Why brakes the Internet on the iPhone?

Often solve problems with Wi-Fi or mobile Internet helps reboot. When the iPhone is turned off, the connection to Wi-Fi networks and cellular towers. If the Internet worked slowly or absent, the reboot can fix it.

To manually change the DNS server and thereby speed up the Internet on the iPhone and iPad, you need to go to the settings. Wi-Fi and click on the icon ⓘ next to your Wi-Fi network. Next, select the DNS setting. manually, in the DNS server field you enter “1.one.one.1 “and” 1.0.0.one”. Save the settings before going out and use.

Why the mobile Internet does not work on the iPhone?

The reasons for which the Internet does not work on the iPhone may be many. The Internet connection disappears due to a mechanical or software breakage, a bad connection with a base station of the operator, spent by traffic or even a simile malfunction.

How to limit the data transfer rate

  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the setup icon.
  • Install or remove the restriction on mobile traffic using the appropriate switch.

Second solution: Enable and disable Wi-Fi.

The following method that can be tried if the previous decision did not solve the problem. this is a quick restart of the wireless phone function. It should help eliminate random errors leading to the appearance of minor failures in a wireless system. Just follow these steps:

  • On the main screen, click “Settings”.
  • Press Wi-Fi.
  • Slide or tap Wi-Fi to disable the function. This will turn off the Wi-Fi connection of your phone.
  • After a few seconds, turn on the Wi-Fi switch again.

Then your device will restore a signal from the selected Wi-Fi network.

If you have not configured your device to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network, you need to select a preferred network for connecting. Be sure to enter the correct Wi-Fi password to ensure a successful connection.

Third decision: Clear cache, cookies and history in your Safari application.

How to remove history, cache and cookies from Safari on your iPhone 8 plus, see. The following procedures.

  • To clean the story and cookies, go to “Settings”. “Safari”, then select the “Clear Story and Website Data” option. This will allow you to clear the history of the visited pages, cookies and view data in the Safari application without changing the information about autofilement.
  • To delete cookies and save history, go to “Settings”. “Safari”. “Additionally”. “Website data”, then select the Delete All Website data option.

Follow the rest of the instructions on the screen to complete the process, and then clean the Safari application. After a few seconds, try to start the Safari application, then browse the Internet to see whether the viewing speed has risen.

If he is still very slow, you may have to resort to the system reset to clean and update the network functions of your iPhone.

This is what else to pay attention to

Next about what I do when “Semyon” ceases to behave adequately. What is interesting to the speed of the smartphone often affect not the most obvious things. for example, pictures.

Helps restarting the device

The device must first turn off, and then turn on again

If the iPhone 7 began to expand unexpectedly without visible reasons, the easiest way to restart it.

You can clear the RAM

Hold the power button until the shutdown slider appears, clamp the “Home” button for seconds 10-15

Clearing RAM will help if some application stupidly scored it. Try.

Many new photos slow down the system

Disable photo scanning manually will not work with all wishes

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We have already written about the terrible opportunities “Photo”, which knows everything about what you take off.

To do this, the program uses the background indexing, which is not slammed by elderly iPhone 7. this is especially noticeable if pouring a pack of a couple of thousand pictures.

But it will not be possible to disable this chip, so you have to suffer for some time.

It is better to use the final version of iOS

Tests can be with glitches that are even found on the newest iPhone

Pay attention to new glitches in the latest test versions of iOS 12.3. For example, “Settings” periodically freeze and do not react to anything. in final iOS 12.2 no such.

Third-party keyboards are often buggy

s madly love the side Google keyboard, but it can be buggy even on iPhone XS Max

For example, I madly like the keyboard GBOrD, which for iPhone made Google. That’s just like the other third-party, it is far from always working fine.

SIM card is not inserted

In this case, it is clear that you will not have the Internet. There are two options:

Oxidation calmly removes independently. To do this, pull out a SIM card by using a simple paper clip or a special key that is in a box from a smartphone.

Pulling out the SIM card, clean the contact with erasing. If you do not have a washing at hand, you can slightly sick along the contacts of the same closure or needle. After that, insert it back if the message still appears, it means SIM card is broken and it must be changed. We take a passport and go to any nearest office of your mobile operator.

Software errors in the system

To avoid data loss or disorders, you can enlist the support of specialized programs that allow you to restore lost data, the system itself to the saved settings or correct other disorders in.

Creating a backup

No phone or user in the world can be protected from all sorts of problems. Most often they occur unexpectedly. Help restore the system can backup phone. In iPhone such a function is.

  • Backup to Cloud Storage ICloud. It is performed as follows: “Settings”. “username”. “icloud”. Then you need to select the “Backup to ICloud” item. “Create a backup”. It will take a certain time during which it is not necessary to turn off the network;
  • Backup to a computer or laptop using iTunes program. In this case, the copy is created in the memory of the equipment to which the phone is connected.


If the phone stopped working in a fully or in it, specific functions are broken, it will help his flashing. It is recommended to perform it only in a specialized service center, because you can completely lose all data and settings.

Glitches after the update

This phenomenon cannot be called rarity for.

note! Very often after the release of a new update, its downloads and installations can occur all sorts of failures and disorders in. In such cases, it will help to roll back to previous versions or waiting for error correction in the current version of the system

Most often it does not cause herself to wait long, the manufacturer corrects everything pretty quickly. In other ways such glitches cannot be corrected.

Reset settings to factory

This is another sufficiently popular opportunity to correct the absence of an Internet connection or any other problems. Make a reset just, for this you need:

Most likely, after this action, all problems, both with the connection to the network and others, are allowed. If the connections did not happen, you need to look for an error in the settings of the transmitting modem.

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On iOS 15 there was a strange error “Memory is almost filled”, although the memory is

Комментарии и мнения владельцев 107

Yes. Today updated to 13.one.1 and started. iPhone 10

@ SN1P. Sometimes sometimes helps to switch from LTE on 3G and back. If you stopped working on LTE, then you can go on time and sit on 3G try

On w3bsit3-dns.com they write that the problem is solved by coercive the choice of the operator, instead of automatic and inclusion of the roaming slider. As far as an effective way to check did not have time, but such a problem pursues from the very first Beth iOS13 ??♂️ XR, MegaFon, Moscow

@Zelenysky. Yes, with roaming, they nomedyli. Flew in the Republic of Belarus, there inserted a local SIM card. the Internet worked on it only when the roaming of cellular data is turned on, although there can be no talk about any kind of roaming.

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Finally information! I bought XR and already a week such trouble, it works works, then at some point the Internet disappears and everything does not work before the reboot! I already thought I was marriage!

There was no choice and no. iPhone X, MTS Moscow.

iPhone 6S Plus problem sometimes. Also sinned on the operator.

Flight is normal, nothing falls off nowhere.

iPhone 11 Pro, MTS stably every day happens. Only reboot helps

Apple produces so many beta versions, is it really impossible to avoid software problems for 3 and a half devices?

And I also noticed that scrolling on some sites is now working crookedly. It is not working trite until you touches the status bar.

iOS 13.one.1 is also falling off, reboot helps

Roskomparosor sorcerer. They said that October. November will test the North Korean version of the Internet. Tolerate so coincided.

@Fimoz. In Israel, too, Roskomnadzor sodes??)))

@naserge. and there is a quarter former our people! (C) Vysotsky.

Yes, I confirm that the Internet falls off, the redistribution of the airproof does not help, only off-on cell data. iOS 13.one.1, XS MAX, MTS SPb

Just shakes from this garney! From the very first beta it began. And SIM card at the operator changed, and with a tambourine walked around. Nothing helps! How great that the problem has become a massive.

Children on SE strongly plugged LTE after the update Tuben and Dancing revived, but the behavior was very strange. Normal reboot did not save. “Reset Settings Network”, then jerking back comes forward sliders access to LTE for applications. Especially illuminated the locator and “Screen Time”, did not see the “Locator” server and refused requests for the extension of the limit through the LTE to send

Damn thought Khan phone. And here such news. Fuuuuuuh. Thanks guys )))

It was a couple of days. Made a reset of settings, network, everything works now without complaints. Megaphone

XS, MegaFon. Periodically, it happens, sinned on the opsos. Helps the transition to air and back Even a quick team downloaded for this “Internet appear” ?

MacBook Pro 2018 on 10.fourteen.5 After updating the iPhone X to 13.one.1 stopped synchronizing contacts. I xs how they test this trash that such obvious shoals do not find.

Never happened. XS, 13.one.1, MegaFon, choice of operator in the machine, roaming Off, Volte. only data.

I have a slightly different problem. I do not understand who to sin: on iOS 13 or on the operator (in particular, on SIM). Often when moving from Wi-Fi to your mobile Internet, the latter falls in Edge. Helps On Off Aircraft. 8, MGTS (it is MTS).

iPhone 7. After installation 13.1 Internet disappears every min 30, MTS. Helped airrests. Installed on clean. Bestat. So bored, spit and put it back 12.4.1) everything is fine.

iPhone XR, at 13.1 and all beta iOS 13 there were no problems, updated to 13.one.1 and now the same problems 1-2 times a day

iPhone XS, after turning off from Wi-Fi reboot the phone. to appear an Internet on LTE

iPhone 7, iOS13.0 MegaFon! Download works norms 40-50Mbit, there is almost no aploud! 0.5-0.7Mbits that day notice! Today I communicated with the megaphone representative. it says, there are no restrictions on the tariff and cellular tower and the quality of the signal!

I confirm! On iOS 13 Beta 6 it all started and so far the same problem is still 13.one.1, I set 13.one.2. Operator MegaFon (Moscow) iPhone XS Max. Terribly infuriates, already changed Simka and swore with the operator, without any sense

On 6S normally LTE, but Wi-Fi works after. And the same story on the iPad Air2 with Wi-Fi. Only reboot helps.

I have (iPhone 6s) and up to 13 firmware such troubles were, the solution was the same. a reboot now also periodically.

I have iPhone XS. The same garbage. I thought only I have problems. I put 13.one.2 Let’s see how. But starting with a beta 13 this bug. It saves only reboot or reset network settings.

So infuriates that sometimes you want to throw a phone

XS MAX 13.one.1 is a bug, only Reset helps

That’s why I sit with my eight on the 12th axis and not updated

It happens when I disconnect Wi-Fi and turn onto the LTE, the signal shows no Internet, you have to restart

And who else will turn the language to say that Android is buggy?))) iOS.Glitch on glitch!

@TroopeR. You just have a buggy Android, buy Xiaomi on MIUI on the global version!

@ Xiaomi1993. yeah. I forgot to add “Top for your money”)))))

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@kugaman. Well, about the iPhone you do not say that))

8 Plus, iOS 13.one.1, Beeline, Stavropol. the same hat, thought SIM buggy

7, 13.one.1, MegaFon, Moscow. Roaming Data Enabled, Volte Enabled. I helps to turn off the wifi through the settings.

iPhone X bad catches network. solve the problem in 3 minutes

→ Articles → Articles → Articles about Iron → iPhone X bad catches network

What to do if iPhone x bad catches network

The quality of communication determines the comfort of work and even the battery life. As a rule, problems with the network. third-party factor.

By probability of appearance:

  • Problems with the operator coating in this region (obviously, but it is worth checking)
  • Problems with a SIM card (damaged, incorrectly cut, the resource has been worked out. it will not be unnecessary in the operator’s cabin)
  • Hardware limit (example: when quickly driving an iPhone car does not have time to switch between tower)
  • IOS problems (solved the network settings reset, the firmware is about it below)
  • Modem hardware malfunction, modem part. repair iPhone X in service. single output (need diagnostics)

Why iphone x bad catches network

Mobile network problems can be associated with both hardware and a smartphone software.

Smartphone connects to the network, but the signal is unstable (the network itself disappears and appears)

If you notice that the quality of the cellular connection has decreased, return iOS to the factory settings:

Scroll down the menu and click on the “Reset” button;

It is also worth turning off the Wi-Fi Help feature, since it may be the cause of an unstable connection:

Go to the settings and open the “Cellular Communications” section;

Scroll down the menu and disable “Wi-Fi help”.

Mobile interruptions are a common problem of early iPhone X. To increase the stability of work, update iOS to the latest version.

iPhone can not connect to the network

If the iPhone cannot connect to the network, the problems have hardware roots.

Turn off your smartphone and reinstall the SIM card. If the problem persists, try installing another SIM card;

If the smartphone tries to connect to the network, when the SIM card is extracted, a cellular modem is faulty.

Compatibility of cellular networks

Depending on the region, iPhone X is supplied with a cellular modem from Qualcomm or Intel. The performance of these modems is identical, but cellular operators are trying to optimize the network under the devices of their region. If you purchased a smartphone abroad, pay attention to its model:

Open the settings and go to the “Main” section;

Go to the “Regulatory” tab. The model number will be indicated on top.

The iPhone model in AXXX format indicates the following parameters:

A1901. Modem Intel. GSM Operators of Russia, Europe, America, Asia and Oceania;

A1902. Qualcomm modem. Japan;

A1858. Qualcomm modem. CDMA China, USA and Oceania operators.

Qualcomm modem is optimized for working in CDMA and GSM networks, while smartphones with an Intel cellular module can conflict with CDMA operators. In Russian networks, both models work well, however, problems on the side of the operator may cause cellular failures.

We offer a MacBook and IMAC rental service. We provide a device for replacement for repairs.

Save your time and strength, the courier will take repair and deliver the restored device.

We are confident in the quality of the repair and used components.

We carry out the component repair, which is cheaper. We can also replace the entire module.

We all transparently and honestly see any:

Do not know where to start? First of all. do not worry! Signs of good and high-quality service are visible immediately. We have prepared instructions for those who are looking for an Apple workshop or service center

Troitsky Pavel Vladimirovich October 27

Question: Hello, can I find out the price of fixing network problems. Smartphone connects to the network, but the signal is unstable (the network itself disappears and appears). I did everything written with you on the site, but nothing helped

Answer: Good afternoon! So that we can call the price from and before, you need to know the iPhone model. To begin with, in any case, you need to diagnose. To understand what is the problem, and detect a malfunction. Remotely, unfortunately, without seeing the device, it is not possible to accurately identify the problem and say that with him. It is necessary that the engineer looks at your device, in fact, in the service center. Enter, let’s see. Diagnostics are free. Macplus!