Comparison of characteristics

The differences are obvious: processor, cameras, battery; further. more details.

Processors: Apple A13 Bionic vs A11 Bionic

Apple’s A13 Bionic processor is guaranteed to be better as it is 2 generations ahead of the A11 Bionic. The A13 is even cooler than last year’s A12, which was installed on the iPhone XS, XR, to say nothing of the A11. There is no particular point in describing the characteristics of the hardware, then. comparing the results obtained during performance testing.

iPhone 11 iPhone X
GeekBench 4.1 (single core) 5477 4256
GeekBench 4.1 (multi-core) 13882 10215
AnTuTu 7 419453 229631

In all benchmarks, the iPhone 11 gives the best results, and in Antutu there is generally a 2x lead. I will add that the best hardware on the iPhone 11 provides not only higher performance, but also the quality of video recording, photos.


The difference in battery capacities is 394 mAh in favor of the iPhone 11. Both phones claim fast and wireless charging, but both flagships come with regular 5W chargers that do not offer fast charging.

Battery test results:

iPhone 11 iPhone X
Continuous conversations, screen off 17:45 h 19:03 h
Internet surfing, brightness 200 cd / m2 15:29 h 09:26 h
Video playback, brightness 200 cd / m2 18:43 h 12:07 h

In terms of autonomy, the iPhone 11 wins, which lasts longer in surfing the Internet and video playback. But “ten” provides 1 hour of calls.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone X. Comparison of Cameras, Screens, Batteries, Processors

“Ten” was released in September 2017, iPhone 11. in September 2019, that is, 2 years later. Of course, smartphones are equipped with different hardware, screens and even batteries. Let’s figure out who is cooler, and whether it makes sense to buy “top ten”.

which, iphone, better


The flagships are equipped with different types of displays. IPS on the iPhone 11 with a diagonal of 6.1 “, with a resolution of 1792 × 828, as well as OLED with a diagonal of 5.8” on the iPhone X. It supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, it is not on the IPS-screen of the iPhone 11.

Smartphone screen test results:

The display in the top ten is better as it is OLED with infinite contrast, HDR10 and Dolby Vision support. On the other hand, IPS screens do not have PWM at low brightness, so many users are more comfortable using IPS screens.


The iPhone 11 has a main sensor with a resolution of 12 megapixels and pixels of 1.4 microns, optical stabilization and Dual Pixel focusing technology. Secondary camera. with wide-angle optics.

The top ten has a 12 Mp sensor with 1.22 µm pixels. This means that the physical size of the matrix is ​​smaller here. There is optical stabilization and Dual Pixel. Additional module. telephoto camera with 2x zoom function.

To compare the quality of photography, I will give examples of crops from images taken with both flagships under the same lighting conditions.

iPhone 11 iPhone X iPhone 11 iPhone X

iPhone 11 iPhone X iPhone 11 iPhone X

In good light, the iPhone 11 produces more accurate colors, better detail, sharperness, and less noise. In low light, the situation is the same: the “eleventh” is less noisy, has better sharpness, detail and color rendition. This is logical given the larger camera sensor and new hardware. When it comes to shooting, iPhone 11 wins.

Which iPhone 11 is better, regular or Pro. Debriefing

Literally in a couple of days, 4 months will hit, as I go with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Our author Artyom Bausov uses exactly the same amount of iPhone 11.

We thought about it and decided to collect two capacious opinions about smartphones in one post, plus supplement them a little. They are both subjective, but should give the big picture.

I hope that these two opinions will help you with the choice between the models.

My opinion, top-end iPhone 11 Pro Max

Left to right: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro.

I use the iPhone 11 Pro Max in dark green with 512 GB of memory. The most flagship, it turns out. Review wrote in September.

I want a bigger display. Hopefully, in the next generation, or in another one, they will either reduce the thickness of the frames, or slightly increase the case. It’s as if a little is not enough for complete happiness when you watch TV shows or YouTube on your iPhone.

It seems to me that the ideal balance of body size was achieved in a regular iPhone 11. There, however, it would also be useful to enlarge the display.

If I missed the portability of the iPhone X before and even thought that the usual 11 Pro is a little better for most, now I don’t want to like that at all. You get used to good things quickly.

You don’t notice the weight and dimensions of the Pro Max at all. Especially if it’s the only iPhone to use. Yes, the smartphone is not light (the heaviest among the iPhone), but with a cover and at all under 300 grams it will work. It’s just that in reality, somehow it makes no difference: 200, 300 grams, and okay. It lies in the. does not stick out, does not bother.

I constantly notice fragile girls with an iPhone XS Max or 11 Pro Max. It’s not difficult for them, for us too.

The camera is more often pleasing than frustrating. Night mode is useful, but even without it, the 11 Pro shoots much better than, say, my previous iPhone X.

wife’s iPhone 7 Plus so far, and she constantly asks to take a picture of her son on mine. She likes the result better, and so do I. And I got a hint, if that.

The ability to turn off Deep Fusion directly from the viewfinder is sorely lacking. Not every photo needs mega clarity and sharpness. Sometimes, on the contrary, you want softness, smoothness of surface textures around. And the iPhone is like “her, my friend, the wall of the house in the distance is a little dirty, I’ll even highlight it for you now”.

Throughout this time, I have used an ultra wide-angle lens 30 times less often than a telephoto lens. Telephoto is very helpful for portraits and for focusing on specific subjects.

The regular iPhone 11 does not have such a camera, and for me this is an impenetrable reason to only take the Pro. Wife doesn’t want 11 either because she’s used to 7 Plus and its telephoto lens.

Performance ok? Again, I sometimes borrow the iPhone 7 Plus from my wife and it’s okay. Yes, it takes longer to load, but not in such a way as to start getting angry. Apple has been optimizing everything so well lately that the performance boundaries between iPhones are almost erased.

You start to see the difference when you launch some photo editor or work with video. There. yes, the same “seven” can think very deeply about one cropping of a FullHD video. During this time, on 11 Pro, I will have time to open, crop, add effects, render the video and drop it into the chat.

I don’t play mobile games on the iPhone, despite all the locally stored Apple Arcade. I prefer the iPad Pro, if that’s what it takes. But I’m sure that there the difference is palpable.

The very same iOS 13 works on the old device, that on the top-end iPhone 11 Pro Max is relatively the same. Sometimes I catch unusual brakes and glitches on the “Max”.

An original leather case is required. If you are not one of those who basically wear iPhones naked, then I recommend Apple leather cases straight from the bottom of my heart.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone X full comparison

I don’t know if anything has changed in the models for the iPhone 11 Pro, but now my case looks perfect. Although he scratched and dropped, and what only he did not do with him. The metal keys on the sides are very convenient, on the silicone there are none.

I can understand the purchase of a transparent original cover, but not advise. It scratches easily, collects dust under itself, instantly splatters. You need to be almost more careful with it than with the smartphone itself.

So yes, I recommend wearing leather for the iPhone 11 Pro. Just do not drop it under water and try not to keep it on wet surfaces for a long time. I suspect it will end badly.

512GB of storage is great and a lot. If you can afford a model with such memory, then you will forever forget about the very concept of a place on a smartphone. It is unrealistically difficult to score so many gigabytes on a smart.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone X. Should You Upgrade?

Absolutely all games from Arcade, three hundred applications (100 GB), a dump of RAW photos in Files, 25 GB of movies, 102 GB of music. Still, two hundred GB are free.

The 256 GB version will be sufficient for everyone, but I’m not sure about 64 GB. Once you take Pro or Max, it makes sense to add it as a keepsake. Otherwise, somehow neither here nor there.

Battery life is wonderful, but not always enough for 2 days. Apple didn’t promise that. It’s just that if you turn on some YouTube on the 11 Pro Max with above average brightness with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, two SIM cards and a player in the background, then it will not be enough for more than one day.

When I use my iPhone in a measured way, without any mind-blowing loads and with a normal frequency, by the evening usually 30-50% of the charge remains. Most of them are consumed by instant messengers. The display often turns on, the same Telegram is still hungry for the battery even when working in the background.

But everything is learned by comparison. The iPhone 7 Plus, in the same situation, runs out of power by midnight, and the iPhone X may not even last until 9 pm on the same day. Against this background, a guaranteed day helps a lot.

Only here the Camera is unrealistically demanding: you start taking photos and videos constantly, so after 6-7 hours you will be left with almost no charge.

In the end, I’m happy with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I wouldn’t update it after XS Max, I would wait a year. But with the iPhone X, even XR, and even more so any iPhone 7. definitely a worthy upgrade from 89,990 rubles.

I do not consider the usual iPhone 11 at all due to the lack of a telephoto camera and display resolution. However, this is already completely personal quibbles, many people like him.

Artyom, the top iPhone 11

I go with a green 256GB iPhone 11. Impressions during this time have changed since the writing of the review.

The size and weight are excellent. The first and still unchanging impression is that it was simply made for my hand. Both in weight and dimensions. It’s not as big as Nikita’s iPhone 11 Pro Max and not as “compact” as the iPhone 11 Pro.

In fact, it can be used with one hand or two. It is quite comfortable to print texts even alone, and the display size is sufficient for normal video viewing. And even the LCD screen doesn’t spoil the OLED experience on my past iPhone XS Max. The picture is clear enough and rich in colors.

It scratches quickly and you can see it. Initially, it seemed to me that the back of this iPhone is very difficult to scratch, but then I realized that it was not. Yes, it doesn’t beat, but microscratches on the front and back very quickly.

It wasn’t long after replacing my iPhone, so keep other people’s photos

I usually don’t wear covers or protective glasses, I’m not used to hitting smartphones. But after I handed over the defective iPhone 11 under warranty, I caught myself thinking that I definitely need at least a protective glass.

The display has gotten tons of scratches over the years, although I didn’t put it next to any change or screen down. The back panel performed much better, but it was not perfect either.

The transparent case is terrible. What I definitely wouldn’t take is the case. Especially transparent from Apple. He definitely not worth the money: Too hard, picks up dust quickly and gets scratched. And if you take it off periodically, then there is a chance that it will crack (it happened to mine after a couple of weeks).

Works fine, but I lack autonomy. What I definitely don’t like is the battery life of the iPhone 11. It doesn’t make it to the end of the day when I work with it. That being said, the iPhone XS Max with a smaller battery didn’t have this problem. I occasionally drool on iPhone 11 Pro Max due to its huge battery.

But the tasks are not the most difficult. Writing news and occasionally some articles, light processing of photos and videos, periodic viewing of videos on YouTube. The latter takes place in the evening, as a rule, for 2-3 hours. It also happens that I play Gwent.

Removing the iPhone from charging at 8 am, by 5-6 pm hours, less than 20% remains on it. Then the battery just melts before our eyes, and even in the power saving mode.

I think “super-wide” is superfluous. When the “eleventh” was just released, I admired the ultra-wide angle, but in 4 months I actually took 5 photos, maybe 6. In normal mode, it is not particularly needed, but telephoto is critically lacking. From time to time I took her 8 Plus from the girl for photos, so that you could normally zoom in on the object.

Night mode is a fairy tale. I noticed that I began to shoot much more often in the evening and at night than in the daytime. Literally every little detail is visible. Even when approaching.

Night mode, 21:30

Not those dark shots from old iPhones. As a result, I actually use one of the two proposed cameras. But on the other hand, I use its capabilities to the fullest.

You don’t need more than 128 GB on your smartphone. I adhered to this opinion 2 years ago, and I remain with it now. Even with an abundance of games, photos and games, I can hardly score the same 64 GB.

For you to understand, I have about 10 games more than a gigabyte from Apple Arcade and about 50 thousand photos and pictures in the media library (I’m not kidding!). Nothing hangs in the cloud, everything is stored on the iPhone.


The performance is excellent. It will be enough for about 3 years for sure, if not more. Now Apple is optimizing its firmware so well that during normal use I practically do not see a difference even with the iPhone 6s, which is lying around like a spare.

Specifically in games, the difference becomes more noticeable. When I handed over the last iPhone for repair, I was downright lacking 60 frames per second in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Call of Duty: Mobile. And this iPhone tenses noticeably less. Doesn’t even get very hot.

In simple games like Brawl or BC Portal, he always stays cold. And this is the undoubted advantage of the iPhone 11.

It’s the same in photo editors. Image processing is many times faster than any other older iPhone.

In the end, I am also happy with the iPhone 11. Even with the battery life and the definitely superfluous ultra-wide-angle camera. It is fast, it shoots great, it fits perfectly in the hand and has unusual pleasant colors. And it costs only 59,990 rubles.

But it’s definitely not worth updating to it from the last generation. Starting with the iPhone 8, you can already think about it. I still miss the iPhone XS Max.