iPhone 11 or iPhone XR which one to choose?

Many people are wondering what to choose, iPhone XR or iPhone 11? Is there a global difference between the two, and is there any point in overpaying by about 10 thousand??

In this article we will analyze the main differences between the two models and share with you my personal experience and my impressions of iPhone 11 after a year of using iPhone XR. Or you can watch our video on YouTube, which also explains the main points.

THE BODY AND COLOURS The blue and coral have been replaced with green and purple.

The shade of red has been changed a bit, it’s more red now (see photo). The body itself remained virtually unchanged, except for the shape of the camera. In the palm of your hand, it’s indistinguishable from the XR.

A13 Bionic replaces its predecessor A12. Yes, this processor is better at post-processing stills and video editing, but in terms of performance and the A12 installed in the iPhone XR will not disappoint you.

The difference in processors will only affect in a few years, when the new iOS will be more demanding on the phone’s resources.

THE MAIN CAMERA A tangible step forward.The camera is now dual, with an ultra-wide angle lens.

Optical zoom on reduction (XR did not have optical zoom).Wide angle shots look cool, there is more space in the frame, which can be useful when shooting nature or, for example, children’s parties.The night mode is brilliant: the camera takes a few pictures and then, using the processor and machine learning, compiles the best shot.

In short, the camera is the most noticeable difference between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR.

Front-facing camera is now 12MP instead of 7MP.iPhone 11 can shoot 4K and slow motion video with front-facing camera, iPhone XR could not do so.

This news will please fans of selfies and video calls, now you will be seen much better! ⠀BATTERY1 hour longer than the iPhone XR.A global leap forward in the case of the battery can not be expected, as technology in this regard is at its limit and any longer battery life can be achieved only in two ways: by increasing the size of the battery itself or by improving the energy efficiency of the processor. That’s just because of the newer processor the iPhone 11 added one hour.

From personal experience, the new XR with active use by 10 pm had 15-20% of the charge remaining, while the 11 had about 30-35%. So with either phone, you can expect a full day of active use at first. But as the battery wears out, the iPhone 11 will last longer for a full day than the iPhone XR.⠀DUST AND DUST PROTECTION. now ip68 versus ip67 on the iPhone XR.But do not count on it and dive in the water to take pictures of fish.Yes, according to Apple, the phone can now be immersed in water for 30 minutes not 1m, but 2m.But it is better to understand that it is more of a protection against moisture (rain, wet hands, showers, etc.д.) than being able to scuba dive.There will be no warranty in case of water damage to the phone.

iPhone 11 is a quality restyling of the iPhone XR.

Switching to the 11 model from any iPhone older than 2018 is a very good move, you’ll get a lot of phone for not as much money as the 11 Pro. If you are planning to switch from iPhone XR option is controversial. Taking into account the sale of a used iPhone XR you will need to add 20-25 thousand, and in our opinion, the change between them is not worth this amount. Do not also forget that if you do not change the phone every year, and go with it 3-4 years, it is better to take a newer model to live as long as possible without brakes and other potential glitches in the new firmware.

If you need a phone for a year and a half, it makes sense to take the iPhone XR, because at the moment it is not much worse than iPhone 11 and in a year and a half you can switch to a new phone with less losses.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR: which iPhone is worth overpaying for

Apple gadgets are in pretty high demand. The brand has a lot of great models in its lineup. Of course, the flagship device is now considered the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, for most ordinary users the functionality of this model will be more than enough. Against this background, people are more actively looking at other gadgets.

Experts conducted a comparative analysis of iPhone 11 and XR. The price tags of the models are quite similar. Which device of these is better to buy for fans of the Apple brand??


The difference in battery capacity is not very big. plus 168 mAh in favor of the “eleventh iPhone”. Wireless and fast charging are supported by both flagships, but they come with simple 5W chargers that don’t provide fast Power Delivery charging. If you want to charge your smartphone faster, you will have to buy the appropriate adapters.

Phone battery life test results:

iPhone 11 iPhone XR
Uninterrupted conversations, screen off 17:45 ч 15:03 ч
Seing on the Internet, 200 cd/m2 brightness 15:29 ч 13:04 ч
Video playback, brightness 200 cd/m2 18:43 ч 15:08 ч

In terms of battery life, the iPhone 11 is the winner, with the best battery life in all scenarios. Charging speed will be about the same on the two phones, as the difference in battery capacity is low, the chargers included are identical.

iPhone X or iPhone XR what to choose?

This is probably one of the most unobvious choices for many people when buying a 50-60k iPhone in 2019.

In this article I will try to give you the most objective opinion about the choice between these two great phones, because I myself have used the iPhone X for a year, then I switched to the iPhone XR and I have been using it for 3 months now. So the opinion is formed, you are the judge!

The iPhone X is the 2017 flagship, the first frameless smartphone from Apple. You’d think that the first pancake usually comes out wrong, but not in this case. This is a great phone, absolutely relevant in 2019 as well. It features one of the most powerful A11 Bionic processors on the market, an OLED screen, 64GB or 256GB of available user memory, 3GB of RAM, Face ID face scanner and a dual main camera with portrait capability and optical zoom.

Is it bad? Of course not! It was and still is a very popular device, perfectly solving the daily tasks of any user.

The iPhone XR is fondly referred to as Apple’s budget smartphone in 2018. But is it? Why do people even think an 800-900 phone is budget? Even in countries with a much higher standard of living than in Russia, no one considers 800 per phone a penny.

No, this is not a budget phone at all and Apple is not even trying to position it that way. Maybe people think so, remembering the failed iPhone 5c, but the similarity of the situation in 2013 with the current one is only in the variety of colors of the body. And that’s it. Nothing else in common!

which, choose, iphone

With the iPhone XR Apple is trying to maintain the highest possible level of performance at a minimal price and expand its audience, drawing to its side owners of expensive Android and people who own older iPhones, but are not ready to shell out more than 1000 for the flagship model in the form of XS or XS Max.

It has the A12 Bionic processor (more powerful than the iPhone X), Liquid Retina LCD screen, 64, 128 (hurray) and 256gb of internal memory, 3GB of RAM, Face ID face scanner and a single main camera that can also shoot portrait photos, but with some caveats that we will figure out in the comparison of the two units.

All in all, don’t rush to bury this phone by thinking it’s a budget phone. In many scenarios, this phone is the BEST choice you can make in 2019.

Both phones have a glass body, so they both have wireless charging support.

The iPhone XR is a bit thicker, heavier and wider/longer than the iPhone X, but the difference is not significant at all. Overall, it doesn’t feel bulky when you switch to the iPhone XR after the iPhone X. The XR fits into a medium-sized. unlike the 8 Plus and XS Max.

The end frame is different. The iPhone X has a steel frame and the iPhone XR has an aluminum one. In my opinion the aluminum frame is more practical because steel is quite soft and after a year of use the iPhone X frame has a lot of small scratches.

which, choose, iphone

There is also a difference in color variations. The iPhone XR has six color options, while the iPhone X has just two neutral options in black and silver.

What a lot of people have been wittingly throwing tomatoes at the iPhone XR.

First of all the iPhone XR has a slightly thicker frame around the screen than the X. But this is only noticeable if the two phones are side by side. In everyday use, you are guaranteed not to notice the thicker frames.

The iPhone XR has an LCD screen whereas the iPhone X has an OLED.

OLED screens are considered more modern and contrast. Black in them exactly black, not dark gray, as LCD (all because LCD screens lit up the entire area, while OLED has every pixel separately).

iPhone XR vs iPhone 11. Which Should You Choose?

But let’s be honest, the difference between the X and XR screens is only noticeable when they’re side by side and only if you’re a very picky person.

When you only have the iPhone XR in your hands, you won’t feel any discomfort from the screen or the frame around it.

The situation here is ambiguous. On the plus side both phones have. Let’s analyze in order.

Portrait shooter: both have it. But the iPhone X has it through two lenses of software processing, and the iPhone XR only through software processing. There’s virtually no difference in taking pictures of people, both phones blur the background equally. But the iPhone XR is not able to do portrait photography. But how often do you take portraits of seals??

Optical zoom: here the scale is tipped in favor of the iPhone X. On it due to the optics there is a threefold optical zoom, and the iPhone XR has only a digital (with a loss of quality).

The main camera module for regular shooting: the iPhone XR has the same main camera module as the iPhone XS. That is, the optics have been upgraded with respect to the iPhone X. That’s why the iPhone XR takes slightly more detailed photos, albeit by a small margin.

Which is more important: the optical zoom and portrait subjects (iPhone X) or more detailed everyday shots (iPhone XR) is up to you to decide.

This, without exaggeration, is the main advantage of iPhone XR!

In addition, iPhone XR has a new energy efficient processor, as well as the IPS screen, which consumes less power than the OLED of the iPhone X.

Therefore, due to these factors, the iPhone XR lives significantly longer on a single charge.

In my scenario, the iPhone X sat at 18.00, and the iPhone XR lives until 23.30 and by this time it has 20-25% of the charge.

Apple has released a dual-SIM version of the iPhone XR (yes, that’s the version with two physical SIM cards) for the China and Hong Kong markets.

This version works fully in Russia and I myself use this phone. Yes, this phone has no official warranty in Russia, but for the sake of convenience, you can take a risk, especially since the percentage of defective iPhones is quite low.

This is very useful when traveling around the world, when it is possible to leave the Russian sim on the phone to receive important calls and SMS from banks, as well as insert a local sim with a relatively affordable internet rate.

The iPhone X does not have a dual-SIM version per se.

Here the clear winner is the iPhone XR.

Apple isn’t looking to lower the price of the iPhone X, still implying that it’s though last year’s flagship of their lineup. That’s why its price has barely dropped in the last six months.

And the iPhone XR is designed as a competitor to cheaper Android phones, so the price has been made more affordable.

As a result, the iPhone XR 64gb version is about 10% cheaper than the iPhone X with the same memory, but for the price of the iPhone X 64gb you can buy the iPhone XR with an absolutely perfect 128gb.

In my opinion, buying the iPhone XR looks like a more logical move in 2019 than buying the gradually aging iPhone X.

On the side of the iPhone X is only a slightly more advanced camera and OLED screen, while on the side of the iPhone XR is a more powerful processor and battery, as well as a lower price.

How analysts make their predictions

I’ve already said that the modern presentation has become something completely uninteresting and does not make any sense. The reason for this is our own curiosity, for which the manufacturers began to leak information that we take for accidental leaks. An example would be Min Chi Kuo, who is almost never wrong in his predictions. Isn’t that a little strange?? Especially since we only check his words about new models, not device sales projections. We have to deal with that separately.

Remember the movie “Darkness Fields” where Brandon Cooper’s character swallows pills and suddenly gets smarter?? There was another character out there who dramatically “stepped up” and was always several steps ahead. I don’t think some analysts who are never wrong have found these pills. It’s more like they‘re just getting information about new devices. And not at all from the underground, but from people close to the top. And it’s not random, it’s planned.

It would all be good if it weren’t so sad. The bottom line is that those who don’t want spoilers just can’t hide from them. Why those who want to know details in advance, when they start watching a new series, do not climb after the first season directly to the fifth? Life is also a kind of soap opera. And if the new iPhone is supposed to appear at the beginning of the ninth of twelve episodes of each season, it’s just worth the wait.

I got a little distracted and at the same time retold the gist of an article I wrote a little earlier. Now we get to the main point.

iPhone 11 iPhone XR Colors

The design of Apple devices has always been especially attractive. iPhone 11 has 6 colors: purple, yellow, green, black, white and (product) red. 6 colors are used as the body solution for the iPhone XR: blue, white, black, yellow, coral and product red. Both phones are presented in the same number of colors.

Whose portraits are better: iPhone XR or iPhone 11

Portrait photos are smoother on the iPhone XR

The iPhone 11 in portrait mode blurs the background too much

Portrait shots on iPhone 11 and iPhone XR turned out too different. If the old model focused on people but softly enough blurred the background and foreground, which was the bar, the new model worked worse, highlighting only the woman in the foreground. That said, the bokeh effect on the iPhone 11 turned out to be way too badass. This can be seen by looking at the sign at the back.

But the animal portraits of iPhone 11 are better. It’s not ideal, but at least the product can take portraits of animals, while the iPhone XR requires a human face to be present in the frame. So last year’s sub-flagship failed to blur the background behind the cat, but the picture turned out quite well at least due to the fact that it does not give the fake bokeh effect, as in the case of iPhone 11, which blurred the background somehow unnatural.

How the iPhone 11 differs from the iPhone XR

Let’s start with the main camera. The iPhone 11 has a system of two 12MP modules (super-wide angle and wide angle), while the iPhone XR has only one 12MP wide angle camera. Plus the novelty has a lot of different chips like advanced video algorithms, as well as a night mode, which allows you to take pictures in low light.

The front camera on the iPhone 11 is another 12 MP, compared to 7 MP on the iPhone XR, and it supports 4K video recording (the predecessor can only record in Full HD). Both smartphones are equipped with facial recognition, which the new one seems to work a little faster due to updated sensors.

Under the “hood” of the iPhone 11 is the top-of-the-line processor A13 Bionic (the iPhone XR has A12 Bionic), but you are unlikely to notice the difference here. What really matters is the battery life of the iPhone 11 runs 1 hour longer than its predecessor. Remember how Apple advertised the iPhone XR as the “longest-lasting” smartphone? So, it’s no longer the most.

And for sweets Apple offers a water resistance of up to 2 meters depth for up to 30 minutes, so if you drop your iPhone in a deep pool, there’s a high probability that nothing will happen to it.

If you put two devices with the screen up, you won’t notice much difference. In fact, we got a slightly improved version of the iPhone XR with interesting changes.


Looking at the camera of the devices, you can immediately see where the model. This time, Apple has decided not to skimp on features.

    Main camera. Now it’s two sensors instead of one. One of them is wide-angle (ƒ/2.1), a second ultra-wide-angle (ƒ/2.4).

They added Night mode, which helps you take normal pictures in the dark, as well as auto-correction, which will allow you to take better photos.

Two times optical zoom on reduction, previously there was only a digital zoom to 5 times. The flash is 36 percent brighter.

This is probably the most noticeable and most important difference, all the other points are very minor.

The colors of the cases

The iPhone 11 has the following situation in terms of colors: Black, White, Red and Yellow remain from last year, added Purple and Green.

In the iPhone XR were the colors: Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Coral and Red.


No global performance boost like in the old days. As expected, put A13 Bionic. The Neural Engine has become the 3rd generation.

1GB more RAM. The 11 model has 4 GB.

We are well aware that developers have not yet discovered the potential of the same A10, which is still current. So you won’t notice the difference in usage.

Water protection

The iPhone XR had IP67 (immersion to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes).

iPhone 11 is now IP68 (up to 2 meters depth for up to 30 minutes).

The XR was just surround stereo sound, but now, with iPhone 11, it’s spatial audio and Dolby Atmos support.

So the changes must be significant.


So, before the September presentation, the iPhone XR was a long-lasting smartphone from Apple, they even made an ad about it.

Now this time is over. Same iPhone 11, lasts up to 1 hour longer than iPhone XR. If you like accurate numbers, here’s the difference in battery capacity: iPhone XR 2942 mAh, iPhone 11 3110 mAh.

iPhone XR starts from 49,990 rubles., and iPhone 11 starts at 59,990 The difference is 10,000.