Quadrocopters with HD and 4K camera

A copter with an HD camera is already a serious aircraft capable of producing excellent picture quality in HD or even 4K format. The price for such devices ranges from 500 to 1500 USD, but they are really worth it.

When choosing a model with an HD camera, you usually end up with a high-tech drone with a variety of flight modes adapted for shooting. What are these modes?

  • Orbit mode. in this mode, the drone will circle above you, while the camera will be pointed at you.
  • Point of Interest. this mode is designed to take pictures of a subject of interest. You set the drone’s flight altitude, speed and tilt of the camera yourself.
  • Selfie mode. the drone flies away from you at a certain distance and approaches, take pictures.

Which Quadcopter With A Camera To Choose

Flight modes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

There are quite a few interesting models from various manufacturers in this segment. The leader is undoubtedly the Chinese company dJI Innovations. DJI Phantom 4 Pro is arguably the most recognizable rc quadcopter with hd and 4K camera.

And there is a reason for this: for 1500 USD you get a drone capable of taking amazing photos with a resolution of 4K 60 FPS, taking continuous shooting at a speed of 14 frames / sec, is in the air for almost 30 minutes, flying at 70 km / h and has a radius flight of almost 7 km! Due to the system of sensors and cameras, the Phantom 4 Pro can detect and fly around obstacles in 5 directions.

Another unique quadcopter, it looks like modifications, is the DJI Mavic Pro.

The key to the Mavic Pro is its compactness. With its modest dimensions (length 198 mm, height and width 83 mm), this drone is NOT inferior to the Phantom 4 Pro in terms of technology. Mavic is capable of accelerating to 65 km / h and staying in flight for as much as 27 minutes. And all this for 999 USD. As for the camera. the Mavic has equIPped it with a 4K camera capable of shooting at 4096×2160 at 24fps.

Another interesting option is the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K. As the name implies, this drone is capable of shooting Not only in FULLHD but also in 4K.

This drone cannot be called compact, it is 1.7 kg, but this can be a plus. such a drone is more resistant to a gust of wind. The camera has a 115 degree field and a lens system that completely removes barrel distortion. A competitive feature of this drone is a rather rich package, which, in addition to the drone, includes a SteadyGrIP hand gimbal, a hard case for transportation, two batteries and a remote control with a screen, which is broadcast from the camera. All this will cost 799 USD. This drone implements such flight modes as FOLLOW ME (Follow me) and WATCH ME (Shoot me). The drone is able to stay in flight for up to 25 minutes.

If you want to get a good and inexpensive quadrocopter with an hd (FHD) camera, for about 500 USD, check out the Parrot Bebop Drone 2. This money will give you a great quadrocopter with Full HD camera and electronic image stabilization.

Various Selfie Shooting Modes allow you to get unique shots of yourself. The drone is capable of flying up to 25 minutes and accelerating to 55 km / h. The drone is controlled using a mobile phone, but it is available with an impressive multi-functional Skycontroller or FPV, complete with a compact controller and Cockpitglasses.

Xiaomi Mi Drone is another interesting quadrocopter with a camera from the well-known mobile electronics manufacturer GoPro. Depending on the configuration, the drone can have an FHD or 4K camera. The camera has an unusual circular shape with a 360-degree view located in the front of the drone.

The drone can be controlled at a distance of up to 4 km, the flight time is about 25 minutes. The cost of the drone is about 500 USD. Mi Drone has Ultrasonic height sensors and a camera that processes the light flux allowing the drone to hang at a certain height without even having a connection with satellites. In addition to the drone, Xiaomi has released the Mi Drone application, which with every update becomes more functional and includes more and more features.

Selfie Drones

Selfie drones are now actively developing, new models are released almost monthly. Selfie drones are well equIPped, many of them have GPS sensors, Ultrasound and visual sensors.

In addition, such drones have excellent software equIPment, since K. They are controlled mainly using a mobile phone. For example, Zerotech’s Dobby can recognize faces, fly around you, take pictures, and follow you. Almost all selfie drones are able to display an image on the phone screen, i.e. EquIPped with FPV function.

As a rule, self-drones are very compact, it is assumed that such a drone will always be with you, like a mobile phone. What is a selfie without a good camera? Naturally, none, so these drones are equIPped with pretty decent cameras capable of shooting in 1080p, and some, like the Hover Camera Passport. And at all in full 4K.

The only weak point of selfie drones is a short flight time, on average 5-7 minutes, no more. The leader in this respect is the Hover Camera Passport. 10 minutes of active flight. Naturally, the price of such copters can be quite high. from 200 to 500 USD.

Perhaps the best in this segment is the flying drone with a camera. DJI Spark. Spark is the newest quadcopter ever launched in New York on May 24, and is the smallest in the entire DJI lineup. Due to its compactness (143 × 143 × 55mm) and low weight, we classified this drone as a self-drone, although in terms of equIPment it is not much inferior to its older brother Mavic Pro.

  • Maximum speed. 50 km / h;
  • Maximum flight range. 2 km;
  • The maximum flight time is 15 minutes;
  • Front camera with the ability to recognize obstacles based on a 3D model;
  • Visual positioning system;
  • Gesture control;
  • Dual-axis gimbal with digital image stabilization;
  • Full HD camera;
  • Intelligent flight modes (including ActiveTrack, TapFly, horizontal and vertical panoramas, etc.);
  • DJI Goggles Compatible.

Agree, not every radio-controlled drone with a camera can boast of such capabilities, not talking about a selfie-drone. DJI Spark is priced at 499. For this money, you will only get a drone without a transmitter. Fly Combo version with transmitter, case, screw protection and two batteries will cost 699 USD.

Amateur drone quadcopters

Perhaps the most numerous segment, in which there are quite a few interesting models such as Syma x5, Syma x8, JXD 509W or hubsan H502e. The price of a budget drone with a camera can range from USD 30 to USD 100, depending on the configuration. By far the most popular amateur drone with a camera in terms of price-quality ratio is the Syma x5С.

This drone has a 2MP camera which is powered by a 3.7V 500mAh main battery. The flight time is about 10 minutes and the maximum distance is 150 meters. Syma x5 has received many different modifications, which include options such as headless mode (Headless mode), FPV and built-in barometric sensor.

You can evaluate the quality of shooting by the following:

If you need a more powerful drone, check out the Syma x8C. Despite the fact that the camera is identical to the younger version of the x8C, it is able to lift a GoPro or any other similar camera.

Syma X8HG is a modification of Syma X8 with a more or less decent stock camera capable of producing 1080p resolution. Of course, as modern action cameras are NOT out of the question, but this is the best budget solution that Syma Toys has previously offered.

Many will agree that the Syma X5C1 and X8C are some of the best cheap camera drones on the market.

We also recommend Pay attention to JXD 509V. This drone is slightly more expensive, but the camera in it has a tilt of 30 degrees, allowing you to get interesting angles. In addition, this drone is richer in equIPment, it can return to the pilot at the press of a button, hold altitude, allowing the pilot to focus on. And also has a Headless Mode.

Another interesting option up to 100 USD is the HUBSAN H502e. Here we get 720P HD camera, control distance is 200 ± 15m and flight time is about 10-12 minutes. In addition, this drone is equIPped with a GPS sensor, which allows the drone to maintain altitude and return home using previously memorized coordinates.

You can evaluate the quality obtained from this drone by this.

Quadrocopters for FPV flights in an apartment (Tiny Whoop)

Recently, drones designed for FPV flights in an apartment have become more and more popular, this segment even came up with a special name Tiny Whoop. Tiny Whoop is a microcopter with radio controlled camera and transmitter. THOSE. This is essentially an indoor FPV quadcopter. You can assemble such a quadcopter yourself or purchase a ready-made model.

One of the most popular camera drones in this segment is the Eachine E010C. It has an M7 800TVL camera with a 150 degree angle of view and a built-in transmitter. Capable of transmitting signal to FPV goggles or screen. The price for the Eachine E010C set is about 2 thousand rubles.

Mini drones with camera

To begin with, since the dimensions of these models are extremely small, they are more suitable for flying indoors than outdoors. And here’s why: firstly, they are very light. it will be difficult for them to fight even with a slight wind, and secondly, if you lose sight of it, you most likely will not find it.

The most famous camera model is probably the Cheerson CX-10W. Its size does NOT exceed 40 cm, while it is capable of shooting in HD resolution (720 P) and transmitting it via Wi-Fi to a mobile phone, and the cost is within 2 thousand rubles.

Demanding super-quality shooting from such drones, of course, is not worth it, but the pleasure of flying around the apartment is guaranteed to you.

Another interesting model in this segment is the legendary Hubsan X4 H107С and its further modification Hubsan X4 H107С Plus. Both of these drones are slightly larger than the CX-10W, they have a 2MP camera capable of shooting 1280×720 at a rate of 30 frames per second, the cost for the modified version is around 3 thousand rubles and 2 thousand for the usual one. Recording takes place on a microSD / SDHC card.

If we talk about the X4 H107С Plus, then it has reduced its costs to get more stable. In addition, this modification has acquired a new, more interesting design, Headless mode and a barometric sensor for keeping altitude.

How To Choose A Quadrocopter With A Camera. Inexpensive And Good | Camera Drones. Model Overview

Recently, there are more and more models that are focused primarily on shooting. In this regard, a rather difficult task arises. how to choose a quadrocopter with a camera that is inexpensive and good, taking the fact that drones are very different both in purpose and in price.

Before deciding on the final option, you need to answer a few simple questions: what do you plan to shoot and what budget do you plan to meet??

All drones with a camera can be roughly divided into several types:

  • Mini drones with a camera. these drones will fit in the palm of your hand, but the quality will not be high.
  • Selfie drones are a very popular trend in the development of drones lately. With their help, you will get a decent quality photo and
  • Cheap mid-sized. the most popular segment for newbies.
  • Copters with HD or 4K cameras are more expensive segment, but the quality is also higher.
  • Drones for GoPro cameras. typically action drones capable of carrying a GoPro or other similar camera.

Of course, such a breakdown is rather arbitrary and the characteristics of models from different groups may overlap. Let’s take a look at each group and examine the main, most prominent representatives in each. Let’s start with the smallest representatives. mini drones.

Quadcopters for GoPro

There are quite a few drones for GoPro on the market, and in some models the integration is so tight that you can literally control the parameters of the camera. over, the Australian manufacturer of the famous camera itself has launched its own GoPro Karma quadcopter on the market. Let’s start with him.

The GoPro Karma has folding arms and is compatible with Hero4 Silver, Hero4 Black, Hero5 Black cameras. Support for the latest Hero5 Session camera is also announced. The drone turned out to be quite dynamic (maximum speed 54 km / h), capable of flying up to 3 km and staying in the air for up to 20 minutes.

Karma comes with a universal gimbal, which can be used with Karma GrIP handheld monopods. The controller has a built-in screen so you don’t need any mobile device. The kit also includes a case for transporting the drone. It should be borne in mind that the GoPro camera will have to be together separately. The cost of the drone is 1000 USD.

If you love active sports and need a dynamic and compact drone for GoPro, there is no better Air Dog.

The drone has adaptations for 3rd, 4th and 5th generation GoPro cameras. All control takes place from the AirLeash wristband as well as the Air Dog application in which you can customize various flight parameters. The drone has 6 flight modes which you can read in our article about this drone.

The drone is able to stay in flight for up to 20 minutes and reach speeds of up to 65 km / h. With all its advantages, perhaps the most significant drawback is the price. For Air Dog without a camera, you will have to pay 1600 USD (and this is without a camera).

Another GoPro quadcopter of interest is 3DR Solo. This drone has a variety of features.

Firstly, this is perhaps the only drone running the Linux operating system. Given that Linux is an open platform, if you have the appropriate knowledge, you can reprogram the drone for yourself.

The second feature is GoPro integration. The gimbal is made in such a way that you can control both the flight modes of the drone and the camera parameters through a single application 3DR Solo APP. Thirdly, it is one of the most dynamic drones, capable of speeds of about 90 km / h. Fourthly, the drone turned out to be incredibly durable, capable of withstanding a fairly hard landing.

The price for this drone is around 400 USD.

Which quadcopter should you choose? TIPs for choosing.

Which quadcopter to choose among so many? this question is asked by everyone who wished to purchase such an aircraft. So, how are they different??

Professional quadcopters

And finally. If you have a desire to shoot with high quality photos, etc. Feel the pleasure of driving. Then we buy a quadrocopter with a brushless motor. They are the most durable. Such quadcopters are usually impressive in size and crammed with a variety of electronics systems. They have GPS, GLONASS, altitude sensor, accelerometer, ultrasonic sensor, HD camera, support for mobile OS, long flight range up to 6000 m. from 200. If you are a beginner and have money, then take a look at these quadcopters: Phantom 4, DJI Inspire 1 Pro, Walkera Voyager 3 Basic.

Semi-professional quadcopters

Mid-size quadcopters. They are equIPped with collector motors with a gearbox, which provide stronger power. There is a drawback such as the rapid wear of the power unit. A wide variety of and configurations. You can choose with or without a camera. Some models have FPV (flying around the camera) function, but the quality of shooting will not be very high. Here there is a place to be such functions as return to the take-off site, etc. In the terminology section, you can get acquainted with abbreviations. It will be easier to fly on such a quadcopter, and most importantly, more interesting. There is also a wide variety of and choices. Advise before buying a drone read reviews.


Let’s start with dimensions. There are very small quadcopters, the so-called mini quadcopters. The sizes start from 80 mm. If you don’t need a quadcopter for shooting. Then you can take a quadcopter from this category. They differ in their cheap cost and minimal characteristics. The price will range from 30. One of these is Traxxas QR-1, Syma X11, Yike Model Aviator. Models are great for kids and adults can induLGe.

There are larger quadrocopters equIPped with brushed motors. In which there is a minus, fragility. In such a quadcopter, a 2-5 megapixel camera appears, these devices are usually equIPped with protection. They can be characterized as streetwear. They fly without any problems in any wind. There is already a wide variety of quadcopters and prices. You need to look and read, and then choose. Same outside, different inside. Pay attention to WLToys V262, Syma X5SW, Syma X5C. The choice is yours.

From everything written, we can conclude from what to build on when choosing a quadrocopter:

  • Determine for what purpose you are buying;
  • Determine flight training;
  • What’s your budget for buying.

We hope we helped you solve the problem of which quadrocopter to choose. Good luck and good flight.

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Which quadcopter to choose?

The modern copter market offers hundreds of models. Most of them are presented in several categories:

  • Nanodrones (e.g. Weccan SG-F01). Mini toys for fun. They have a flight time of up to 5 minutes, LED lights and a control range of up to 20 meters;
  • Budget models (JXD 512DW, Parrot Mambo Fly, Syma X54HW). They have a built-in camera, Wi-Fi support and synchronization with smartphones (Android, iOS). The flight time is 7-20 minutes;
  • Quadrocopters for hobbyists (DJI Mavic Air, DJI Phantom, Walkera QRX350, Hubsan X4). Devices with FullHD or 4K camera, smart modes and flight time up to 40 minutes;
  • Drones for pros (Yuneec Typhoon H Pro hexacopter, DJI Mavi Pro). Designed for high-quality aerial photography. EquIPped with 4K UHD camera, large lifting force, signal range up to 2-3 km.

You can buy an inexpensive drone for a child from 8 years old or a novice user. These models are easy to fly, can shoot 0.3 megapixels with a VGA camera and record it to an SD card. The drone will perform well indoors or outdoors in calm weather. The flight range of such devices. Up to 100 meters.

advanced amateur drones have a control range of up to 2-3 km and recording in HD quality. They are great for landscapes and events.

Professional multicopters are designed for experienced pilots. They are equIPped with Smart modes, can record 4K quality. The flight range reaches 5-7 km, with the ability to climb up to 6 km. The cost of such devices is high.

Functionality of modern quadcopters

Advanced drones are unthinkable without Special Control Modes and Devices:

  • Barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope. sensors for pressure measurement, stabilization and control of the copter;
  • GPS. fixes coordinates and sends it to the pilot;
  • FPV (First Person View). broadcast to a monitor or smartphone using Wi-Fi;
  • Follow Me. allows the drone to follow the operator;

The smart quadcopter can locate the owner using GPS and return to the takeoff point. Smartphone sync allows you to watch in real time, thanks to the presence of FPV technology. Combined with VR glasses, the copter becomes the pilot’s “eyes”.

Charge time and control

Almost all drones are equIPped with 180-4500 mAh lithium polymer (LIPo) batteries. Charging time can vary from half an hour to 2-3 hours.

The control is carried out with the help of a remote control, as the expensive models have an LCD display. The transmitter is equIPped with joysticks for turns, power and display buttons.


  • By popularity
  • Ascending price
  • Descending price

Most Popular Searches for Quadrocopters

A quadrocopter (or multicopter) is an advanced gadget for fans of flying and radio control. The models differ greatly in functionality. these are simple toys for a full-fledged camera in the air. A standard quadcopter has four propellers (quad). Models with 6 rotors are called hexacopter, with 8 rotors they are called octocopter.

There are simple copter models for beginners. They spend no more than 15 minutes in the field and have a standard control panel. Amateur can shoot high quality, EquIPped with GPS and high autonomy.

Professional Hexacopters and Multicopter are presented. these are flying cameras with high payload.

Why it is convenient to buy quadrocopters at Citrus


  • Frames per second. There should be no sudden movements, the picture moves smoothly.
  • Color rendering. Compare cameras with each other, see how the color in the picture matches reality. It happens that the asphalt is gray, but on. yellowish.

Sound is another critical parameter. Some drones give a good picture, but manufacturers have saved on voice acting. It is better not to buy devices in which the audio track is not clear enough or loud enough.

Quadcopter with camera

A quadrocopter is a device that takes photos at a distance and is controlled using a special remote control or an application on a smartphone. Now any technique does NOT represent existence without mobile devices.

How to choose a quadcopter with a camera

Choosing a drone includes the following steps:

After the purchase, you have a legal two weeks, during which the device and money for it are returned.

Quadcopter with camera specifications

The technical specifications do not fully reveal what kind of drone it is. Sometimes the characteristics are good, but they saved on quality. Occurs even among expensive models.

Please note when buying:


  • Flight quality. The larger the device, the less suitable it is for flying at home and better suited for outdoor use. Large drone resists wind better. Professional models are larger than amateur versions, because they are used in harsh climatic conditions.
  • Shooting quality. The influence is indirect, but large models do not need optical stabilization.
  • Flight duration. Large quadcopters require more battery capacity and consume energy. These models are equIPped with a larger battery.


Pay attention to the ratio of the battery capacity to the dimensions and weight of the quadcopter.

To lift the oversized device requires a powerful motor that consumes more electricity. Consequently, the same capacity that is needed to hold a smaller aircraft for twenty minutes, a larger unit will only hold 12-15 minutes.

The relationshIP between capacity and battery life is non-linear. In addition to dimensions, the work of additional functions, for example, autopilot, also affects. The larger the capacity, the better.

Radius of action

How far a quadrocopter with a camera flies. For amateur models, an impressive range is not required, because it is rarely necessary to shoot distant areas. Professionals sometimes fly 2 kilometers. The more the drone captures scenic landscapes from a bird’s eye view, the more powerful the receiver, and the more demanding it is on electricity.

Transmitter / Receiver frequency

It is impossible to say unequivocally at what frequency a good-quality quadcopter operates, because each type of transmitter and receiver has advantages and disadvantages.

  • 900 Mhz. The advantage of this frequency is that the signal easily passes through trees and is combined with equIPment operating at 2.4 Ghz. If the antenna on the remote control breaks down, it is easy to make it yourself.
  • 1.2 Ghz. Drones operating at this frequency cover long distances. The signal passes easily through solid objects. Antennas can also be made by yourself.
  • 2.4 Ghz. The signal passes through solid objects worse, but the drone flies far at this frequency. Suitable for professional drones that capture the farthest objects. Filming is carried out in an open field, because there are obstacles.

Drones with a camera operating at 5.8 GHz are available, but they are rare and suitable for shooting at short distances.

The distance the drone flies is reduced in a humid environment. Also some frequencies Illegal in a particular country.

Autopilot. allows you to set a route using your smartphone. The drone will overcome it on its own, capturing everything it sees on the go. The function requires battery power, but makes the operator’s job easier.

When buying a drone with a camera, pay attention to whether third-party recording devices are installed on the device.

Camera resolution

Affects the detail of the picture. At low resolutions, you will NOT be able to capture many objects and expand them on a widescreen display. Sometimes the quality of the footage is better with cameras that shoot in low resolution. To the basic factors affecting quality. Relate:

  • Optics.
  • Optical stabilization.
  • Matrix size.


DO NOT attempt to repair the aircraft, disassemble it, or send it to a third party service center for repair. This is considered the basis for refusal to return money or acceptance of the device for service.