Expand the features of the TV: Top rating of the best applications for Smart TV 2020

Review of the best of the editorial office of Zuzako.com. On the criteria of the selection. This material is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying requires a consultation with a specialist.

Make a SMART TV TV with the most useful and multifunctional will help special applications. They are simplified online versions of computer programs designed to perform certain tasks. Before loading such a software, be sure to study the top rating of the best applications for Smart TV 2020, which the editorial office of Zuzako amounted to on the basis of user reviews and user opinions. It includes the most popular programs for games, entertainment, as well as to view channels and movies.

Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus. This is an application that is installed by default on the most modern TVs of this brand. With it, we have access to more than 100 free channels focused on such a variety of topics as current events, entertainment or sports. To gain access to the application, you do not need to download anything or pay to start enjoying. Since it is included in your TV, you cannot refuse to subscribe or delete it.

However, Samsung TV Plus is not available on all brand TVs. If you have a Samsung TV and you want access to these free channels, you must have one of the models produced after 2016. Smart Hub button by following the application icon and opening it.

Vintera application.TV

SMART TV program called Vintera.TV today is available on TVs LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Philips and some Panasonic models. Using this application is not more difficult than an ordinary TV, so for a wide range of people service more than available. The peculiarity of this program is that to view programs through it, you do not need to register on sites, while when entering the same sites from the computer registration is required. The user can create and change its playlist, as part of the proposed provider, and enjoy special offers.

To install the application, it is necessary from the remote control to enter the ApplicationStore store, where the desired application is in the video section. Installation takes no more than a minute, viewing TV channels immediately. At the same time, to view the channels over the Internet was comfortable, the user must have a transfer rate:

The local network for viewing TV from the provider requires speed up to 100 Mbps, and today it has not been for anyone for anyone restriction.

Some features should be considered, referring to the model of your TV. So, find the Vintera app.TV From TVs Samsung 2017 releases can be released in the Categories video section, and in LG 2012-2013. Smart WORL. At the same time, for the same LG 2014, this will already be a section of video AppsGames, Philips. App Gallery, in Toshiba. Toshiba Places.

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Culinary Academy

Culinary Academy. an ideal assistant in the kitchen

Purpose: Step-by-step recipes with illustrations, rollers and tips designed for experienced cooks or beginners of “free artists”.

New dishes. every day and let life become a holiday!

Functional: In addition to the search system for individual names, filtering on competitive ingredients or entire product lists is available.

In addition, you can choose entire categories with thematic dishes. for the new year, romantic dinner or a sought evening in the company of colleagues.

Pros: The presence of step-by-step instructions, where everyone is really closely described and commented. from now on, even complex dishes are easy to bring the condition, it is enough to read in the proposed description.

Separate attention deserves a catalog with useful observations from experienced owners. how to store some products to choose knives and cutting boards.

Cons: read even on high-quality TV sometimes real flour.

And to type the names on the numeric keypad and the test.

However, if you get used to, then cooking will become more quickly, and the result is much tastier (it is convenient to use the TV, located in the kitchen, of course!).

Service IVI

On the territory of Russia IVI is one of the most significant vaults of television programs and films. There is more than 60,000 diverse files, which are mostly represented free. Although users are invited to execute subscription.

Her owners, in addition to access to everyone, without exceptions, IVI files have the ability to view movies without commercials. For those who refuse to subscribe, all films will be periodically interrupted by advertising pauses, just as it happens on ordinary television. Install the IVI widget from your Smart TV app store.

MEGOGO service

In the CIS countries, this Ukrainian portal enjoys the greatest popularity. The number of films on Megogo reaches three and a half thousand, cartoons of about 1800, and serials. 850. View some film is possible for free, and for some user will have to pay the N-amount. Install Megogo widget from your Smart TV application store.

ZOOMBY service

The main advantage of this service is an amazing imagination. In fairness I must say that among them there are quite a few films of very low quality, shot at the amateur level. However, this sinters the bulk of SMART TV-oriented sites. In any case, lovers can find a lot of interesting things here. Even 3D movies come across. Install the Zoomby widget from your Smart TV app store.

Tvigle service

Also quite popular service. Tvigle priority is given to Russian films, among which a large number of classic film from the times of the Soviet Union. For the convenience of users there is a breakdown of all files on the headings, which are already eighteen. There are no subscriptions on TVIGLE as such, but there is an advertisement. Install TVigle widget from your Smart TV app store.

Service Oll-TV

This service has a lot in common with Megogo, but there are also significant differences. So OLL-TV has dense connections in the sports world, and therefore actively cooperates with the broadcasts of football matches. This allows him to successfully compete with standard television channels. So here it is consistently broadcast matches from the Champions Football League and Europa League. And they have quality HD. Install the Oll-TV widget from your Smart TV app store.

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Smart IPTV

Both for Android TV and for SMART TV TVs Samsung or Computers with Webos We find the Smart IPTV application. An application that we can also establish in any TV-box with the Android TV operating system and Amazon Fire TV devices. Thus, this is one of the most compatible offers. Available for download in Google Play or through its official website.

which, programs, install, smart

The truth is that the application offers the opportunity to try it within 7 days free, but if we want and want to continue to use it, we will have to activate it. For this we will have to buy it, but the truth is that it has a really affordable cost for everything that offers us.

Consider briefly the most popular video from the category that will be useful will be installed.

Ivi.RU. online cinema

Large and very convenient catalog of movies, cartoons and serials. For most requests, you will definitely find a movie my soul. Very much free Russian films, as well as foreign. From paid content only the most popular American films, mostly recent years. Almost all paid films can be viewed by the so-called subscription. It is 300 per month. When paying, access to a raid content. Only single films, the most cash, can be viewed for a fee. Average for one such film.

Stream Interactive

This app is well complemented by standard television. Here are collected best television programs, various reports, a large collection of Russian TV series and documentaries. All content is free. Very convenient if you missed any transmission to TV, you can see it at any time using this application. Now also available in samsung apps.

Tvigle.RU. Internet TV

This application also contains a large number of Russian TV series, documentaries, clips and other things. Although there are no high-budget films here and not, but all the content can be watching absolutely free. When viewing, short promotional blocks will be displayed periodically, which do not distract at all and is undoubtedly much shorter and appear less often than when viewing conventional TV channels.


The legendary video hosting is also available in Samsung Apps. The functionality practically repeats the one that on the YouTube site, with the exception of some little things. Authorization is available, that is, you can use your old account and on Smart TV, subscribe to new channels, watching tape and so on, and however, changes will be displayed later on the computer. There is also a useful synchronization feature with a mobile phone (for this you need to install YouTube on your phone). When it is used, you can search for videos using a mobile phone and one click on the start of their playback on the screen of your TV.

Explore 3D

This is an English-language service viewing rollers for 3D TV. Actively gaining popularity in Russia. Will be very useful to those who purchased TV with a 3D function. Contains many specially prepared for 3D content.

5 Body Workout

The concept of this application is really unique. An excellent choice for those who watch their body and adheres to the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

This is a substitute for all videos about sports and health that can be easily searching for a long time on the network.

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Within this application, everything that an athlete can be useful. And any level. from the beginner to the advanced pro.

The appendix collected courses on street worm, home training. Here they will tell in detail, will show and cut, how to eat right, recruit and dump weight, dry. Also a lot of information about the benefits and rules for using food additives.

Exercises that are invited to perform in front of the TV have an interesting and visual animation. You only need to repeat and put yourself in order.

Content There are 2 options. These are free and paid features. And paid content is not so much, and not everyone will need it.

Really one of the most useful applications that were designed for modern smart TVs. Visual proof that before TV can not just lie and eat, but also to correct health, download muscles and develop in all directions.

which, programs, install, smart

Leankey Keyboard

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers of smart-TVs and consoles equip their technique with a decent visual keyboard. If you are not lucky in this regard, install Leankey Keyboard. This free on-screen keyboard has a Russian and Latin alphabet, fully controlled from the remote control, easily switches between the layouts and allows you to use the optional buttons on the remote control, for example, to quickly access the menu.

Implosion. Never Lose Hope

Implosion. Never Lose Hope. role-playing game on the topic of salvation of civilization from alien invaders, whose gameplay, according to developers, seeks to the level of gaming consoles. Is it so, do not judge, but if you believe users, the graphics of the game are really good. Voice acting. too, although the translation leaves much to be desired.

Installing Implosion. Never Lose Hope is free, but some content, if you want to buy separately.

Zombie Age 2

Zombie Age 2. Arcade, the essence of which is to liberate the city from the hordes of the walking dead. The latter should chop in meat with different types of weapons and make it possible to earn one points.

Installing the game, as in the previous case, is free, but there is an additional paid content.

Auralux: constellations

Auralux: Constellations. multiplayer, rather complicated strategy in which you have to become a member of the space battles for the sake of salvation of the planet. The game is very capturing, but alas: and in it for some content will have to pay extra.

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is an uncomplicated arcade, designed for the younger and average school age, however, capable of passionate and adults. The essence of the game is to prevent malicious cubes to make the whole world square.

Zombies in the fog [INTO THE DEAD]

Zombies in fog. fascinating action with well-worked three-dimensional graphics and magnificent voice acting. The player will have to be from the name, fighting the crowds of the rebels of the dead, who seek to make it one of them.