Why does the computer not see the iPhone via USB. 5 reasons

Almost all new IOS devices do not need computer intervention, but there are also such cases that a PC or laptop is simply necessary. But at the moment when you want to connect from a mobile phone to your stationary, then many are faced with what is the lack of detection by the telephone operating system. Especially often this problem is noticed with iPhone.

There are several reasons, which can happen. If you are faced with one of these problems and want to find out why the computer does not see the iPhone when connecting via USB, then you can find the stated causes and methods of solving problems below.

Why does the computer not see the iPhone

There are several typical reasons why the computer does not see the iPhone as a removable disk or in a different form:

  • mechanical damage to the cable;
  • Removing or failure of the USB or connector on the iPhone;
  • outdated or damage to software;
  • improper equipment setup;
  • Program failure.
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Regardless of the cause of the breakdown, the algorithm of actions is approximately the same.

Reinstalling USB drivers

One of the proven ways to solve this problem will be reinstalled by USB drivers for iPhone. It is necessary to remove them using the “devices dispatcher”, and then install them again.

  • First, we connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • We go to the “Properties” tab of the “Computer” folder, where we select the “Device Manager”.
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iTunes does not see iPhone

Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone-a list of reasons

Often, if the iPhone is not visible on the computer, this method solves the problem.

Driver update for chipset (USB)

All computers have a system board on which chipsets are installed. These chipsets are responsible for connecting various devices to a computer. For chipsets to function normally, they need drivers.

In some situations, drivers begin to work unstable. Quite often this is due to Windows systemic errors.

It also happens that the computer cannot find not only the iPhone, but also any other flash drives, phones. In this situation, it is necessary for the chipset to update the drivers.


In the first version, you should switch to the resource https: // devid.info/ru and click on the green button “Download” to download the “Devid Agend” utility. The program performs a quick installation and update of drivers.

During installation, checks should be removed so as not to install excess advertising software.

After starting the utility, select “Start Search”. Software will scan equipment, after which it will offer to update old drivers.

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If there is a fresh version of the driver for the chipset, it will be updated. If the problem is not solved, then we proceed to the next option.

Download and install the chipset

This method consists in independently downloading and installing the driver. Depending on the system board, there may be AMD or Intel Chipset. Consider an example of installing Intel Chipseta:

How to Enable or Disable iPhone or iPad USB Access

    We go to the office. intel resource: // Downloadcenter.Intel.com, we find the right program. Now click on the “Chipset” button blue.

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Tethering Without iTunes. Via USB to Windows

Auto-selection of Intel drivers

Here you can make it so that intelligence himself chooses the necessary drivers for the system. For this, a special utility is used to scan equipment and install the necessary programs.

We follow the link https: // www.Intel.ru/concent/www/ru/ru/support/detect.HTML?iid = dc_iduu, click “download”. After that, we install this utility, we search. When software finds suitable drivers, it will be proposed to install them.

Reinstalling iTunes

Why does the computer not see the iPhone if the cable and ports are whole, and the AMDS service is in a neglected state? The problem may be associated with the incorrect work of the iTunes application. In order to get rid of this problem, the application should be reinstalled. We delete it from our computer, check the absence of folders that could remain after the program of the program (we wrote about this in our reviews). It also does not interfere with complete cleaning of the computer and registry using a useful CCleaner utility.

Next, reboot the computer and proceed to the re.installation of iTunes. in order to download the latest current version of this application, you need to visit the Apple website. We pass to the download section, remove the checkpoints for the receipt of mailings (why do you need these mailings?), click on the “Download” button. After downloading and installing the application, we try to connect the smartphone. the computer must identify it.

What to do if iTunes does not see iPhone

In cases where the iPhone does not connect to iTunes, you can use the standard set of tips:

  • check the integrity of the cable, the phone connector, USB;
  • Allow the connection by pressing the OK in a pop.up window on the device screen;
  • Update drivers, OS phone or PC;
  • install iTunes updating or simply restart the program;
  • restart the Apple Mobile Device;
  • Reload iPhone or PC.
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Check the USB cable

If your USB cable has some kind of damage or severe bend, then most like that is the case. Just data is not transmitted because the cable is damaged. There is only one way out-to run to some shop, where they sell charging, memory cards, mice and the like, and buy a Lightning Connector or an old 30-pin cable there. Depending on the connector in your iPhone.

You can, of course, and order a cable for aliexpress, but then you have to wait. Here are links to good sellers:

USB Lightning (color): http: // ali.PUB/IXSJH usb Lightning (with magnet): http: // ali.PUB/PT26G USB Lightning (gold color): http: // ali.PUB/A9EVS USB 30-pin: http: // ali.Pub/RU9NT USB 30-pin (original style): http: // ali.PUB/OL3BM

Pollution and breakdown of the iPhone connector

The phone will not connect to the PC if its charging connector is strongly polluted or oxidized. the contacts will not work properly. Independent cleaning should be carried out carefully using toothpicks with cotton wool.

If the iPhone does not see several computers, the replacement of the USB cable and other methods described above, most likely, the power connector on the phone, is not helped. In this case, the device must be attributed to the diagnosis to the service center.

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