Models 1.3 megapixel analog cameras

The next level of analog HD cameras is occupied by 2MP devices with Full HD resolution (1920x1080px). Yes, so we have lived to see the century when the analog almost caught up with the figure and has the same frame resolution. On cameras with such matrices, we will get even better detail and an even better viewing angle. On a 1 / 2.8 ‘matrix, a 3.6mm lens will give an angle of 80 degrees, a 2.8 lens. more than 90 degrees. Those. by placing such a camera in the corner of the room, you will have a complete view of the room.

What 120 ° review do manufacturers and miracle sellers tell us about !? Where did they get these numbers? Pure marketing. And people believe them, and they firmly believe that they buy cameras with a viewing angle of more than 100 °. There are of course cameras with a fish eye lens and they have a viewing angle of about 180 degrees. But what will you see in such a frame? Everything will be round there. Here’s what a frame looks like from a camera with a viewing angle close to 180 degrees:

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But we got distracted. depending on the used matrix, lens, version and power of IR illumination. By the way, it should be noted here that now all outdoor and most indoor cameras come with IR illumination, which provides observation in complete darkness. Here’s how 2MP cameras with a 3.6mm fixed lens show:

Detailing is much better (you can read the 8th line of letters on Sivtsev’s table) and the viewing angle is even greater. Those. the frame gives us even more information. But here again we have a frame with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, and the vertical viewing angle is less than that of 1.3MP cameras. This must be taken into account when choosing video cameras for your object.

How to choose a CCTV camera in 2019

Having searched the network for information on the choice of CCTV cameras, we came across only ancient articles with outdated information, in which there is often a discussion about which camera to choose. color or black and white, analog or digital. Black and white cameras have not been produced for a long time, and since the end of 2015, standard analog cameras have practically ceased to be produced. Therefore, we decided to write an article on how to choose a CCTV camera in 2019. Thoughtful reading of this material will take you no more than 15-20 minutes, but it will help you grasp the very essence of the topic and give you the opportunity to independently make the right choice of the equipment you need.

So, in our time, only color video cameras are produced and only with HD resolution. Even analog cameras are now HD (720p or 960p) and Full HD (1080p). In 2017, 3-megapixel and 4-megapixel analog video cameras went on sale. And in 2018, 5 megapixel AHD camcorders appeared. Modern analog camcorders are now produced in three formats HD-TVI, HD-CVI and AHD. To be honest, to discard all the marketing gimmicks of manufacturers, these formats are equivalent and have practically no advantages over one another. They were just developed by different camcorder manufacturers:

  • TVI. Hikvision,
  • CVI. Dahua,
  • AHD. open format

Many Chinese manufacturers produce equipment in AHD (Analog High Definition) format. There is information that the Korean company Samsung is planning to release cameras in this format. You can read a discussion about these formats and their prospects here. The signal from modern HD cameras is transmitted via coaxial cable at a distance of up to 500m.

for cameras of all three formats are about the same, except that AHD cameras are a little cheaper. they are produced by all and sundry, including numerous Chinese factories without family and tribe. And they are imported here under the “brands” that are invented by Russian “manufacturers”. The number of the latter is several times greater than the number of real manufacturers, and cameras from one plant in Russia can be found under completely different names. Well, I think it’s clear and obvious. There is nothing wrong with this and gives rise to healthy competition, which only plays into the hands of the end consumer.

for HD cameras with a resolution of 1280×720 (1 Mp) are comparable to the for standard analog cameras with a resolution of 720×576 (0.4 Mp), so the latter have ceased to be produced. This created certain difficulties, since old DVRs and computer video capture cards do not support new HD cameras. Therefore, now on sale there are hybrid HD camcorders that can be switched to conventional analog mode. Therefore, if you are looking for cameras for your old DVR, then look in their direction. Later, when you change your DVR, you can switch these cameras to HD mode and receive high-resolution images from them.

It should be noted here that the new HD video recorders can work in hybrid mode and are able to record old analog video cameras. In general, such an abundance of new formats has created certain difficulties in the modern world of video surveillance. they are all incompatible with each other and the manufacturer of each format pulls the blanket in his direction. This brings to mind the era when the DVD-R and DVDR formats were incompatible and this created problems for the consumer. Let’s hope that all this is also temporary and in the near future we will come to a single analog HD format.

By the way, it will be said that multi-hybrid video cameras have already appeared on sale, which can work in all 4 analog modes, including the old PAL.

So, let’s move on to the main question of our article: the choice of a video surveillance camera. which one should you choose? The answer here is not straightforward: it all depends on your tasks and budget. It is one thing when you need a general overview of the territory, it is another thing when you need to distinguish between vehicle numbers at a distance of 30 meters. It is important to understand here: the same camera cannot solve both of these tasks.!

In the first case, you need a wide viewing angle, in the second. a powerful lens with a long focus, i.e. narrow viewing angle. Many people have such an erroneous but firm opinion that the more megapixels, the better the camera shows. And that by increasing the resolution to 3-5 megapixels and above, it is possible to distinguish the faces of people and car numbers at a distance of more than 30 meters even with a wide viewing angle. We have recently debunked this myth. Increasing the resolution above 2MP gives a negligible improvement in detail, and the camera for 40 tr. practically will not give a better result than a good camera for 12 tr. And in the overwhelming majority of cases, cameras for 2-6 thousand rubles are enough.

Advantages of IP cameras:

  • Built-in or the ability to connect a microphone to the camera (not available on all models)
  • Power, video and audio can be transmitted over one cable (if there is PoE function)
  • Signals from multiple cameras can be transmitted over a single cable (via a switch)
  • The ability to record on the built-in memory card or “clouds”
  • An optical cable can transmit a signal over several kilometers
  • Possibility of wireless signal transmission via WI-FI
  • Availability of cameras with a resolution higher than 2MP

Although in the latter advantage, I allowed myself to doubt, citing above the link to the proof of my opinion. By the way, with all the advantages of wireless video cameras, it would be appropriate to note their disadvantages here.

1.3 megapixels

Video cameras with a 1/3 ‘matrix and a resolution of 1280×960 pixels (1.3 megapixels) are half a head taller. Due to the larger physical size of the matrix, their sensitivity in the dark is better and the viewing angle is higher, both horizontally, and especially vertically, because their aspect ratio is 4: 3, and not 16: 9, as in the previous ones. This is important for cameras that look down at an angle. they will have fewer dead spots both under the camera itself and away from it. Here are examples of frames from cameras with a 1.3MP matrix under the same conditions:

Detailing is almost at the same level as that of megapixel cameras, but the viewing angle is wider and we have much more information from the frame. With the same 3.6mm lens, the field of view will be about 70 °. The lens has 2.8mm. about 80 °. 1.3MP cameras cost 1000.1500 more than budget megapixel cameras.

2 megapixel analog camera models

Dome fix. Dome vario Street fix. Street vario
AHD AC21. ST-3002 SIMPLE AC27. AC28W AC23W. ST-3012 SIMPLE AC29W. AC29WX
TVI TC22W. ST-702 TVI PRO TC28W. St-800 TVI PRO TC23W. St-757 TVI PRO TC29W. St-777 TVI PRO
Multi-hybrid FC21 , FX-D20V-IR. FC27 FC23W. FE-IB1080MHD / 20M FC29W. FE-IBV1080MHD / 40M

Today (April 2018) there are 3MP analog cameras, and 4MP AHD cameras, as well as 5MP AHD camcorders on sale.

Let’s see the differences in the picture from cameras with a resolution of 1.2, 4 and 5 megapixels. Below you will see footage from them. On this page, frames are reduced by 3 times. You can open full-size images by right-clicking on the picture and selecting the appropriate browser menu item.

It is noteworthy that a frame from 5MP and 4MP cameras has the same horizontal resolution. For 5MP cameras, only the vertical viewing angle increases. The same can be said about 2 and 3 megapixel camcorders. The 3 megapixel camera has the same horizontal resolution as the 2 Mpix. 1920, and the WTO is more vertical. 1536 ppi.

While it is tempting to use high-definition cameras in your surveillance system, keep in mind that high-definition requires an appropriate DVR, network bandwidth, hard disk space, and computer performance for remote viewing. The total price of the system can be many times more expensive.

Besides, cameras with high resolution have less sensitivity and it will show worse in the dark. Of course, if we talk about cameras with the same matrix size. And for analog cameras, manufacturers have not yet increased the size of the matrix. And the maximum size is 2MP cameras. 1 / 2.7 in. And for 4 and 5 megapixel cameras, the matrix has a size of only 1/3 ‘. So draw the appropriate conclusions.

All of the above applies to IP cameras with the only difference that the signal is transmitted there in digital form via UTP cable (in common people, “twisted pair”). IP cameras cost, all other things being equal, more expensive than analog cameras by 1-3 tons. include a web server, a mini computer that can do without a video recorder and save the archive to an internal memory card, a computer without additional video capture cards, or to the “cloud”. remote servers over the Internet.

In addition, IP cameras can have built-in audio path and PoE module, which allows using one cable for signal transmission and camera power supply. But these modules add even more value to digital camcorders. Let’s take a final look at the advantages and disadvantages of IP cameras.

Budget megapixel camera models

Dome fix. Dome vario Street fix. Street vario
AHD AC11. AC12W. ST-1044 AC17. AC18W. ST-1047 AC13W. ST-1045 AC19W. ST-1046
TVI TC11. TC12W , TC18W TC13W. ST-715 TVI PRO TC19W. St-755 TVI PRO
Multi-hybrid FE-D720MHD / 20M. FC11 FC18W FE-IB720MHD / 20M. FC13W FC19W

Let’s go directly to the choice of a video surveillance camera

The lower segment is occupied by cameras with a 1/4-inch matrix and a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. for a fixed lens and from 2400 for a variofocal (are as of April 2018). You can find it cheaper if you completely close your eyes to the name of the manufacturer.

As such cameras show, you can see in these pictures:

If you click on the picture with the right mouse button, you can open the frame in full resolution.

Cameras with a standard 3.6 mm lens will have a horizontal field of view of about 50 degrees, with a 2.8 mm lens. about 60. Keep in mind that most manufacturers, and to be honest. sellers declare a wider angle of view or indicate the angle diagonal view without mentioning it. We are giving you real numbers based on this data and our own many years of experience.

By purchasing a camera with a varifocal lens, you can set the angle of view you require. Most commonly cameras come with a 2.8-12mm lens, which will allow you to adjust the field of view from 15 ° to 60 ° horizontally. Many people mistakenly believe that the wider the viewing angle, the better. Note, however, that this will result in poorer detail of distant objects. What is the use of a wide viewing angle if, in the end, at a distance of 10m, you cannot distinguish a person’s face? Here you need to find a compromise between the angle and the required recognition range.

Buy, or take for a test (our company provides this opportunity) a couple of cameras. One with a fixed lens, the other with a varifocal. test it in your real conditions and determine whether you need cameras with a fixed lens (they are cheaper) or you need to install cameras with a varifocal lens, reduce the angle of view to see farther, and cover the required field of view by increasing the number of cameras.

Disadvantages of IP cameras:

  • Higher price
  • Maximum cable length 100 meters
  • Delay of video transmission to the monitor for 2-3 seconds
  • Periodic freezes and slowdowns, often simply unexplained
  • Difficulty in setting up for an inexperienced user
  • Incompatibility of video cameras and recorders from different manufacturers

Although, with the advent of various HD formats, the latter drawback can now be attributed to analog cameras. And with the advent of the ONVIF standard in IP cameras, this incompatibility is less and less common.

For more information about which cameras are better to choose, you can read the IP or AHD article. which camera is better to choose?

And in the article How many megapixels does your video surveillance need, we talk about the senseless race for megapixels in video surveillance systems.

Which CCTV camera to choose for your facility. you decide. It is advisable to do this in a practical way. The main thing is not to mindlessly chase megapixels, increasing the budget of your system, without getting a practical improvement in the information component of your video archive. If you need to have several cameras at the facility, then most likely the right solution would be to combine cameras with different parameters, because everywhere there are more or less responsible places.

I hope this material will help you choose the right CCTV camera.


Internal / Cubic / 2 Mp (1920 × 1080) / Lens 2.8 mm / Viewing angle 112 degrees. / Wi-Fi / MicroSD / Microphone / Speaker / Cloud storage / Backlight 10 meters / Motion detector

WIFI 2.4GHz / Swivel / Cubic / 3MP (2304×1296) / Viewing Angle 82 ° / Two-Way Audio / MicroSD 64GB / Cloud Storage / 355 ° Pan and 50 ° Tilt / Microphone / Speaker

Internal / Swivel / 2MP (19201080) / Micro SD card up to 256GB / Wi-Fi / Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way sound / Built-in siren

Autonomous / Battery / Outdoor / Cylindrical / 2 Mp (19201080) / Diagonal viewing angle 110 degrees. / Works in 4G-LTE and 3G / MicroSD 64GB / Cloud storage / Microphone / Speaker / IP65

Outdoor / Cylindrical / 4 MP (2560×1440) / Viewing angle 80 degrees / Dual-band WI-FI / MicroSD up to 64 GB / Microphone / Infrared light up to 30 m / Metal case / IP66

The video surveillance system is based on the strategic placement of cameras and monitoring the territory on monitors. Since cameras communicate with monitors and / or DVRs over private coaxial cables or wireless links, this system is called “closed loop”, which indicates that access to content is limited only to users of video surveillance and access control equipment.

How to choose the right video surveillance system

The choice of any surveillance equipment always starts with a question. what tasks do you set for the video surveillance system? Do not limit yourself to the word “tracking”, describe in more detail where, how and why you want to install cameras.

For outdoor video surveillance, wireless systems are more suitable, as this simplifies installation and increases the security of the cameras themselves. When choosing a video control for a summer residence, make sure that the case is reliable, it must be protected from bad weather conditions and physical damage. Thus, by installing video surveillance for the summer cottage according to the recommendations, you will prevent possible failures.

For indoor video surveillance, the reliability and maneuverability of the camera body are not so important. You can make Accent for compactness and viewing angle. Depending on the location and ease of installation, choose between a more expensive wireless and budget analog video surveillance system.

Do not forget about the DVR, because it will provide storage and further access to video files. This element is especially important when using a large number of cameras, since it is the video recorder that will unite them all into one video surveillance system.

IP cameras can use cloud storage for recording and storing video. But this convenience becomes a disadvantage with poor or no internet connection. A wired system is more reliable with thoughtful professional installation.

Before you buy and install your new video surveillance system, use the free consultation of specialists. We approach each client individually and try to select the equipment that will fully satisfy your goals.


Internal / Cubic / 2 Mp (1920 × 1080) / Lens 2.8 mm / Viewing angle 112 degrees. / Wi-Fi / MicroSD / Microphone / Speaker / Cloud storage / Backlight 10 meters / Motion detector

Internal / Swivel / 2MP (19201080) / Micro SD card up to 256GB / Wi-Fi / Built-in microphone and speaker, two-way audio support / Built-in siren

Standalone / Battery / Outdoor / Cylindrical / 2 MP (19201080) / Wi-Fi / MicroSD / Cloud storage / IR motion sensor / Microphone / Speaker / Solar panel

Outdoor / Cylindrical / 2 MP (19201080) / Fixed lens 2.8 mm / Viewing angle 102 degrees. / Wi-Fi / MicroSD up to 256 GB / Cloud storage / H.264 / H.265 / Backlight 30 meters / Built-in microphone / IP67 protection

Outdoor / Cylindrical / 2 MP (19201080) / Fixed lens 2.8 mm / Viewing angle 102 degrees. / Wi-Fi / MicroSD up to 256 GB / Cloud storage / H.264 / H.265 / Backlight 30 meters / Built-in microphone / IP67 protection

Assortment of video surveillance on the site

  • CCTV Cameras (IP, AHD, HDCVI, Turbo HD, MHD, Outdoor & Wireless)
  • DVRs (IP NVR, HDCVI, Turbo HD, AHD, MHD, car DVRs)
  • Video surveillance kits (IP, Wi-Fi, outdoor and indoor, for 8, 6, 4 cameras)
  • CCTV Accessories
  • Software
  • Action Cameras

Assess your goals and needs before purchasing a video surveillance system. Perhaps you only need one IP camera, or vice versa. a whole set of several cameras and a video recorder.

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Frequently asked Questions

You need to choose video surveillance based on the tasks, and not the price or budget. To assemble a video surveillance system, we need at least:

Also, read recommendations on choosing video surveillance in our article: How to assemble a cool DIY video surveillance kit?

➤ Installation of one camera from 500 UAH,
➤ Setting up the registrar from 500 UAH.
➤ Cable installation from 10 UAH per meter
A complete list of services and for the installation of video surveillance and security systems can be found here.

You can choose a suitable set of video surveillance and find out the exact cost in the section. Video surveillance kits on our website

All modern video surveillance systems allow you to view cameras online and record archives via the Internet. It is enough to connect a video recorder or a separate IP camera to the Internet and install special software from the manufacturer.

How it works in practice?

Surveillance cameras installed inside the house can prevent any kind of theft or unlawful acts of a violent nature. With their help, you can identify and prosecute a dishonest housekeeper, cleaning specialists or an unscrupulous nanny of your baby.

Surveillance cameras installed along the outer perimeter help to reduce the risk of illegal entry into the residential premises. The devices themselves scare off potential thieves. But if the invasion did happen, the outdoor recordings will be a good help for the police in the quick detention of criminals and the return of the stolen property (compensation for damage). It is better to buy video cameras for a private house or for an apartment on the corporate website

Hikvision IP camera (digital)

In the brand’s lineup, this type of cameras is represented by the widest range of models in various housings: dome, body or cylindrical. With or without infrared illumination, anti-vandal protection. Some of the models are universal, that is, they can be mounted indoors and outdoors. The standard resolution is 640 x 480 dpi. However, there are models capable of delivering 4K images.

The key difference from analog cameras is the transmission of a signal over an Ethernet network using the IP protocol. What does this mean for the uninitiated user? Absolutely, to connect the device to a security video recorder that records the transmitted signal, a “twisted pair” cable (UTP standard network cable) is required. The image in IP systems obtained from the matrix is ​​compressed frame-by-frame (MJPG) or streaming (MPEG-4) method. Uncompressed storage is allowed. At the same time, the requirements for the volume of the data storage of the registrar increase.

Some models of Hikvision video devices are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which greatly simplifies installation. In this case, there is no particular need to carry out network wiring inside and outside the house. The full range of IP cameras is on the Hikvision corporate website in the IP cameras category, where you can get acquainted with the assortment as well as get professional advice.

What CCTV cameras are better for a private house, apartment?

Determining the type of camera

Image capture devices differ in several key parameters:

  • the design of the casing, which determines the method and place of attachment;
  • maximum resolution: the more, the higher the video quality;
  • angle of view or area of ​​visible territory;
  • the presence of infrared illumination for night work;
  • equipment with sound and motion sensors;
  • network interface.

5 Best Outdoor Security Camera in 2020

The combination of these parameters ultimately affects the price of the device.

Advice! The choice of a specific solution is best done in the presence of a specialist. So you can choose equipment with optimal parameters and minimum cost.

Omitting technical details, the user just needs to know that all video cameras are divided into 2 large groups according to the principle of operation: digital (IP) and analog. Further, using the example of the industry leader. the company Hikvision, we will analyze the main differences between these groups.

Turbo HD Camcorders

Hikvision’s Turbo HD is a line of devices operating in the analog high definition image standard (1080p). The video signal is transmitted to a security video recorder or monitor in a television format (PAL or NTSC). This uses a coaxial (TV) cable. With the help of the converter, the UTP cable can also be adapted for this purpose.

In addition to the absence of delays in signal transmission, which are typical for IP devices, the mounted analog Turbo HD system (cameras, cable video recorders), other things being equal, is cheaper than digital. Ample opportunities for partial modernization of analog solutions make them invariably popular and in demand in the context of a total transition to digital.

Home security cameras: how to choose and install?

Surveillance cameras are used today not only to guarantee the security of an enterprise, but also for surveillance inside residential premises. On the modern market there is a huge selection of devices that differ in their dimensions, design, functionality, etc. Our article is devoted to cameras for home video surveillance.


A home video surveillance system includes a whole set of devices that work harmoniously and allow you to monitor security. To organize such monitoring, you will need not only the camera itself, but also a monitor or other device for receiving the image.

Modern technologies make it possible to use even a mobile phone as such a device.

A standard camera that is used to organize home video surveillance includes the following components.

  • Lens. Here, close attention should be paid to the diaphragm, which can be either automatic or manual.
  • An infrared filter that is located between the sensor and the lens. It is necessary so that the image is not distorted.
  • A matrix that is sensitive to light. It is needed in order to convert an optical signal into an electrical.
  • The processor required to process the video signal. The power of this element determines how bright and colored the image will be. If the models are more advanced, then they need this element to suppress noise or eliminate flare.
  • Compression block.
  • The central processing unit, whose task is to control the camera and some additional functions.

Rating of the best models

Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of cameras for home video surveillance. Among the most popular and demanded models are the following.

  • Foscam C1 Lite is a wireless device that boasts of its small size. A distinctive feature of this model is the possibility of self-installation. Even an experienced user can figure out the basic settings. The camera delivers high-quality HD images and boasts an impressive viewing angle. The model has a slot for memory cards.

The camera has a built-in motion detector, which allows the device to automatically turn on only when movement is detected. The device can only be connected via a wireless network.

  • The Nazdor RS-CH292H3C-36P is a great outdoor camera solution. The main advantage of the device is its metal case, as well as the class of protection against moisture. Thanks to this, the camera is able to perform its functions properly under any conditions. The image is served in a resolution of 4 megapixels. The lens for Nazdor RS-CH292H3C-36P is fixed, and the focal length is 3 mm.
  • Dahua DH-IPC-C15P is an indoor wireless model that features a fixed lens and a viewing angle. The maximum resolution of the gadget is 1.3 megapixels. A distinctive feature of the device is the ability to shoot at night. The camera can only be connected using wireless technologies. The manufacturer offers special software for recording video to cloud services or broadcasting directly to a smartphone.
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2420F-I. this model boasts of its compact dimensions, so it will be an ideal solution for indoor installation. Despite the affordable price, the camera has a number of additional features. With a maximum resolution of 2 megapixels, the Hikvision DS-2CD2420F-I delivers excellent images and impressive details. The camera is equipped with a slot for memory cards and a built-in microphone, so it can also transmit sound. You can watch the broadcast in real time or record on the cloud storage.
  • PoliceCam IPC-6025 Cat. the original model, which is made in the form of a cat. Despite its frivolous appearance, the device has impressive technical characteristics. The gadget transmits images in Full HD format and boasts a built-in rotary mechanism. In addition, there are many useful functions, including motion detection and sending notifications to a mobile phone.

There is a slot for a memory card, so you can record what is happening. PoliceCam IPC-6025 Cat can work in baby monitor mode.

  • LighTVision VLC-3201ME is an indoor camera that features built-in backlight, earpiece and unique video compression technology. Additional functions include the presence of night shooting, as well as a mechanical infrared filter. Fisheye lens provides a good 360 degree view.
  • PoliceCam Panoramic 360 is a unique panoramic camera, thanks to which not a single detail will be left out of the frame. A distinctive feature of the model is support for memory cards up to 128 GB. The device can work both in the regular shooting mode, and according to the schedule or upon motion detection. Additionally, a security function has been implemented: when a moving object is detected, the device will immediately send a message to the application on the smartphone.

Features of the

A home surveillance video camera can be used not only to ensure the security of the property, but also to monitor domestic workers, young children in their room, or the elderly. You need to choose a certain type of equipment depending on what kind of goal you are pursuing.

Considering the fact that the main task of such a security system is to record video from a remote camera, it must necessarily include video recorders. They can be paired with hard drives, on which data can be stored for any amount of time. And given the fact that today almost every apartment has a PC, the monitor can be used as a screen for watching the broadcast from the camera. In addition, smart TVs can be used for this purpose without any problems.

Home video surveillance systems are relevant not only for security. They also make it possible to monitor the state of the cottage during the winter season.

It is enough to install such a system just once, and you will not have to travel out of town for a whole season to make sure that the home is intact.


There are a huge number of models on the modern market that differ not only in their appearance, but also in functionality. Recently, cameras with remote access have been popular for monitoring an apartment or a private house. For example, if you leave your child with a nanny, but want to constantly be aware of how she looks after your child and what, in general, is happening in your home, then this option will be very useful. Using special software, it can access the camera from a laptop or even a smartphone. For indoor surveillance, such a camera is considered the most optimal option.

In addition, there are models that broadcast to the manufacturer’s server.

After purchasing the device, you will need to register on the site, and all images will be transferred to your account.

Low-end models only record video, but do not transmit sound. In some cases, it is impossible to determine by the picture itself what is actually happening, and one cannot do without sound at such moments. That is why it is better to spend a little money and purchase models that allow you to receive an audio signal.

If you plan to connect through a cable, then you need to be extremely careful and select the device in such a way that there are no problems with output and output to various screens.

When using a network camera that broadcasts an image over the network, you can broadcast using your phone.

How to choose?

A camera for home video surveillance must be selected in such a way that it fully meets the requirements and needs of a person. The choice is complicated by the fact that a large number of models are presented on the modern market, which differ not only in their appearance and design features, but also in technical capabilities.

Before choosing a certain type of camera for home video surveillance, you need to decide where exactly the gadget will be installed. If the security of a private house is ensured, and you plan to mount the camera on the street, then external factors must be taken into account. For such purposes, a camera is best suited, which is located in a sealed case.

In addition, if the region is characterized by high humidity, then it is best to use a moisture-proof housing.

One of the most important criteria that must be paid attention to are the angle of view and focus. It depends on them what area of ​​the apartment or house the camera can cover. A distinctive feature of devices with a minimum view is that they guarantee good focus, so that you can see people and objects in more detail. However, it will not work to see the whole room with the help of such equipment.

If the room is large and you need to cover as much of it as possible, you should purchase cameras with a viewing angle of at least 45 degrees. However, it should be borne in mind that such a device will constantly have a distancing effect, so it will not be possible to carefully consider small details. On the modern market, you can also find devices in which the viewing angle can change depending on the needs of the owner, but such gadgets cost a lot of money.

The quality of the resulting image also depends on the sensitivity of the camera, which should correspond to the level of illumination of the room. For example, if you plan to conduct surveillance at night, then you need to select models that are capable of shooting in the absence of light.

The ability to get a high-quality picture, enlarge it or detail it depends, first of all, on the resolution of the camera. High-resolution equipment is useful in places where it is necessary to conduct surveillance from a long distance. For example, in a country house, which has a large local area. If you plan to provide control of a small room, then you can limit yourself to a 1 megapixel camera, but this will not be enough for large rooms. Cutting-edge IP cameras are renowned for their ability to shoot in 4K, which is enough for any conditions.

Careful attention should also be paid to what technology will be used to transfer data. The easiest and most convenient way is to use wireless devices, since you do not have to run cables and deal with their connection.

The security of such models is at the highest level, so you don’t have to worry about someone gaining access to the camera remotely.

Depending on the cost, all models on the market can be divided into the following categories.

  • Economy class devices. Here are cameras with a resolution of 1-2 megapixels. In addition, such models cannot boast of good color reproduction or long focal lengths. Such gadgets will be an excellent choice for small spaces that are characterized by good lighting.
  • Business category. It is in this segment that the largest number of devices is represented. The equipment is distinguished by impressive color reproduction, clarity, high resolution and other similar indicators. A distinctive feature of such cameras is their durability. If used correctly, they can work smoothly for 5 years or more.
  • Premium devices. They differ not only in durability and reliability, but also in ultra-advanced technical capabilities. These can be face recognition systems, the ability to record sound, automatically remove distortions, etc. Such cameras are often installed as part of a private home security system. They can send SMS to cell phone or record video with sound.

If you want to install a camera in an apartment and know when it is on and when not, then it is best to choose models with a blinking red LED.

Installation rules

Before installing a home video surveillance camera, you need to decide on the places where it should be mounted. The ideal solution is considered if the viewing angle allows you to cover the entire room. In addition, you need to think about whether you need to install hidden cameras or whether it will be enough to install a regular desktop or wall-mounted version.

Correct installation of a home video surveillance camera includes the following steps:

  • system layout, within which it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the room, the type of connection, etc.;
  • selection of the most optimal cable suitable for the model of the used camera;
  • choice of a DVR compatible with other gadgets;
  • installation of a video camera and setting up.

In the process of installing such equipment, it is imperative to take into account the fact that the presence of wires near the camera can interfere and distort the image.

If a wired camera is used, then close attention should be paid to the selection of the cable, since the picture quality depends on this. Among the most popular options are the following.

  • Coaxial, inside of which there is a copper core. There are many options on the market that differ in different sections. It is best to choose a cable with a minimum diameter, as it is more convenient to use.
  • Combined, which are also considered universal. The main advantage of such a cable is that just one wire is enough to equip a home video surveillance system.
  • Twisted pair. Considered the ideal solution for IP camera installation.

Manufacturers today offer a huge number of camera models that can be used to create a home video surveillance system.

The most important thing is to choose the right type of device and install it correctly.

How to install a CCTV camera, see the video below.

Best CCTV Cameras of 2021

When you are looking for the best CCTV camera for your home, you have many options, some of which cost less than £ 100. This is both good and bad; there are great budget models, but there are also some that give soapy video and limited options. So it is a good idea to do a little research before purchasing such a camera.

In addition to providing quality images day or night, the best home security cameras are easy to set up; can stream video to phone, tablet or computer and send you an alert if they detect motion or loud noise. Most cameras also provide night vision and automatic motion-activated recording, and some even have built-in speakers so you can talk to someone through them or set an alarm.

Top 10 rating according to KP version

Nest Cam Indoor is the third generation of the famous Dropcam. one of the first and one of the best CCTV cameras for home security. The video quality is now upscaled to 1080p. It is easy to install, and thanks to its magnetic swivel stand, it can be installed almost anywhere in the room. The video looks sharp enough. The camera can be used as an intercom, it interacts with the Nest thermostat and Nest Protect smoke detector, as well as with numerous third-party smart home devices.

Excellent 1080p video quality
Impressive night vision
Integration into a smart home

The Arlo Pro 3 rechargeable home security camera has many features that set it apart from other systems. It’s also easy to install and use, and the application is simple. In addition to basic functions such as night vision, two-way audio, motion detection and alerts, it has many additional security features such as a built-in siren and armed modes. The camera offers advanced alerts, including the detection of people, animals, and even vehicles outside. The model is not cheap, but the Arlo Pro 3. is a reliable product that works well and is popular in the western market.

Lots of safety features
Accurate sensors
Ease of use

The Logitech Circle 2 is the second generation of the Circle smart home camera, offering a choice of wired or wireless connection, weatherproof and wider field of view than its predecessor. It’s compatible with Amazon, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, and there’s a variety of mounts and accessories available for it, allowing you to mount it wherever you want. The Circle 2 has a 180-degree field of view, it records 1080p video and provides night vision up to five meters. In addition, Circle 2 has a two-way talk and listen function. Those opting for a Circle Safe Premium subscription will have access to people detection, motion detection and advanced event and alert filter options.

Free cloud storage
Up to two years of battery life

The Canary all-in-one security camera can be set up in minutes and will learn to deliver smarter notifications over time. The gadget supports Full HD video recording and sends instant alerts when activity is detected, and also has the ability to view the recorded video. It also offers non-subscription person detection as well as two-way communication and streaming from a desktop with a subscription. It also has a 90 decibel siren to scare off any unwanted visitors, which can be controlled remotely, and Canary also monitors air quality, temperature and humidity to give you a better view of your home.

Many smart home functions in one device
High quality audio and video

What do the best IP cameras for video surveillance offer us? 24/7 security. At the same time, it is so affordable that anyone can purchase a basic set. Especially, the owner of a country house or cottage, which he visits from time to time. The more you see, the less you worry.

Structurally, modern cameras can be divided into 2 types:

  • Rotary (PTZ). The general direction of external cylindrical trackers. The abbreviation PTZ stands for “Pan Tilt Zoom”, that is, work in pan, tilt and zoom mode. Often equipped with manual and stand-alone servos;
  • Dome. a class of models for indoor installation under the ceiling or wall. They can be open (the lens is visible) and closed (tinted glass). Also includes the use of servos.

But these are only basic categories. When choosing the best video surveillance devices, it is worth starting from their design and technical parameters:

  • Panoramic. capable of providing a view from 180 to 360 degrees due to the rotation of the lens and wide-angle optics with a coverage of 100-120 degrees, respectively. Suitable for protecting large perimeters and leveling blind spots;
  • Hull. used for outdoor and indoor use. Set statically to track defined perimeters. Cameras of this type are often telephoto, with an optical zoom function;
  • Modular. a set of several cameras and a central processor that combines all signals, displaying it on a monitor;
  • Cylindrical. have the corresponding type of body. Used for wall and ceiling mounting, showing a static picture and covering up to 90-100 degrees.

Are there any differences between the “habitat halo”? Yes, they are also present:

  • Internal. structurally simpler, do not have protection against moisture and dust, the cases are not so strongly strengthened against vandalism. Also unable to survive prolonged exposure to sun and wind;
  • Streetwear. everything is exactly the opposite. Such models work not only in heat, but also in severe frosts, and also catch movement under a shower or snow. The camera costs much more.

The next point is the type of connection. Everything is simple here:

  • Wired. always a stable signal, but it is necessary to correctly organize the laying of cables, connect, power up and choose a suitable router for monitoring;
  • Wireless (GSM, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). do not require extra cables, but may be afraid of signal interference, distortion, network disconnection and more. It all depends on the area of ​​use.

Best Home Security Cameras 2021. Outdoor, Indoor, Battery & Wired, WIFI & PoE Cameras

Which CCTV Camera is Better to Choose? The one that will provide you with a stable signal. You can look in the direction of a wired home IP camera with Wi-Fi, among which there are also a lot of cool models.

The best IP cameras for home and apartment

What CCTV cameras are best suited for an apartment and a house? Let’s figure it out:

  • focal length from 2.8 to 6 mm (viewing angle 48-86 degrees, respectively);
  • the sensitivity of the matrix is ​​at the level of f / 1.6-f / 2.0 (the lower the indicator. the higher the viewing accuracy in the dark);
  • resolution. HD or better;
  • dust and water proof. for outdoor use only;
  • IR-cut filter for night vision. optional;
  • sound recording and microphone. optional.

For the home, we recommend choosing a dome model due to its versatility. It can be installed on a shelf, or mounted on a wall or ceiling without losing sight.