TOP-5 of the most profitable tariffs in 2021

In this review, we have collected for you the best offers of profitable tariff plans among all existing. For all tariffs and SIM cards in our online store, an exclusive guarantee of 3 months is provided. You can find out more about this here if you do not understand any tariff parameters. You can contact us in technical support by calling the number indicated on the site, or leaving the application for the return call, we will be happy to help you.

  • Unlimited Internet without restrictions for all devices
  • Subscription fee 500 per month
  • Payment only for delivery

2) SIM card for calls with unlimited Internet Bil@yn key 250 rubles per month. Internet in 2G/3G/4G: 25 GB per month unlimited in 4G, 1000 minutes, 500 SMS similar tariff with connection to your number

3) SIM card for calls with unlimited Internet Bil@yn key 400 per month. Internet in 2G/3G/4G: 35 GB per month unlimited in 4G, 2000 minutes, 1000 SMS, incoming calls in Europe, CIS and popular countries: 2000 minutes a month (list of countries) a similar tariff with the connection to your number

4) SIM card for calls with unlimited Internet Bil@yn key 500 rubles per month. Internet in 2G/3G/4G 50 GB per month unlimited in 4G, 4000 minutes per month, 1000 SMS, incoming calls in Europe, CIS and popular countries: 4000 minutes a month (list of countries) a similar tariff with the connection to your number

5) SIM card for calls with unlimited Internet Bil@yn key 1000 rubles per month. Internet in 2G/3G/4G 100 GB per month unlimited in 4G, 7000 minutes per month, 1000 SMS, incoming calls in Europe, CIS and popular countries: 7000 minutes a month, 100 SMS, 100 MB (List of countries) A ​​similar tariff with Connection to your number map of the network coverage zone Bil@yn

Which modem to choose for a laptop

However, for a portable Internet for a laptop to work, the user needs special equipment. modem. Someone, as a Yota mobile operator, sells this device complete with a SIM card, in other cases the modem will have to be bought separately.

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Huawei e3372h modem

A popular option for connecting a wireless Internet to a laptop. A device that looks like a USB flash drive is connected to a personal computer using a USB connector.

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The modem has a strong plastic case and compactness. The main disadvantage can be considered problems with the speed of signal.

There is such a device around 200.

Modem ZTE MF79

Modem accepts 4G LTE signal. Has a standard plastic case. Maximum speed. 150 MB/s, which is reached with 4G connection.

Of the advantages, one can highlight the ability to create a Wi-Fi access point to distribute an Internet signal to other devices.

Huawei e8231 modem

Unlike the Huawei E3372H model, this modem accepts exclusively 3G signal. Outwardly much resembles a more advanced analogue, however, due to the fact that LTE 4G is not available for the device under consideration, then in the conditions of the modern Internet, it is practically useless.


Modem ZTE MF825 (830FT)

The modem is similar to its analogue ZTE MF79. Has a standard plastic case, is connected using a USB connector and is capable of taking speeds up to 100 Mb/s. Typically, this device is sold by mobile operators.

Before choosing

Each user needs to ask a few questions before choosing a mobile Internet. Will answer them in detail, it will be possible to decide on the choice. The first question “Why do you need the Internet and how often will you use it?”. Smartphones and tablet computers can provide a large range of services today-cards, entertainment, online games and much more. If the user wants to play MMO, watch videos on sites and cinema. He needs a large amount of traffic.


Of great importance is “what the user does on the network”? Correspondence in instant messengers does not require high speed or large traffic volume. If it is supposed to view the video, download different files. then other conditions will already be required here. An important parameter. the time spent on the network.

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How to buy a tariff for a new sim card

Depending on the purpose of the new purchase, the suitable tariff plan also differs. To use the SIM card as the main one, you need to pay attention to the number of services included in the package. Based on your needs, today you can connect the optimal ratio of minutes, SMS and megabytes.

If a SIM card is needed as a backup, then a tariff without a monthly fee is suitable. It is worth choosing based on the operator, the numbers of which have to call more often, which will minimize the costs.

For trips around the country, choose tariffs that offer favorable conditions in national roaming. To use a room abroad. it is better to choose tourist syckers. They allow most countries to accept incoming calls for free, use inexpensive Internet.

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A little statistics

Choosing the best operator for mobile Internet, it is useful to get acquainted with statistics. The Radio Frequency Center of Roskomnadzor determined that the average Internet speed is higher for MTS.

However, the latest comprehensive study of the market of the metropolitan region was conducted in May 2020, and MTS showed the data transfer speed to a subscriber of 14.5 Mbit/s, a megaphone with a result of 13.6 Mbit is slightly inferior to a slightly inferior. In third place, Tele2. 10.3 Mbps, and Beeline has a speed of 9.7 Mbit.

But when transmitting data from the subscriber, the indicators are as follows: MTS. 3.3 Mbps, Beeline and Tele2. 2.4 Mbps, megaphone. 2 Mbit. The high data transfer speed from the subscriber is important when sending files (for example, if you send photos, videos, documents).

A year earlier, according to RKN, the leader in speed was Megafon, but two years ago the department recognized the research that the fastest 4G Internet was provided by the operator Tele2. True, then other operators did not write off this on the technical infrastructure of the operator, but on a small number of subscribers and, accordingly, low loading of networks.

However, over the past year, all cellular operators have significantly increased their technical capabilities, and it is possible that in the next study of the relevant department, the results may be unexpected.

The second option for assessing the quality of the Internet in cellular operators is SpeedTest, and there are current data of the first half of 2021. The fifth year in a row, the leader is a megaphone with an indicator of 30.04 Mbit for loading. Further in the ranking are MTS (19.2 Mbps), Beeline (18.07 Mbit), and Tele2 (17.38 Mbit). Such results from two independent studies indicate that these ratings can be trusted, despite the minimum differences.

SpeedTest also provides data on the largest Russian cities, including the capital. Megafon is also in the leaders, then Beeline and MTS, and significantly lags behind the speed of Tele2. the indicators below are almost half.

which, card, better, internet, phone

place. Internet from Beeline

We go to Beeline and immediately see a few unlimited offers for smartphones and tablets. this is the ANLIM tariff for 15 /day and “Super ANLIM” for 30 /day. Tariff plans differ in other content among themselves. in “ANLIMA” there are 600 minutes for calls, in Super ANLIME. 1200 minutes and 300 regional SMS. Subscribers also gain access to 30 television channels and 300 films as a gift for 30 days. New clients have a discount on a subscription fee of 50%. it is valid for three months from the date of connection.

Next, we are met by “Double Anlym”, which includes:

  • Unlimited Internet for a mobile phone and the ability to divide 15 GB of traffic into two numbers;
  • 500 minutes for voice calls;
  • A small package for 300 SMS;
  • Home Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbps;
  • 75 channels of the home digital TV and a gift package of the IVI cinema for 3 months.
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Unlimited Internet is at three more tariffs. this is a “family” with a “Beeline TV” service with a 900 /month subscriber, “super family” with a home Internet for 100 Mbps, television and a free router for 1500 /month, “super family” with home Internet for 100 Mbps, router and television for 2500 /month. Minutes and SMS are also available here. An additional bonus will be the ability to divide services into 2, 3 or 5 family members.

The distribution of unlimited packages is paid. 50.85 /hour or 152.54 /24 hours with an automatic shutdown upon reaching the paid period.

There are no special offers for tablets. the above tariffs can be used. As for the proposals for modems and routers, there are complete disappointment here. there are no complete unlimiteds. There is only a tariff “for a computer” with 30 GB of traffic and night unlimited from 01-00 to 07-59 per 900 /month. For this money, you can use more acceptable tariff plans from competitors.

Results. Beeline will be a good choice for a tablet and smartphone, as well as for home Internet users (if there is a technical capabilities). Modem owners will have to count gigabytes. We place the operator in the sixth place of our rating.

What to look at when choosing

Before choosing a particular tariff plan, you need to decide on your preferences, namely:

  • Understand what traffic will be optimal for you. Each operator has different offers, and the amount of traffic provided varies from 2 GB to unlimited.
  • Take into account the number of minutes you need to talk. Some operators provide the opportunity to choose a convenient amount of minutes.
  • Decide on the amount that you can allocate every month to pay for the tariff. It is worth remembering, the more traffic and minutes you need, the higher the subscription fee.

BEST Unlimited Internet sim card Germany

After such uncomplicated actions, it is necessary to study the proposals of mobile operators, to write out the most interested.