Why does the computer not see the phone via USB?

Many smartphone users do not use all the possibilities of the device, someone out of ignorance, and someone, because of fear of violating anything in a stable job. This article will be about connecting a phone to a computer / laptop. We will not talk about the reasons for the connection, but we will consider the main problem, namely, why does the computer not see the phone through USB. There are many reasons from the software, ending with a viral attack and problems of the hardware. About everything in order.

So, when connecting, the computer does not see the phone via USB, to start the most correct with the checking of the hardware. Possible problems.

First of all, pay attention to the characteristic sound. which plays a computer based on Windows when connecting any USB device and light indication on the phone if:

  • The computer makes the sound. you need to check the software part;
  • There is no sound. the problem can be either software and hardware;
  • There is light indication. we are looking for a programmatic error;
  • There is no light indication. the problem can be either software and hardware.

Damaged cable. inspect it on integrity and check if it is clogged inside. Check the connector on the computer / laptop, for this, connect another phone / tablet.

  • USB flash drive, mouse, printer, etc.D If the USB computer connects with other devices, move on.
  • Check the same cable with another phone / tablet on the same computer. in a situation, if it works, then we will look for a problem in the software part.
  • If other devices do not work with the same cable, then replace the cable, and if they work, the software problem → Go to the software error section and their solutions.
  • There is not enough power. this is possible if you connect the cable to the computer via Hub (concentrator).

Connect to the computer directly, the reason may be in insufficient power, even if Hub goes with its own additional power to a regular electric outlet. If in this case we do not work further.

Why did your computer stop seeing the phone via USB? The reason may lie in the hardware part of the computer and consist in failure of the USB descriptor description (code 43). In this case, it is necessary to check the nutrition and its power:

In addition, it is necessary to step in stages on the computer:

  • Dump the voltage and remove static clots.
  • Check the USB power supply settings, which are often disconnected in order to save energy.

Read more about these steps in the article on our portal on the failures of the USB descriptor in Windows 10.

Android connection problems

Before reinstalling something, try to reload your computer or smartphone itself. If the computer still does not see the phone via USB, go to the next stage. The reasons may be the following.

Cable problems

When connecting a smartphone to PC, it is advisable to use the original cable for charging and synchronization. If it is not at hand, try to find another wire that was included with another phone (follow the compatibility of the charger!). If you could not find one. go to the nearest electronics store and buy a new. It makes no sense to spend money on the most expensive cable, but you also do not need to buy outright garbage for 50. Also bypat the “cables 3 in 1” side with one USB and several smartphone plugs. The best option is a simple wire 0.5. 1 meter in a soft plastic braid.

The wire itself should be without breaks and cracks. If there is dust or dirt on the cable contacts, then blow it with air or try to remove it with a dry soft cloth. The main thing is not to rub too much and not try to clean the connector with something solid.

Problems with a computer

On all, even very old versions of operating systems, drivers for connecting Android smartphones are installed automatically. In fact, PC sees a smartphone as an ordinary flash drive.

If this has not happened for some reason, then first of all try to connect the phone through another USB connector. It is advisable to use those that are located on the back of the system unit. there they are installed directly in the motherboard.

If the PC continues to ignore the smartphone connected via USB, then reinstalling drivers can help. With a connected smartphone, click the right button on the “My Computer” icon and click “Properties”. In the open window, start the “Device Manager”. After that, a list of all devices connected to the motherboard will open. Problematic to stand out with a yellow exclamation mark.

Click on the desired device (usually the name is similar to the model of your smartphone) with the right mouse button and select “Properties”. Go to the Driver tab and select “Update the driver”. Try to do it automatically and be sure to reboot the computer.

It is possible that for your old device you need separate drivers. usually they were recorded on a disk that comes with a smartphone. In this case, install them in the Driver tab manually, indicating the location of the files.

Smartphone can also block computer protective programs. If you are sure that there are no viruses on the phone, then turn off the software to protect against harmful programs and re.connect the smartphone to the PC.

Problems with a smartphone

Sometimes the computer does not see the phone via USB due to problems with the Android Smartphone itself. Let’s try to figure out what can go wrong. Let’s start with a simple one.

Problems may occur due to poor contact of the wire and connector inside the phone. Gently blow this place with air, but do not try to clean it with something solid! Also, problems can occur due to the default selected the incorrect mode of connecting a smartphone to a computer. Immediately after the connection, the smartphone will offer to choose the mode in which it will work (in different phones they are called differently, but the essence is left alone)-“only charging/without transferring files”, “transmission of photos” or “file transfer”. Of course, we are interested in the last option. only choose it.

Proper operation of PC and a smartphone may prevent the modem on the mode included in the phone. Make sure that you turned off this function before connecting the Android Smartphone to the computer. Also, the phone should be unlocked-because of this, the computer may not see the phone.

The phone is charged, but the computer does not stubbornly see it

It happens that the connection partially occurs, at least, an indicator of charging a telephone battery indicates that the process has gone. But the computer does not see the memory of the phone, that is, the exchange of data between devices is impossible.

Normal charging does not always indicate the serviceability of the cable: it is possible that one of the transmission lines is damaged. Or maybe, as mentioned above, the cable is not intended to transmit data. There is also a probability of partial failure of one of the connectors. Calmings in the work of software can lead to the same consequences. The procedure for conducting diagnostic procedures:

  • Try Connect through another USB part. Usually that on PC, that there are several of them on the laptop. In the case of a desktop computer, it is better to use the rear connectors.
  • Sometimes physical contact is impossible due to oxidation or contamination of the connector, it is easy to verify this by visual inspection. If necessary, you can try to clean the slot. But in some cases, the presence of a physical defect forces to replace the connector.
  • If previous steps did not help find the reason, we are looking for another cable compatible with your smartphone model. Often the reason lies in a faulty USB.
  • Another way to localize the malfunction is to connect to PC via USB any other device. The easiest way is the flash drive, it will help to determine whether the port itself is working.
  • Finally, to make sure that the cable is working, you should connect the smartphone to another PC.

As a rule, this is enough to clarify the reason for the impossibility of conjugating devices in data exchange mode.

If a computer or laptop also does not see a flash drive, the reason is hidden much deeper, and since the matter is not in the cable, then you have to make in.depth diagnostics.

Solving compatibility setting for two devices

There are times when all drivers are installed correctly, but when trying to connect, neither the phone nor the device can recognize each other. Why this happens? This is due to interruptions in the central processor of a personal computer. The problem is solved very easily. You just need to restart both devices. After rebooting the smartphone, clean the RAM of unnecessary processes and delete the kesh phone.

During the reboot of the computer or laptop, you should configure the safe switching mode of turning on.

  • Reload your PC;
  • During its re.inclusion (in the first few seconds of operation of the operating system bootloader), click on the key Fer, as in the figure below;

Window of additional options for loading the Windows operating system

  • In the additional window options, using the up-down shooters and the input keys, select “Safe mode with adapter loading”. OS load will begin in safe mode;

[Solved] Android Device not detected when connected to PC | USB File Transfer

In this mode, the system automatically eliminates all the problems that arise with the connected equipment. Connect the phone to PC again and cut off the contents of your smartphone through a computer conductor.

Tips when connecting a phone via USB

If Mac OS is used as a PC, the Android File Transfer application is required to install data. You can download it from the site https: // www.Android.COM/Filetransfer/.

If the computer does not see the phone through the USB, but shortly before that the device has been in the repair of the malfunction of the connector or board, most likely this was the reason for the occurrence of problems. There are two exits from the situation. re.contact the service center for remaking or buy a new smartphone.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of reasons why the computer does not recognize Android, and they are all different. Often the implementation of simple manipulations: checking the integrity of the cable, the serviceability of the port/USB connector, the activation of the desired connection mode, the installation of updates, can quickly eliminate the problem.

In other situations, you will have to understand a little longer, but with a competent approach, it will still be possible to solve the problem. But even if you can’t connect the smartphone to the computer via USB, you do not need to despair. There are many other ways to synchronize and transmit data from a mobile device to PC and vice versa. The use of a cable is only one of them.

Reasons why the computer does not see the phone

Mobile devices can be connected in different ways to a computer or laptop. Technical Specialist of the WikiHow portal Jack Lloyd indicated the main methods of the device of the devices:

If none of the ways to connect the phone to PC has worked, look for the problem in the hardware or system part of the computer and mobile device.

Why does the computer not see the phone? Select such basic breakdowns:

  • failure of the USB-separation on PC and smartphone, nests or USB controller groups;
  • lack of the right driver or failure in his work;
  • the use of an unconnected cable to transmit data via USB;
  • the wrong version of the driver is installed;
  • The parameters in the phone settings are incorrectly selected;
  • In PC or smartphone systems there are viruses (antivirus software determines this and do not allow connection).

Why does the computer not see the phone via USB, but charges?

Hardware error is not excluded. It can be provoked by such reasons as:

  • Damaged or inappropriate cable.
  • Faulty connector for connecting USB. To determine the non.working nest, perform an alternate connection to other connectors.
  • Damaged USB port on a smartphone. A similar problem, as in the previous case. To check this theory, connect another USB device to the PC with efficient connectors. Often the breakdown causes a drop in the phone or getting into the water connector.

Why does the phone do not open on the computer?

The main reasons are incorrect actions when connecting, obsolete or incorrectly configured software, cable malfunctions, connectors and the devices themselves.

Software problems arise when iPhone or iPad is connected, since the file transfer occurs through iTunes. You can also synchronize devices using Finder. Both programs should be updated to the latest versions. Check this on Windows via Microsoft Store, and on the MAC using the special menu “Search for updates”.

Why does the computer not see the phone: nur.Kz

To know what actions to take to solve such a problem, determine the causal relationship. The solutions presented will help to understand where to look for a breakdown. in a smartphone or PC:

  • Check the quality of the connection to the nests, inspect the cable for creases.
  • Make sure of the phone’s performance. Connect someone else’s laptop or computer to check the state of the gadget.
  • Connect the plug to other inputs sequentially to identify faulty or make sure the performance of the desired nest.

Not always the problem of the disconnex is associated with the hardware. The operating system can also fail or “become infected” with viruses.

Reasons why the computer does not see the phone via USB

This may be to blame for software incompatibility or technical problems. From time to time, the cable is damaged, contacts in the smartphone break. In the first case, you need to try another cord, and in the second contact the service center to replace the connector. Also, problems can also cause a broken port in the computer, so switch the wire to another nest to eliminate the problem. These are the most common hardwerful breakdowns.

does, computer, phone

With programmatic errors, it is more difficult, since there are a lot of causes. These can be missing or irrelevant drivers, incorrect connection modes (when the computer charges Smart, but blocks the transposition of documentation into folders) and other incompatibility, which we will talk about below.

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Program part

Having excluded hardware malfunctions, we move on to software errors. The reason that the laptop does not see the phone via USB, may consist in a number of errors. Divide into several categories and talk more about each.

Drivers: to be or not to be?

To the question. Why does the laptop not see the phone via USB if everything has previously worked? Perhaps something happened to the drivers, you can easily check it by moving to the “Device Manager”.

Viruses: Looking for a gray cardinal

PC does not see the phone through USB, why? Perhaps your phone based on Android is infected. In fact, the user does not always feel the presence of harmful programs, some work extremely quietly and neatly, but at the same time bringing the OS to the stability of the OS. It is easy to check this through special software tools that are free and available in Play Market.

What I want to note, on the phone Xiaomi Mi 5. which also works on the basis of Android viruses during such an audit were identified and pointed to the 9Apps application.

does, computer, phone

By the way, it was he who issued endlessly banners with advertising, which spontaneously displayed the sound (speech, music, etc.D.). At first glance, a harmless application, but it blocked the installation of a number of programs, including updating the operating system. The installation of the application occurred independently, as usual in a package installation. due to the fault of the user inattention. So, when you connect the phone to the computer, only charging goes. this is how it looks on the computer screen.

In this case, it was possible to fix this as follows:

After we recommend delete this application from your phone and start a full check again. It is important to remove the “flight”. If the above actions did not help and / or you have not found a dubious application, follow further.

Inappropriate operating mode USB

There is an extremely unexpected situation, the smartphone has been determined and Windows does not give out any errors, but by contacting the phone on the computer, you do not find files.

FIX: Windows 10 Not Recognizing iPhone/iPad/iPod

does, computer, phone

What to do? So, if the computer does not see the files (contents) of the phone via USB, you need to check the operating mode of it.

  • When connecting in the upper part of the screen, a message about using USB → Tap on it.
  • In the “Usb” menu, pay attention to which operating mode is chosen → “only charging”. It is for this reason that the contents of the phone do not display.
  • Select “file transfer (MTP)”.
  • On the desktop, the auto.start window will instantly come up with the offer to select the action → click “Open the device for viewing files”.

If the problem is not solved, we move on.

Room in the root!

If all of the above actions did not lead to the result, then it remains, only the radical method is to reset the system to factory settings. Depending on the model of your smartphone, the menu may vary, consider in stages with screenshots using the example of Sony Xperia M5.