Fingerprint scanner does not work on Meizu. what to do

A fingerprint scanner is a great way to keep any device secure. Today it is actively embedded in smartphones and laptops. It is convenient to use the scanner not only for unlocking the device, but also for authorization, for example, in banking applications. Much faster and easier to put your finger on than entering a long and complex password from the on-screen keyboard. But if the fingerprint scanner starts to malfunction, it brings a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, it is important to know how to proceed if fingerprints on meizu do not work.

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How to fix the problem with the fingerprint scanner on Meizu

What to do if the meizu fingerprint scanner does not work? We act depending on the cause of the malfunction.

The cause of the problem

In Meizu phones, the fingerprint scanner is usually built into the mtouch multifunction key. Where it is absent, the scanner is located on the back edge of the phone case, a little less often. on the side edge or in the touch screen itself. Difficulties with the scanner arise on different models of smartphones, including m3, m5c, m8, mx5, m6 note or u10.

The reasons for this behavior of the sensor are different, but in most cases everything can be solved independently. List of reasons:

  • Dirt and moisture on the fingerprint scanner pad. Particles of liquids, dust and grease. all this prevents the device from “seeing” the print and receiving the correct information from the scan. The result is long work and lack of recognition. Therefore, it is worthwhile to wipe the smartphone more often and clean off all the dirt from it, and use it with clean and dry fingers.
  • The fingerprint was written incorrectly or poorly in the operating system memory. When adding a scan of a fingerprint, it is important to do this according to the instructions. by placing your finger on the site at different angles and from all sides. Otherwise, the scanner will only work in one specific position, or even stop matching matches on subsequent scans.
  • Out of RAM. When the operating system is overwhelmed by a multitude of processes, it cannot adequately do its job. This affects all software, including the scanner software.
  • Errors in the firmware. They happen due to an incorrect update (or manual installation), problems with a new software version, or because of the curvature of custom firmware. The user will not be able to correct the system errors manually. he will only have to reinstall the firmware again.
  • Physical damage to the scanner itself.

Factory reset

A system failure is resolved by rebooting and / or resetting all settings to factory defaults. We copy all important data to a separate medium, remove the memory card from the phone and proceed. Go to Settings, find the “Memory and Backup” section. It will contain an item that corresponds to the reset of the device.

Sensor setup

First, we check the correctness of the data in the scanner. It is best to recreate the fingerprint and delete the current one. Go to Settings, section “Fingerprints and Security”. We open the section of prints, and recreate them (correctly putting our finger on the pad), after which we check the scanner’s performance.

Button replacement

The scanner in the Home button will have to be replaced with it. The module is relatively inexpensive. it can be purchased for 400-500 rubles on AliExpress. The cost of repairs will cost 1-2 thousand. It is not recommended to do the replacement procedure on your own, but if you wish, you can find a lot of instructions on this on the Internet.


In case of a bug in the firmware made by the developers themselves, an official update with all the fixes is urgently released. Therefore, we try to update through the updates section in the settings.

Otherwise, download the firmware from the official Flyme website and install it. Instructions for action are easy to find on the Internet. It is important to follow them exactly, otherwise it is easy to catch new failures, or even turn the device into a non-working “brick”.

There are many reasons why the sensor does not work the first time on an iPhone or Xiaomi.

Most often, the problem is related to:

  • Fingertip not completely covering sensor.
  • Wet hands.
  • The phone did not accurately read the fingerprint even during registration, therefore it constantly knocks out an error.

If your phone is constantly reading the fingerprint incorrectly, try this very simple solution that actually works.

Register the same fingerprint two or three times. For example, scan your finger, which you would normally use to unlock your phone, at least twice — say your thumb. Then scan a second finger, which can also be used to unlock the device, for example, the index.

The reason for multiple scans of the same finger is that when you enroll a fingertip for the first time, it is not always clear which parts of the fingerprint were captured by the software and which were not. The principle of the scanner is simple. it reads the main mowing lines of the finger and recognizes them when repeated. But if there were scratches on the pillow, the phone may not let you in.

By installing the same fingerprint more than once, you increase or double the likelihood that yours will collect enough data.

User question: I used my fingerprint to unlock my phone. However, after I updated my Galaxy S6 the fingerprint stopped working. Every time I tried to add a fingerprint or use the scanner, I got a message: “Make sure the Home button is clean and dry, then try again.” What’s going on with my phone?

Each new Android update may contain minor bugs and cause problems on some models. To fix the errors, you must first clear the cache partition in recovery mode:

  • Put your phone into recovery mode.
  • Use the volume buttons to scroll down and highlight “Wipe Cache Partition”.
  • Press the “Power” button to confirm.
  • After that, select “Reboot System Now” to reboot your phone.

If touch ID does not recognize your fingerprint further, try three other methods:

  • Fix with Broken Android Data Extraction to protect data. This method is how to hack into the system if you cannot access it and then extract the phone data to PC as a backup.

Disadvantage: some Samsung models may not be supported.

  • Performs a phone reset in recovery mode. But remember that resetting your phone to factory defaults will erase all data and return your phone to its factory state. Therefore, back up important data on your computer before performing a reset.

Disadvantage: all data will disappear!

Disadvantage: All content and phone settings are deleted. The device will return to its original state.

Any more questions about why the fingerprint sensor error appears on Samsung? Leave your question below and we’ll see what we can do.

User question: I have a Galaxy Note 5 and I use my fingerprint to unlock my phone. Scanning has always worked fine. But suddenly the phone just couldn’t recognize my fingerprint. To make matters worse, I forgot my backup password. Now I have a completely locked phone and cannot use it. Help! You are welcome.

First, don’t panic. Second, check if your Note 5 phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile internet. If so, you can unlock your phone again with your Google account or with These are the best ways to bypass blocking.

  • To unlock the Note 5 with a Google account, you need to block the Google account on your phone before you can block it.

After entering the wrong password for the backup more than 5 times, you get the option to “Unblock with Google”. Then enter your Google email and password, click Sign In. Once logged in, the “Lock Screen” will be reset to “Swipe”.

  • Unlock Samsung with

You had to add a Samsung account and enable “Remote” on your Samsung phone to use the unlock feature on

Go to and sign in with your Samsung account. Then find the “Unlock my screen” option. Click on the “Unlock” button and you will receive a message: the screen is unlocked. Set up a screen lock on your device.

  • Unlocking Samsung with factory reset

What if the network connection is disconnected or there is no Google / Samsung account? You can still unlock your phone by factory resetting your phone.

  • Put your phone into recovery mode. Turn off the device. Then press and hold the Volume Up, Power and Home buttons at the same time until the Android logo appears. Release the Power button, but keep holding the other buttons until the next page appears.
  • Tap Erase Data / Factory Reset and Erase Cache Partition to erase all settings and data in your phone. Then restart your phone, unlock the screen.

Note. A factory reset, as a way to bypass the fingerprint on your phone, will wipe out all settings and data on your phone. Thus, you will lose all data if you do not have a backup.

Phone fingerprint scanner not working. reasons and solutions

If the fingerprint scanner on the smartphone does not work, most of the functions become inaccessible to us. How to solve this problem? Depends on the brand and phone model.

What to do if fingerprint doesn‘t work in Samsung phones?

There can be many reasons why the biometric scanner on Samsung is faulty. Below are the common situations when a Samsung phone cannot be fingerprint unlocked and how to fix them.

  • Case 1: Samsung Failed to Recognize Fingerprint.
  • Case 2: Fingerprint scanner stopped working after update.

What to do if the fingerprint does not work partially or completely?

Of course, you shouldn’t blame everything on an incorrect update. The fingerprint touchpad may not be working for another reason. There are a number of actions to take. Perhaps some of them will improve the performance.

Fingerprint works poorly on Samsung A50. what to do?

Some Samsung A50 owners note that the scanner, which is supposed to protect the device from unauthorized access, is too slow. Sometimes the module only responds after a few finger taps. The manufacturer has released an update. The scanning device was expected to be corrected. But the problem when the fingerprint does not work well on the Samsung A50 remained relevant. In the article we will talk about what reasons can lead to the failure of the module, its poor performance and what can be done on our own.

Calibrating the Scanner

The module may fail due to incorrect configuration. You will need to delete the old data and register new ones.

Samsung Fingerprint Scanner Not Working, How To Fix an Error Fingerprint Sensor is Not Responding

Note that the fingers themselves may be the problem. If a finger registered in the system has cuts, scratches, thermal or chemical burns, the device will not be able to receive the correct information. Better to register other traces in the system. After registering another fingerprint, it will become clear whether the module is functioning.

Customization can be done using a third-party application. It will test the equipment and find out if there is a hardware defect or the whole thing is in the software.

If no messages are displayed on the screen, and the test instructions are still hanging, the Samsung fingerprint does not work. There is a hardware defect.

Incorrect Samsung update

Owners of the A50 often complained about the slow performance of the scanner. The procedure for passing through the protection took too long, sometimes the sensor would freeze and you had to apply your finger several times. The manufacturer offered users an update that should fix the problem. Unfortunately, after the update, many Samsung A50s do not have a fingerprint, as before. In addition, the situation has worsened.

The manufacturer recommended re-registering the prints. deleting the old data and registering new ones. Not everyone was able to carry out the procedure to the logical end. In some cases, the process would freeze at the very beginning. In others, it failed. Those who were able to re-register faced another problem. after a while the sensor stopped seeing prints altogether.

  • do not re-register;
  • if it has already been done, roll back the system to factory settings.

By experience, users have come to the conclusion that the problem can be solved by re-registering the same finger in the module.

Wipe the sensor

The screen of the gadget goes to different places every day, collecting all the dirt. Few owners wash or wipe the device on a daily basis. However, gadgets also need hygiene. To clean up:

  • a piece of scotch will help. Cut a piece to the size of the scanner, stick and press firmly, remove with extreme care. This method will help remove coarse dirt and accumulated grease;
  • use damp baking paper (used for baking) to wipe the touch screen;
  • an alcohol or specialized wipe will help remove grease, dirt and the most stubborn dirt. Don’t rub the screen hard.

Dry the scanner thoroughly after cleaning. Hands should also be clean and dry. Check sensor functionality.

Why does the fingerprint work poorly on the Samsung A50?

The main reasons for a non-working scanner:

  • contamination of the screen, which prevents the sensor from receiving the necessary information. In addition, the sensitivity can be affected by the protective film or glass;
  • unsuccessful update of the module;
  • poor quality calibration;
  • breakage or mechanical stress.

All of these reasons can be equally valid. Let’s figure out in more detail what actions can be taken.

Replacing the fingerprint scanner

If the smartphone has just been purchased, but there are already problems with the pattern recognition sensor on your finger, you should immediately take it back. If Samsung A50 has been used for more than one day, the efficiency of the module may decrease. In this case, you may need to replace it. Considering that the recognizer is not a push-button, but a touch-sensitive, the cost of repairs can be high.

How a fingerprint works on a phone

The fingerprint reader, thanks to a simple technique, reads the finger attached to the scanner sensor and compares the new copy with the saved fingerprint patterns in the database. Comparison analysis is performed using software. There are two types of scanners in electronics: optical and capacitive sensors.

An optical scanner works on the following principle: it illuminates the finger through a special area and sensors inside the sensor receive the reflected from the surface of the finger. By the glint, the concept of a pattern on the pad of the finger is formed. A significant disadvantage of the scanner is its increased dependence on contamination. As soon as the surface of the scanner or the pad of the finger gets a little dirty, the number of attempts that are not subject to increases.

Capacitive sensors detect fingerprints by means of accumulations of semiconductor elements. When touching the capacitive sensor, the placement of electrical charges in the sensor plate is transformed, from which the pattern is obtained. Changes are saved in the system memory as a copy, which can be used to synchronize the fingerprint in the future.

In order to activate the fingerprint screen lock, you first need to install it on your smartphone. To do this, you need to do a few simple steps:

  • go to the gadget settings;
  • in the “System and device” section, select “Lock screen and fingerprint”;
  • in the Fingerprint section, click Add Fingerprint. For convenience, you can add several fingerprints from different fingers at once;

Also in the “Fingerprint” section, you can perform a number of actions:

  • disable blocking;
  • change the existing type of blocking;
  • select the area of ​​locked elements.

Why does the fingerprint scanner on the phone not work?

The fingerprint scanner is a sensitive technique that also has a tendency to fail. There may be several reasons why the fingerprint scanner does not work. Let’s consider the most common.

  • originally faulty sensor. If the problem appeared at the very beginning of use, a poor-quality scanner may be installed;
  • the sensor loop is out of order (it happens with mechanical damage or intervention);
  • malfunction of the software;
  • contamination of the sensor surface: water, dust, dirt, etc.;
  • damage to the pad of the installed fingerprint.

Why fingerprint does not work on Huawei Honor. reasons and what to do?

Fingerprint does not work on Huawei Honor. a difficulty that smartphone owners may face. A fingerprint scan greatly facilitates unlocking the gadget and significantly increases protection against intruders. You can also put fingerprint protection on only some materials or applications of the phone, which is very convenient. This function is so convenient, it is just as inconvenient in case of failure of scanning.

What to do if your fingerprint isn’t working

The fingerprint scanner is a very handy feature in everyday smartphone use. Therefore, when a fingerprint stops working, it significantly complicates life, especially if you are already used to it. Faced with this problem, you can try several options to solve it.

The situation is solvable, you need to devote only a couple of minutes of time.

Solution to the problem

If it was not possible to enter new data into the phone, the procedure is as follows:

  • go to general phone settings;
  • tap on the line “Advanced settings”;
  • go to the “For Developers” section;
  • in it, turn off the custom mode by moving the slider.

This method works in 7 out of 10 cases. But if the problem is not solved, all that remains is to reset the gadget to factory settings.


In 2021, almost all phones that are slightly above the average have a fingerprint scanner. Specifically on Xiaomi, it works very quickly, but not always accurately. So, devices from this company cannot:

  • identify the print if your hands are wet, dirty or sweaty;
  • recognize if the hands contain even a minimal amount of greasy stains.

Hardware errors

Hardware errors of the Xiaomi phone scanner include physical problems and external factors affecting its operation. That is, the fingerprint scanner does not work on Xiaomi due to the fact that the plane is damaged or clogged.

Dirty hands

As already mentioned, the sensor will not recognize your request if your hands are dirty. He, as a rule, issues an inscription stating that the print does not belong to the owner. This is due to the fact that particles of water, dirt or grease on the hands displace the familiar pattern and add new elements to the photo taken by the phone. Therefore, if the fingerprint on Xiaomi stopped working, then check the cleanliness of the planes.

Software errors

All the difficulties that prevent you from unlocking the gadget by touching the sensor can be divided into two large groups. software and hardware. The software includes those related to system settings and the internal operation of the device.

Screen replacement

If you gave your Xiaomi to a repair service or changed the screen yourself, and after that the print stopped working, you should check the accuracy of the connection of the contacts. Perhaps, after a third-party intervention, the main element moved away from the board or was connected incorrectly, so the contact does not connect.

3 reasons why the fingerprint scanner does not work well on the Samsung a50

From the first words I want to say that if the print does not work well on your Samsung a50, then keep in mind that although the smartphone itself is of the middle class, the scanner itself in it can be said of the lower segment.

over, Samsung initially set the fingerprint sensor the task of “hard check”, in other words, very thorough.

This, in turn, began to cause delays. many did not like it, and the company released an update that simplified the scanning process.

Yes, this slightly accelerated the recognition process, but still did not achieve perfect work. the problem, albeit not so significant, still weighs on the Samsung a50.

Yes, the reality turned out to be different than expected: fingerprint sensors do not work as we would like.

Users need to put their finger several times (I know of cases when the fingerprint was accepted only 10 times) to unlock it, or press the screen hard enough.

But you don‘t need to blame everything on the manufacturer, since in general the phone is not bad and the fact that the fingerprint sensor began to work poorly or does not work at all there are other reasons.

We will not exclude physical damage, but there is also without them, and you can fix it yourself.

Samsung a50 fingerprint not working well. calibration

Didn’t cleaning the sensor do anything? Relax. Sometimes it happens that the reader does not work properly due to incorrect configuration.

In this situation, simply delete the scanned pattern and re-enter your fingerprint. Also try to calibrate another finger.

The finger you are using may not have very expressive fingerprints or are distorted (for example, due to a cut on the skin).

You can also calibrate the screen and even do a full reset of the phone, but this is unlikely to solve the problem.

Samsung a50 fingerprint does not work well. wipe the sensor

Samsung claims that this is not a defect and the problem can be solved with an update, and not in a service center. I wrote about this, but now I just remind you so that you do not forget to check the available updates.

Sterile-clean conditions are rare for a smartphone. We usually reach for him, doing other things. having breakfast, fussing in the kitchen or lying on the beach.

These circumstances contribute to the destruction of the sensor. a dirty, sticky reader cannot simply receive a signal in the form of fingerprints.

Therefore, do not forget to clean the sensor from time to time with a slightly damp soft cloth.

Samsung a50 fingerprint not working. replacement

If Samsung a50 has just been bought and the sensor does not work right away, then, of course, you should not postpone it, but immediately go to change.

Samsung Fingerprint Scanner Not Working, How To Fix an Error Fingerprint Sensor is Not Responding

It is possible, of course, that external assistance will be inevitable, but keep in mind that it often happens that the reader after a long life loses its effectiveness and then the problem can be solved only through replacing the sensor.

On Samsung a50, the sensor is touch-sensitive, not a physical one, which changes simply by replacing a button. The virtual button is uniquely assigned to the motherboard.

This technical solution has increased the cost of replacing the fingerprint reader. Success.

Why fingerprint does not work on Huawei and Honor: reasons and what to do?

Fingerprint does not work on Huawei and Honor gadgets. a problem that every user has encountered. Previously, the fingerprint scanner was only used on expensive models. Now the option is open for budget smartphone models. Unlocking your mobile phone using fingerprint identification will help you quickly open the desired program or applications. This method of protection will protect your smartphone from intruders. The option is available both for the entire smartphone and for individual files. It is enough to press a certain button with your finger and open your mobile device. Problems begin the moment the option fails. The article will help you understand the reasons and solutions.

Why does the fingerprint scanner on the phone not work?

A scanner is a rather sensitive service that breaks easily. Press hard on the Huawei display and it stops working. There are many main reasons why the fingerprint scanner does not work. The most popular ones are:

How a fingerprint works on a phone

Touch ID has a built-in sensor and reads a fingerprint. After that, the smartphone compares the received data with the fingerprints in the system. Users can enter several options for unlocking. Dedicated software provides accurate analysis. Each phone has several types of scanner. The optical service lights up a finger and receives a finished photograph. Next, the unique patterns on the print are compared. Each person has a personal code on their body. No two options are the same. The negative aspect of the system is malfunctioning due to dirt on the screen or finger. Capacitive sensors work on a different principle. The user touches the display or back panel. During this, the system creates a virtual drawing. It is compared with the previous options and opens access. Do you need to launch such a lock? First, we recommend installing it on your smartphone. Follow simple steps to get the result:

  • Immediately after purchasing a mobile device, go to the “Settings” folder.
  • Open the menu item “System and device”.
  • Now click on the section with the imprint and go to the next folder.
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Add new” button. Now add your fingers one at a time. Use multiple scans for convenience.

It’s also easy to change some of the actions here:

  • disable standard locking;
  • change it to another option;
  • define the area of ​​blocked parts.

What to do if your fingerprint isn’t working?

Fingerprint stopped working? First, determine the cause of the failure. This will help you fix the problem yourself. You may not have to contact a service provider. When faced with a similar problem, we recommend that you quickly begin to solve. This glitch makes the Honor gadget much more difficult to use. You will have to enter a special digital code to open. Troubleshooting tips:

In case of mechanical damage, consult a specialist. You shouldn’t fix the gadget yourself. This will lead to serious damage and replacement of parts. Also try to wait a few minutes and use the option again.

Why the fingerprint scanner does not work on Xiaomi Redmi. causes and remedies

Now a fingerprint scanner is found in many flagship Xiaomi smartphones, the only difference is in the placement of the sensor and its type. What is important is that it is a real tool for protecting not only access to the device itself, but also to its individual applications. And many Xiaomi mobile users may need help if the fingerprint does not work.

Fingerprint reader software update

Check your smartphone software, if the fingerprint sensor is not working, it may need an update. It is necessary to update your device for all programs to work correctly, so try to keep your software always up to date.

What to do if the fingerprint scanner does not work?

In the case when the fingerprint does not work on Xiaomi Redmi, there are several solutions to the problem.

Mud and water

Dirt or water may have caused the scanner to fail. Do not try to put wet fingers on the scanner. The sensor will not be able to recognize them. The same applies to dirt, dust or grease that may be on your hands.

The solution to the problem, you guessed it, is elementary. wash and dry your hands.

Fingerprint update

Try updating the fingerprints stored in the system, or you can add additional ones when the main ones stop working. To get to the menu where your prints are stored, you need to enter a password. Instructions on how to set up the fingerprint scanner can be found here.

Fingerprint does not work after update

If you updated the software and realized that after the update the fingerprint does not work. Probably, the problem is precisely in the errors of the update that came or the device does not meet the requirements of the new update. Then you have to return the old firmware version.

Why fingerprint doesn‘t work?

If you recently changed the scanner or the phone was in a service center, we advise you to take it back to correct the reasons.

In other cases, the main reasons due to which the fingerprint does not work on Xiaomi Redmi will be the following:

  • after a strong blow, the display crashed and, as a result, the loop of the button with the sensor was damaged
  • sensor cable is damaged when you open the device yourself
  • crashes in smartphone software
  • dirt or water interferes with reading
  • weather conditions that dry out the skin in cold climates, it coarsens, and the print is no longer recognized by the device
  • mechanical damage to the skin

Fingerprint scanner not responding? Step-by-step instructions on how to fix everything

In a foreign video, in English, I found the answer! I did the following (It helped.): 1. Turn off the device 2. Hold the button with the scanner firmly, completely covering it with your finger. Try not to touch the screen while doing this. 3. Turn on the phone, continuing to press the button, with a noticeable effort. 4. When the main screen loads, you need to call the quick menu and through it get to the settings menu. Start the menu item “Fingerprints”. 5. Still continuing to press the button All settings for prints should become active! 6. Launch the “Print Manager. fingers. »When prompted to swipe (-if required) your finger to scan the fingerprint, gently remove your finger from the button, as if you were scanning it. If you asked for an unlocking pin instead of a fingerprint, then we do everything from the very beginning. Do not despair) If everything is correct, then from the next scan everything will work. Maybe one more time another will swear about the inoperative scanner, we just exit the settings, and re-enter there (I, just in case, pressed the button again. It didn’t get any worse). It worked for me, on the second try. Before that I suffered for a long time, I already began to despair! If something went wrong, we just do this operation from the very beginning. The number of attempts is not limited! I do not have Root installed, and never had it on this phone. I did not dare to knock on the back of the phone, as the English-speaking “troll” advised, and I do not advise you. If at boot it asks for a pin from the SIM card or unlock the screen (with a picture or pin), we do it boldly, this does not interfere with the treatment!

Why Fingerprint Scanner Doesn‘t Work on Samsung

A fingerprint scanner has ceased to be something special. today it is acquired not only by the flagships of the lineup, but also by many smartphones of a decent level. The fingerprint scanner is used to unlock the device, protecting it from unauthorized access. It is also used as a security element for some applications. This is a very convenient and reliable solution, but, unfortunately, only until the scanner stops responding properly to the owner’s finger.

Why Fingerprint Doesn’t Work on Samsung S6

These circumstances contribute to the destruction of the sensor. a dirty, sticky reader cannot simply receive a signal in the form of fingerprints.

Ways to fix the situation

Option 1: If you are sure that the sensor cable is damaged, take your smartphone to a repair shop. In most cases, the craftsmen manage to cope with the breakdown.

reasons why the fingerprint scanner does not work well on the Samsung a50

  • Bottom flex cable with system connector, audio jack, microphone, Home button flex cable Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, G925F
  • Power Button Flex Cable Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, G925F
  • Power Button Flex Cable Samsung Galaxy S6, G920F
  • Volume Button Flex Cable Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, G925F
  • Volume Button Flex Cable Samsung Galaxy S6, G920F

Samsung Galaxy J5 home button not working

Dear readers We will advise you free of charge in any direction.
With us, the Law will be on your side

Therefore, do not forget to clean the sensor from time to time with a slightly damp soft cloth.

Fingerprint sensor not responding Samsung Galaxy. Fingerprint not working on Android devices

Apart from contamination and system glitches, it is likely that the fingerprint on the phone is not working due to a technical malfunction. If the above recommendations did not help to establish exactly why the scanner does not work, perhaps the answer will be given only by careful disassembly and full diagnostics of the gadget by qualified specialists. Often, the reason is the ingress of moisture into the touchscreen system, a violation of its connection with neighboring microcircuits, or the same system failure, therefore, when contacting a service center, it is not necessary to replace the scanner. Professional and conscientious craftsmen will be able, if possible, not to replace any of the original components and will help to quickly restore the exemplary performance of the fingerprint scanning system and the accompanying smartphone lock.

Fingerprint scanner not responding? Step-by-step instructions on how to fix everything

If the fingerprint scanner on a smartphone has stopped functioning, there may be several reasons for this. In this article, we will show you the best way to approach this problem.

Fingerprint not recognized: recheck your fingers

The problem with the fingerprint scanner may be in your fingers too. Cuts, burns, chemical marks and other injuries to your fingers make it difficult for the scanner to recognize your fingerprint. Check your fingers for something like this.

  • Add a new fingerprint to the system, or use another finger that has already been saved.
  • Already when setting up a new fingerprint, you will notice whether the scanner is working or not. If it recognizes a touch and the finger is still scanned, then the module is functioning and the reason lies precisely in a particular finger.

Is your fingerprint scanner broken? Test the hardware

Various applications can be used to check if there is a hardware defect

Using various apps on your Android device, you can check if your smartphone’s hardware is still functioning.

  • Download the Test Your Android application from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch the application and select “Fingerprint Scanner” from the menu.
  • Place your finger on the scanner. If the pattern on your finger can be recognized, the application will confirm this. If you scan a finger that has not been previously saved in the system, the notification “not recognized” will appear. In both cases, this means that the scanner is still functional.
  • If, after you put your finger on the scanner, the instruction “Place your finger on the scanner” is still displayed on the screen, then there is most likely a hardware defect. In this case, your device should be rechecked and repaired by specialists.

The fingerprint scanner is dirty: dirt is a common cause

If the fingerprint scanner stops functioning, there may be several reasons for this. Image courtesy of Pixabay

As soon as your hands get dirty, you wash your hands. but the smartphone, however, is not cleaned as often. Dirt is probably the most common reason a fingerprint scanner stops functioning. The following tips will help you clean up:

  • First, use a piece of duct tape (such as regular duct tape) to remove any coarse dirt from the fingerprint reader. Stick a piece and press on the entire surface of the scanner. Then carefully peel off the tape.
  • Take a piece of cooking paper and dampen it with a few drops of clean water. Thoroughly wipe the fingerprint reader with it.
  • If, despite the above steps, you still see contamination, use a few drops of disinfectant (the name of alcohol in the pharmacy) on a microfiber cloth or cooking paper and wipe the scanner with it. After a thorough wiping, even the most stubborn stains of dirt should be removed.
  • After that, make sure the scanner and your fingers are dry.
  • Try using the device again. If the fingerprint scanner continues to fail even after thorough cleaning, the reason may be something else.

Fingerprint scanner defect: how you can fix a software error

In some cases, an error in the operating system can cause the fingerprint scanner to malfunction. You can try the following tips:

  • Restart your device to eliminate possible errors.
  • Install the latest updates for your device.
  • If you have only recently installed updates, you can try to restore the old version. Or you can wait for the manufacturer to release the next update that can fix the problem.
  • You can also try to restore the system to the factory state. However, do not forget to back up your data before doing this, otherwise they will all be permanently deleted.

Solving Scanner Problems

Sometimes the scanner does not work due to incorrect photographing of the print. In other words, the pattern was not recorded at different angles (for clearer finger recognition), or it was interrupted, and the print was not fully recorded.

To overwrite the entered data, you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone. To do this, slide the upper curtain down and click on the gear icon.
  • Enter the item “Blocking and protection”.
  • Go to the “Fingerprint Management” section. You need to enter a pattern in it.
  • A window will open in which you should click “Add fingerprint”.
  • After that, you need to go to the process of scanning the finger pattern. The settings wizard is a built-in utility that will give hints. It is important not to stop applying your finger until the smartphone notifies of the end of the procedure.

Important: you need to apply pillows at different angles, so that in the future you can put your finger as you like, and the smartphone will still accurately identify it and allow access.

Overwriting your fingerprints will help you understand why the fingerprint scanner is not working. However, the reason may lie elsewhere. Often, after a software update, the sensor on a smartphone starts to fail. Here you can fix the situation by resetting the settings to the factory settings. For this you need:

  • Enter “Settings”.
  • Open the item “Advanced settings”.
  • Go to the “Recovery and reset” section.
  • Click on “Reset settings”.
  • Select “Reset Settings” at the bottom of the screen.

Attention: all data from the smartphone will be deleted! They must first be copied to other devices. The SD card must be removed before the procedure.!

Another way is a simple operation to completely discharge the smartphone. It needs to be completely discharged to 0% for it to shut down. In this case, it is advisable to leave it in this state for 12 hours. After that, you will need to plug the device into an outlet and charge it up to 100% excluding! When it is charged, you need to turn on the phone without taking it out of the charger. After a certain time (or immediately), the smartphone will offer to use the scanner for identification. So the crash won’t happen again.

What to do if the fingerprint does not work on Xiaomi

Sometimes there is a problem in which the fingerprint does not work on Xiaomi Redmi 4X smartphones and other models. This could be due to a technical or software problem. Each of these reasons includes several aspects. In this article you can find answers to all questions related to the inoperability of the fingerprint scanner.

Recording and control algorithm

The fingerprint scanner works in a simple way. A special sensor detects patterns on the pads of the fingers. These mowing lines are unique to each individual. Photocells, after the finger is applied close to the scanner platform, photograph those areas of the pattern on the fingertip that do not touch the platform. That is, the scanner does not read the mowing lines that protrude above the skin, but those that are located between them.

Some of the fastest scanners are installed in Xiaomi. Unfortunately, they are far from the most effective. They may not be able to identify the print if the wearer’s hands are wet, sweaty or dirty. If there is even a minimal amount of greasy stains on your hands, the scanner will refuse to carry out identification.

Therefore, if the sensor refuses to read the pattern, it must be wiped clean and hand hygienic. If it works, then everything is in order. If not, then the reason, either hardware or software.

Solving problems with fingerprint removal

Among the frequently asked questions is: I can not delete the fingerprint, what should I do? The answer to this question is the following. you need to change the language of the system. For this you need:

  • enter “Settings”;
  • enter the “Advanced settings”;
  • go to the item “Language and input”;
  • open the “Languages” section and switch it to “English United Kingdom” or “English United States”.

After that, you will need to carry out the procedure for removing prints. After a successful operation, the language settings can again be switched to “Russian”.

If the solution does not work, then you will have to perform a factory reset. In the case when the fingerprint scanner gives out some kind of malfunction, you can reflash the phone, which is much more difficult to do. This method is not recommended for use by those people who do not have at least basic knowledge of reinstalling the operating system in the phone. Otherwise, you can simply ruin your smartphone.

What to do if a fingerprint is not added

There are situations when the scanner works, but the fingerprint cannot be finished again. Resetting by adding new data fails. So, when trying to create a new pattern, many Xiaomi owners get an error “try again”, or “could not add a fingerprint”.

You can try to fix this situation as follows:

  • go to “Settings” and then to the column “Advanced settings”;
  • then open the section “For Developers”;
  • in it, turn off this mode by moving the slider to the left side.

This method may help, but not always. If the fingerprint scanner refuses to add a pattern, then you should go to drastic measures. reset the settings to the factory settings.

It is worth saying that Xiaomi smartphones rarely give such bugs. If they do occur, the company quickly eliminates them. In the event that the scanner stopped working, then you should not immediately reset the settings. This will lead to the loss of all data (unless previously copied to other devices or storage media). It’s enough just to wait for the MIUI shell bugs to be fixed. Typically, revised versions become available again for update no later than a week later. Therefore, it makes sense to wait for the release of the patched OS in order to reinstall it.