a fault of the remote antenna;
  • shading of the antenna, both internal and external.

What to do in this situation. First, check the cables of the navigator, antenna cable. Next stage: checking the location of the remote antenna or navigator (if the antenna is Perhaps the antenna is in the “shading” zone elements or other autocrates, the receiver does not catch satellites due to a strong weakening of the signal. You can temporarily change its location. There is an option that the car is in the zone of uncertain receiving satellite information or the action of large electromagnetic interference. Heterodin of a car radio detector can act as a powerful source of interference. In this case, it must be disconnected.

In some cases, the mandatory installation of the remote antenna is required, namely:

  • with hidden navigator installation;
  • installation of a device in shielded equipment (boats, ships, armored vehicles, special equipment);
  • in cases of metallized coating of darkening of car glasses;
  • in the zone of a weak signal located in the Far North.

Malfunctions and processing of satellite signals may cause a malfunction of the memory board. In this case, it must be replaced.

The navigator during operation, especially in the warm season, is subject to high temperatures, especially if it is located directly under the windshield. This can lead to overheating of the boards, the refusal of their performance. It is necessary to install the device in the shading area from direct sunlight.

Defeated the bad reception of GPS in the car

Some time ago in a personal blog I wrote that navigators and other devices that use GPS have stopped working normally in the car.At first I assumed that this is a problem specifically my phone and a DVR, then I noticed that the situation is manifested not only with me, but also for those who are in my car.It became clear that something in my car is jamming the GPS signal. I studied quite a lot of information about this, after which I began to consistently disconnect the entire abnormal electrician in the car.Today finally reached his hands to take off the radio and the culprit of the celebration was found.

Immediately after this, an indication of what he found satellites appears in the video recorder

We collect everything back after turning one part from the radio and test on the most ancient of the phones that I have (Yota Phone broken)

The phone is in the car immediately finds satellites.

And the culprit of the celebration was the standard GPS antenna from the Chinese radio on Android.I don’t know how she tightly jerked the GPS reception, but after her amputation everything worked safely, well, except for navigation on the radio itself))

Maybe anyone will be useful for this information.

Well, I will immediately answer the question why I didn’t check the radio at first Because I assumed that it disappeared on it for the same reasons as on the rest of the devices, and not the radio itself is the cause))

Satellite geopropitation

The GPS signal system includes several dozen satellites. The objects are located in different orbites, perform various functions, interact in certain parameters:

  • indicative period of circulation. half a day;
  • compound by equatorial configuration/longitude. 55/60 degrees;
  • Signal transmission, taking into account the current time, date, status of serviceability, orbital almanac, coordinates of satellite.

Note. To clarify the geopolis, 3 satellites are needed. When Navitel navigator sees less, it simply cannot determine the coordinates.

Why is the navigator “blind

The main reason why Navitel does not catch satellites in the car is a failure in the work of the pulse receiver. It is recommended to use a remote antenna that enhances signal reading.

“Navitel Navigator”

Other technical reasons for the “blindness” of the navigator:

  • the failure of the GPS receiver;
  • violation of the supply circuits of the device;
  • external antenna malfunction;
  • incorrect location regarding the shading of satellite impulses.

Almanac failure

If the navigator writes that there is no connection with the GPS receiver, the reason may be in the failure of the almanac. The principle of operation of the device is based on three working modes for determining the location: hot, warm, cold. In the latter case, the issuance of information on finding the device is not provided. Search satellites in this mode Navitel 9 navigator will be from 10 minutes.

After determining the coordinates and orbit, the device receives parameters for the most accurate clarification of the position of the satellite with the reference to the current time (ephemeris). With a warm start in the navigator’s memory, the preserved almanac remains, the satellite search period is 2-3 minutes. Hot mode indicates fresh information about the parameters of the Sattelites, the equipment will catch signals in a few seconds.

ON A NOTE. The period of relevance of the almanac is 60–90 days, and the ephemeride is only 2-3 hours. After the specified deadlines, the data must be updated.

Firmware failure

If the source of the GPS signal is not found on Navitel 9, the reason may be in the wrong firmware. With the independent update of the device, it is necessary to pay attention to the software, which should correspond to the assembly of the device. In case of violation of these parameters, the problem cannot be solved.

The second reason for the firmware failure is a violation of the processor or other important navigator nodes. In this case, the situation will have to be corrected by buying new elements, which is equal to the purchase of a new device at the cost.

Incorrect signal processing

If there is no connection with the Navitel GPS receiver, you do not need to immediately look for specialists in firmware or repair. The reason for the incorrect pulse processing may be obstacles to passing the signal (thick walls, awnings, thick foliage). When a problem appears, it is recommended to go by car to an open place and wait for communication with satellites.

Bencing the receiving antenna

Some drivers are wondering: why Navitel does not always determine my location?”A common reason is the failure of the antenna. to breakdowns predisposed an external element. It can be replaced independently in a few minutes. Problems with internal antenna require an intervention of a specialist.

Athermal windshield

In this case, the navigator may not find satellites. The situation is more often short.term, indicates an interruption, and not a loss of a signal.

Methods for eliminating malfunctions

There are several general recommendations regarding the non.working GPS. To exclude the most obvious problems with navigation, you need to do the following actions:

  • Find out if geolocation is included. This rule primarily concerns smartphones. On the iPhone, you can check the function of the function through “settings” / “confidentiality” / “geolocation services”, on Android. using the “curtain” at the top of the screen. If the option is already turned on, it will be useful to turn it off and turn it on again.
  • Check if there are rights to the application (also a council for phones and tablets). If the program does not have access to geolocation, then it does not receive any information about the location of the device.
  • Clean the instructions regarding the type of SIM card. Almost all devices with a built-in GPS modem use GSM or GPRS transmitters. However, different models of devices support different Internet standards (2G, 3G, 4G).
  • Leave the premises. Reinforced concrete walls block signals from the satellite.
  • Move away from the sources of radio interference (cars, routers, office equipment, as well as devices like “anti.radar”).

If the recommendations from this list did not solve the problem, then you will have to move on to more serious actions. Further methods can help if it does not catch the GPS in a smartphone (Honor, Nokia Lumia, Doogee, Fly, Samsung), DVR (Marubox, Navitel) and Children.

“Cold start”

Almost any device with a satellite receiver has three types of connection to the system:

  • Cold start. With this inclusion, the device downloads almanac. a collection of information about the orbits of all group satellites. Loading occurs from any of the spacecraft. Almanac is valid for several months. The procedure for downloading information takes an average of 5-10 minutes.
  • Warm start. The device downloads only ephemerides. data on the exact position of each satellite. Each device translates only its coordinates. Such information is obsolete within 30 minutes. Warm start takes about 1 minute.
  • Hot start, or reboot. With this connection, the device does not download anything. Ephemerides and almanac are relevant, the location of the device in space is also known. There are minor errors regarding navigation.

Cold start is carried out automatically in the following conditions:

  • after a long shutdown;
  • at the first activation;
  • when moving over significant distances;
  • prophylactically (once every six months).

For a successful connection to the grouping, you need to provide the device with the device:

  • Immobility. The gadget is undesirable to transfer from one place to another for 10 minutes.
  • Lack of barriers. The device is taken out of the building, when it comes to the navigator. from the car.

Correction of the GPS file.Conf

The next method is suitable if GPS works poorly on Android. GPS.Conf is a system file of any device on Android. To correct the problems, you will need:

  • Signal quality program from satellite. The most popular application is GPS Test.
  • GPS file.Conf. You can download the finished working document from the Internet.
  • File manager. A standard conductor is suitable.

The process of correcting shortcomings itself is simple. It is necessary to move the working file to the /system /etc folder. In this case, it is necessary to give permission to replace the source document with a new.

After that, you need to start GPS test and select in the “Clear AGPS” settings. this will clean the cache. Then it is worth it to restart the phone and check the work of the satellite communication module through the program.

Correction of the GPS file.Conf

For more serious manipulations, you can edit the file itself, but such an intervention requires highly specialized knowledge. Also, before entering the document to the document, you need to get a superpract of the user. The process of obtaining powers for Samsung or Chinese Huawei will be different.

GPS activation check

There are special programs for checking the quality of signals, for example, GPS test. The application can be downloaded for free from official sources. Play Market for Android and AppStore for iPhone. All that needs to be done after downloading is to turn on the program. On the main screen are key parameters that allow you to track the quality of signal receiving, for example:

  • GPS status;
  • accuracy;
  • signal quality from the satellite;
  • the number of spacecraft shown;
  • The number of satellites used.

Energy saving mode

To save the battery charge, there is a separate operating mode of the device that turns off Wi-Fi and satellite communications. Sometimes navigation on the phone may not work due to the active mode.

Most often, you can turn on and disable the energy saving function in the “curtain” at the top of the screen. However, it will turn out to go to the desired section through the “Settings” / “battery” menu.

The Small GPS Problem on DJI Fly, That Needs A Fix! DJI Air 2S, Mini 2

Reset to factory settings

The method erases all the information from the device and returns it to the state in which it was when it was first taken out of the box. The sequence of “zeroing” depends on the operating system. So, for Nokia, Honor and iPhone, the process will be slightly different.

Attention! Return to the factory settings will erase all the information from the phone. You need to copy all files in advance and create a backup in the settings.

The same method works with navigators, DVRs and quadrocopters. For example, if the GPS does not work on the Marobox M330GPS, you can drop the settings to factory. The process is similar to the firmware update. You need to connect the device to the computer and format the disk on which it is installed according to the gadget.

Reset to factory settings

After that, a new firmware file is transferred to the disk of the device. When the installation is over, you should turn off the device from PC and restart using the Reset button.


Signs of a poorly calibrated compass look as follows:

  • applications “do not see” the device on the map;
  • direction (beam from the blue point on the map) is too wide;
  • constant malfunctions when searching;
  • The location is determined incorrectly.

Suspicion of factory marriage

Most often, when correcting the problems with navigation, to look for what the catch is longer than to eliminate it. If the GPS does not connect at all, then perhaps the case is the defect of the module itself. The only possible solution in this case is the replacement of the part.

If GPS does not turn on the device, then it is not necessary to immediately contact the service center. Some manipulations can be done independently, for example, check the connection to the system or remove the case from the device. However, on the issues of flashing or replacing the microcircuit, it is better to contact professionals.

place. does not turn on, heated in the sun or after frost

This may also be accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the body, the bonds of the covers, protective films and fastening elements.

The weakest place of DVR is a battery that is not designed to overheat and hypothermia. When overheating, it can swear, and in the cold it quickly loses its capacity. The voltage of the discharged battery in the cold drops below the threshold level, at which the charge controller blocks the charging process. So one day you can see the inscription “no battery” or “insert/replace the battery”.

Replace the battery. If he swollen. If there are no external signs of damage to the battery, then you can try to “push” or “swing” it. To do this, you need to apply for 1-2 minutes to the terminals of the “” and “-” voltage from 3.7 to 4.2 V. At the same time, depending on the capacity, during this time the battery will eat a current up to 1 A. So the wires should not be very thin. As for the warping of black plastic in the sun. It is enough to cover the DVR with white cloth or foil before leaving.

The reasons for the “blindness” of the navigator

Signal receivers are built according to two schemes: and multiplex. Multichannel receivers consist of several parallel working modules, each of which works on their own satellite. Multiplex receivers switch to the satellite signal, which is located in the reception zone. From the point of view of the reliability of search and tracking the signal, receivers have advantages, work more stable.

It is also recommended to read the article about why the navigator does not turn on.

The main responsibility for the situation in which the navigator does not catch satellites lies with the signal receiver. It may include a remote receiving antenna, which enhances the signal from the satellite to the entrance to the receiving tract. In this case, they talk about the malfunction of the technical support of the navigator.

Possible technical malfunctions by which the navigator stops seeing the satellites:

  • refusal of the performance of the GPS receiver;
  • violation on the chains of the receiver power;
  • a break in the communication cable with the removal antenna reception;
  • a fault of the remote antenna;
  • Incorrect location of the device in the spitting signal shading zone.

What to do to determine a specific technical reason, why Navitel does not see satellites. First of all, it is necessary to change the location of the car. Then you should experiment with the installation site of the receiver or antenna in the car interior. The most shaded place is the area between the rear.view mirror and the roof of the car. You can temporarily dismantle the mirror for verification. If the navigator works together with the remote antenna, it is necessary to check the integrity of the high.frequency cable. If the geopositional device is not equipped with a remote antenna, you can temporarily install it for verification and try to catch the satellites again.

The installation of remote antennas for confident signal reception is recommended in the following cases:

  • the presence of metallized spraying on the glass of the car;
  • hidden navigator installation;
  • installation in special equipment (for example, armored vehicles), river and sea vessels;
  • In remote areas of the Far North.

The cause of the navigator failure may be a memory malfunction, improper processing of a digital signal. Why this is possible. The navigator works in extreme operating conditions. In a one-day working rhythm of the device, there may be a temperature under the windshield up to 100 degrees Celsius during the day and 100 percent air humidity in the morning, the minus temperature at night and the penetration of mold into the case of the device. Sometimes it is enough to remove the back cover for repair, process the board (board) with alcohol, warm up with an industrial hairdryer. It is better to entrust such a job to a professional.

Repair of the GPS receiver is the final stage of elimination of the technical problem, according to which the navigator ceases to see satellites. Before its conduct, you must try to reinstall the software navitel.

Reinstalling navitel

Sometimes a malfunction of software navitel can lead to errors by which the navigator may stop identifying satellites. Why this happens: software failures change the processing parameters of the accepted digital signal. There is a situation in which the accepted signal is “lost” in the process of processing. In this case, it is necessary to reinstall the program and cartographic information. If you have installed navitel, then the cards must be installed by Navitelovsk.

Why the inspector stops, read here.

The sequence of independent installation of software navitel:

  • Download the version of the Navitel program that is working for your model is better exactly the one that was installed initially;
  • connect the navigator to the computer;
  • Download the necessary cards compatible with this version;
  • copy the Navitel installation file;
  • install navitel;
  • copy the necessary cards to the USermaps folder;
  • restart the device.

The process of installing software for some models may have its own characteristics, but the total sequence of actions is similar.

In order for the navigator to work without failures for as long as possible, the following operating rules must be followed: