Old version of the program

How do I download the old version of the application to the “iPhone”? It so happens that users do not like the updated application, or they are more accustomed to the old version. Then you have to look for options for downloading older versions. It would be simple if it were about Androd, but we need to find old versions of the application on the “iPhone”. It is more difficult to do this, but you can.

Additional steps in installation

So we figured out how to download the application to the “iPhone” through a computer. In the case of paid software, when you click on the price, a window will appear with two blank fields: the login and password of the Apple ID account. Then fill in them and click “Ok”. After all the steps taken, the application will be purchased and placed in the “Programs” section above the work area of ​​the iTunes program window.

To install the application on the connected “iPhone”, select the downloaded application and click on the “Synchronize” button. All is ready. The application has been successfully installed on your Iphone.

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How to download software to “iPhone“. How to download it correctly

How do I download apps to the iPhone? To do this, just go to the AppStore, find the program you need and click on the “Download” button. After that, this application will be downloaded and installed on your gadget.

You can find it on one of the working screens of your smartphone. Just swipe from left to right across the screen until you see the downloaded app icon.

You can also select on the main home screen “All applications” and find among them the downloaded just.

Here’s how to download apps to your iPhone. This method is the easiest. However, sometimes you have to download applications in a different way. Their installation takes a little more steps. For example, download the old version of the application first.

Software via computer: how to download correctly

How to download an application to an “iPhone” via a computer? If these are utilities, then you can use a PC. To do this, the personal computer must have iTunes. You need to download it exclusively on the official website, choosing which operating system will be installed on.

After the program has been downloaded, you need to run the installer. The next step is the step-by-step installation of the program on your PC. You don‘t need to change anything during installation. You just need to click “Next” at each step of the installation.

Now launch the iTunes program and log into your account or register there if you have not done so yet.

Connect your “iPhone” to your computer. For this, use the cord that was included with you. In the iTunes app, select the iTunes Store. This section is located on the left side of the program, among the list of other sections, such as “Music”, etc.

The screen will display applications that can be downloaded to the “iPhone” connected to the computer. Scroll and select the application you need. Once you have made your choice, click on the Free button if the application is free, and on the cost of the application if it is paid.

Tips for iPhone users

If you want to install the old version of the software on new models of iPhones, then it’s better not to risk it. In this case, it is advisable to contact a specialist in the repair service for these smartphones. Because it is too likely that you, not knowing all the nuances of the installation, will simply knock down all the available settings. As a result, you may lose all data stored on your “iPhone”.

If you nevertheless decided, then in short the algorithm is as follows. You need to back up your iOS system yourself. Then, through iTunes and synchronization, try to install the old version of iOS. That is, you need to completely remove the new version and install the old one. Then restore the backup copy of the new system, which was saved, without losing the downloaded application of the old version.

It is better not to take risks in this business, especially for beginners who have just recently bought an “iPhone”. Because a software problem due to your actions will not be considered a warranty case. Then you will have to spend money on restoring the system and stabilizing the gadget.

How to download applications to “iPhone”: instructions and recommendations

How do I download apps to my iPhone? This will be discussed in our article. We will look at different ways to download programs. In addition, we will give useful tips for those who use Iphone.

There is now a huge line of smartphones from one of the world’s most renowned technology companies. Apple. Now you can pick up a model that is affordable, unlike in previous years.

Let’s assume that you have purchased one of the newfangled phone models from this manufacturer. The first thing you need to do after purchase is to download the applications to your “iPhone“. How to do it? Let’s tell you now. Note that not everything is so simple here. Especially if you are new to everyday use of an Apple smartphone.

Old version of the application. How to download it to “iPhone”?

To download and install the old version of the application via iOS, you need:

  • Set up and enable iCloud sync.
  • Open iTunes on a personal computer and download the application of interest, even if it is updated.
  • Find the downloaded application on the AppStore “iPhone” and install it on your smartphone. Done. The old version of the application is installed. However, it should be noted that this option is only possible when it comes to old models of the gadget. For example, about such as 4, 4S, 5, 5S.

In this case, regardless of whether the application is updated or not, the version that is supported by the iOS version will be installed.

Application for “Android”: how to download correctly

How to download an Android application on an iPhone? There is some software that has not yet been tuned for iOS. Or maybe the other way around: there are applications on the iPhone that don’t exist for Android. Although most often the first option occurs. This is due to the fact that on “Android” the application is much easier to make, how to install.

However, don’t be upset. There is a way to use Android apps on iPhone. But it’s not easy. Therefore, you should not take a word for all the magicians who promise the opposite.

At the moment there are no emulators for “Android” on “iPhone” (information as of November 2018, and may be outdated). The fact is that the creators of iOS are very concerned about the individuality of their brand and its system. Therefore, it is impossible to make or configure the phone so that the emulator for “Anroid” on the “iPhone” works.

You can try one way. But it is considered ineffective. And even if it works, it will not guarantee the normal operation of applications for “Android” on the “iPhone“.

  • We do a jailbreak (be careful here, iOS 7 comes out in the fall and it is not known when there will be a jailbreak for it, and whether there will be at all).
  • Install the Bootlace tweak from Sidia, launch it and patch the kernel.
  • Install the OpeniBoot loader from Sidia.
  • Again, we install iDroid from Sidia.
  • Reboot, if the phone is functioning, then now you have Android on an apple device.

As you can see, it looks rather difficult even by ear. However, if you understand all this, then you can safely try without fear for your “iPhone”.

How to use the app?

In order to add a card, the user just needs to click on the “plus” button, and then scan the barcode using the camera of the mobile device. You can also manually enter her number. The user can take a photo of the map from both sides, and then download it to the smartphone.


The application provides a built-in news feed function, so users will always be up to date with the latest events. Reviews of the program for iPhone discount cards are positive, as the application replaces a business card holder filled to overflowing with discount cards.

What is Apple WalletApple?

This is a kind of virtual wallet that allows you to store discount cards, bank numbers, train, plane, bus and even movie tickets. In 2016, the program was officially launched on the territory of the Russian Federation. To download the map, you need to launch the Wallet application. Then you should click on the sign representing the blue plus. After that, you need to enter the card number or take a photo of it from both sides. If an error message is displayed on the screen, then the manufacturer did not take into account the virtual use of a plastic card through a smartphone.

The application for iPhone discount cards allows you to analyze the history of card use, receive timely notifications about promotions, check the balance, etc. If the phone is stolen by hackers, then the application can be blocked remotely. This will keep your card details completely safe.

general information

With the advent of smartphones, this problem has acquired its own solution. Users can download almost all maps to their mobile phones. To do this, just download the application for iPhone discount cards, which will allow you to adapt the data to your own needs.

We put a password for the application in the iPhone

Today, the iPhone is not only a means for making calls and messaging, but also a place where the user stores data about bank cards, personal photos and videos, important correspondence, etc. Therefore, there is an acute question about the security of this information and the possibility of setting a password for certain applications.

Application password

If a user often gives his phone to children or just acquaintances, but does not want them to see certain information or open some application, special restrictions on such actions can be set on the iPhone. It will also help protect personal data from intruders when the device is stolen.

iOS 11 and below

In devices with OS version 11 and below, you can prohibit the display of standard applications. For example Siri, Camera, Safari browser, FaceTime, AirDrop, iBooks and others. You can remove this restriction only by going into the settings and entering a special password. Unfortunately, it is impossible to restrict access to third-party applications, including putting them under password protection.

Scroll a little below and find the item “Basic”.

Click on “Restrictions” to configure the function of interest to us.

Now you need to set up a passcode, which you will need to unlock apps in the future. Enter 4 digits and remember them.

The function is enabled, but to activate it for a specific application, you need to move the slider opposite to the left. Let’s do it for the Safari browser.

To see the hidden application, the user must re-enter “Settings”. “General”. “Restrictions”, enter his password. Then you need to move the slider opposite the desired one to the right. This can be done by both the owner and another person, it is only important to know the password.

The restriction function on iOS 11 and below hides applications from the home screen and search, and to open it, you will need to enter a passcode in the phone settings. Third-party software cannot be hidden like that.

iOS 12

This version of the OS on the iPhone has a special function for viewing screen time and, accordingly, its limitations. Here you can not only set a password for the application, but also track how much time you spent in it.

Allows you to set time limits for using applications on the iPhone. For their further use, you will need to enter a password code. This feature allows you to restrict both standard iPhone applications and third-party ones. For example, social media.

    On the iPhone home screen, find and tap on “Settings”.

Re-enter the passcode you assigned. The user can change it at any time.

Determine which application groups you want to limit. For example, let’s choose “Social Networks”. Click “Forward”.

In the window that opens, set a time limit when you can work in it. For example, 30 minutes. You can also select specific days here. If the user wants to enter a security code every time the application is opened, then you need to set the limit time to 1 minute.

Activate blocking after the specified time has elapsed by moving the slider to the right opposite “Block at the end of the limit”. Click “Add”.

Application icons after enabling this function will look like this.

By launching the application after the day limit has expired, the user will see the following notification. To continue working with him, you should click “Ask to extend the term”.

Having entered the necessary data, a special menu appears, where the user can choose how long to continue working with the application.

Standard setting
for all iOS versions. Lets you hide the default app from the iPhone home screen. In order to see it again, you will need to enter a special 4-digit password in the settings of your device.

  • Follow Steps 1-5 from the instructions above.
  • Go to “Content and Privacy”.

Slide the indicated switch to the right to activate the function. Then click on “Allowed Programs”.

Move the sliders to the left if you want to hide one of them. Now, on the home and work screens, as well as in the search, such applications will not be visible.

  • You can activate access again by following Steps 1-5, and then you need to move the sliders to the right.
  • How to find out the iOS version

    Before setting up the feature in question on your iPhone, you should find out which version of iOS is installed on it. This can be done simply by looking in the settings.

    Find the “Version” item. The value before the first dot is the information you are looking for about iOS. In our case, iOS 10 is installed on the iPhone.

    So, you can put a password on the application in any iOS. However, in older versions, the launch restriction applies only to the standard software of the system, and in newer versions, even to third-party.

    Manual. RAW Camera

    It is worth noting that last year the software for the iPhone began to support RAW format, and the camera of the devices just released in September this year is one of the best among those on the market.

    If you take advantage of these two advantages, then believe me, you will not have any desire to take a DSLR camera with you anywhere.

    If this is your case, then the Manual application simply must be on your mobile phone, it will allow you to shoot photos in RAW format, as well as control all shooting settings, which is very important.

    Using this program, you will be able to independently choose the light sensitivity, as well as control the shutter speed.

    VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

    If you are a user of such a social network as Instagram, then you simply have to read about the application called “VSCO”.

    After all, this program will allow you to produce high-quality images. You have the ability to edit any photos using numerous functions.

    Many users point out that the application has a too sophisticated artistic interface.

    You must first use this application. If you succeed, your photos will stand out from thousands of gaudy photos.

    Yandex.Maps and Transport

    Yandex maps is the best navigator in our time. The main advantage over the main competitors is the ability to save city maps, that is, it has now become possible to work with the application without an Internet connection.

    It should be noted that this factor greatly increases the speed of the program. Yandex maps are better adapted for the Russian Federation and the CIS in general.

    The application has a simple interface with huge characters, so getting lost in the system will be quite problematic. There is also a night and day mode in the program.

    DataMan. track data usage

    If you want to track the data that you transmit over four Ji networks, then this application was developed especially for you.

    With it, you can always set a limiter that allows you to avoid overpaying for the megabytes you spent.

    After downloading the program, you must indicate your tariff plan, as well as the time period for its renewal. The application will always notify you if you have exceeded the set limit.

    The application has a convenient widget that can quickly show you the number of consumed megabytes.

    Nuzzel: News for Professionals

    Too much material to read. Nuzzel tracks the posts of people you follow and brings them to the top for reading.

    Nuzzel only displays articles that have been posted to or posted on social media by the authors you follow.

    Dispatch: Email meets GTD

    The first application we want to tell you about is called “Dispatch”. The program is an email client that has a full range of functions for everyday use.

    Waze vs Google Maps vs Apple Maps vs Mapquest!

    With this application, you have the ability to send letters to the archive using a swipe. By responding to the message, the program automatically fills in the required lines.

    The application is capable of automating some processes. For example, you can select a specific message and move it to the Trello service.

    Also, you always have the opportunity to convert a letter to PDF format, as well as add it to the library of the Ibuks application.

    TOP-25 Best programs for iPhone (iPhone) for every day

    The iPhone is the most famous and popular phone today. Now every third person owns it.

    It is for this reason that the owners of this mobile phone have no idea what high-quality applications exist now.

    We decided to create our own top twenty five best iPhone apps. We will analyze the most famous applications.

    We will also show users which programs are best to use for certain tasks.

    Believe me, you will not regret the wasted time studying this publication. So, let’s begin.

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