Top 10 best HDMI cables: how and which choose HDMI cable

Multiple modern technique, namely. laptops, game consoles, computers and TVs, etc.D., have HDMI ports. This means that for connecting to other devices they will need an appropriate cable. So that the connection is fast and stable, it is necessary to choose a high-quality wire. Modern manufacturers offer users a large selection of relevant accessories. It is not surprising that buyers do not always know which option to purchase. So that you are not tormented by doubts, we have made for you the top 10 best HDMI cables and led the tips of how to choose an HDMI cable.

Cable classification

There are clear technical requirements that the HDMI cable must match, everything else. from the evil. Therefore, if the target is not to overpay the extra, it would be more correct to study the specifications of your television or monitor, then see what the signal transmission source can offer (game console, receiver) and dance from this data. over, all HDMI cables have a clear classification in which it is not difficult to figure out.

  • HDMI Standard (HDMI version 1.3). transmission speed up to 2.25 Gbit / s, maximum permission Full HD with a frequency of 60 Hz.
  • HDMI HIGH SPEED (HDMI version 1.4). transmission speed from 8.16 Gb / s, maximum resolution 4K with a frequency of 30 Hz, support for 3D content in FullHD.
  • HDMI PREMIUM HIGH SPEED (HDMI version 2.0). 18 Gb / s transmission rate, maximum resolution 4K with a frequency of 60 Hz, support for HDR-content.
  • HDMI ULTRA HIGH SPEED (HDMI version 2.1). 48 Gbps transfer rate, maximum resolution 8K with a frequency of 60 Hz.

Although the newest standard is HDMI 2.1, the market is full of intees operating equipment 1.4. As a rule, its capabilities are enough to withdraw high quality content, it simply will not support video with an extended dynamic range (HDR and Dolby Vision) or high update frequency.

Sometimes manufacturers “forget” indicate the version of the cable, replacing it with a bunch of low-oatized information like hertes or maximum resolution.

Tips for choosing

It is clear that the quality of the cable depends on the material used. Determine physically it will not work. So buying an HDMI cable will have to believe the manufacturer. Independently test it or determine anything. Consider some useful tips. If you pay attention to them, you can save and buy at a low price.

It is believed that if the connector has a gilded contact pad, then this cable will be better to transmit image. In truth, gold is used to prevent the emergence of corrosion on the metal, as a result of which resistance is significantly increased and the signal quality is reduced. Cathodic metals are also used to protect, which are not so susceptible to wear. Presumably, instead of gilding use titanium nitride.

The quality of the digital signal is generally independent of the cable. Interference can appear due to manufacturer errors. For example, the conductor cross-section is too small or a signal amplifier is used. In HDMI cables, 30-40 m use a special repeater to enhance. If more than 15 meters HDMI cable, experts advise connect an additional amplifier. On the quality of the signal transmission affects the volume of conductors. When using a large-length cable, the conductors cross sections, respectively, the cable thickness must be! Do not forget to pay attention to the thickness of the cable when buying, it is important!

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If there is an HDMI cable screen, it will be protected from internal and external interference. Therefore, the protective foil must be used, the so-called screen must be used. Additionally, the cable may have a ferrite filter. With it will be removed various high-frequency interference.

Cable HDMI connectors

Now let’s talk about connectors. According to the specification, the types of connector are denoted by the title Latin letters. a. B. C. D, T. D. Words as Micro and Mini may also be present.

  • Type A. This connector is standard and is often found in digital technology.
  • Type C (Micro HDMI) and Type D (Mini HDMI). these connectors are much smaller than Standart and connect most often to cameras, laptops, video cameras and other portable devices.
  • Type B. not very popular type, but has a video channel with a resolution of 1080p.
  • Type E. connector with lock that allows you to fix the connector with the socket. (more often used when connections devices in the car).

Rating the best HDMI cables

Our top included only high-quality cables with a long period of service and good characteristics. About each wire users left predominantly positive feedback. In addition, all accessories from our rating have a large number of advantages and minimum minuses.

Whatever you choose the HDMI cable or advised?

Best Accessories at Low Price

Here are the best HDMI type cables at a low price.

GreenConnect HDMI. HDMI (GCR-HM301)

This model is recommended for use for video and audio data. With the Wire, you can connect several devices into one system. The product is characterized by good quality, flexibility and durability.

  • It copes well with the tasks;
  • fully corresponds to the stated characteristics;
  • affordable cost;
  • Easy connection;
  • strength;
  • Good thickness.


This is a budget accessory that, despite the low cost, has a decent quality and a long period of operation. The wire is distinguished by excellent technical characteristics, the presence of braid and sufficient strength preventing its premature wear.

  • good quality;
  • affordable price;
  • high-quality braid;
  • thick;
  • good quality pairing;
  • Long use.

Nobby Expert HDMI-HDMI (NBE HC)

This model is characterized by high-quality video transmission and excellent sound at high speed. Accessory is recommended for connecting game consoles, players, cameras, multimedia and other devices. The wire is characterized by good flexibility, high quality and durability. Cable lengths enough to connect external devices at a sufficient distance from each other.

  • Type. cable;
  • Length. 3 m;
  • shielded wire. yes;
  • connectors. gilded;
  • The number of wires is 19;
  • fabric braid. yes;
  • Support 4K, 5K, HDR. yes.
  • acceptable cost;
  • good length;
  • Support 4K;
  • the presence of braid;
  • Version 2.0;
  • Transfer of high speed data without loss of image quality and sound.

Philips HDMI. HDMI (SWV3452 (3) S / 10)

This is a high-speed cable that will provide high-quality video and sound transmission. The model is equipped with gold-plated connectors guaranteeing a stable signal. In addition, the product has a tissue braid that protects the cable from damage.

  • Type. cable;
  • Length. 1.8 m;
  • connectors. gilded;
  • fabric braid. yes;
  • 3D 4K / 2K support, Ethernet 18 Gb / s. yes.
  • high-quality materials;
  • good braid;
  • bandwidth corresponds to the data claimed by the manufacturer;
  • low cost;
  • high data transfer rate;
  • stable signal;
  • durability.
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Top Accessories at the average price

Here are the best wires of type HDMI from the average price category.

Monster HDMI. HDMI (122946-00)

This cable has a high speed transmission rate in high resolution. The device guarantees a stable signal and a dense setting in the socket. Accessory compatible with any devices, has good flexibility, which allows you to fold and store wire, without fearing the formation of the chances.

  • High speed data transfer;
  • stable signal;
  • compatibility with all devices;
  • strength;
  • good flexibility;
  • The cable is tightly held in the nests;
  • compliance with the stated characteristics;
  • durability.

Syncwire HDMI cable

This is an HDMI universal wire, which is distinguished by compatibility with any devices. The model is characterized by flexibility and strength. Cable can withstand about 3000 bends and extensions without any damage. It talks about the durability of the accessory.

Scope of application

Through modern types of HDMI cables, a digital signal and the Internet are transmitted, so it is used most often to solve the following tasks:

  • Connecting a digital console to TV;
  • Connecting the screen to a stationary computer;
  • Blu-ray player connection to TV;
  • Connection of the DVD player, gaming consoles with TV.

Through HDMI Mini you can attach mobile phones, tablets to computer or TV. Thanks to the ability to transfer films with Full HD quality and copying the transmitted information transmitted by the HDMI wire most often used to attach various household appliances.

Onyx 4K HDMI

18 GB / s | Length: 2m / 3m | Certification: HDMI Premium Standard

If suddenly you want a cable that will withstand more loads than any other Poundland, it is worth looking at this option. It is thicker than others, with an additional mesh sheath from above, which works as protection against legs of chairs or teeth of bored pets. Plugs have an outer metal layer that makes them stronger than others.

We do not really like to impose people to the gilded to the gilding, but, certainly, the 24-carat gold caused to the plugs will not hurt anything.

Yes, that’s what is really important is the quality certificate HDMI Premium. You can find options and cheaper, but people who like quality will explicitly appreciate this option.

What is the difference between HDMI cables

For more than 18 years of existence of this inteeis, 13 versions of cables for it were developed. An unprepared person seems to be completely able to figure it out almost impossible, besides, it is not at all obvious, how long can HDMI cable. But if everything is confused in fact?

Three versions are now relevant, the rest are practically not found. Here are their technical characteristics:

  • Version number. 1.3-1.4b; bandwidth. 8.16 Gb / s; Max Available resolution: 1080p / 144 Hz, 1440p / 75 Hz, 4K / 30 Hz; HDRI support (ability to process raster images of increased brightness).
  • Version number. 2.0-2.0B; throughput. 14.4 Gbps; Max Available resolution: 1080p / 240 Hz, 1440p / 144 Hz, 4K / 60 Hz; There is static support for HDRI.
  • Version number.; throughput. 14.4 Gbps; Max Available resolution: 1440p / 240 Hz, 4K / 144 Hz; 8K / 30 Hz; There is a dynamic support for HDRI, providing the highest possible playback of the media system.

It is worth noting that all specified characteristics are not a actual maximum that can produce a cable. This is only the level of speed that the manufacturer guarantees; It is usually it turns out that in practice it is noticeably above the designated.

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Often on packages or on pages in online stores the generation number is not indicated. In this case, you need to look at other characteristics: problems with how to find out the version of the HDMI cable, will not arise.

In addition to version, wires may vary by connectors. In this case, all of them are divided into two types: Male and Female, or M and F. One of the ends of both of them is a standard, intended for data transmission. The only thing is the difference between HDMI-M and HDMI-F. in the opposite end. If the first plugs on both sides are identical to each other, then the last instead of one of them is a connector. Such an accessory usually serves as an extension. By the way, the HDMI cable connector on the computer looks exactly as one of the sides of HDMI-F. It is very important not to confuse these varieties when buying. Despite the almost the same name, they are far from interchangeable.

What length is HDMI cables, depends on their intended purpose. So, the wires up to 2 m are short. The longest copies reach 30 m. Which one to choose, depends only on the remoteness of the connected devices. For example, a solution to the question of how the cable is better to connect the monitor to the computer, it will definitely be an accessory in a meter or one and a half, as these objects are usually located very close to each other.

HDMI wires There are many. Functionally, they differ by versions, length, diameter of the section, and besides these parts, also have a variety of design options.

Is an acute question of whether HDMI cable affects image quality. Contrary to common myth, this wire cannot affect the number of pixels or the volume of sound. All that can happen due to improper selection of the accessory is an interruption of a signal or other obvious signs that wire bandwidth is not sufficient to transfer a file with data parameters.

This means that the question of which maximum length can be a HDMI cable without loss of quality can not have a correct answer. Too high wire length with unchanged section diameter can weaken the signal, due to which the image or sound will stop being transmitted in general, but the parameters are not able to influence their quality.

How to use HDMI cable

Use this accessory is not at all difficult. You just need to insert both end of its end to the appropriate connectors on devices, between which you need to establish file sharing. Subsequent actions depend on the specific type of gadget data. Typically, the transfer is based on the “Settings” or “parameters” tab.

In general, the HDMI cable is arranged as many other similar accessories, such as DVI, but has wider opportunities. The wire developed almost 20 years ago and maintains its relevance and ubiquitism to this day. not very frequent phenomenon in the world of electronics. It is unique due to the combination of different functions, which is extremely convenient and logically used together.