Rating of the best models iPhone 2021-2022. TOP-18 (price-quality)

iPhone (English. iPhone). The name of smartphones from the American company Apple, the key difference of which is from smartphones on Android lies in another operating system. iOS. In the first quarter of 2022, Apple took second place in the global smartphone market with a share of 18% (hereinafter. Counterpoint data), yielding to Samsung (23%). The main market for Apple. USA (1st place with a share of 50%). In Europe, Apple has second place (after Samsung) with a share of 26%. In Asia. The third place with a share of 14%, while in China, Apple is popular (3rd place with a share of 18%), but in India there is no (in this second largest Apple smartphones market in the world is not included in the first five). In Latin America, Apple has only 5% of the market (4th place), and in the Africa region. The Middle East is not included in the first five. In the 1st quarter of 2022, Apple’s share was, according to GS Group, 14% (3rd place after Samsung and Xiaomi).

This ranking will present the best iPhones relevant for September 2022, released from 2018 to 2022, with a constant memory of at least 64 GB. On September 16, 2022, sales of the latest line of iPhone 14 models started, there will be no official supplies from Apple, new iPhones will be imported by parallel imports.

When buying old iPhone models (2018 and earlier years of release), you need to pay attention not only to a tempting price, but also to the fact that these models have long been discontinued, and new copies are sold out, so when buying you will not be offered a new phone, but a new phone. restored (you can find the wording “as new” or “updated”). What does “restored iPhone” mean? Such iPhones were once used and were replaced according to the Trade-in program. After the diagnosis and replacement of the necessary elements, they were released with a note “restored”. Such an iPhone should have a guarantee, check this when buying in the store.

Apple iPhone Se 2020 128GB

The compact iPhone went on sale on April 24, 2020 and today gained 63% of fives and 83% of the recommendations for purchase in Yandex Market.

Technical characteristics: IPS screen 4.7 inch resolution of 1334×750 pixels, IOS 13, 128 GB of RAM and 3 GB of RAM, support for one ESIM SIM card. The smartphone does not support the external memory card. Battery capacity 1821 mAh. Autonomous work time in music listening 40 hours. 6-core processor Apple A13 Bionic. The result of the performance test Antutu Benchmark. 492.1 thousand. points. Fingerprint scanner on the front panel. Building material. aluminum.

The main chamber of 12 megapixels has a six.inzal lens ƒ/1.8, optical image stabilization. Do not flatter yourself that the new SE has the same camera as in the 11th iPhone, since in the iPhones of 2019, pixels in a sensor of 1.4 microns, and the SE has an old-sample with small pixels of 1.22 μm. Also in the new SE, unlike the 11th iPhone, there is no night mode. The front camera has a resolution of 7 megapixels, is equipped with optics with ƒ/2.2 aperture.

DXOMARK put the iPhone SE (2020) camera on the 3rd test protocol 103 points for photography and 98 points for the video. On the 4th protocol 108 points for the photo, 23 points for zoom and 105 for the video (average rating. 103). Selfie camera received 85 points for the photo and 83 for the video.

In general, we see that the iPhone SE (2020) is largely copied by the iPhone 8 (2017): the same case (covers from the 8th iPhone are suitable for this model), the screen, the same battery. At the same time, it is worth noting the new A13 processor, like the 11th iPhone. The camera also has improved, which is gaining more in DXOMARK tests than the iPhone X camera (2017). In general, the iPhone SE (2020) demonstrates a good ratio of “price-quality” good for Apple, having the best processor and the best camera compared to all iPhones of 2017.

Is it worth buying iPhone 11 in 2022

In our Telegram chat, a wave of indignation rose that the iPhone XR should not be bought in 2022. Alas, this is so: humble yourself. If it works great in 2021, this does not mean that it will be just as good in a year. Another thing is the iPhone 11. The smartphone adequately replaced the iPhone XR and is in the prime.

The most profitable purchase for the coming years is the iPhone 11

Now finding the desired package is very problematic, but it will end soon. iPhone 11 on 64 GB of memory already costs less than 50 thousand, and next year it will surely throw a little more. Camera, large screen, powerful battery and A13 Bionic processor. perhaps everything you need to know about the pluses of iPhone 11. You can safely buy a smartphone for the next two years not only to yourself, but also to your loved ones.

Whether to buy iPhone 11 Pro

Apple discontinued the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, but this does not mean that they are literally outdated and cannot cope with their duties in 2021. These smartphones can still be found on sale, and it is worth buying exactly for the same reasons as the usual iPhone 11. Add to this also a glass case with sloping faces instead of those that appeared in the iPhone 12.

iPhone 11 Pro can still be found on sale!

And also pleases the camera and display, the brightness of which in sunny weather increases to 900 threads. this will not cover the iPhone screen with your hands. You will not find a new one. feel free to take the exchange or restored. What are they good. said in this article.

The best iPhone in 2022

iPhone 13 is the best option for buying in 2022

In my opinion, the iPhone 13 is the best choice of all eight models. It practically does not differ from the iPhone 12 outwardly, but has an improved A15 Bionic chip, camera, brighter screen. In addition, the iPhone 13 has more powerful battery: 3200 mAh versus 2775 mAh. Not so much, but according to Apple’s assumptions, it works at least 1 hour longer than a two.year.old model.

In addition, it fell very much on it, and now it can be bought without problems for 54-55 thousand, if you choose a version of 128 GB. This is the best option today, if you want to buy iPhone for several years in advance.

Which iPhone should not be bought in 2022

Phone 13 Mini is still on store shelves!

Surprisingly, Apple only replaced the iPhone 13 mini with the iPhone 14 Plus, but did not stop the release of a compact smartphone. In any case, for now, since the iPhone 13 mini flaunts carefree on the price list Apple. Actually, he is misleading many this: many people think that 599 is the price of the iPhone 13, but this is the cost of a compact version.

In it costs about 4-5 thousand cheaper IPhone 13-about 50-51 thousand. He has too small a display for 2022, a weak battery and a frantic price. We talked about him not so long ago in our article.

Which iPhone 14 is better to choose

It seems that we know what iPhone you want the most

Apple introduced 4 new iPhone, but the basic version was left without any visible changes: the same processor, display, slightly higher autonomy. Of the innovations, it is possible to note, perhaps, a satellite communication module, camera chips, for example, Action Mode. improved stabilization for shooting in motion. The journalist Appleinsider was right.ru Kirill Pirozhenko that Apple introduced us iPhone 12 for the third time in a row. Minor update is clearly not what almost 90 thousand should be spent on. But what is worth taking a closer look at.

  • iPhone 14 Plus is almost a copy of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but has two cameras instead of three, but the same large display and the most powerful battery that was only in the iPhone. Due to this, it is ideal for games and for viewing content plus has all the chips of the base iPhone 14. Read more about it in our article.
  • iPhone 14 Pro is the latest Proshka with the latest A16 Bionic chip, as well as Always on Display and a new Face ID recess instead of a bang. The most important thing is a 48 MP top camera with ProraW, improved macro.register and Dolby Vision. Great selection if you need a top smartphone after the iPhone 11, 12 or 13 of the same size!
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max. an enlarged version of the iPhone 14 Pro in 6.7 inches format. Like other iPhone 14 models, he has satellite communications, 6 GB of RAM and comparable autonomy of the iPhone 14 Plus. The perfect choice for those who used the iPhone with a small screen for a long time or if you need a productive iPhone for everything at once!

Like it or not, Apple surprised many not with iPhones, but the latest protected Apple Watch Ultra. Talked about what they turned out, in our article.

iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max. Last year’s top

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Relevance rating: ️️️️ Question

Cupertinists were not in vain removed the top last year’s smartphone from the actual iPhone line. For the price, it practically coincides with the iPhone 12, but at the same time, even better than the current average grace model.

The difference in one generation of the processor compared to 2020 models will be visible only in synthetic tests. Differences in the size of the screen (5.8 ″ versus 6.1 ″) are not critical, while last year’s “Proshka” has great brightness (800 cd/m² versus 625 cd/m²).

The IPhone 11 PRO Triple Module has a 12-megapixel TV, while the iPhone 12 has only a width and ultrashirik. Video shooting parameters are barely different.

The autonomy of the devices is approximately at the same level, but the set of the iPhone 11 Pro richer. There is a powerful 18 W charging, and a wired headset.

For those who are not chasing a new design, at the same cost of 80 thousand for 64 GB or 95-97 thousand for 256 GB of last year’s flagship looks more preferable.

Get the best set of delivery and a camera with a telephoto lens.

If you have such an iPhone: you can change it to new models only due to design or colors. Practical users can continue to use last year’s top. Update such an iPhone will have to soon be.

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Relevance rating: ️️️️

Not all iPhone users are chasing a fashionable design or popular hull flowers. The large part of the buyers choose the device by filling and affordable price.

It is according to these criteria that the second generation of iPhone SE is the best Apple smartphone at the moment. The device was released this spring and equipped with almost top.bearing filling, like last year’s flagships. There is a cool A13 Bionic processor and 3 GB of RAM, which are enough with the head with this screen size.

The smartphone is quite nimble and moderately compact. According to this criterion, only the iPhone 12 mini bypass it, but at the same time it costs 30 thousand more.

On the latest 12-megapixel camera module saves post-cutting. The smartphone in good light takes pictures for which it will definitely not be ashamed.

The device confidently bypasses the old iPhone 7/8, which we no longer recommend buying and in most parameters are not inferior to the iPhone XR/11, which is significantly more expensive.

The smartphone has every chance of becoming folk in a year and a half and repeat the fate of its predecessors-the first-generation iPhone SE and iPhone 5s.

It is worth choosing such a gadget for purely utilitarian reasons or just as the most affordable smartphone for working in the Apple ecosystem.

If you have such an iPhone: sleep boldly, the next update of the smartphone will be needed soon.

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iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max. Lost a little relevance

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Last year, the flagship, according to the old tradition, a year after the start of sales gives way to the new model on Apple shelves. The annual IPhone performance growth is no longer striking. Old flagships in all tasks, in addition to synthetic tests, show themselves along with new.

The iPhone 12 Pro has a new design with “sharp” faces and is minimally different from the iPhone 13 Pro.

In the novelty, they pumped the camera a little, installed a newer processor and a display with support for the frequency of update 120 Hz. For the rest, both devices are comparable.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Unboxing. Best iPhone for Gaming? (Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, Minecraft)

The price tag on the iPhone 12 Pro starts from 95,000, for the Fabblet 12 Pro Max is asked for 5 thousand more. The price now does not allow you to call the professional “Dwenka” a very profitable purchase.

It is worth choosing a model only because of preferences for color or need for the third chamber. In other cases, you can look at the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 13.

iPhone se (2nd generation). The most affordable model with low autonomy

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The most budget iPhone of all relevant. This is expressed both in the price of the gadget and in the design of the model. The appearance of the device is sent straight in 2014, when we first saw the iPhone 6 in a new design.

At the same time, the device has a completely modern filling, which is enough not only to familiarize yourself with the Apple ecosystem, but also to work with most iOS software chips.

At the same time, the model has a solid set of minuses:

▷ Old design with a button home on the front panel of a smartphone. Large frames above and under the display, rounded ends, which are now not in trend.

▷ One module of the main camera. This is a classic width 12 megapixel ƒ/1.eight. The gadget is programmatically able to make a portrait with the effect of the side and pull the photo due to post.cutting, but under medium and difficult conditions the camera just rests.

▷ The display is small by today’s standards. The screen with a diagonal of 4.7 ″ is quite enough for most applications, but for the consumption of content (photo, video, games, social networks) I already want more.

▷ The model has low autonomy. 1821 MAH battery is not able to live a working day even under the average load. Only calls and a few applications.

From positive points, it is worth noting:

▶ The gadget has a sufficiently powerful filling. The A13 Bionic processor is directly from the iPhone 11 line for several years to cope with all user tasks.

▶ smartphone perfectly shoots video. A 4K entry with a frequency of up to 60 frames per second is supported.

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▶ All current communication standards are supported. 5G, of course, no, but there is Wi.Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 and ESIM support.

▶ The Touch ID module was an unexpected advantage in the conditions of the pandemic.

To whom such an iPhone will suit: a good tube for schoolchildren or users aged. Convenient apparatus as a second gadget without the need for Smart functions.

iPhone x. Try to find it on sale

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Relevance rating: ️️️

The smartphone, according to Apple, is out of literally in a year. The “top ten” was removed from sales in the fall of 2018 immediately after the presentation of the slightly updated iPhone XS.

which, iphone, better, games

At the same time, the smartphone has everything you need to solve most everyday problems. A11 Bionic processor, 3 GB of RAM and a dual module of 12 megapixels with a wide.angle and telephoto lens.

The model differs favorably with all the devices described above with a new design. The smartphone does not look obsolete and it will not be trumped with it.

The only problem is that it is extremely difficult to find such a device. A year ago, the iPhone X met with reseller, and now this is a deficit.

The price of the model is about 50 thousand, which is comparable to the iPhone 11. In favor of “ten” premium materials of the case and better OLED display with thin frames.

If you have such an iPhone: as you can see, the device is quite good. It can be profitably selling on the secondary or not updated for at least another couple of years.

iPhone XS. Take it until they dismantled

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Relevance rating: ️️️

The flagship of 2018 is currently not so outdated as the same iPhone X, but it is also tangibly cheaper than the top models of 2019.

On board the device Apple A12 Bionic, 4 GB of RAM, a cool OLED display with diagonals of 5.8 or 6.5 inches and a 12-megapixel camera with two modules (Shirik ƒ/1.8 and “TV” ƒ/2.four).

No frizes and lags while working with the operating system, top settings in all games and good pictures in most conditions are guaranteed.

The flagship 11 Pro is only a processor, the third camera and the best front.line. But the XS has support 3D Touch.

for the model from 56 thousand for the officials, you can find for 48 thousand if you try. This is significantly cheaper than all models of 2019 release.

If you have such an iPhone: decide for yourself when you buy a new. If you want the flagship this fall, put your XS faster for sale. If you do not plan to update in the fall, feel free to wait for the iPhone 12s (well, or what it will be called there).

iPhone 13. novelty with good autonomy

iPhone 13 and 13 mini is the same phone. But one is small and the other is not. Some users will be disappointed, because the dimensions and design of the Thirteenth are not very different from previous models, but others believe that this is partly its charm.

The smartphone received 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with a density of 460 pixels per inch and high brightness of 800 kD/m² (this is standard, peak. 1200 kD/m²). This is 30% more than the iPhone 12.

The device also received a large battery, which in CNET tests worked 4.5 hours more without recharging than the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best last year

iPhone 12 Pro Max has many common features with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12. Among them:

  • Apple A14 Bionic processor,
  • OLED screen Super Retina XDR,
  • Support for 5G networks,
  • Support for Magsafe accessories,
  • Triple rear camera with wide, super-hot and television lenses.
  • Water resistance by IP standard
  • Lidar scanner.
which, iphone, better, games

The main difference between 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max is not in size, but in the chamber. Pro Max has 2.5x optical zoom, 5x range of optical zoom and 12x digital zoom compared to 2x optical zoom, 4x optical zoom range and 10x digital zoom in iPhone 12 Pro.

In addition, the sensor of the wide.angle chamber of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, according to the manufacturer, is 47% more than that of the iPhone 12 Pro. This is 87% improves the quality of shooting in conditions of low illumination.

Summing up: if you prioritize the quality of photo and video shooting, then 12 Pro Max is certainly better than the iPhone 12 Pro. Otherwise, it makes no sense to overpay.

What models should not be bought in 2022-2023

Apple has a number of models that are already very outdated. They will not receive a new version of iOS or will slow down on it, and therefore their purchase is inappropriate in 2020. In addition, they are very outdated in terms of technical characteristics and have long been left out of sale. Now they can be purchased exclusively in a restored form. The list of iPhone, which should not be bought in 2022:

Apple iPhone 7 32gb. One of the most affordable, but nevertheless successful models

The best iPhone in terms of price/quality ratio in 2020, which can still be found on sale. This is the iPhone 7. He will receive an update to iOS 14 and with a high degree of probability to iOS 15. Its potential is still enough for most games and for smooth operation of the shell. His display, unlike new products, recognizes the power of pressing. A beautiful and compact case has moisture protection of the IP67 standard. The image is displayed on a miniature 4.7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1334×750 pixels. Compared to the six, brightness and color reproduction improved.

The main camera is only one with a resolution of 12 megapixels. She photographs well, equipped with optical stabilization and knows how to shoot video in 4K. 7 megapixel front.in.law with Retina Flash takes colorful photos, and in weak light the screen replaces the flash. Apple A10 Fusion chipset with 4 kernels and a frequency of up to 2.34 GHz is responsible for performance. Memory 2/32 GB, but there are versions up to 128 GB. The battery is only for 1960 mAh, but it is enough up to 13 hours of playing the video.

  • Nimble even in 2020;
  • Class chamber;
  • Very compact;
  • Design;
  • A solid matrix with a recognition of a pressing force;
  • Cost relative to other Apple smartphones;
  • Stereodynamics.

Apple iPhone 8 64GB loses its relevance after launching SE 2020

In terms of the technical characteristics of the iPhone 8 to a level above 7 model, offering a more productive A11 Bionic processor, but in 2020 it loses its relevance due to the release of the new SE, so it is better to buy a 2020 model of the release or look towards the iPhone 7, which is worth Significantly cheaper.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max. Полное сравнение!

The screen does not differ from the seven and still recognizes the power of pressing. The only difference is that True Tone technology has appeared, which adjusts the color palette of the matrix depending on the lighting around you. To introduce wireless charging, the main material of the case was glass. The camera is still good, but it is practically no different from the seven. All the same resolution of 12 megapixels for aperture f/1.eight. Memory. from 64 to 256 GB.

Which iPhone models should not be bought in [the year] year?

Speaking about the IPhone position on the [YEAR] year, one cannot help but mention those models that most likely will no longer be able to satisfy the needs of the user. It is advisable to immediately refuse their purchase, since the devices will have to be changed very soon to more productive versions of smartphones.

IPhone 6 (Plus) devices are not recommended for purchase for the reason that they no longer support the current version of the iOS 14 operating system. Because of this, problems may arise with installing the desired software, connecting to networks and synchronization with other devices.

For the same reason, you should not purchase models iPhone se, iPhone 6s (Plus). Despite the fact that they support the current version of the operating system, subsequent updates may not affect these models. So after a while, most likely some difficulties arise.

Many IPhone 7 models recommend taking exclusively in the secondary market or at low when selling residues. As a new phone for the full cost. will not live up to expectations.

iPhone 8 in stores now costs almost as much as the 2nd generation iPhone SE. In this case, the latter boasts really relevant built.in components. So it makes no sense to take an eight.

With the iPhone X phone, difficulties arise while searching in the store. Now it’s hard to find a new model of this line. Only the secondary market remains, in which models with incorrectly working functionality and low price often spread.

New smartphones of the lines iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, although they seem good options as a modern phone for solving household problems, are not very different in cost from the last iPhone 12 model. over, the characteristics of the novelty are much more impressive.

Of course, you can consider the option of acquiring iPhone from hand in the secondary market. However, in this case, it is worth realizing all the risks that the buyer may encounter. Unscrupulous sellers often offer fakes under the guise of a genuine device, and also silent about the malfunction of a particular option.

It is advisable to understand the topic in advance in advance, as well as provide for some time to check all the functionality of the smartphone. It is also worth considering that previously used devices will definitely not have a new battery with the corresponding resource.

Useful tips

Now let’s summarize. “Seventh”, “eighth” and “tenth” models are suitable for solving everyday problems, but they are difficult to find in a new state. Even if you’re lucky, then in any case you have to change the battery.

Versions of 2018 are also not sold everywhere. They have good iron, they support the updates of the operating system, but also need to replace batteries. Their processor cannot be called the most energy.efficient.

One of the most affordable will be the second generation. You can purchase iPhone 11 as an alternative, paying a small amount, which will be a more rational decision. Powerful gadgets with powerful charging are 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models. The iPhone 12 mini turned out to be very cool and quite compact. Excellent opportunities are opened by the usual iPhone 12 and version 12 Pro of the same 2020.

And the best iPhone at the moment is 12 Pro Max, but you need to understand that soon the new flagship model 13 Pro Max 2021 release with more advanced characteristics has already appeared in stores.

Thanks to our review, it will be easier for you to determine what the perfect device should be precisely for you, taking into account preferences at the cost, functionality, technical parameters and appearance.